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How To Figure Out Glasses Prescription

Before You Start Please Make Sure That:

HOW TO Calculate The Price Of Your Prescription Safety Glasses
  • Your prescription is not multifocal

    You are either wearing near or far, not both. Learn more

  • You do not have a strong prescription

    Most likely you are within our range. Learn more

  • You do not have Prism

    If you never heard of it, ignore it, or Learn more

Darn, my prescription is not suitable, but I’ll happily take a coupon!

How Do I Read My Contact Lens Prescription

Remember: glasses and contact lens prescriptions are different.

If you want to purchase contact lenses, youll need a specific prescription from your eye care professional. In addition to the general parameters that weve mentioned, a contact lens prescription will include a Base Curve and a Diameter.

Making Sense Of Your Eye Prescription Chart

The numbers on your eyeglass prescription relate to the shape of your eyes and strength of your vision. They can help you figure out whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and to what degree.

If you know what to look for, you can make sense of the numbers and abbreviations on your prescription chart.

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What To Do Once Youve Got Your Eye Prescription

Once youve got your glasses prescription on hand, now the shopping can commence. Whether youre looking to replace a broken pair or just adding another option into your daily rotation, Shinolas first-ever original eyewear features three frames crafted in the same meticulous and thoughtful way our watches are. Designed in-house and made in the USA with premium imported materials, these frames are sure to be the ones you go reaching for again and again. From the custom hardware to the riveted hinges, every last detail is signature Shinola. Theres the Rambler, assertive and sporty. The Bixby, ultra-flattering on any face with vintage details and a keyhole bridge. And the Runwell. Like its namesake, its a classic.

How To Read Your Eye Prescription

Measure Your PD

Youve gone to the optometrist, had your eye exam, and now its time to get your prescription. When you look at it, though, youre perplexedwhat do all these letters and numbers mean? How do they tell you what kind of glasses you should get?

Not to worry. Eye prescriptions can be confusing, but well explain all of their different parts so you know how to read one. Not only will it help you understand your eyewear better, it also makes for an extremely practical party trick.

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The Differences: Base Curve And Diameter

If youre not sure whether you have an eyeglass or contact lens prescription, verify whether your prescription includes:

1. Base Curve : the number that indicates your contact lens shape. According to the steepness or flatness of your cornea, your prescription indicates how large your contact lens should be.

2. Diameter : a number indicating your contacts length to make sure theyll cover your cornea properly.

3. Brand: your eye doctor will determine the appropriate brand and type of contact lenses for you, according to your preferences and specific requirements.

4. Expiration date: your eye care professional will determine an expiry date for your prescription. Past that date, youll require a new prescription for contact lenses. These are generally set annually.

5. Corrective power: these are the numbers associated with the actual power needed in your lenses. These numbers often change between your glasses prescription and your contact lens prescription, especially with higher powers.

If you find the information displayed above on your prescription, you have a contact lens prescription.

Both the Base Curve and Diameter of a contact lens ensures a proper fit on your cornea and total eye surface. Those features ensure comfort and encourage eye health, including allowing proper oxygen to the eye. Youll also need this information if you want to order contact lenses online.

What Should I Expect During A Refraction Test

During a refraction test your doctor will assess your visual acuity and determine the best refractive correction for your glasses or contact lenses.

There are two different ways to obtain your refractive correction:

Computerized refractor: Your doctor will use a computerized machine to measure the light reflecting off your retina.

Manual refractor: Your doctor may initially shine a light into your eyes to assess the light reflecting off your retina, this is called a retinoscope.

Once your doctor determines if a refractive error is present, your optical prescription will be calculated as you look through a series of lenses. Your doctor will instruct you to look through a phoropter, an instrument that is placed comfortably in front of your eyes as you sit in the examination chair.

As you look through the phoropter, you will be asked to identify letters on a chart approximately 20 feet away.

Your doctor will test each eye separately, and ask you to read the smallest letters you can see clearly. Then, as you look at the letters on the chart, your doctor will selectively switch the lenses in the phoropter, offering you choices, and asking you to determine which lens provides the clearest vision.

After each eye is tested, your doctor will combine the prescriptions obtained from each eye to ensure that you are seeing both clearly and comfortably. If the two prescriptions together are too strong, your doctor may lower the prescription in one or both eyes until you feel comfortable.

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How To Know Your Glasses Prescription

Your glasses prescription may be something you have memorized if it has stayed consistent over the years, but in most cases, were willing to bet its probably not a high priority. So how can you get it?

Your eyeglasses prescription should be on file at the optician or eye practice you regularly go to to get eye exams. After an exam, you should be given a paper or digital copy of your prescription, but in the event you didnt get one or have lost it, you can always request a new one. Opticians and eye practices are required by law to share your prescription with you free of charge upon request. Depending on your optician, they might require you to request one in person, however.

If youre looking to get your prescription from existing glasses, there are a couple of new ways online to accomplish this.

  • If your prescription is up-to-date, there are a couple of companies that offer smartphone apps that use your camera to scan your current glasses and determine their existing prescription without having to visit an optician.
  • If youre needing a new prescription, you can often take an online eye exam for a small fee and receive a newly updated prescription within 24 hours.

These options are best for those who just need an updated version of their current prescription or just need to know what their current prescription is.

Put Your Prescription In Your Favorite Frames

Buying prescription glasses online: What they don’t tell you

After youve settled on your favorite pair of frames, a licensed optician can help you put your Rx in these prescription-friendly glasses. You can also use the Shinola Eyewear size guide below to find the perfect fit.

Your prescription is rarely put on the glasses since there are so many different frames and lenses available. But you may notice numbers on the sides of your frames. Heres what they mean:

  • Eye size number: This is the size of the lenses on your frame.
  • Bridge size number: This is the distance between the lenses.
  • Temple length number: This is the length of the arms that will sit on your ears.
  • These existing numbers on your old glasses in combination with our size guide above will help you get a pair thats fit for you.

    But thats not all we included. To make our eyewear able to be lived in, worn out, and well-loved, every pair of Shinola glasses features durable, scratch-resistant CR39 lenses and blue-light blocking tech to reduce eye strain and promote better sleep. Read more about the blue light glasses benefits.

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    Have Nv/dv/sv On Your Prescription

    NV stands for near vision for reading use or computer use.DV stands for distance vision for constant wear or daily use. Doctors usually use this to distinguish different usage.SV means single vision. Doctors use this to tell you that you need single vision lens instead of bifocal or progressive lens.

    What Does Cyl Mean

    Cylinder, abbreviated CYL, follows sphere power in your eyeglass prescription. It indicates the amount of lens power needed to correct astigmatism, measured in diopters.

    If this column is blank, it means you have no astigmatism. If the number contains a minus sign , it means it is correcting nearsighted astigmatism. If the number has a plus sign or is positive , it means it is correcting farsighted astigmatism.

    Astigmatism correction is not spherical. Cylindrical correction means that one meridian has no added power, while the meridian perpendicular to it has the maximum lens curvature and power added to it.

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    How Often Should You Get An Eye Exam

    If you dont have any medical issues that affect your vision, you should have a comprehensive eye exam every one to two years.

    Children should have their first eye exam when they are around six months old, and then another just before they start school. This ensures that they can see clearly in class poor vision can seriously impact a childs learning

    What Is 20/20 Vision

    Prescription eyeglasses

    A measure of 20/20 vision is considered perfect vision, though it only represents how far you can see from 20 feet away. Your eye doctor will measure if you have 20/20 vision using a letter chart, also called a Snellen chart, which is posted on the wall 20 feet away from the examination chair. If you have 20/20 vision, you are able to clearly see the letters that are of an inch in size, while sitting in the chair.

    If your vision does not measure 20/20, your doctor will explain that a refractive error may be affecting your vision. Refractive errors prevent light from bending properly as it enters your eye. The good news is, that the refraction test will enable your doctor to calculate the exact optical prescription you will need to help you see better.

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    What To Know About Nearsighted Prescriptions

    Nearsightedness, or myopia, is a common refractive disorder. If youre nearsighted, you can see objects that are close clearly, but objects that are farther away will look blurry.

    With nearsightedness, your eye is usually elongated, with too much distance between the cornea at the front of your eye and the retina at the back of your eye. Nearsightedness can also happen if the cornea of your eye is too curved.

    Due to this increased distance, light rays fall in front of your retina instead of on it. This can cause your distance vision to be fuzzy.

    The lenses in your eyeglasses will correct the bend in the light and help you see distant objects more clearly.

    For a nearsighted prescription, the strength of the lenses will be marked with a minus sign. The more nearsighted you are, the higher the numbers will be.

    For instance, a lens prescription of -5.00 is a stronger prescription than -2.00. The strength of the lenses can vary for each eye.

    Do You Have A Valid Eye Prescription And Are Ready To Shop

    Now that you understand how your eye prescription works, you can learn how to buy glasses online at Clearly.

    Pick a pair of frames online and enter your prescription details. Youll soon be rocking a pair of glasses that look great and make everything around you look great as well. Click to browse our collection of stylish and affordable glasses.

    Fancy getting contact lens delivered straight to your door? Click to check out our wide selection of contact lenses.

    Have more questions? We have various other ways to help you read your eye prescription. Contact us by email, live chat or phone.

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    What Does Cyl Mean On My Glasses Prescription

    The abbreviation CYL on your prescription stands for cylinder. This indicates the amount of lens power required to correct any astigmatism present.

    Astigmatism results from having a cornea that is not perfectly spherical. An empty box means there is no astigmatism and your eyes are perfectly spherical. A low number, like 0.25, means your eyes are not quite round and a higher number, like 3.00, means your eyes are quite oval.

    Who Is The Glassesusa Scanner App Not Suitable For

    How to Read an Eyeglass Prescription | Eyebuydirect

    GlassesUSA advises that their prescription scanner app is not suitable for those who:

    • take medications for vision
    • use a bifocal, progressive, or multifocal prescription
    • have a high single-vision or astigmatism prescription
    • have conditions or illnesses that affect eye health
    • have a prescription with a prism measurement

    A person who is not a good candidate for this tool should talk with their eye doctor. They may need to schedule an eye exam. A person nearing their next appointment should wait to order new glasses to make sure their script has not changed.

    An online tool to scan for a prescription can save a person time and money, but it is not the best option for everyone. It is also not a substitute for preventive care visits to an eye doctor.

    Regular eye exams are important for detecting early signs of several eye diseases and disorders. An eye exam can identify the following conditions:

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    What To Know About Astigmatism Prescriptions

    Astigmatism is an irregular curve in either the lens or the cornea of your eye. This irregular curve can bend the light that enters your eye and affect the way it hits your retina. Astigmatism can blur both near and far objects. It can also distort the images you see.

    Astigmatism is not unusual. In fact, The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that 1 in 3 people have the condition.

    If your astigmatism measures 1.5 diopters or more, you may need to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses to see properly. That said, if you have any amount of astigmatism, you may appreciate the extra clarity of wearing prescription eyewear.

    Your prescription will indicate how severe your astigmatism is and where the irregular curve appears on your eye.

    Your eyeglass prescription might also include notes from your optometrist or ophthalmologist about other features of your glasses or contacts. Your lenses might:

    • be progressive or bifocal, meaning they correct for both distance and close-up vision.
    • have an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating to reduce glare to make it easier to see at night or when working on a computer
    • be photochromic, which means they darken or lighten depending on the lighting conditions around you
    • be treated with a coating to make them more scratch-resistant

    Yes. Because contact lenses sit directly on the surface of your eye, they need to have the same curves as your eye. A contact lens prescription contains measurements for:

    This Is Our Prescription Chart

    You have to fill in your prescription manually when buying prescription glasses unless you’ve already stored your prescription in your Ace & Tate account.

    The SPH value indicates your nearsightedness and/or farsightedness.

    The CYL and AXI values indicate Astigmatism. CYL indicates the lens power needed to correct it, and AXI indicates the curvature of your cornea.

    The PD value measures the distance between your pupils, and ensures the centre of the lens is in the right place.

    Cant find your PD in your prescription? Use our online tool for the quickest way to figure it out.

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    What Does Axis Mean On My Glasses Prescription

    The axis number on your prescription tells your optician which direction they must position any cylindrical power in your lenses .

    This number shows the orientation or angle in degrees from 1 to 180. The number 90 means vertical position and 180 horizontal. A higher number for the axis doesnt mean that your prescription is stronger it just describes the position of the astigmatism.

    Sph Or Spherical Number

    The Importance of Having an Eyeglasses Fitting â Eyes of the Marina ...

    This shows how strong the correction needs to be. A – symbol above the number indicates shortsightedness whereas a + symbol indicates longsightedness. Other symbols that can be found in this section are the infinity symbol or the word Plano , which are the equivalent of zero and are used when no sight correction is required. Another common term that can be found on prescriptions is V/A which measures the standard of vision when corrected.

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    Reading Your Eyeglass Prescription

    When reading your prescription, the first abbreviations you will notice are the letters OD and OS. OD refers to your right eye, while OS refers to your left eye. If your prescription is the same for both eyes, your eye doctor may use the abbreviation OU.

    The first number in a prescription is the spherical correction , which measures how powerful the lens needs to be to correct either nearsightedness or farsightedness .

    The second number is the cylindrical correction which is only needed if you have astigmatism.

    The third number, the axis, determines the direction of the astigmatism in degrees. Again, this is only needed if you have astigmatism.

    In addition to these numbers, your prescription may have other notes related to specific lens design or coatings to give you the most comfortable vision correction possible.

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