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How To Fix Broken Glasses Arm

How To Fix A Lost Glasses Screw

How To Fix A Broken Arm On Eyeglasses

Spare screws for glasses or sunglasses hinges are readily available online or in hardware shops. To tighten a replacement screw, youll need a compatible screwdriver with the correct driver/head. But if youre looking for a quick fix, heres some temporary solutions.

How to fix glasses arm hinge

A paper clip can temporarily loop through your hinge to hold your glasses together. But be careful not to open and close the frame to prevent damaging the internal hinge threads.

A metal hairclip or Kirby can be used to temporarily replace your missing screw. This is just a quick fix that can keep your glasses in-action.

A toothpick can be jammed into the hinge where the screw previously located. You can snap or trim the toothpick to-length as a temporary fix, until you get a new screw.

When A Screw Falls Out

The front face of your glasses is connected to the temples by tiny screws and hinges. Every once in a while, these screws get loose or even fall out. When this happens, all you need is a tiny screwdriver to screw them back in place. Just line up the hinges and insert the screw into the holes and screw it back in.

If you can’t find the missing screw, take a screw from an older pair of glasses that you don’t wear any more, or visit the store where you purchased the frames.

How To Fix Plastic Eyeglasses

Plastic eyeglasses frames tend to have a higher risk of breaking than other types of frames..

At Vint & York, we make plastic frames from high-quality acetate that is as reliable as it is gorgeous. Yet, even the best frames can suffer unfortunate accidents, and thats when you need to be prepared.

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Fixing Your Glasses Is Tough

Its tough. Admit it. If you dont have this much patience, then leave the work to the experts. The only reason for you to seek these hacks is the sky-high price of the glasses. If you can get the glasses for cheap, you can stack them in your home, one for every occasion.

Well, you can certainly do that. We, at Specscart, understand how glasses are crucial to your life. Every pair of glasses are in an affordable price range. You can even get ten frames for the price of one designer glasses frame.

The choice is yours. Would you rather fix your frames or simply order new frames? And if you are bothered about waiting time, theres Specscart Rocket for you. We can deliver glasses as fast as the next day. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your next day delivery on glasses.

How Can I Repair My Glasses

Replacing arms on broken glasses : glasses

We put our glasses and sunglasses through a lot and accidents can happen with them, but don’t worry, we’re going to show you how you can repair your glasses and sunglasses. The following descriptions can show you how to fix broken glasses arm problems or ill-fitting frames, and may guide you in the continued use of your favourite glasses or sunglasses.

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How To Fix A Broken Glasses Bridge

Plastic glasses frames which have snapped at the bridge can be repaired using adhesive or nail polish remover which contains acetone. Ideally the bond should be supported using tape or better still, heat-shrink tubing. Metal frames broken at the bridge are less easily repaired, but a similar method can be used.

  • Clean both halves of the break with lukewarm water mixed with dishwashing detergent
  • Using a clean cloth, thoroughly dab the break so its completely dry.
  • Cover your lenses in painters tape to protect them
  • Cut a section of heat shrink tubing that spans the width of your frames nose bridge
  • On both broken halves of the broken bridge, sparingly apply the super glue or acetone to the snapped surfaces
  • Slip the heat shrink tubing over one half of the broken bridge and pinch the break closed, being careful not to squeeze any adhesive onto your lenses
  • Hold your frame for 60 seconds to ensure a proper bond
  • Now you can use a heat source to shrink the heat shrink tubing around the bonded bridge
  • Leave your frame to let the glue or acetone fully cure for 1-2 hours before removing the tape from your lenses

Tape method

Repeat the same stages above but reinforce the bonded nose bridge with sticky tape. For aesthetics, you can try to match the tape to the colour of your frame like black on black. For patterns or colours, its best to use clear Sellotape until you can get new glasses.

How To Fix Scratched Lenses

If your lenses are scratched, there two ways you can help to polish or blend them-out. These methods wont remove the scratches entirely, but will help to reduce their visibility. *Note, these methods are for the lenses and not the frame.

Non-gel toothpaste: With a soft cloth or cotton pad, apply a small amount of toothpaste to your scratched lenses. Rubbing in a side-to-side motion, gently buff-out the surface scratches. To clean your lenses, immerse your frame in lukewarm water mixed with dish detergent. Use your thumbs to gently rub the lenses clean of any residual toothpaste. Dry using a microfibre cloth.

Baking soda: Mix a small amount of baking soda with water to create a thick paste. With a soft cloth or cotton pad, apply a small amount of the paste to your scratched lenses. Rubbing in a side-to-side motion, gently buff-out the surface scratches. Clean your lenses in lukewarm soapy water and dry with a microfibre cloth.

To prevent scratches, its best to keep your glasses in a protective hard-case when you arent wearing them. This prolongs the life of your frame and lenses and minimises the chances of scratches.

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Bend Using The Nose Pads

If your eyeglasses are covering your eyes, youll want to lower your nose pad to make them more comfortable to use.

1. Grasp the frame with your free hand. Using your thumb, gently but firmly press one of the nasal pads out.

2. Using your spectacles, ensure that the new nose pad is the proper fit for you after youve pressed the button enough times.

3. Switching hands will allow you to do the same procedure on the other pads. Play around with the pads and your lenses until you feel completely at ease with the customizable fit. Play around with the pads.

4. Similarly, if your frames are too near your face, you may shift the nose pads toward the inside rather than outside to make them more comfortable.

How To Fix A Broken Glasses Nose Pad

How To Fix Broken Glasses Arm

Metal or combination frames often use adjustable or removable nose pads. If your nose pad has become bent or lost, follow this guide to repair it.

Bent nose pads can be adjusted back into place, either using your fingers or with a pair of pliers. Be sure to gently tweak the pad arm back into place so the pads are at the correct width for your nose.

Lost nose pads can be replaced using kits purchased online. Theyre usually held in place with a small screw or can also be a friction-fit. Check which types you need by looking at the remaining nose pad.

Acetate glasses with metal nose pad arms arent easily fixed, but you can try using super glue or epoxy resin to fix it back in pace. Alternatively, you can remove the other pad arm and replace them with adhesive silicone nose pads from

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Heat Sunk And Welded Hinges

Heat sunk hinges are a type of hinge used on plastic frames where the hinge has a cleat that is heated and melted directly into the frame. This style of hinge is also very common, it also leaves the front of the frame free of any visible hinge components. They do however tend to pull right out of the plastic when they break. Or in some cases the metal breaks leaving the cleat imbedded in the frame. A new cleated hinge is heated and sunk into the frames as a repair in most cases. Many frames will have a combination of heat sunk and rivet hinges.

Welded hinges are the go to on metal frames. Though rivet hinges are also used on metal frames, especially on vintage metal frames, welded hinges are the most common. Welded to the frames during manufacture enables the frame to be coated so the hinge is the same color as the rest of the frame. The barrel of the hinge tends to be the most common breakage, the weld itself being a close second place. Fortunately a new hinge piece can be welded on and the frame can even be powder coated afterwards if desired.

Adjusting The Glass Frames

Uncomfortable glasses might be caused by their arms being too tight or too loose on your face. This may be remedied by extending your glasses frames back to their original shape.

1. To make the frame more flexible, expose it to steam or put it in boiling water.

2. Depending on the circumstances, Its up to you whether or not you want to bend your arms more or less. The closer the curvature, the better. You can loosen them by bending them upwards.

3. To fix a temple problem, youll need to put pressure on the frames.

4. Keep the frames in place with one hand and fasten them. On the other hand, you may shift the temples inside or outwards depending on the issue.

5. Take a look at your spectacles and see whether they fit as you adjust the temples. When you put your glasses on, youll know youve done it right.

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Reinserting The Lenses On Rimless Glasses

Never try to force your lenses back into your rimless eyeglass frames. You will most likely fail and end up damaging the lens or the frame. The best way to go about it is to cut the wire altogether and replace it with a new one.

Use the same process you would as if you were replacing the wire. Lenses fall out of rimless frames because the wire is not tight enough, or pressure was applied to it. To avoid glasses lenses popping out , tighten the wire on a regular basis.

If The Frame Around The Lens Breaks

Before and after shots of oval Armani eyeglasses with broken temple arm ...

Its not uncommon for the frame around the lens to break, especially the bridge. If youre wondering how to fix broken glasses frames made out of metal, youre out of luck. Metal eyeglasses typically require welding, which may be best suited for a well-equipped eyeglass shop.

With plastic frames, you sometimes have a little more leeway in home-based solutions. Here is one method on how to fix broken plastic glasses frames utilizing bonding glue:

1. Clean off the damaged areas to ensure no dust or particles are present.
2. Cover your lenses with wax paper to avoid spilling glue on them.
3. Apply bonding glue on the two pieces that are to be glued together.
4. Hold the two pieces together for at least a minute.
5. Put down the glasses and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

Be cautious when using bonding glue to repair broken glasses. It can be extremely difficult to remove the glue if it accidentally gets onto your lenses. Using glue can also void any warranty it may have come with. If in doubt, bring it into an optical store or reach out to your original glasses provider.

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How To Care For Your Glasses

Whether you wear prescription glasses, sunglasses, or both, following a few basic guidelines will help them last until youre ready to update your style or prescription:

  • Purchase high-quality frames from reputable optical retailers. Quality materials and service dont have to be expensive, and you shouldnt trust something as important as your eyesight to discount stores or unlicensed vendors.
  • Keep your glasses in a case when not in use. Most damages occur when youre not wearing them, so keeping them protected in a case is the single most important way to make them last.
  • Dont fall asleep while wearing your glasses. If you even think you might doze off, put your glasses in a case so you dont inadvertently bend or break them while youre asleep.
  • Clean your glasses regularly with a microfiber cloth and optician-approved cleaning spray. Dust particles left on the lenses can cause etching or scratches over time. Do not use paper products or household cleaners on your lenses, as they can do more damage than good.
  • If you play sports or do any other physically-demanding activities, invest in a pair of impact-resistant, durable glasses specifically for that purpose.
  • Take your glasses to be professionally adjusted at least once a year.
  • How Strong Is Gorilla Glue

    GorillaWeld is an incredibly strong, heavy duty two part adhesive. The tough, steel bond epoxy formula has a 4250 PSI bond strength and sets in just 10 minutes. GorillaWeld is waterproof and versatile, creating a long lasting, permanent bond to: metal, plastics*, concrete, ceramics, PVC, fiberglass and more!.

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    Cut Off The Loop On The End Of The Spring Important: You Should Wear Safety Glasses When Cutting Springs

    Cut the spring a so the loop overlaps a bit
    Using a vice to hold the spring while cutting it

    I used a 30-year-old heavy pair of wire cutters that were originally my fathers. They are so heavy I can cut drywall screws with them without notching the cutters.

    Heavy Wire Cutter
    Spring Cut Off from Main Spring
    Spring Cut to Length

    Dissolved Baking Soda In Water To Fix Glasses

    How to fix/repair broken glasses arm

    Compared to toothpaste, baking soda is a lot easier to come by and performs a great job. The following is a step-by-step guide on using baking soda to protect your glasses from scratches:

    1. Two or three teaspoons of baking soda combined with water are needed to make this recipe work.

    2. Combine the baking soda and water in a separate dish and whisk until the mixture forms a thick paste.

    3. To apply the paste to the lenses, press the paste onto the lens. Follow the same procedure as you would for brushing your teeth.

    4. Make sure to rinse and dry your glasses thoroughly with cold water.

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    Here Is How You Do It:

  • < ::marker> Use a microfiber cloth to remove the first layer of dust off your lenses. Clean your glasses well.
  • < ::marker> Apply eyeglasses cleaner and continue wiping the lenses to remove smudge.
  • < ::marker> Do this for both sides of the lenses until they are sparkly clean
  • < ::marker> Once you finish with the cleaning process, its time to remove the scratches from your eyeglass lens. There are three types of products you can use as scratch removers. Two are common household products, and the third is a special product you can get in most supermarkets. Check them out.
  • Weve rated the scratch-removing products with stars, by with how easy it is to use them and how accessible they are.

    Fixing Your Broken Eyeglass Frame

    As noted from the above information, the ideal method to repair your broken glasses frame is to simply use glue. We have already been through the different types of glue available and what to consider when buying the glue. Now it is time for us to deal with how you go about repairing the frame. We need to determine two things: is the frame made from metal or plastic, and is the frame broken, or simply bent?

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    When It Cant Be Fixed

    There may be times when your glasses are so damaged that its beyond repairs. For example, if your plastic frames are broken in multiple locations, no amount of glue will be able to hold it in place. It may be wise just to purchase a new set of frames in this case.

    Likewise, if your lenses are cracked, or worse, shattered, theres no way to salvage your glasses. Cracked lenses not only limit your vision but are hazardous as broken pieces of glass may get into your eyes. You can get away with fixing simple scratches, but youll need to replace cracked or damaged lenses.

    If youve gone through all the methods on how to fix broken glasses, but yet have no success, bring it into a qualified lab, optical store, or glasses provider. Alternatively, you may just have to bite the bullet and order an entirely new set of glasses if the damage is severe.

    How To Fix Broken Glasses Arm With Tape


    If you have ever experienced the frustration of having your glasses arm break you know how annoying it can be. Most people would just go to the store and buy a new pair of glasses but if youre like me you dont want to spend the money on a new pair when the old ones still work perfectly fine. Thats why Im going to show you how to fix your glasses arm with tape.

    Youll need:

    -Clear tape

    -A paperclip or something similar

    First cut a piece of tape that is big enough to cover the broken part of the glasses arm. Make sure that the tape is big enough to go around the entire circumference of the arm with a little bit of overlap.

    Next take the paperclip and bend it so that it is in a U shape.

    This will be used to secure the tape in place.

    Now take the end of the tape and start wrapping it around the broken part of the glasses arm making sure to go over the top and bottom of the arm. As you wrap keep the tape tight so that it doesnt bunch up.

    Once you get to the end of the arm take the paperclip and thread it through the end of the tape. This will help keep the end of the tape in place.

    Now just trim off any excess tape and youre done! Your glasses arm should now be as good as new.

    If you dont have a paperclip you can also use a safety pin or a piece of string. Just make sure that whatever you use is small enough to fit through the end of the tape.

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