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Harry Potter Blue Light Glasses

Are Harry Potter Eyeglasses Trendy

how to maks harry potter glasses DIY

Until a few years ago, spectacles with small and round frames were consideredabsolutely unfashionable and were only worn by nerds and John Lennon fans.Now they are considered a cool accessory. A change that may very well fit intothe so-called geek-chic fashion trend.

Just take a look at the roundHarry Potter glasses on Lentiamo and see for yourself!

Who Should Wear Harry Potter Glasses

Harry Potter wears a frame reminiscent of the 60s, with a delicate design andround lenses. They are also known as teashades.

They especially suit people with a square face since theycontrast the hardness of the shapes and soften the angularity of thecorners.

Similarly, Harry Potter glasses will suit oval faces,which after all can pull off gorgeously any type of frame.

They are also ideal to complete any Harry Potter cosplay. Infact, a pair of small round glasses is essential for dressing up as theworld’s most famous wizard along with a lightning bolt-shaped scar thatyou create with a little make-up.

What Kind Of Glasses Does Harry Potter Wear

Harry Potters Glasses were made by Savile Row, a boutique manufacturer once located in Londons East End. Savile Row is an offshoot of Algha Works, a 100 year old company that was at one point the largest manufacter of Vintage Frames in the UK and the company that manufactured all eyeglasses for the National Health System in England until 1988.

The Specific model of Harry Potters Round Glasses worn by Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter Films is called Savile Row Warwick. They are perfectly round glasses in Black and Silver, basically a replica of Windsor Glasses invented in Windsor, England 100 years ago. They are handmade in London and coated in Rhodium. Savile Row uses the same machines and manufacturing procedures from 100 years ago!

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What Type Of Glasses Does Harry Potter Wear

Harry Potters glasses are a sensation by now. The little wizard wears spectacles similar to those worn by his father, James.

Some fun facts about Harrys glasses:

  • The movie showcases a spell called Oculus Reparo to fix broken glasses.
  • Harrys glasses were designed by William Luff.
  • For safety reasons, film production took Harrys glasses off the screen and replaced them with black rims and lenses.

Best Harry Potter Inspired Glasses

Round Blue light blocking Glasses Harry Potter glasses gold

Have you ever wanted to take your Harry Potter love to the next level, but you werent sure how? Aside from the wand and the mark on his forehead, Harry Potter is also known for his spectacles. When you see those round-shaped glasses, you cant help but think of the boy who lived. So, Im here to show you the best Harry Potter-inspired glasses in 2022. Aparecium!

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Best Hp Glasses For Blue Light

I swear by the blue light lenses. I, unfortunately, sit in front of a screen all day and since I switched to blue light glasses, Ive noticed a major reduction in eye strain.

  • Price Range: $50 $100
  • Materials: stainless steel frame, polymer lenses
  • Size: 51 20 140

With a design based on that of Harry Potter, we have these Harry Potter blue light spectacles. Finish lenses, soft nose pads, lightning bolt, and golden snitch insignia on the temple tips round out these classic blue light glasses. They measure 51 20 140 and are perfect for those who love to adopt the Harry Potter look even while sitting in front of the computer.

Blue Light Blocking Level

To put it simply, blue light blocking glasses block out the blue light digital screens emit. The blue light from your devices is harmful to your eyes and can actually disturb your sleep cycle. Blue light blocking glasses block or filter out that blue light, giving your eyes a break and even protecting them from any damage.

However, not all glasses are one-size-fits-all when it comes to how much light is blocked because it all depends on the lenses and their tint. For example, clear lenses can typically block out anywhere from 5 to 40 percent of blue light while glasses with a yellow or amber tint block up to 65 percent. But, if you opt for an amber or yellow tint, dont let your child wear them for too long in front of a screen as color perception may be affected.

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Fsa / Hsa / Insurance Are Accepted

Warby Parker states it:

…accepts FSA dollars for all prescription eyewear purchases and eye exams, as long as your FSA or HSA card is affiliated with a major credit card.

Warby Parker also states it’s:

…an in-network provider for vision plans through UnitedHealthcare as well as for select employer groups through Davis Vision.

Buying Tip:Warby Parker very rarely has sales or discount codes. They are already priced at a fraction of the cost of other prescription eyewear plus the company donates a pair to someone in need with your purchase. I’d say that’s a win-win overall!

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Light Glasses

Unboxing Harry Potter’s Glasses | DIFF Eyewear

Below are some frequently asked questions about blue light glasses, with answers from For Eyes.


What are blue light glasses used for?

Blue light glasses may be used to potentially limit exposure to harmful blue light, which is found in your cell phone, certain light bulbs, and even sunshine.

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses may potentially alleviate eye discomfort or strain. If used when exposed to blue light at night, they may potentially help you sleep better, as the frequency from blue light can keep you awake. Blue light glasses may potentially also fight against age-related macular degeneration.

When to Wear Blue Light Glasses

Wear blue light glasses when exposed to blue light for many hours per day for example, if you work on a computer.

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What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses

To get an understanding of how blue light blocking glasses work, its important first to understand what blue light is in the first place. By now, it has become common knowledge that blue light originates from digital devices such as phones, computers, and TVs. However, the biggest source of blue light is actually the sun.

Natural blue light is great to stay in good health. It boosts the mood, increases cognitive function and helps memory. However when your eyes are intently focused on artificial blue light for prolonged periods of time, such as when youre at work using a screen, blue light can overstimulate your brain, interfere with your sleep cycle, and affect your mood. It can also cause headaches, dry eyes and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Why Trust Verywell Family

Maya Polton is a former marketing manager and current freelance writer who covers food, home, and parenting. Shes also the mom of a 10-year-old son, 7-year-old son, and 3-year old daughter. With two kids doing virtual learning and both parents working from home, blue light glasses seem like a wise addition to her household.

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Should I Use The Blue Light Filter At Night

Apart from causing eye strain and headaches, blue light also decreases the levels of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle of our body. Hence, the imbalance of this hormone leads to disturbed sleep at night. To prevent this, you can wear blue light filter glasses at night as well. This blue blocker will help you sleep early and you will wake up fresh in the morning. Also, this filter reduces the strain on the eyes and prevents them from being tired the next day. These glasses are the best to keep you fresh during the eye and protect the eyes from the adverse effects of blue light.

What Do Blue Light Glasses Do

Round Blue light blocking Glasses Harry Potter glasses gold

Blue rays glasses reduce the damage to the eyes from using mobiles or computers for an extended time. This light can cause eye fatigue and strain, which affects the vision. Also, it can lead to severe headaches every time you use your digital device. Anti-blue light glasses act as a preventive measure to counter these side effects. These also preserve the vision over time, so it does not deteriorate by extensive exposure to blue light. The specialized thin coating on the surface of lenses reflects the light and prevents it from contacting the eye.

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How To Buy Online Blue Rays Glasses

Blue glasses come in various tinted lenses and transparent as well. Glassesmart provides these glasses at reasonable rates with a fast shipping service. Our wide range of eyeglasses for men and women feature different lenses according to your needs. Besides, our collection of the latest cheap design is famous among customers who love to shop on a budget. These trending designs have up-to-date styles for daily wear.

Couldn’t Harry Potter Fix His Eyesight With Magic Perhaps But

Throughout all seven books and eight movies, Harry Potter, wears a pair of glasses with a metal frame and roundlenses that made history. At the time of the first publication,however, a hero wearing glasses was by no means common and a very welcome changefor fans of the fantasy genre.

At school, Harry had no one. Everybody knew that Dudley’s ganghated that odd Harry Potter in his baggy old clothes and broken glasses, andnobody liked to disagree with Dudley’s gang.Harry Potter and theSorcerers Stone

According to author J.K. Rowling, the choice to give the maincharacter glasses was made to send a positive message to children with visualimpairments: if your favourite hero wears glasses, then the perceptionchanges and wearing them becomes something cool.

And just like this, glasses with round frames became fashionable.

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Best Harry Potter Inspired Sunglasses

Show your love and loyalty for Hufflepuff by rocking these gorgeous black shades with a golden frame. Advanced edge technology and high-quality materials are used to create our premium sunglasses, which have a sumptuous appearance and feel.

  • Price Range: $40 $50
  • Materials: mixed
  • Size: multiple size options

In addition to having more expansive lenses, these square sunglasses have a trendy, bridgeless design with an eye-catching brow bar element.

These Are Harry Potter Glasses If Harry Potter Was A Grown Up And Not A Wizard And Came In A Better Colour Selection


The lenses in our Baily frames are made from lightweight and shatterproof poly-carbonate. A naturally occurring pigment is baked into the lens, which blocks a significant portion of the blue light spectrum. The lenses are then topped off with an anti-reflective coating and an anti-scratch layer.

Our Baily frames come with blue light blocking lenses as standard. These can be made with or without prescription. All glasses come with a branded hard case and microfibre cloth to keep your specs sparkling. We also provide free 30-day returns & exchanges. Learn more about our Screen lenses here.

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Blue Light Glasses For A Small Face


Since I have a small female face, I wanted to specifically recommend a particular Warby Parker frame for blue light glasses for a small face. I tried on all of the smallest Warby Parker frames available and found this specificOliver frame to be the most flattering to a petite face.

Warby Parker describes it this way:

Slightly narrower with a sloped rectangular shape, Oliver is as flattering as it is wearable.

I have both the black and whiskey tortoise colors, which are the most classic options, but there are several additional colors available in this specificOliver frame.

Or, for more “petite” frames, check out these extra narrow options and these narrow options. Unless your face is extremely small, I recommend these narrow options for most petite people.

Fun Facts About Harry Potter’s Glasses

And last but not least, a few fun facts for our Potterheads:

Did you ever notice that Harry Potter is the only Hogwarts School ofWitchcraft and Wizardry student wearing glasses? There’s only anotherperson who wears a visual aid, and that is Moaning Myrtle but she isa ghost.

This stylistic choice was made to emphasize the fact that Harry isdifferent and that he is the chosen one.

Finally, do you know how many glasses Daniel Radcliffe wore during theshooting of the movies? A whopping 160 pairs!

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

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Best Gryffindor Glasses For Blue Light

As much as I want to be a Slytherin, Im totally a Gryffindor according to every quiz I take. These medium-sized blue light spectacles, designed to resemble Professor McGonagalls wands temples, are perfect for brave Gryffindors who want to show their house pride. The temple tips feature the house name and symbol.

  • Price Range: $50 $100
  • Materials: stainless steel and acetate frame, polymer lenses
  • Size: 46 23 142

The glasses measure 46 23 142 and come with a frame made from hand-cut acetate and stainless steel. The lenses are made from scratch-resistant polymer.

Trend Alert: Harry Potter Glasses

Retro Round Harry Potter Glasses Frames Women Clear Eyewear Frames Men ...

Written by on 21 Jan 2021

Due to the great popularity achieved by the Harry Potter series of books andfilms, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his iconic glasses became a huge hitamong the millions of fans around the globe.

Curious to find out why the famous wizard wore glasses in the first place andwhere you can get a pair of Harry Potter glasses? Keep reading!

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Diff Harry Potter Harry Blue Light Glasses

  • 20% Off – Use Code: BLGIFTS
  • not combinable with other offers
  • Product ID:19173284

    • Premium scratch resistant polymer stainless steel frame
    • Glasses size 51 – 20 – 140
    • Non-polarized rounded lenses
    • Standard: Typically 3-8 business days. Flat rate of $6.99
    • Express: Typically 2-3 business days. Rates vary based on order total.
    • Overnight: Order by 11AM EST for overnight delivery. Rates vary based on order total.

    Please note:

    BoxLunch ships to all 50 states, APO/FPO addresses, U.S. territories and possessions. For P.O. Boxes, we currently only offer Standard Shipping.

    International delivery is available to 150+ countries and will calculate at checkout.

    Returns & Exchanges:

    Some products, including clearance items, are excluded from return or exchange.

    HOLIDAY RETURN POLICY: All purchases made between November 1, 2022 December 24, 2022, can be returned in stores or via mail through January 31, 2023.

    Can You Wear Blue Light Glasses All Day

    We spend almost the whole day looking at a digital screen which increases the risk of eye disease. Anti-blue light glasses have a subtle and harmless coating to prevent blue light. This coating does not have any adverse effects, so it is safe for wearing all day. Sometimes people forget to wear them while working on a computer or scrolling on the mobile phone. You can also get these anti-blue light lenses in your prescription, so you do not have to remember wearing them. These glasses will provide blue light protection and correct the vision at the same time.

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    Best Glasses For Oval Faces

    The Slytherin house is often frowned upon, but its a house that stands for ambition and determination. These are traits that could be put to good use. To bring out the best in your Slytherin persona, how about these round glasses with a green frame?

    • Price Range: $20 $30
    • Materials: acetate
    • Size: multiple size options

    These stainless-steel rods integrated into the temple arms of this full-rim acetate design allow for easy adjustment, while the spring hinges provide additional comfort and breakage resistance. Note that the actual pattern on the frame might differ slightly compared to what you see in the picture.

    How Do You Know If You Have Blue Light Glasses

    Harry Potter

    There are some easy tests that you can perform at home to see if you have blue light blocking glasses. Take your pair of glasses and tilt them in front of a computer screen. If the reflection on the lenses appears blue, then you will know they reflect the blue rays. However, if the reflection on the lenses has any other color, such as purple or green, they are ordinary lenses. If you wear prescription glasses, then this test should also work the same.

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    What Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Do

    Blue light glasses protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to blue light emitted from digital devices and can prevent you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Blue light is filtered through a process of polarization enhancement where high-frequency blue light wavelengths are blocked.

    While less screen time is ultimately the best way to prevent the side effects of blue light exposure, its increasingly difficult to avoid digital devices in this era.

    In order to cope with these increasingly difficult challenges, we recommend using blue light blocking glasses. They can significantly reduce the severity of the common symptoms of prolonged exposure to blue light, including:

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