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How Much Do Glasses Cost At Walmart

Does Walmart Put Prescription Lenses In Frames

Glasses: Price check. Are expensive glasses better? (CBC Marketplace)

Head to one of our in-store Vision Centers for your new branded frame, and knowledgeable staff will fill your prescription lenses for you. Or come the Vision Center for an eye exam and contact lenses too. Youll find basic single-vision lenses, line bifocals, and no-line bifocals at everyday low prices.

Can You Replace Arms On Glasses

Over time the temples of our glasses deteriorate and even break in half. In order to change your temples or frame arms a precision screwdriver and if possible a pair of tweezers is required. Picking up tiny screws using your hands can be very cumbersome. There are generally two screws in metal frames.

Does Walmart Hire Only Experienced Optometrists

Yes, theyre highly trained, but keep in mind that Walmart DOES NOT actually hire most them.

The vast majority are considered self-employed eye doctors who simply lease space in the store right next to the vision center.

Not all vision centers have an optometrist within, so check with your local Walmart first.

Keep in mind that you can visit any Walmart in your area, so if you dont like the Vision Center staff at a particular Walmart, try a different one.

Once you find a center that you really like, just make that your home eye center.

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Are There Any Extra Costs Of An Eye Exam

As you might already know, youll find everything you need at Walmart, including eye droppers, glasses or contact. Below are the vision center prices that you should know when you opt for the eye exam:

  • The price for glasses for adults at Walmart is $50, including lens and frame.
  • Glasses for children are more affordable, with a price of just $30, which includes the frame and lens.
  • Known name brands for glasses cost at least $70 but could end up costing a lot more, depending on the name behind the frame.
  • Prescription glasses shouldnt cost more than $50.

A survey around a local Walmart revealed a price for contacts of around $105 $110, while the price for glasses and contacts will easily reach $150. Eye droppers will set you back $2, while cleaners and solutions for your contacts cost around $3. For just $10 you can get a correction system or eye creams.

Pros And Cons Of Cheap Glasses

Walmart Eye Vision

Some people don’t have big budgets for eyeglasses, so they buy affordable ones in stores.

These are the pros of buying cheap glasses:

  • They are more affordable
  • They are easily accessible online or in physical stores
  • You can increase savings through discounts

These are the cons of buying cheap glasses:

  • They can break easily
  • They can’t accommodate complex prescriptions
  • They may not fit well with your face shape
  • You may not get hands-on professional help

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Can Walmart Put New Lenses On Old Frames

Sometimes. Depending on the suitability of your frames, Walmart Vision Center can certainly look into the possibility of fitting them with new lenses. However, if your frames are deemed overly worn, damaged, or simply not strong enough to hold your prescriptions, then you will need to purchase new frames.

About Walmart Vision Center

In 2019, Walmart was the third largest distributor of optical goods in the United States. This was accomplished through Walmart Vision Centers located inside physical stores and through online shopping.

If you have a Walmart where you live, chances are youve seen a special section of the store with an optometry department. You can get your eyes checked, prescription updated, and shop for glasses and contacts.

The website allows you to order nonprescription readers and sunglasses that you may not find in the store. Walmart also sells contacts online through a separate website called Walmart Contacts.

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How Much Does It Cost To Fix Glasses

Average cost and duration for eyewear repairs Common Repairs Average Cost Average time frame Adjustments and Overhauls $10 to $39 24 to 48 hours Broken Screws on Eyewear Frames $12 to $29 24 to 48 hours Rivets and Pushings $16 to $49 24 to 48 hours Scratched and Broken Lenses See Lens Page 24 to 72 hours.

How Much Is An Eye Exam At Walmart Without Insurance

Why Glasses Are So Expensive

According to, an eye exam at Walmart will likely cost at least $75 without insurance. The cost of an eye exam may vary by location.

That cost is similar to the estimated cost of eye exams without insurance at other major retailers such as Target, Costco and LensCrafters but may be more expensive than at Sams Club. However, an eye exam at Walmart may be cheaper than the national average without insurance, which is estimated at around $95.

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How Much Will A Walmart Eye Exam Cost

The price of an eye exam at Walmart is usually a flat rate of $60. This is very low considering the market price of such an examination, with some clinics having prices that start at $80 to $150. This cost wont be influenced by whether or not you have glasses or lenses or diseases that you know about.

Interested in Lasik Eye Surgery? It Costs This Much

The Walmart vision center features prices that start at $75 for a normal eye exam but can reach $150 if paired with contact lens fitting or other services. For visual field screening, you will have to pay $15, while a retinal photo will set you back $29.

What Is Lens Replacement Surgery

Lens Replacement Surgery is another vision correction option. It involves replacing the natural lens inside the eye with a high-performance lens implant. There are a variety of different lens options available, and the option best suited for you will largely be determined by your age and vision correction needs.

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Are There Any Contraindications To These Lenses

Dark-colored lenses are not recommended for glaucoma patients. When wearing colored lenses, the pupil dilates and can cause an acute glaucoma attack by closing the irido-corneal angle. If you have glaucoma, ask your doctor for advice if you are bothered by light and want to wear dark glasses. You will be recommended a lower degree of closure .

How To Find A Walmart Vision Center & Make Appointment

No vision insurance?

Use the store locator to find your nearest Walmart Vision Center. You can make an appointment for your eye exam by calling the store directly. Most Vision Centers are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Looking for more ways to save at Walmart? Join Walmart+ to get free shipping and delivery on almost every order , and check our guide to saving with Walmarts Photo Services and Tire & Auto Services.

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Walmart Vision Center Prices

It is a nightmare when you lose or break your glasses. It should not be that expensive to see! But getting the best price for your eyesight needs does not have to be difficult. And you can find some of the best deals at Walmart.

So, here is a guide to help you understand all of the Walmart Vision Center Prices and the services offered!

Are Walmart Glasses Good Quality

They have a good selection of eyewear at fair prices, including many varieties of eyeglasses and contact lenses. On top of that, the centers are tastefully decorated, which might make you more comfortable. Many people like being able to walk in without an appointment and find a popular name-brand frame.

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Does Walmart Vision Center Accept Medicare

  • You may be able to use your Medicare coverage at Walmart Vision Centers if you have a Medicare Advantage plan with vision benefits thats accepted at your Walmart location. Not every Walmart vision center accepts Medicare, so always call ahead or verify in person.

Many Walmart locations throughout the U.S. have their very own vision centers staffed with licensed optometrists. In fact, Walmart is among America’s leading providers of optical goods.

Many Walmart vision centers accept multiple types of insurance, including Medicare. Not every Walmart vision center is guaranteed to accept Medicare, so always call ahead or verify in person before receiving any services or products. If your nearest Walmart vision center does not accept Medicare, you may be able to find another location that does.

If a Walmart vision center accepts Medicare, they must also accept Medicare Supplement Insurance . And many Walmart vision centers may also accept Medicare Advantage plans.

Whats Available At Walmart Vision Center

Buying Prescription Glasses Online VS In Store

When I first visited Walmart Vision Centers website, I saw that it offers prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, reading glasses, computer glasses and contact lenses. If you dont already have a prescription, you can also get eye exams and contact lens fittings through independent optometrists whose offices are located next to select vision centers.

If you visit the website to shop online, you can find more than 1000 styles with prices beginning at $9.88 for frames.

While on the website , I saw options along the top of the screen that let me filter my results further.

Screenshot from Walmart Vision Center

After looking at available frames, I found that Walmart is not the place to shop if youre looking for brand-name frames. I clicked on a few high-end brands , but there were only one or two styles listed under each, and they were sold by third parties.

I found a much bigger selection of generic frames sold directly from

Depending on your prescription and preferences, you may need a specific type of lens. Single-vision lenses and progressive no-line lenses are available at Walmart Vision Center. While you can only order frames online, you can choose from a variety of prescription lens types in-store including clear, basic tint, polarized tint and transition lenses.

Walmart Vision Center also carries most popular brands of contact lenses including Acuvue, Air Optix and Biofinity.

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How Using Walmart Vision Centers Works

If you already have an updated prescription , you can just skip straight to shopping for frames or contacts. Otherwise, youll need to set up an appointment with a Vision Center optometrist or another doctor first.

You can stop inside a Walmart Vision and try on frames. Once youve settled on a pair you like, the next step is deciding on the type of lens as well as any tints and coatings to protect it.

After making those important decisions and having measurements taken for your glasses, all you need to do is pay at the counter and wait for your glasses or contacts to be prepared. You can either pick them up in the store or have them shipped to your house.

Is It Possible To Get A Vision Test At Walmart For Free

According to a report from the Krazy Koupon Lady, Walmart offers a basic vision check-up for only $73. Comparatively, Target charges around $7 more for the same service.

This makes Walmart the ideal choice for those who are looking to save money on a vision check-up. However, if you wear contacts, you will need to get a special vision exam which is more expensive. These exams typically cost around $105.

If you have an astigmatism, you can expect to pay an additional $20 for your exam. Despite the slightly higher cost for contact wearers, Walmart remains the most affordable option for those in need of a vision check-up.

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Walmart Vision Center Prices Final Thoughts

So, if youre in the market for a new pair of glasses and dont want to break the bank, Walmart Vision is definitely worth considering.

You can get a comprehensive eye exam, choose from a variety of stylish frames, and pick up your contacts all in one place and at prices that are hard to beat. And if you have vision insurance, even better! So, are you waiting for? Head on over to Walmart Vision Center today and see how they can help solve your eyewear needs.

Enjoy the amazing services at Walmart Vision Center!

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How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost At Walmart

Will Walmart Put Old Lenses In New Frames?

If you have a Walmart Vision Center nearby and you need a new or updated prescription, you may be able to schedule your eye exam there. Select vision centers have independent doctors of optometry working in offices next to Walmart.

An eye exam at Walmart costs around $85 prices vary depending on location. I found that the cost for an eye exam at Walmart was pretty average compared toother popular optical centers.

You should call your nearest Walmart Vision Center to get an exact price for the eye exam before scheduling. If youre being fitted for contacts or renewing your contacts prescription, you can expect an additional fee.

Note that while some optometrists are employed by Walmart, most eye exams are conducted byself-employed doctors who lease space in the stores near the vision centers.

You can book an exam by using thestore finder online and calling the number for your nearest location. According tothe website, an associate will help you set up an appointment.

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Eye Exam Cost At Costco

An eye exam without insurance at Costo may vary depending on the location. No matter what, it is considered low-cost compared to private eye doctors.

You can usually get an eye exam for around $70.

Costco also accepts most vision insurance coverage plans, which can help to cut the cost down even further. However, this can vary, because Costco optometry offices are all independent. Some Costco offices dont take insurance at all.

How Much Are Contacts At Walmart

As a contact wearer myself, I can attest: I put off buying new contacts every couple of years because it can be so expensive, especially when paying out-of-pocket.

To order contacts when you also need an eye exam to get the prescription, you will have to pay a bit more right off the bat for a vision exam with contacts.

However, if you already have a valid prescription, you can also just order your contacts online through Walmart, at

Comparing Walmart Contacts to the site I normally use, 1800-Contacts, I can see that Walmart is a bit cheaper than 1800 Contacts regular prices.

For example, I wear Biofinity toric lenses for my right eye, which cost $71 at 1800-Contacts. At Walmart Contacts, theyre just $63.

My regular Toric lenses cost $54 regularly at 1-800-Contacts, while theyre just $46 per box at Walmart Contacts.

Just remember, though, that when buying solely online, you cant use your vision insurance to help pay for the contacts.

But if you go into a Walmart Vision Center and have the appointment covered by insurance, they can bill for your insurance to cover the contact order .

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What Are The Extra Costs

As you will need a prescription for these lenses, an eye exam will be required. Depending on the insurance you have and the place you choose, expect to pay anywhere between $55 and $110 for an eye exam. For example, in some situations, you may lower the expenses if you buy the frames from the same vision retailer you did the eye exam at.

You should take into consideration the cost of the frames, and the price will depend on their type and the place you buy them from. Expect to pay only around $15 for a basic frame, while a designer frame will cost $260 or even more.

If you want to change your standard eyeglass case which comes with your lenses, be prepared to pay around $35 or more for a premium eyeglass case.

In case you want to add a special coating like an anti-reflective coating then it will cost you another $110.

Can Optometrist Put Lenses In Any Frames

How much does an eye exam at Walmart cost?

In general, you can put prescription lenses in any frames. However, there may be times when your prescription or preferred type of lens isnt compatible. Your optical specialist will inform you after your comprehensive eye exam if there are any restrictions as to what kinds of frames will work for you.

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Walmart Vision Center: 5 Things To Know Before Your First Visit

If you wear glasses, then you know how expensive and inconvenient it can be to replace them. Ive worn glasses for years and have gone way too long without replacing them in the past because Ive wanted to avoid the hassle.

In this article, Ill take a look at Walmart Vision Center, a convenient option for purchasing your glasses online or in the store.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Get An Eye Exam

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the cost of an eye exam can vary depending on a number of factors. However, Walmart is generally considered to be an affordable option for those looking to get an eye exam. Additionally, many major retailers offer discounts on eye exams for customers who purchase glasses or contact lenses from them.

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Walmart Eye Exam Cost

Regardless of their age, everyone needs periodical eye examinations. Thats because each and every day our eyes go through tremendous stress caused by radiation, UV rays, too much TV or PC time, or even reading in the dark. During the eye examination, a professional optometrist will be able to spot any problems and give pertinent advice on how to fix them.

The examination wont take more than a few minutes, while a doctor will use a specially designed machine to spot any common eye problems, to check for any disease, and to see if your vision has changed since your last exam. One of the places where you can get a cheap but professional eye examination is at the nearest Walmart. But how much will an eye exam cost at Walmart?

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