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Glasses With Nose Pads Vs Without

Hello Ladies As A Glasses Fitter Here Are The Three Holy Rules Of Thumb For Choosing Glasses

How to Add Stick-On Nosepads to Glasses

I’ll be honest, I can’t stand seeing people in trendy large plastic frames that look just awful because they are completely ill fitting.

Here are some rules for choosing glasses that are trendy and well fitting.

  • The frame cannot touch your cheeks. If it touches your cheeks when your face is relaxed that’s a no. If it touches your cheeks when you smile, that’s a no. Touching means the frame is just too big for your face.

  • It has to fit flush on the bridge of your nose. That means if you see a gap between the frame and your nose, the frame is too small for your bridge. This is not a personal affront to your nose, this is not an insult to the size of your nose, your nose doesn’t need to fit into small glasses, just get ones with a wider bridge.

  • Glasses cannot hide your eyebrows. Where are your eyebrows? Hidden by the glasses? No, glasses must sit bellow your eyebrows, how far bellow is up to you.

  • Finally some general advice, choose what is comfortable and what you like and think looks good, trends come and go and glasses are expensive. Ladies with no bridge to your nose plastic frames may never properly fit you because they are meant to sit on your bridge, if you have no bridge where are they supposed to sit?

    Finally, don’t go with so thick a frame it looks like a mask or so thin a frame it completely blends into your face, even the most difficult face has thousands of styles that look good on it, they key is finding one of those styles and liking it too.

    Temple Features For Your Eyewear

    The temples are the arms of your eyewear that reach behind your ears and keep them stable. Along with the eyeglass nose pads, the temples should keep your frame balanced between your ears and your nose well-fitted temples keep your eyeglass frame feeling light. The temple tips are often made with plastic or acetate for both style and comfort.

    Glasses Without Nose Pads With Anti

    Adjust the temples behind the ears:

    The most common problem with the temples is the length. For some they may be too short, for others too long. Isn’t it great, then, that you can do something about this at home? All you need is hot water or a hairdryer.

    Let’s say the temples are too long. In this case, the solution is to be able to bend the tips behind the ears. What you do is use a hairdryer to warm the part of the temple you want to bend. Warm evenly all around the area you want to adjust.

    After warming the temple for about 30 seconds, you can start to bend it a little. Bend carefully, but firmly. It’s best to hold the temple with both hands, and place your thumbs underneath the area you want to bend. This gives you better control over the temple and the curve. It’s often necessary to warm the temple with the hairdryer several times during the adjustment.

    If the temples are too short, and the tips don’t curve comfortably behind the ears, you will need to straighten them in order to get a good fit. Proceed in the same way as described above, but instead of curving the temple further, you straighten it out. You can then adjust other areas of the temple as needed.

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    Why Are My Glasses Sliding Down My Low

    To avoid your eyeglasses slipping down your low-bridge nose, you should be shopping for a low-bridge fit frame with adjustable nose pads. Low-bridge fit glasses, or commonly referred to as Asian fit glasses, are perfect for anyone with a flatter, low-bridge nose.

    A way to determine if you have a low-bridge nose is to look straight into a mirror and point at the top of your nose. If your finger is at or below your pupils, your nose is considered low-bridge. Check out a few of our popular low-bridge fit eyeglasses with adjustable nose pads below:

    Stylish Nose Bridges For Glasses Frames

    Fashion New Model Rectangle without Nose Pads Eyewear Frame Glasses ...

    In addition to eyeglass nose pieces, the nose bridge also adds comfort to your frame. A well-fitted nose bridge should leave barely any gap between your glasses and your nose to keep your frame stable and evenly distribute the weight of your eyewear. The nose bridge is also a great place for extra style features keyhole nose bridges are especially trendy.

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    Why Are My Glasses Uncomfortable

    There are a range of different reasons why your glasses could be causing you discomfort, from frame shape and size, to the material theyre made from. When it comes to fit, you can use a few reference points on your face to help determine how comfortable a pair of glasses will be, including your eyebrows, cheeks, bridge of the nose, and temples. As a rule of thumb, the sides of your glasses shouldnt touch your temples or cheekbones. Its also important that the sides dont curve before they meet your ear, as they might end up hurting your ears and slipping down your nose. If the sides are too short, then theyll feel too tight and you may find they dig into your nose and leave marks.

    The bridge should be neither too loose, nor too tight. A narrow bridge may pinch and make your nose sore, but a too-wide bridge may cause your glasses to keep sliding down your nose. Take a look at our frame size guide for more information on how they should fit correctly.

    How Do I Stop My Glasses From Digging Into My Nose

    A properly fitted pair of frames shouldnt dig in or leave marks on your nose. If your glasses are digging in or pinching your nose, its a sign that the bridge or nose pads are too tight or the bend on the side is not in the right place for you. Your optician is best qualified to make adjustments to the frame and nose pads to make them more comfortable. Theyll use specialist equipment to make tweaks until youre happy with the fit. Its best not to try this yourself as you might end up damaging your glasses in the process.

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    Skin Irritation On Your Nose From Your Eyeglasses Nose Pads

    Your eyeglasses nose pads may cause discomfort to the skin on your nose because its constantly irritated by the plastic or metal material of your nose pads. If you already have excessively dry or cracked skin on your nose, the rubbing from your glasses against your already sensitive skin can worsen the irritation.

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    My Nose Hurts! Adjusting Nose Pads On Your Glasses 2.0
    • Made of high quality silicone, very soft.
    • The air chambers in nose pads help to cushion your nose.
    • The included 3-in-1 screwdriver has Phillips and flat-blade drivers and a nut driver.
    • Can be used to replace nose pads and repair glasses.
    • The PTSLKHN eyeglass nose pads will bring you a better and more comfortable wearing experience.

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    How To Adjust Crooked Glasses

    In most cases, glasses rest crookedly because one of the temples is angled too low or too high from the rim or has become bent so they no longer extend straight back to rest on the ear.

    To determine how much a temple needs to be angled upward or downward, set your glasses down so that the bottom of the rims sit evenly on a flat surface. If the end of a temple doesnt touch the surface, it needs to be bent downward. If one of the rims is elevated off the table, the opposite temple probably needs to be bent upward.

    If a plastic temple is bent, try heating it up by holding it over a steaming pot of water or under warm water. Once the temple has warmed up, dry it quickly and gently bend it back into alignment. With the fingers on one hand, hold the temple where its bent. With the other hand, hold the end of the temple and move it in whatever direction is necessary to straighten it out.

    If you meet with resistance, stop to avoid breaking the temple. If you have to make adjustments to your glasses yourself, be gentle and go slow, says Bosung Kim, OD, an optometrist with Della Optique Eyewear & Optometry in Vancouver. Being too fast or aggressive can lead to snapping the arm off or adjusting them too far so that it negatively impacts your vision, which will definitely need to be addressed by a professional.

    Glasses With Nose Pads Or Nose Padless

    Which is better in terms of comfort? I heard that glasses without nose pads slide down all the time if the fit is not 100% right.

    I wore strictly plastic for years, 2 years ago I switched to nose pads now Ill never go back. I find nose pads wayyyy more comfortable but I do know its personal preference!

    Glasses with nose pads typically fit better but glasses without them fit fine too if they are properly fitted and adjusted.

    I avoid nose pads because IMO its another piece that can break and/or wear out. The fewer moving parts, the less likely I am of having something on the frame break.

    Would you suggest that since I`ve been wearing glasses with nose pads all my life , I stick with them? I’m about to buy new glasses to replace the ones I’ve been wearing for the past 4 years and these don’t have nose pads… they are very expensive so I can’t afford to regret later on.

    A lot of it depends on your nose size and shape. People with very narrow noses tend to find the adjustability of nosepads more comfortable than saddle bridge.

    Not all nose pads are created equal and some are uncomfortable plastic while others are pillowy and soft.

    I tend to prefer saddle bridge because as someone who wears full face of makeup every day, nosepads get gross. Also, if you don’t clean them regularly, they get what we opticians like to call “nose cheese” which is where they turn green from all of the oils/sweat.

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    How To Adjust Loose Glasses Hinges

    Temples connect to the rims with a small hinge held in place by a tiny screw. Simply by folding your glasses open and closed repeatedly, the screw can start to come out and the hinge can become loose. And if the screw pops out entirely, it can be nearly impossible to find. And the only solution is a new screw.

    Many screws are standard sized and are sold in eyeglass repair kits that usually include a small screwdriver, cleaning cloth, and replacement nose pads. A magnetized screwdriver can be especially helpful in preventing the replacement screw from disappearing.

    To tighten the hinge, open the glasses and line up the holes in the rim and the temple. Use plenty of light and a magnifying glass if necessary. Insert the screw and turn it clockwise to tighten it. But only tighten it to the point where it stops turning easily. Dont tighten it too much.

    If you are attempting to repair eyeglasses at home, ensure you have adequate lighting, have a flat and uncluttered work area, and are wearing your backup glasses or using a magnifier, says Tampa-area optometrist Nora Cothran, OD. Screws should be tightened very slowly, in order to prevent overtightening, stripping the screws, or damaging the frame.

    Tips For Adjusting Your Glasses At Home

    Eyeglass frames without nose pads

    Wed never recommend making drastic changes to your frames or taking them apart yourself this should be left to your optician. But there are some tips and tweaks you can try at home to make your glasses a little more comfortable short term:

    • If your glasses hurt your ears, try applying a little baby powder behind your ears to reduce friction and any moisture that might cause irritation
    • If youre constantly pushing your glasses up, it could just mean that the hinges are a little loose. You could try tightening the screws on either side with a small screwdriver although be careful not to undo them and risk loosening the frame.

    If youre ever unhappy with the fit or comfort of your glasses, were here to help. Just bring them into your local store, and one of our opticians can make some simple adjustments to help them fit comfortably.

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    Metal Eyeglasses Without Nose Pads

    Glasses without nose pads or ergonomic nose pieces are common and are generally represented by both plastic and metal eyeglass frames. Plastic frames without nose pads generally have a bridge area that favors the shape of a saddle, thus, this type of nose bridge is called a saddle bridge. If you have a high bridge, frames with a bridge closest to your brow line are great! If you have a low bridge, tires with a curved brow or lower bridge will be the best choice.

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    How Do I Adjust My Glasses

    Before making any adjustments on your own, take a moment to see how your glasses fit, so you have a better idea of what needs to be done. Look straight into a mirror and see which temple is out of place or how the nose pads are affecting the position of the glasses on your face.

    The State University of New York College of Optometry recommends that the top of the rim should not be above the eyebrow. It shouldnt rest too low, either, in part so the frames look good, but primarily so that the eyes are centered behind the lenses.

    Once you have a good idea of how your glasses should look, you can set about to make some minor repairs at home.

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    How To Adjust Glasses Nose Pads

    The nose pads are what keep your glasses positioned correctly and comfortably on your nose. If theyre too tight or close together, your glasses may rest too high on your nose. If they are too loose or wide, they tend to slide downward.

    To adjust nose pads:

    • Grip one nose pad between the thumb and forefinger of one hand, while holding the opposite temple with the other hand. You can also use needle-nose pliers to hold the nose pad.
    • Gently bend the nose pad inward if it needs to be tightened.
    • Repeat with the other side.
    • Dont try to pinch both nose pads together at the same time.
    • Gently bend each nose pad outward individually if they need to be loosened.

    How To Prevent Glasses From Hurting Your Ears

    Adding Custom Nose Pads To Glasses

    If your glasses hurt or rub behind your ears, then the sides will need to be adjusted. Your optician will use specific tools to measure and adjust the length and curvature of the sides so that they fit comfortably to the shape and size of your head and ears. Again, its best to leave this part to a professional as you could end up bending your frames out of shape.

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    Hinge Studs And Other Accents

    The hinges are where the temples connect to the frame front. Hinge studs are eye-catching features that help a frame stand out and draw attention to the best parts of your eyeglasses. Spring hinges add some flexibility to the hinges, improving comfort and helping with durability. Along with silicone nose pads, our quality hinges make any frame a joy to wear.

    Are Glasses Without Nose Pads Comfortable

    The glasses sit at the top of the nose, and the metal frames rely on the nose pads to distribute the weight evenly. When set incorrectly, they can leave marks and cause a painful pinch. They may even recommend you use a different nose pad material such as silicone and polycarbonate. Silicone nose pads are soft and comfortable. Shashkay is a great sunglasses website and they operate an online store so you can easily choose the best comfortable sunglasses that you can wear.

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    Tips For Broken Glasses Until You Can Get To Your Eye Care Professional

    If your glasses break, but you cant get to an optical shop immediately, some temporary fixes may get you through the rest of the day. There are also a couple of remedies you should avoid if you want to preserve your frames and lenses.

    • Take your eyeglass repair kit with you on vacation or keep an extra kit in your care. If the problem is a lost screw or nose pad, you can make the repair on the spot.
    • If you lose a screw and dont have a spare, you can try sticking a wooden toothpick into the hole and breaking it off. This approach can often keep the temple affixed to the rim until a better repair can be made. You can also run dental floss through the hole and tie a tight knot to keep everything attached.
    • If the frames break, use electrical tape if possible to hold your glasses together. Do not use any type of glue. Not only can the glue get on the lens and become nearly impossible to remove, but if you have any warranty on your frames, using glue may void the warranty.
    • If a lens pops out, place it back in gently from the back of the rim, and be aware that the rim may be loose so the lens could drop out again.

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