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How Do I Find Glasses That Suit My Face

People Who Wear Glasses Are Always Asking Which Frame Suits Them Best But Have You Ever Asked Yourself What Face Shape You Have The Shape Of The Wearers Face Is One Of The Most Important Points Of Reference For Buying The Right Pair Of Glasses The Faces Shape Is The Main Thing That Determines Its Harmony In Our Latest Blog Post You Can Find Out How To Determine The Shape Of Your Face And Find The Right Pair Of Glasses To Suit Your Personal Proportions Let This Many Examples Inspire You

How To Find the Right Glasses For Your Face | GQ

Many factors determine whether a pair of glasses suits you, with our face shape being the main one. We distinguish between six basic shapes: triangular, oval, square, rectangular, round and diamond. It is important to remember that every face is unique and often comprises a mixture of several different shapes.

Go For The Opposite Of Your Face Shape

There are four main face shapes: square, round, oval and heart, explains Abbas Manai, co-founder of Bloobloom. As a general rule, choose a frame which is the opposite of your face shape, so that if you have a square face, you go for a round frame, and so on. Toby Attridge, designer at Taylor Morris, agrees: Many like the contrast of an angular square face with a rounded frame, as this tends to soften strong features. If you have an oval face shape, try to accentuate the elongated curve of the jawline by going for a completely round frame, especially wider set ones. If your face is on the rounder side, a rectangular frame will keep things in proportion, while heart shapes do best with something wider at the top of the frame and narrower at the bottom, like a cat eye.

Best Glasses Shapes For A Round Face

Okay, so youre pretty positive that your face is round . How do you pick out a pair of glasses?

The best glasses frames for a round facefemale, male, or any other genderplay off of the faces gentle curves with strong lines and defined angles. It can be fun to try and identify complementary opposites: slopes vs. corners, softness vs. boldness. Think of it as the ultimate in power clashing.

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Glasses For Square Faces

Round and oval glasses are the best choice for people with square faces. When it comes to choosing stylish glasses, people with square faces have the chance to be bold and expressive. It’s hip to be square and it shows in the wide range of glasses for square faces. The key is to search for glasses with round frames. Round frames are perfect for adding contrast to your strong face shape and jawline, and can balance out your most striking facial features.

Glasses For Rectangular Face Shapes

How to Choose the Perfect Glasses for Your Face Type

Rectangular faces typically feature a deep forehead, a strong jawline and an elongated nose. Here are some words of wisdom to help you find the best glasses for a rectangular face shape.

The best glasses for rectangular faces

Sunglasses for rectangular face shapes

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Which Glasses Suit My Face

Different factors like the color of eyeglasses, their frame, and their style come into play. When choosing a pair, buyers should consider picking something that suits their face the most. On the other hand, the shopping process is relatively seamless, considering how there are so many reputed online eyeglasses stores today.

Read our article on how to better understand what frames suit different face shapes the best.

What Glasses Andsunglasses Suit My Face

When choosing a pair of glasses or sunglasses, its important to choose a pair that suits your face shape. The shape of your frames can complement your face, or vice versa. Usually everybodys face falls into one of the below categories. Take a look below to find out your face shape and discover which glasses or sunglasses will suit you best.

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Our Face Shapes Guide For Eyewear

Our face shapes guide has been developed to help our customers who are buying glasses online to select the right glasses or sunglasses, based on their own unique face shape and gives frame suggestions based on this.

Choosing the right glasses or sunglasses can be tricky even when youre sure of your face shape, which is why we offer you the option to Try Before You Buy on all Arlo Wolf glasses and sunglasses.

How To Choose Glasses Frames

How To Choose The Best Eyeglass For Your Face Shape (Men)| Lenskart Experts

What glasses suit my face? To answer this question, you need to know first what face shape you have. Identifying your face shape is the first step when it comes to learning how to select frames and then you can choose a pair of glasses that suit your face shape. If you do not know what face shape you have, you can click here to have a check.

For every face shape, there are complementary frames that can help balance your look. Certain frames can accentuate or even slim certain features. If you have an oval shaped face, there will be a lot of choices available and most frames will make you look amazing. Of course, there are also a lot of choices for other face shapes.

Then you can choose the color of your frames that can complement your skin tone. Finding colors that coincide with your skin tone is not difficult. If you have a cool-colored skin tone, select shades of black, gray, and blue. If your skin tone is warm, you would benefit from warm colors, such as tan, pink and red. When choosing the colors of the frame, just think of the color of the clothes you feel most comfortable wearing. Knowing the colors that suit your skin will help you find the perfect frames.

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Glasses For Heart Face Shapes

Heart-shaped faces are wider on top than they are on the bottom, so go for frames that are a bit wider than your forehead, creating a balanced portrait.

Rounded frames can also offset the pointiness of a heart-shaped faces lower half, so even if the upper corners of your glasses are sharp, aim for curved bottoms.

In general, though, heart-shaped faces are very easy to match with many types of glasses, and the choice depends on what features youd most like to emphasize. Some people with heart-shaped faces go for semi-rimless frames so that the glasses dont steal the spotlight too much!

We recommend: Oval glasses, round glasses, aviator glasses, semi-rimless glasses

What Ultimately Determines Which Eyewear Options Work And Which Dont Is Your Face Shape

There are four main face shapes: round, square, oval, heart-shaped. If youre unsure of what category you fall under, simply trace an outline of your face using a picture of yourself, and noting which shape it resembles most closely.

Whether youve got a round face or a square one, Elliott Opticians will have the perfect pair for you. Follow the simple tips below to help you pick the right glasses for your face shape.

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Our Best Glasses For Oval Face Shape

Glasses for oval faces can nail almost any aesthetic but they look best with square and rectangular frame shapes. People with oval faces have evenly proportioned features that give them the best luck when it comes to their style options. They can experiment and be as adventurous as they want.

Love the retro vintage look? You should have no sweat rocking some classic Trapezoid style glasses. Looking to try out something quirky and cute? Go wild with some cat-eye glasses and a pop of color.

How To Find Out Which Face Shape You Have

Prescription Eyeglasses in Grand Junction, CO

Stand in front of a mirror and make sure all of your hair is brushed back from your face. Now imagine a line from your hairline over the contours at the sides and the cheeks down to your chin. Are you already able to distinguish a shape? If you find it difficult, you can take a photograph of your face from the front and draw the line over it. Remember that it is possible to have more than one face shape.

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Can I Try On New Designer Frames

Yes, our Virtual Try-on tool is available for many glasses and sunglasses from popular brands like bebe, Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, Salvatore Ferragamo, and more right now. Virtual Try-on makes it easy to preview new looks from the comfort of your couch. Now you can be confident that the frames you order are the perfect frames for you.

Perfectly Fit Eyeglasses Based On Face Shapes

Your eyeglasses have the potential to make a major fashion statement. You wouldnt wear shoes that dont fit your feet, and wearing glasses that dont fit your face can be just as uncomfortable. The right frame shape should flatter and complement your natural look. Dont know what type of frames look best with your face shape? Consider these three factors:

  • Eyeglasses should complement your colorfor example, brown or tortoiseshell frames complement brown eyes or dark hair.
  • The shape of your frames should contrast the shape of your face.
  • The size of your frames should be proportionate with the size of your face.

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D Diamond Shaped Faces

People with this face style should try frames broader than the cheekbones. The first two options are definitely cat-eye glasses and oval frames. These will enhance the faces natural cuts and delicate features like the cheekbones.

Glasses to Avoid if You Have a Diamon-Shaped Face: Boxy and narrow frameworks as they make your cheek width draw too much attention and downgrade their appeal.

Glasses For All Kinds Of Shapes

How to EASILY find your Face Shape and Pick the Right Glasses

The truth about face shapes is that almost no one is a perfect heart, circle, square, or any other narrowly defined category. Most faces are a combination of a few different shapes: Rounded chins and tall foreheads, angular features, tapered jaws, and so on.

Trying to pick just one stock image out of a lineup can feel impossible. What you should do is aim to find the shape that looks the most like yours. Even if your chin is a little more pointed than the typical oval, or if your forehead is a little wider than the usual inverted triangle these are all just guidelines to help you determine how to balance and complement your features, not unbreakable rules.

Once youve recognized your face shape, you can find which frame shape will bring a natural balance to your features. This guide will help identify the type of glasses for face shapes you might consider when browsing our range.

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How To Measure Your Face

  • Measure Cheekbone to Cheekbone: Place the end of a tape measure just below your eye to find the top of your cheekbone. Measure to the same point on the other side of your face. Write down this number.
  • Measure Jaw Line: Feel below your ears to find the ends of your jawbone. Measure from the end of your jawbone to the other end around the bottom of your face. Write that down too.
  • Measure Face Length: Measure from the center of your hairline straight down over the front of your nose to the bottom of your chin. Write that one down too.
  • Which Eyeglasses Frames Suit Your Face Shape

    Eyeglasses are not considered part of a fashion segment, but in reality, they can be. Thats because switching on a pair of glasses that match your face style is one of the fastest ways to change and revamp how you look. Whether you wear them daily or on days of occasion, throwing a pair of aesthetic specs can always be interesting. And on top of that, managing to get the best-suiting frame can also dictate how the world sees you. You may want to know glasses face shape.

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    Best Glasses For An Oval Face Shape

    For an oval-shaped face, youâll want to find eyeglass frames that are as wide as the broadest part of your face.

    Square, rectangular, or geometric shapes are a good fit for this face shape, but you should also take note to avoid narrow frames and frames with heavy design elements. These can add unnecessary length to your face.

    How Do You Figure Out What Glasses Look Good On You

    trendy Archives

    To find the glasses that will look good on you, taking your face shape into consideration is the most effective way. Square faces will look good with rounded and thinner frames, as they can balance the length of your face round faces, on the contrary, look better with bold and angular style, as it can enhance your facial features with a put-together structure.

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    Not Sure If You’ve Got A Round Face Shape

    Step in front of the mirror and take a look for yourself. People with round faces have a fuller shape to their cheeks, which often gives them a more youthful appearance. Following that, they also have foreheads that are wider at the top rather than narrow. Another tell-tale feature is that, nearing the bottom of the face, people with round faces usually have rounder chins than other face shapes. In some cases a more subtle jawline is also a good sign. If this sounds like it describes you, get ready EyeBuyDirect has hundreds of excellent glasses for round faces just for your face shape.

    Trendy glasses for round faces come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Looking for a cute and fun aesthetic? Try adding a pop of color to a frame that catches your eye. Aiming for something more cool than quirky? You might find yourself in love with a sleek pair of transparent frames. Just remember that before you buy, be sure that you’re selecting your frames in the right size. When it comes to round faces, it’s important that your frames aren’t too small. A small pair of glasses won’t provide enough contrast to the rest of your facial features, and in some cases will even be uncomfortable to wear. Measuring your preferred temple width and pupillary distance can make a big impact in getting the perfect fit. If you need help, try checking out our measuring guide here.

    The Best Glasses For Different Face Shapes

    When picking out a pair of glasses, youll probably be weighing a long list of factors, from color to size to fit. As you narrow your search for the perfect frames, theres one more aspect you might want to consider: your face shape.

    Knowing which face shape you have can help you choose glasses that suit you. Certain frames can accentuate the features you most want to highlight, or work with the natural lines and angles of your face to create a well-balanced look.

    Of course, face shape is only one part of the search for your new glasses, and it should never outweigh your personal style or comfort. Matching frames to your face shape is not a science, and its definitely not a law you have to follow. Rather, it can be a useful tiebreaker if youre stuck between a few frames you like, or a fun element of the shopping processfun being the most important word.

    But, we can hear you asking your screen, What face shape do I have? Not to worry, well help you figure it out.

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    Frames For Oval Faces

    An oval face is generally longer than it is wide, with a rounded chin and jaw line. Oval faces are quite versatile, and could give you a wider choice of glasses for your face shape. However, larger and bolder frames are generally a good option, and you can experiment with colour, too. Aviator style and square frames can also be very effective.

    What Shape Is My Face

    The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

    Want to nail your online eyewear shopping? The first step you should take is to grab a tape measure and assess what face shape you have. Once you have taken your vital statistics you can find the style of vintage eyewear that will suit you best.

    Before you start if you have long hair then pull it back into a ponytail so you can see your full face exposed. Also, get yourself in front of a mirror and trace the outline of your face when staring straight on with lipstick or eyeliner, guys just borrow one from your partner!

    STEP 1: What is the widest part of your face?

    • Forehead – If you have a wider forehead you will most likely fall into the oval or heart-shaped category of face shapes. Especially if you find your face tapers in towards your chin.
    • Cheekbones – If you have a face where the widest part of your face is your cheeks then you have either a round or oval face shape. If your face is longer than it is wide then you are oval if it is similar in width and height then you have a more rounded face shape.
    • Jaw – If your jawline is the widest part of your face then you will fall into the square face shape category in most cases however don’t forget to check out the shape of your jaw.

    STEP 2: What shape is your jawline?

    STEP 3: How long is your face?

    Now you have your face shape you can pick the right frame for you based upon our guides below…

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