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How To Clean Reading Glasses

How To Clean Glasses Without Damaging

How To Clean Your Reading Glasses |

The best way to clean your eyeglasses without causing any damage to the eyeglasses is by using Specscarts Lensguard solution. Lensguard is a revolutionary product that is prepared after long research by an expert team. With the help of Lensguards unique formulation and choicest ingredients, you can easily clean the eyeglasses without causing any damage to the eyeglasses and the advanced coating. You can get the finest quality eyewear cleaning solution – Lensguard at Specscart’s Walkden store and Bury store at very affordable prices. Do not forget to ask for Lensguard every time you walk into Specscart’s store.

Specscarts Eyewear Cleaning Kit

Let no virus threaten you. Clean your spectacles with an antibacterial eyeglass cleaner that comes with a washable cleaning cloth of the finest quality.

Daily Cleaning: How To Clean Your Glasses

From greasy fingers to makeup to pollutants in the air, a lot of factors can contribute to dirty lenses. Contrary to popular belief, you dont need any special cleaners or equipment to clean your glasses. In fact, you probably already have everything you need water, dish soap and a microfiber towel to keep them nice and clean. But there are a few things to keep in mind before getting out the cleaning supplies.

Heres our step-by-step guide to keeping your specs spiffy. This method can be used on prescription glasses, sunglasses, readers or even the blue light reading glasses you wear at the computer.

  • Step 1: Prep Start by thoroughly washing and drying your hands to ensure that no sweat or dirt transfers to them once clean. Remove all detachable glasses accessories, such as cords or retainers, before cleaning. Prepare your specs by wiping them down with a clean, dry glasses cloth.
  • Step 2: Rinse Run the glasses under lukewarm water to rinse off any dust, dirt and surface debris that will get in the way of a thorough clean. Leaving surface debris or dust on your lenses before cleaning could cause scratches.
  • Step 3: Wash Take a pea-sized amount of gentle dish soap and create a gentle lather between your fingers. Wash the glasses, frames and nose pad, paying close attention to any stubborn spots and smudges. If youre dealing with more serious stains,
  • How To Clean Your Eyeglasses

    Are your eyeglasses streaky and smudged no matter how often you clean them? Try these tips to help keep them clear and smudge-free.

    Make Rinsing the First Step

    If youre watching your favorite TV show, you may not want to make a trip to the bathroom or kitchen just because you noticed a smudge on your glasses. After all, why miss a key scene when the bottom of your shirt will get rid of that smudge or smear?

    Cleaning your glasses without any water can end up worsening the smudge or may even damage the lenses. Your shirt may feel perfectly smooth to you, but might actually contain rough fibers that can scratch your lenses. Clothing also tends to trap dirt. When you rub the fabric across your glasses, you not only transfer the dirt to your lenses, but also grind it into them, potentially damaging the glass or coatings.

    Your glasses arent the first thing you need to clean. Dirt and natural body oils will be deposited on your lenses if you dont wash your hands first. After you wash your hands, rinse your lenses under lukewarm water to remove dirt and debris.

    Apply a Little Dishwashing Liquid

    Place a drop of dishwashing liquid on each lens after you rinse your glasses. Gently rub the lenses to distribute the liquid on each side, then rinse them again. Stay away from dishwashing liquids that promise to keep your hands soft. These varieties contain moisturizer that will only worsen smudges and streaks on your glasses.

    Clean Every Part of Your Eyeglasses

    Rinse Thoroughly and Dry

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    Cleaning Your Eyeglasses On The Go

    In case your glasses get smudged while you are on the go and away from any running water or dish soap, it is a good idea to carry some cleaning wipes with you.

    If you are using a cleaning wipe, you can couple this with a lens cleaner spray to wash away any dirt or debris on the lenses before wiping them clean. If there is any visible dust on the lenses, blow it off first to keep lenses scratch free before cleaning.

    If your lenses have a special coating be sure that the lens spray is approved for use on coated lenses.

    These handy wipes are great for a quick fix but should not be the only way you clean your glasses in the long-run. Be sure to incorporate the water wash and dish soap method more often than the wipes.

    Don’t Share Your Glasses

    Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

    We know your mother always encouraged you to share, and sharing is a great practice. But when it comes to sharing glasses, its not always the best idea. Not only does bacteria from your face get on the face of the person youre sharing with, but it can also transfer oils, dirt and cause unwanted breakouts on your skin. When in doubt, dont share your glasses.

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    How To Clean Your Glasses

    Cleaning your eyeglasses daily is the best way to keep them looking great and avoid scratched lenses. But there’s a right way and plenty of wrong ways when it comes to how to clean glasses.

    Follow these tips to clean your eyeglass lenses and frames to keep your glasses in top condition. These cleaning tips will also help you keep your sunglasses, safety glasses and sports eyewear in great shape.

    How To Clean Blue Light Glasses

    If youre a hard-core gameror spend your days in front of a screen, its essential to keep your blue light glasses clean and looking professional. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to clean blue light glasses. The first method involves warm water and dish soap. Wash your hands before you begin to avoid getting bacteria, oil, or dirt from your hands onto your lenses or frames. Next, do the same with your glasses. Rinse them underneath lukewarm or warm water to get rid of any debris that may scratch the lenses when you start cleaning.

    Once all this is done, grab a gentle, lotion-free dish soap and place a small amount on either lens. Using your fingers, rub the soap on the frames. Then, massage dish soap on the lenses as well. Be sure to cover the back to the front of the lenses so you can clean the entire surface of your glasses. Continue for about a minute and rinse off your glasses with warm water.

    When cleaning your blue light glasses, you can also use a lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Its important not to use an old cloth or a dirty one, especially one with debris on it that could potentially scratch your lenses. Use a clean cloth and spray once on either lens. Then, rub in the spray until clean. To clean the frames, its best to use dish soap and lukewarm water.

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    Saliva Doesnt Clean Lenses

    When youre desperate to get rid of a smudge on your glasses, it might seem like a good idea to use your own saliva to lubricate the lens.

    This isnt a good idea either, as youre basically covering your lens with germs from your mouth, which can then multiply. From a practical perspective, your saliva may also make the smudge look worse.

    How To Clean Your Glasses Without A Streak In Sight

    The Best Way To Clean Your Glasses

    “It is Important to clean glasses because it improves vision and clarity, and it also can be a safety factor,” says Selena Chan, OD, of Pacific Rims Optometry in San Francisco. Over time, your glasses collect dust and bacteria that can cause eye infections. Smudges even contributing to eyestrain and headaches.

    Taking a moment to clean your glasses is a simple, effective way of looking after your future well-being, and you need to do it a lot more often than you think. “You need to clean your glasses at least once every day,” says Dr. Chan. “Sometimes the eyeglasses may need to be cleaned more often if the lenses become dirty.”

    For example, if you’re throwing them in your purse without a case, you may want to make a point of giving them a quick cleaning before going back to work or snuggling up with a book.

    Now, as you might guess, cleaning your glasses isn’t exactly rocket science, but it is a subtle art that deserves a moment of care and attention. Below, Dr. Chan walks you through the step-by-step process of seeing clearly. Ready?

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    When To Have Your Glasses Cleaned Professionally

    If your lenses are in good shape but the nose pads or other components of the frame have become impossible to keep clean, see your eye doctor or the person that sold the eyeglasses to you.

    Sometimes, eyeglasses can be cleaned more thoroughly with an ultrasonic cleaning device, and yellowing nose pads can be replaced with new ones. But don’t try these fixes at home see a professional.

    How To Clean Glasses With Vinegar

    Using vinegar is another easy method of cleaning the glasses. You need a small bowl filled with warm water. To this add two spoons of white vinegar. Now dip a lint-free cotton cloth in the mixture and wipe the eyeglasses. Thereafter, rinse the glasses with clean cold water and pat dry with a dry cotton cloth. You can even clean the lens, bridges, nose pad, temples and the entire eyeglass frame with this mixture. It will clean away the cloudy, fogginess and white streaks.

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    Place A Drop Of Lotion

    You only need a drop per lens to get your glasses good and clean. Rub the dishwashing liquid over both sides of the lenses with your fingers, then over the entire frame. Pay special attention to the most often in contact with your skin, such as the nose pads and temples.

    If you dont have any dishwashing liquid that will work, you can also use a glasses cleaning solution for this step. Just make sure its approved for use with lens coatings, and dont over-spray it.

    Rinsing Is The First Step

    Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

    When you get home after a day at work or school, make sure that you rinse your eyeglasses first before you store them in the case. Dont use hot water only lukewarm water to avoid damaging the lenses and frame. Before rinsing, wash your hands first. Then, clean with both hands, so there is little risk of dropping or damaging the glasses.

    Dab a tiny amount of dish soap or any mild soap to remove dirt on the back and side of the lenses. Rub gently for about a minute, and dont forget the frame and nose pad. The inside edge of the lenses or the nasal part where the lenses meet the bridge of the frame is where most sweat and oil remain. Give this spot some extra love when cleaning.

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    Can I Clean My Glasses With Hand Sanitiser

    We also wouldnt recommend using a hand sanitiser to clean your glasses. Many hand sanitisers are alcohol-based, which could damage the specialist coatings and materials on your lenses that help you see clearer. Plus, theres also the risk of getting sanitiser in your eye. If youre worried about disinfecting your glasses, warm soapy water should do the job just fine.

    Clean Glasses Rely On A Proper Fit

    Glasses that have not been properly fitted to your face may require more cleaning. It is important to have proper fitting eyeglasses not only for vision and comfort but also to prevent things that cause your glasses to get dirty.

    Glasses that dont fit properly lead to your eyelashes brushing up against the lenses if they are too tight, your cheeks pressing tightly against the frames and transferring oils, the eyeglass arms squeezing your temples, and the bridge sliding down your nose, causing you to constantly touch the glasses to adjust them. All these pitfalls will increase the frames oil absorption and dirt buildup.

    Proper-fitting eyewear begins with an eye exam. Book your appointment today with the eye experts who care at Della Optique.

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    Give Your Glasses An Occasional Treat: The Special Care Offered By An Ultrasonic Cleaner

    The use of ultrasonic cleaners at home or by your optician is your best guarantee of thorough, convenient cleaning. This is the gentlest and most effective way of removing dirt. Just a couple of minutes are needed to restore your lenses and frames to their former glory. Important: don’t forget to change the water in the cleaner regularly.

    And if you don’t want to invest in your own device, your opticians will be pleased to clean your lenses in their ultrasonic cleaner – ideally every six months. This is part of opticians’ standard equipment these days.

    How To Keep Your Glasses Cleaner And Scratch

    How to Clean Your Reading Glasses

    Not only perfect lens care ensures optimum vision but also, of course, the lens itself. Special lens coatings with a hard protective layer and a beading effect make your lenses extremely resistant to scratching and help guarantee that dirt, dust and moisture can only adhere to the surface with great difficulty. The benefit: your lenses remain dirt-free for longer, ensuring that they’re significantly easier to clean. This means you also need less time to care for your lenses – and they will have a longer service life.

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    How Do You Clean Your Glasses While Traveling

    If you cant easily clean your glasses at a sink, then carrying a glasses cleaning kit with cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth will do the trick while youre on the move. Spritz and wipe your lenses and frame as needed, and consider investing in a travel case for glasses if you like to have multiple pairs on hand.

    Taking Care Of And Storing Your Glasses

    Storing your glasses properly is important to keep them in good condition for years to come. Here are a few tricks to keeping your readers in tip-top shape:

    • Use a reading glasses chain or cord to minimize the chance they will be lost or smashed.
    • When taking your readers off, do so gently and evenly with both hands. This will prevent the frame from stretching out and the screws from loosening.
    • Avoid wearing glasses on the top of your head, as this places stress on the temples and hinges and eventually distorts the shape.
    • Store your frames in a hard reading glasses case or pouch when not in use.
    • When placing glasses on a flat surface, always place the frame upside-down to prevent scratches on the lenses and distortion of the temples.
    • Avoid leaving reading glasses on your car dashboard. Intense, direct heat can deform their shape and weaken the frame.
    • Avoid letting perspiration or hairspray sit on lenses, as both can damage the lens coating.

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    Dont Buff Out Scratches

    Never try to buff it out if you find a scratch on your eyeglass lens. Never use your finger or fingernail to remove the scratch. This will only make things worse. You could end up with a cloudy lens or even more scratches.

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for the scratch. Some lenses are scratch-resistant, which means that these flaws are not easily visible. However, once you find some scrapes on the lenses, they will be there forever. The only solution is to take your glasses to your optometrist. For your safety and optimum vision, you should always have your lenses replaced with unscratched ones.

    Do you need durable scratch-resistant lenses? Talk to E Eye Place today for a replacement or a new pair. We also provide cleaning services to deep-clean and remove old nose pads with brand new ones.

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    How To Clean Glasses Frames

    Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

    Frames have lots of tiny parts, like screws, springs, and hinges, which can get dirty with sweat and oils from your face. Dr. Wolfe points out that while cleaning your eyeglass frames is important, people sometimes skip this step.

    Cleaning the frame is important mostly for personal hygiene, since the frame is constantly touching your skin, he says.

    Most people, even those who generally take good care of their glasses, tend to overlook cleaning their nose pads. This can lead to all kinds of minor dermatological issues.

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    Rinse Your Glasses Under A Gentle Stream Of Tap Water

    This will remove dust and other debris, which can help avoid scratching your lenses when you’re cleaning them. Avoid hot water, which can damage some eyeglass lens coatings.

    How do you clean your glasses?
    We know it’s convenient, but stop cleaning your glasses with your shirttail or your sleeve! It’s not only an easy way to “clean” your lenses, it’s also an easy way to scratch them. It also doesn’t actually clean them.Did you know there’s a right way to clean your glasses? And it’s not with your saliva or a tissue. Whether it’s dirty lenses or an outdated prescription, visit a local eye doctor. They can show you how to correctly clean your glasses AND make sure your eyes are healthy and your prescription is up to date.

    Store Safely When Not In Use

    Make sure youre not accidentally damaging your eyeglasses by storing them improperly when theyre not in use. If youre not a fan of the case your eyeglasses came in, you can search for different styles that work for you and your tastes. Or you can simply wrap your glasses in a clean microfiber cloth and place themlenses upon a hard surface.

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