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Glasses That Help With Fluorescent Lights

Should I Try Tinted Lenses

Axon Optics Customer Reviews | Eyewear for Light Sensitivity, Migraine, and Harsh Light

If you want to use tinted lenses for style, its entirely a personal choice. If youre looking to get certain benefits from them, the best thing to do is speak to your eye care provider. If you have a specific color or use in mind for tinted lenses, bring this up at your next appointment. Discuss any challenges youre having with your vision, and whether a specific tint might be beneficial. Your eye doctor or migraine specialist can help you decide whether tinted glasses are right for you.

Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses All Day

Its important to understand that while blue light can be detrimental to your eye and physical health, eyes do need some blue light, and it can actually be quite beneficial.

A moderate amount of blue light, like the small amount we get from fluorescent lighting, will help keep your sleep pattern consistent, increase alertness, and improve memory and cognitive function.

For these reasons, you should not wear blue glasses all day long. Its important to take breaks by taking your glasses off for short periods of time, even if your office is lit by fluorescent bulbs.

However, on the other hand, some experts have reported that blue light glasses dont actually reduce the amount of blue light as much as manufacturers say, which means that even when wearing the glasses, your eyes are still being exposed to substantial blue light.

If you forget to take your blue light glasses off throughout the day, dont worry, they are not causing your eyes any harm. In fact, as a general rule of thumb, you should wear your blue light glasses more often than not, as we are most likely getting more than enough blue light throughout the day!

Remember that the most harmful aspect of fluorescent lighting is not actually the blue light but the UV rays they emit. In order to keep your eyes safe, you should take breaks from fluorescent bulbs throughout the day and make sure not to look directly at them, even if you are wearing blue light glasses.

Braddell Optics Blue Blocking Anti

  • Editoral Recommendation: Durable High Quality Design with Strong Alloy Clip
  • Protect against Fluorescent Lighting Glare, Minimize Light Sensitivity, Maintain Sleep Circadian Rhythm
  • Precision Tinted to Block UV Rays and 99% of Blue Light
  • Clips over Prescription and Reading Glasses
  • Premium Anti-Reflective Blue Blocking Lens

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Can Blue Light Glasses Cause Dizziness

There is no scientific evidence that shows blue-light-blocking glasses cause dizziness. However, if the glasses are a new prescription and it is making you feel dizzy, it may just be that your body is getting used to the new prescription glasses. Try wearing them for a few more days and see if the feeling goes away. If it does not, call your doctor because you may need a different prescription.

Gaoye Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Fluorescent Blinds Modes LED Glasses Light Up Shades DJ Glasses ...
  • Blue light blocker with UV400 protection, help you resist 99.9% harmful blu-ray, reduce discomfort from TV, phone, digital screen and reading under fluorescent lights Reduce glare, fatigue, headache, eye strain and dry eye, protect your vision and help sleep better
  • We attach great importance to the quality of our products Please feel free to contact us if there is any problem with the eye glasses, you have no risk to try
  • Anti reflective, non-prescription amber tint lens High transparency, restore the true color Besides, you can remove the lens and replace it with the prescription lens you want
  • Durable, flexible and super light TR90 Frame, suitable for long-term wearing Stylish style, puts you in the spotlight all the time
  • Lens Width: 52mm, Lens Height: 42mm, Temple Length: 140mm, Nose Bridge: 14mm, Frame Width: 140mm

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Is Blue Light Harmful

Since we are spending more and more time glued to our digital devices and working under harsh fluorescent light fixtures, researchers are studying the effects of the unfiltered blue light to our vision and overall health. The results are not conclusive, as this is an ongoing project, but here are some complications that might arise from a prolonged exposure to blue light:

  • Macular degeneration, which is a leading cause ofblindness as you get older.
  • Symptoms of digital eye strain, which can include blurry vision, dry and irritated eyes, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and neck and back pain.
  • Problems with metabolism and regulating blood sugar levels

Wintoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses Computer Reading/gaming/tv Glasses For Men Women Anti Eyestrain Uv Glare

  • Blue Light Glasses for Women: – Blue light filter and UV400 lenses can cut blue light & UV400 without making your lens blue. Whether they are used for reading watching TV gaming using computer or mobile phone they all meet your needs.
  • Computer Glasses for Computer Eye Strain Women: – lentes para computadora No longer worry about glare headache blurred vision and eyestrain anymore you can enjoy better sleep and digital time.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses Women Risk Free Product Returns: – 100% replacement or refund service if any damage occurs to the product, please contact WinToo service team to solve the problem quickly and effectively. Kindly Check size before purchase.
  • Blue Blockers Glasses for Women Set of 5: – Set of 5 Pack fashion blue light reading glasses you can place a set of glasses where you need to read which is convenient for daily use.
  • Blue Screen Glasses Premium Materials: – Transparent Polycarbonate lenses reduce chromatic aberrations restore true colors Lightweight Resin frame material for comfortable wearing durable and not easily damaged.

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Do Tinted Glasses Have Side Effects

There are no known side effects resulting directly from using tinted eyeglasses. Some people might go through an adjustment period at first, and some might find their color perception seems a little off. The color perception issue isnt too common, and is more likely to affect you if you already have challenges with color perception or other trouble with your vision. Tints that block certain light wavelengths might make some images seem brighter or sharper, but most people who encounter this adjust within days or weeks at the longest.

Educational Insights The Original Fluorescent Light Filters: Tranquil Blue 4

Migraine Glasses You Need to Know About! – Photophobia Glasses for Light Sensitivity
  • FOR OFFICE, HOSPITALS, SCHOOL OR HOME USE: Perfect for any space with ceiling lights & fluorescent lighting like the office, hospitals, classroom, clinics, and studios. Great for home décor in the playroom or nursery
  • REDUCE HARSH GLARE THAT CAUSES HEADACHES: Light covers for ceiling lights reduce harsh glare and flickering lights that can cause eyestrain, headaches, even anxiety
  • EASY INSTALLATION: 4 panels fit over standard ceiling fluorescent light fixtures with sturdy, sewn-in magnets, creating a soothing working environment
  • CREATE A CALM AND PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT: Create a calm and soothing environment by decreasing glare and flickering from overhead fluorescent lights
  • HEAT RESISTANT AND CERTIFIED SAFE: Includes four 2′ x 4′ heat-resistant Fluorescent Light Filter panels and Certificate of Conformance for flame retardancy

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Types Of Tinted Glasses

Recently, you might have noticed more and more people wearing tinted glasses. Its been a bit of a fad lately, and were not necessarily talking about tinted sunglasses, but tinted eyeglasses which may be used indoors.

Some people wear tinted lenses just because they look cool . But in any case, they can also serve a variety of purposes related to enhanced vision or eye health. In this article, well talk about what tinted glasses are used for, which colors may have specific effects, and help you decide if tinted eyewear is right for you.

Other Products Offered By Bon Charge

BON CHARGE likewise offers other blue light blocking products, consisting of:.

  • Blackout sleep masks
  • Red light therapy devices such as night devices, lights, and lamps
  • Blue light blocking lamps, bulbs, and torches
  • EMF radiation-blocking headphones, earphones, phone pouches, laptop computer mats, baseball hats, and beanie hats
  • Cold and heat therapy massage guns

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How Do You Protect Your Eyes From Fluorescent Lights

It is impossible to turn off the lights in a commercial office, even if your desk has overhead fluorescent lighting. However, there are some things you can do to make your workday more comfortable.

But first, lets go over what good lighting is.

Too bright or harsh lighting can be bad for your eyes and health. You dont need an expensive lamp to get good lightinga 60W bulb is bright for most purposes. The light should come from above or the side of your head and shouldnt shine into your eyes directly . Utilizing this lighting tip can help reduce eyestrain and headaches.

Other ways to protect your eyes include:

  • If you have a window nearby, its a good idea to use it as a light source too. Natural lighting provides less strain on your eye and better color contrast for looking at computer screens or reading.
  • Exercise your eyes by focusing on objects far away and then close up.
  • Replace harsh overhead fluorescent lights with more comfortable lights.
  • Another option is to use LED lamps instead of overhead fluorescent lighting in your work area. LEDs give off a warmer light, and they dont put off as much ultraviolet radiation as fluorescents.

Computer & Gaming Use

beler Car 14 LED Flash Light Safety Glasses With Fluorescent Oil Air ...

Certain tints applied to eyeglass lenses are said to ease the eye strain that may be caused by harsh blue lighting from digital screens like TVs, computers, and smartphones. Blue light has been shown to be related to symptoms like eye strain, blurry vision, headaches, dry eye, and sleep disturbances with overexposure. Tinted eyeglasses, often called blue light glasses or blue blockers, are designed to lessen the effects of blue light. However, new research shows they may not be effective. If blue light bothers you, talk to your doctor for advice.

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Ask For The Transmittance Spectrum Report From The Brand

Prior to buying your blue light computer glasses, its important to request a spectrum report. The transmittance spectrum report is an in-depth report of just how much blue light is filtered by your computer glasses.

It is necessary to concentrate on the portion of blue light discussed in the report. Your daytime glasses ought to filter at least 30% to 50% of blue light across the spectrum for them to be easy to use or handy. Anything less than that portion wont shield your eyes successfully.

It is very important to keep in mind that computer glasses, which are frequently created with clear lenses, are specifically for daytime use. After sunset, they dont filter excessive blue light.

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What Is Blue Light

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum and has wavelengths of about 415 nm to 495 nm. Blue light can be divided into two primary categories, which are:

Blue-violet light : Its also known as damaging blue light or High Energy Violet light. This part of the spectrum tends to travel through the cornea and lens of your eye and can reach your retina.

Blue-turquoise light : Its also known as great blue light. This part of the spectrum can likewise go through the front surface area of your eye to reach the retina.

The main sources of blue light are:

  • Light discharged from the sun, which has a blue-violet light content of 25% to 30%. It carries the greatest damage result.
  • Digital screens such as gaming systems, tablets, iPads, laptops, smartphones, TVs, and computers.
  • Electronic devices

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Women Anti Blue Light Glasses Block Eye Strain Glare With Case Tester Gaming Computer Glasses Blue Light Block Glasses Filter Uv Blocker Clear Lens Small Face Narrow Rectangle Nerd Frame Pink Black

  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT GLASSES WITH CASE & BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING TEST KITS What’s In Package: 1x Blue Light Blocking Glasses, 1x Blue & UV Led Light & Tester, 1x Glasses Case, 1x Cleaning Cloth. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, TEST BLUE LIGHT GLASSES BY YOURSELF! Comfortable Visual Experience: Get The Difference Feel By The End Of The Day
  • Anti Glare Computer Glasses Blue Light Blocking Glasses Made By ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING UNBREAKABLE RESIN CLEAR LENS FOR ALL SCREEN TYPES TO BLOCK 100% BLUE Light & 100% Harmful UVA UVB UV400 Blocking Water Proof, Anti-static, Dust Free And Easy To Clean
  • COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE Constant Exposure To Digital Screen At Night Without Eye Protection May Inhibit Melatonin Secretion & Leading To Readers Sleeping Difficulty. You Are Fully Covered For Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty. 100% 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If Not Satisfied, Simply Return For Full Refund, No Questions Asked. You Have Nothing To Lose

Bon Charge Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Replacing Fluorescent Lights to LED Lights

BON CHARGE, previously called BLUbox, is one of the leading brand names in blue light blocking technology. The business is based in Perth, Australia, and was established by business owner, Andy Mant.

The business recently changed their name from BLUblox to BON CHARGE since theyve expanded its range of health care items beyond only providing blue light blocking glasses.

The company now produces other products that help protect individuals against blue light, however blue light blocking glasses still stay their signature product.

BON CHARGE blue light blocking glasses are offered in the following materials:

Not only do BON CHARGE blue light blocking glasses feel and look fantastic, however theyre also among the very best brands on the market to protect you from blue light exposure. This is terrific due to the fact that this implies you will have peace of mind understanding that your eyes are secured and you look elegant at the exact same time!

BON CHARGE blue light blocking glasses are science-supported, FDA approved in USA, and classified as a medical gadget in Australia. This provides all wearers assurance that they are acquiring a quality item that will really do what its expected to do.

You can select your preferred width, nose bridge, and design on the BON CHARGE site. In this manner you will have the ability to get the best-looking glasses that compliment your special face, feel comfortable and boost your physical look.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses Advantages

We invest a substantial amount of time looking at our cellular phones, TVs, tablets, and computers.

These electronic devices produce blue light, which can lead to eye strain, and computer vision issues, amongst other problems.

With this in mind, blue light blocking glasses lower the quantity of blue light waves taken in by your eyes, which offers the following advantages:

  • Avoids eye strain and computer vision
  • Prevents dry eyes
  • Eliminates headaches
  • Reduces threat of macular degeneration
  • Blue light lenses can fit in any frames, so you wont need to alter your frames if you decide to include blue light blocking into your eye care
  • Blue Light Glasses Test

Once you buy your brand-new blue light blocking glasses, its a good idea to do a blue light blocking glasses test at home to guarantee they perform in truth block the blue light.

Its worth keeping in mind that different pairs of blue light blocking glasses filter various wavelengths of the light spectrum in differing amounts.

To put it simply, its important to test your blue light glasses since blue light blocking glasses arent developed equal. Most blue light blocking glasses do not specify how much blue light is filtered or which wavelengths are being filtered.

In this section, well show you different methods of doing a blue light blocking glasses test at home for the following:

Is Blue Light Bad For You

Due to the fact that your eyes are not extremely excellent at blocking blue light naturally, blue light is bad for you. Practically all visible blue light goes through the cornea and lens before reaching the retina.

Excessive blue light exposure can harm light-sensitive cells in your retina. This leads to changes comparable to those of macular degeneration, which can eventually cause irreversible vision loss.

In a nutshell, studies show that blue light exposure can result in:

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Which Blue Light Blocking Glasses Brand Should I Pick Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Fluorescent Lights


  • 10.4 Final Ideas
  • BON CHARGE, formerly known as BLUbox, is among the leading brand names in blue light blocking innovation.

    Because theyve broadened its range of health care items beyond only providing blue light blocking glasses, the company altered their name from BLUblox to BON CHARGE.

    BON CHARGE provide science-backed wellness products, including:

    • Blue light-blocking glasses
    • Computer glasses

    Besides protecting you from digital eye strain, BON CHARGE blue light-blocking items can likewise improve your mental focus and sleep.

    Prior to I enter into the glasses options and benefits of the BON CHARGE range, heres some essential details you need to learn about blue light and its affect on the eyes and brain.

    The Science Between Blue

    TheraSpecs WearOver Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity, Photophobia ...

    When we think of eyestrain, we associate it with the screen color and brightness. But its the other stuff thats causing your eyes to hurt like crazy. Its not just about the colorsits about how long were staring at screens and how much data were trying to take in.

    Some researchers believe when we focus on a screen, our eyes are trying to take in more information than they can handle. Therefore, we are forced to blink less to improve concentration. Adding eye drops to your eyes can help relieve some symptoms of blue lights. Then, there is the popular use of blue-light-blocking glasses.

    At $12-80 dollars a pair, these glasses claim to block out the high-energy light that screens emit. The idea behind them is that blue light triggers headaches and dry eyes. However, researchers tested the idea by giving people either a pair of fake plastic glasses or a pair of blue-light-blocking lenses and then questioning them about their symptoms later.

    People with blue-light-blocking lenses were just as likely to report eye strain regardless of whether they were wearing the real or fake glasses.

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