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How To Fix Glasses That Are Too Loose

My New Glasses Have Arrived How Do I Fit Them

How To Fix Glasses Loose and Slipping Or Glasses Too Tight!

If you arent sure how to fit your new glasses yourself, we have some tips to get you started until you can get in store for a professional fitting

  • Open the box and check that you have everything: glasses, lens cloth, case and lens cleaner
  • Follow the BEST principle to check the fit of your glasses:
  • Bridge: check the glasses are sitting comfortably, not too high or tool low on the bridge. Adjust the nose pads if necessary.
  • Eyes: check your glasses are position so that your eyes are centred within the frame.
  • Sides: check the arms fit comfortably, not too loose or too tight. Adjust the arms if necessary.
  • Temple: check that your frames follow the contour of your ear.
  • Check that your vision is clear when wearing youre new glasses, and if not, contact your store.
  • Clean your glasses and wear them!
  • How do I stop my glasses from slipping?

    With a little heat you can tighten up your glasses, so they fit more securely on your head.

  • Place your glasses down on the table and cover with a lens cloth
  • Heat the arms with a hair dryer or warm water for 5 seconds
  • Hold the frame and bend the arm inwards, but be careful: dont apply too much pressure otherwise the arm will snap
  • Cool the arm in water once youre finished adjusting
  • Try the glasses on and repeat the above steps if theyre still too loose
  • How do I fix my glasses with a twisted bridge?

    With a little heat you can straighten up the bridge on plastic glasses.

  • Place your glasses down on the table and cover with a lens cloth
  • How To Adjust Metal Glasses Arms

    The steps for adjusting temple ends are similar for both acetate and metal frames. However, you dont need to heat most metal frames with water.

    1. Position your frames

    Hold the glasses face up with the lenses facing you. Place the four fingers of your left hand under the temple, with your index finger resting at the natural temple bend to support the frames.

    2. Tighten or loosen temple ends

    Gently bend the temple end up or down in relation to your index finger. Bending the temple end down will tighten your glasses. Bending it up will loosen your glasses. Use this method to adjust both temple ends.

    3. Stop if you feel resistance

    If the metal is not pliable or you feel too much resistance, stop to avoid breaking your glasses. If you are unsure of the flexibility of your metal frames, we recommend having an optician adjust them for you.

    4. Test and repeat

    Test for comfort and repeat this process as necessary.

    How To Adjust Your Glasses At Home

    You wear your glasses daily, so if they dont fit perfectly, youre going to notice. Ill-fitting glasses can become the bane of your existence as you continually push them up, pull them away from your ears, or try to ensure the lenses are equal distance from your eyes.

    Sometimes, you need professional help, but many times, the adjustments your glasses need can be done at home. Instead of making a trip to your optometrist, the team at Stoggles has the tips and tricks you need to get a great fit without leaving your living room.

    Before you start, you will need an eyeglass repair kit. These are easily located at any store or online. You can probably have one delivered to your door in the time it takes you to read this article.

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    How To Adjust Tightness On Temples

    Your glasses shouldnt feel too tight or loose. From the temple arms to tips, they should sit comfortably behind your ears to avoid discomfort when youre wearing them for long periods of time.

    You can easily adjust this by using gentle, steady pressure to wrap the frames more tightly around your face. Youll need to heat up the glasses temples by immersing them in warm water.

    Hot water can damage the coating of the lenses, so ensure the water is only warm and keep the stream of water away from the lenses.

    Do not use a hair dryer to warm the frames this could damage both the frames and lenses.

    Stick To Small Adjustments

    Use Clear Nail Polish to Secure Loose Screws on Glasses

    If you make an adjustment that isn’t quite big enough, you can always adjust it more. However, if you make an adjustment that’s too big, it may be hard to go back.

    One of the best ways to ensure your glasses stay safe in the tightening process is to make smaller adjustments first. Then, you can go from there if you still need to do more.

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    Turn On Your Ebike And Ride On

    Once your wheels properly align with the tire in the right direction, you can close the axle nuts and brakes. Flip over your bike to keep it uptight replace your battery and turn it on. With your eyes, you can tell if everything looks good, and when you ride your ebike, you can spot any abnormal movement, sound, or feeling. If you notice any abnormalities, try to trace the step you missed or didnt fix properly and correct it. Don’t hesitate to contact an expert if you arent sure what to do next.

    Adjusting Frames That Sit Too High Or Low

    If your glasses slide down your nose or sit too low, the nose pads must be adjusted inward. If they pinch a bit or sit too high on your nose, youll adjust them outwards. Be sure to make the nose pads even on both sides.

    For most metal glasses, it should be easy to push nose pads in either direction with your thumbs.

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    Do Your Glasses Need To Be Tightened

    Tightening your glasses might seem intimidating at first, but the process can be simple. There are many adjustments that can be made to eyeglasses, so the first step is to determine whether or not your glasses need tightening in the first place.

    Generally, if your glasses need to be tightened, you’ll know. They might slip off your face, slide to one side, or feel like they’re going to fall off when you wear them.

    If you’re unsure if your glasses need to be tightened, there are a few easy ways to check. Take a look in the mirror. Be sure you’re standing straight up, looking straight ahead, and have your glasses in the center position.

    If they still feel loose or like they’re about to fall off in this position, they need to be tightened.

    Stoggles: Easy Wearing For Ultimate Safety

    How to fix loose glasses

    If youre dealing with safety glasses that dont fit well, youre definitely not wearing Stoggles. Stoggles are crafted with precision and are available in different shapes and sizes to fit your face. Because Stoggles are made from high-grade polycarbonate, they have built-in nose pads and comfortable temples that make them lightweight and easy to wear.

    Stoggles are also available with your prescription lenses, which means youll probably end up wearing them more often than you think. Stoggles are the ultimate in safety and comfort, and you wont need to waste time adjusting them.

    Put down the tiny screwdriver and pick up a pair of Stoggles to help keep your eyes safe and your face happy.

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    How To Adjust Your Glasses Frames At Home

    Finally, your new glasses have arrived! Time to unpack your new favourites and put them on right away.

    But wait a minute, isn’t there something wrong? Your long-awaited spectacles don’t fit properly?

    No need to worry, in fact, this issue is very common among spectacle wearers. But in order to enjoy your glasses as a year-round companion, they have to fit well. After all, crooked glasses can pinch your ears, temples and nose.

    So how can you bend your spectacle frame into shape? Simply adjust your glasses frame yourself at home!

    Other Information About Adjusting Eyeglasses

    If your frames still do not fit even after multiple adjustments, it may be time to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses.

    Even if your glasses can be adjusted to fit, you may want to consider a new pair of glasses as some metals used in modern eyeglass frames are more resistant to deforming than older more pliable metals.

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    Fix Loose Eyeglasses With A Rubber Band

    This is an instructable, to fix an extremely annoying problem of loose glasses.

    No, its not a rubber band around the back of your head. ::-)

    I like to wear vintage eyeglasses and often they will be stretched out and end up further down my nose than I’d like, often when my hands are too busy to push them back up.

    A lot of the newer frames have great spring loaded hinges that will alleviate the problem. What can I say, I love the classics, and the challenge of restoring a great pair of old spectacles.

    They Are Sitting Too Low On Your Nose

    How to Fix a Loose Screw in Eyeglasses


    Use your thumbs to push the nose pads closer together until they fit snugly against either side of your nose.


    Place your glasses in a bowl of warm water for 30-60 seconds. Carefully apply an inward and downward pressure to the end of the temples to achieve a tighter fit behind the ears.


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    When Should You Not Try To Adjust Your Glasses

    So, were gonna level with you here. We wanted to give at-home options for practicality, but in an ideal world your glasses should be adjusted by a professional. You dont want to damage your frame, and a professional knows exactly how to handle glasses better than anyone. An experienced eye care specialist knows what needs to be done correctly in order for your glasses to fit you properly, and its a safer bet than trying it at home for the first time.

    If your pair is made from sturdy material like titanium or metal, theres more chance of you breaking them or pushing them out of shape, especially if its a delicate style like rimless. You can find local opticians near you right here on our site and you should visit every few months to get your frames tightened and checked.

    How To Adjust Glasses Arms

    Adjusting the temples of your glassesalso known as the glasses armsis a common way to troubleshoot tight or loose glasses. A slight change in their position can keep glasses from sliding forward or feeling uncomfortable behind your ears.

    To start adjusting acetate frames, youll need your glasses, a bowl of hot tap water, and a towel. Here are five steps for adjusting glasses arms at home:

    1. Soak the ends of the temples

    Place your bowl of hot water on a towel, then place one temple end piece into the water for 30 seconds. Make sure to keep the lenses out of the water to avoid damage.

    Carefully remove the temple from the water and touch the end to make sure its not too hot.

    2. Adjust the temple ends

    Hold the glasses face-up with the lenses facing you. Then place the four fingers of your left hand under the temple, with your index finger resting at the natural temple bend to support the frames.

    Use your right hand to slowly and gently push the temple end down. You should feel it bend against your index finger. No need to push too far! All of these adjustments should be slight.

    When one side is complete, repeat with the other temple end. Try to ensure that both sides look equal. You can always adjust them again later if you find theyre uneven.

    3. Cool and test your glasses

    Place the glasses on a flat surface to let them cool. Then, put them on to test the fit and make sure theyre secure. You can repeat the above steps until your glasses are comfortable.

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    Problem: The Lenses Arent Equidistant From Your Eyes

    Your eyelashes are hitting the rim or lens of your left side lens, but not the other. Its frustrating and annoying. Plus, pulling your glasses further from your face only causes them to slide down your nose.

    Solution: Bend both temples in the same direction as the lens that is too close. If the left lens is too close, bend both temples to the left. Do the opposite for a right lens that is too close.

    How To Tighten Glasses: A Step

    Loose Arms, Loose Glasses, Loose screws? The Fix For Loose Screws You’ve Been Looking For!

    As mentioned, there are certain things you can do to adjust your glasses for a better fit. The most obvious would be to start by checking the temple tips and nose pads as these are softer parts of your frames and can often be easily altered.

    Your pair should feel comfortable when worn for long periods of time and shouldnt be too loose or tight behind your ears. Use your own judgement to gently apply pressure to bend your temples into shape if you feel its necessary.

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    What To Do If Your Glasses Squeeze Your Temples

    If your glasses squeeze your temples, you should loosen them. Its common to experience headaches and discomfort when your glasses squeeze too tight.

    If you need to bend the glasses part, use your non-dominant hand to hold your glasses and your other hand to push the corner of the frames gently apart. Youll want to push on the corner area where the hinge and lens meet. Once you do this on one side, repeat on the other side until you reach a comfortable width for your glasses.

    Keep in mind, youll only want to do this with traditional wire or plastic glasses. Not all plastic-rimmed glasses can handle the adjustment, even after warming them. You should never adjust rimless and semi-rimless glasses at home.

    How To Adjust A Childs Glasses

    A childs glasses can be adjusted in the same way as an adult pair of glasses. You want to make them snug, so they will stay on during a childs activities, but not so tight that they hurt. Moving the head from side to side and up and down should give you an idea of whether the glasses are a good fit. If there is some movement, the temples or nose pads may need to be tightened.

    You should also be aware that the main reason a pair of glasses may no longer fit properly is that your child has outgrown them. The frames should be about the width of your childs face and the temples should stick straight back over the ears. If the temples bow outward or if the frames dont cover the widest part of your childs face, it may be time for new glasses.

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    How To Adjust Nose Pads

    Adjusting the nose pads on your glasses can solve common problems with fit, such as your glasses slipping down your nose, pinching your nose, or sitting too high or too low.

    To adjust your nose pads, firmly grasp the bridge of the frame. Hold your glasses so the temples are facing you and the lenses are facing away. Use the index finger and thumb of your opposite hand to clasp the nose pad.

    If the glasses feel too loose or your glasses are sitting too low on your face, you can gently bend the nose pad inwards, tilting its top portion away from the lens .

    If the glasses feel too tight or sit too high on your face, you can use the same method to bend the nose pad outwards, tilting its top portion toward the lens .

    Try to adjust the left and right side evenly, then test the fit by trying on your glasses. You can readjust the pads as necessary until the glasses rest comfortably on your face.

    When A Screw Falls Out

    How To Fix Broken Glasses Nose Pad

    The front face of your glasses is connected to the temples by tiny screws and hinges. Every once in a while, these screws get loose or even fall out. When this happens, all you need is a tiny screwdriver to screw them back in place. Just line up the hinges and insert the screw into the holes and screw it back in.

    If you can’t find the missing screw, take a screw from an older pair of glasses that you don’t wear any more, or visit the store where you purchased the frames.

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    How To Tighten Glasses At Home

    When you wear glasses on a daily basis, fit is key to both comfort and function. But what if your glasses dont feel like they fit quite right?

    Glasses can get slightly misaligned for a variety of reasons. They may be a new pair that hasnt conformed to your face quite yet. Or, they might be nudged out of place from frequent use.

    Our busy lives can make it difficult to get professional help when you need to tighten, loosen, or straighten your glasses. Though its always ideal to have an optician take a look, you can learn how to tighten glasses at home by using the tips below.

    Slipping And Sliding How To Adjust Your Glasses At Home

    You bought your glasses online, but they dont fit your face the way youd like. Theres probably no need to return them or run out to an optometrist shop.

    Its easy to make small adjustments to your eyeglasses at home and achieve a more comfortable fit. In this article, well show and tell you how to make these adjustments quickly and safely.

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    Glasses May Loosen Over Time

    Most glasses have screws where the hinge is located on each temple. While the adjustments suggested above may be necessary, be sure to check the screws before bending your frames. The screws may have become loose. If so, tighten them with a small screwdriver.

    Note: eyeglass screwdrivers come in most eyeglass kits. For your convenience, when you purchase glasses from EZContacts, theyll come with an eyeglass screwdriver and microfiber cloth for cleaning.

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