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How To Order Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses

The Colors: A Color For Every Condition :

The Best Maui Jim Men’s Sunglasses of 2022: A Frame for Every Lifestyle | SportRx
  • Neutral Grey : offers the highest available light reduction for the richest colors and sharpest contrast.
  • HCL Bronze : high contrast lens that provides a beautiful warm tint, excellent for everyday conditions.
  • Maui Rose : provides a subtle rose tint with the highest available contrast thats perfect for fast moving sports.
  • Maui HT : when most lenses would be too dark, this lens offers extra contrast and color.

Maui Jim & akau Sunglasses Matte Black / Mauigreen

  • Rectangle sunglasses frame
  • Frame comes in a black colour
  • Styled with a green mirror
  • Polarised lenses to reduce glare

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Introducing MauiPure LT our thinnest and most lightweight lens material. MauiPure LT delivers light-as-a-feather comfort that feels barely there. Akau is impact and scratch resistance, all while delivering the breathtaking views you expect from PolarizedPlus2 technology.

The frames have been designed with performance in mind. Total weight of the frame and lenses is a mere 10 grams ! The temple tip pads have been minimized, and the nose pads have been designed for advanced airflow technology to give you better grip and less slip.

Feel the difference of MauiPure LT! MAUIGreen Best in bright, direct sunlight Our green mirror coating provides a stylish new look that offers the same amazing color enhancement and clarity as all other Maui Jim lenses.


Reviews From Real Customers

Love Maui Jims and love the Akau rimless sunglasses. They are extremely light weight and not tight on my head. Side note, I do have a small face. Love the blue lenses. The blue lenses work equally as well as the grey ones and go well with my salt & pepper hair.

I am prone to headaches and these are light enough where I wont get a headache for the frames. I do play tennis and golf but havent tried them on the golf course or tennis courts yet. Planning on purchases a second pair, just trying to decide which lense color to pick out.

How Do Tajima Prescription Lenses Compare To Going To Maui Jim Directly

Our Tajima prescription lenses will be superior than the prescription lenses offered through Maui Jim directly. Our patented Tajima Urethane lens material will provide superior optics and clarity and 5x greater scratch resistance than the Maui Jim Rx lenses. Tajima prescription lenses will also be several hundred dollars less expensive as well so use Tajima Direct to put new prescription lenses in your Maui Jim sunglasses to maximize value.

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Top 8 Things To Look For When Buying Maui Jim Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, there are a few things you want to look for before making your purchase. Here are the top 8 things to keep in mind when buying Maui Jim sunglasses:

1. 100% UV Protection

One of the most important things to look for when buying sunglasses is that they offer 100% UV protection. This means that the lenses will block out all harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Ultraviolet rays can cause a variety of eye problems, including cataracts, macular degeneration, and pinguecula.

2. Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are another important feature to look for in sunglasses. Polarized lenses reduce glare from the sun, which can be helpful when driving or participating in outdoor activities. Glare can cause eye fatigue and make it difficult to see clearly.

3. Durable Frames

When purchasing sunglasses, it is also important to make sure that the frames are durable. The frames should be made from a material that is resistant to breaking or bending. Additionally, the frames should have hinges that are designed to withstand repeated opening and closing.

4. Comfortable Fit

Another thing to consider when buying sunglasses is whether or not they will be comfortable to wear. The glasses should not slip down your nose or pinch your temples. Additionally, they should not be so loose that they fall off your face easily.

5. Stylish Design

8 . Warranties and Returns

Maui Jim Baby Beach B245 Sunglasses

Maui Jim Bamboo Forest Polarized Sunglasses, Men

Maui Jim Baby Beach Sunglasses is the ideal opportunity for you to bring yourself at noticeable style to the beach! It is one of the best aviator-style sunglasses available on the market. They are made with super-strong titanium frames that make you feel secure.

PolarizedPlus2 lens technology wipes out 99.9% of glare. It also blocks 100% of harmful UV light while boosting colors to unmatched levels. This High Contrast Lens provides a beautiful warm tint, excellent for varied, everyday conditions.

Maui Jim Baby Beach Sunglasses offer an excellent fit that does not slide down or squeeze at the temples on your face. Double bridge with adjustable, non-slip silicone nose pads makes it a more stylish and comfortable fit.

Lens width of these sunglasses is 56 mm lens height: 40 mm Bridge: 18 mm and arm: 120 mm though the cost is higher on amongst the list of Maui Jim but enjoys color-boosting patented technologies with premium style, incredible durability!


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Maui Jim Mens Polarized Sunglasses Mj000671 61 Wana Brown

  • View the World Through Different Eyes.
  • Best for Everyday Use.
  • Versatile in changing conditions with a warm tint.

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Product Details

Maui Jim Sunglasses feature polarized Plus 2 technology which wipes out glare and stokes the color with a patented multi-layer design. The lenses feature three rare earth elements which maximize the transmission of the colors your eyes see naturally.


Reviews From Real Customers

I have wanted Maui Jims for a long time, but found the selection bewildering. The description and reviews on Moosejaw tipped me over the edge. Moosejaw had a great price. The glasses are rock solid.

I have a big head , and these are wide enough and tall enough. The clarity is just on another level. Ive had Oakley, RayBan, and currently was rocking a pair of Costas. The Costas have been tough and really held up, but for some reason the view through the Jims is superior.

Love em.

Sunnies is well made, metal frame, adjustable pads, extremely comfortable. Metal frame is heavier than plastic. I thought the Desing would be better. Frame would be straight but it goes up towards the hi nges.

Maui Jim Whitehaven Sunglasses Dark Gunmetal / Neutral Grey

  • UV protected lenses help shield your eyes against harmful sun rays
  • Rectangular shaped frame gives a stylish look to these sunglasses
  • Polarized lenses help eliminate glare for enhanced visual clarity

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Product Details

Maui Jim Maui Jim Sunglasses feature polarised Plus 2 technology, which wipes out glare and stokes the colour with a patented multi-layer design. The lenses feature three rare earth elements, which maximize the transmission of the colours your eyes see naturally.

The result is visual acuity, contrast, and colour that is unrivaled. Category 3. General purpose sunglasses. High protection against sunglare, good UV protection, not suitable for driving at twilight, at night or under dull light.

135 mm

Reviews From Real Customers

Ive been wearing Maui Jims since they were originally Island Optics and were selling out of a kiosk on Kaanapali Beach. I fell in love with the fantastic contrast and couldnt believe the definition in detail I had been missing.

Ive tried so many other top brands and have never been satisfied. I always go back to Maui Jim. I actually own two of the Whitehavens, one with the Maui Rose lens and one withe the Neutral grey. Maui Jim has come a long way since 1986 and theyve only gotten better! Yes they are on the pricey side but I look at them exactly like purchasing prescription glasses.

not concrete or anything.

I hate these frames!.

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Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses & Maui Jim Prescription Glasses

See the world like never before with Maui Jim sunglasses and eyeglasses, and find out why the typical Maui Jim customer owns about four pairs of Maui Jims. No matter your activity or style, find carefully crafted frames and lenses to suit your lifestyle needs.READ MOREREAD LESS

Maui Jim got its start in 1980 off the beach of Lahaina, Hawaii. In Hawaiian, Lahaina translates to cruel sun. Thus, Maui Jim was born out of the need to combat intense sunlight and glare, while enhancing the color and beauty of Hawaii.

How Do These Replacement Lenses Compare To My Originals

Maui Jim Lens Color Guide | SportRx

Our Maui Jim replacement lenses will be superior to your original lenses. They are made of our patented Tajima Urethane lens material, which features the optical clarity, sharpness, and detail of glass, but won’t shatter or crack, and much lighter weight. 5x more scratch resistant than plastic. You can read more about it and see optical lab testing results compared to common lens materials such as glass, plastic, and others on our lens technology page.

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Maui Jim Hookipa Smoke Grey/blue Hawaii Lenses

Maui Jim manufactures their sunglass lenses in four different optical quality materials.

  • Maui Evolution: Features the light weight, scratch and shatter resistance of polycarbonate while offering a much higher optical clarity.
  • Maui Pure: Is the most popular lens material it combines optics almost as good as SuperThin Glass with very light weight and excellent scratch and impact resistance.
  • Maui Brilliant: This is the most advanced lens material which features optical qualities almost as good as clear crown glass but with just one third of the weight and superior impact resistance.
  • SuperThin Glass Provides the high quality optical properties and yet is 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass. It offers the best scratch resistance of any of the Maui Jim sunglass lenses.
  • Maui Jim sunglasses are arguably the worlds finest quality sunglasses and are now available at Personal Eyes Optometrist in the Sydney CBD. Their lenses are manufactured in their own laboratory in the USA utilizing the latest technical advances in computer generated lens parameters. Amongst the unique properties of the Maui Jim sunglasses are:

  • Hyper-Precise Polarization: PolarizedPlus2* provides the highest level of proficiency in the blocking of horizontal glare, which reflects from any flat smooth or shiny surface and is particularly noticeable off the water.
  • Custom Materials For Different Activities

    What is the best lens for fishing ?

    What are Dual Mirror lens colours?Mirror coats are metallic. The thickness determines how dark they are. Gradient mirrors just have a wedge shaped cross section to the coating. Its typically just chromium of different thicknesses. A thin layer is silver and as it gets thicker it turns gold. Different metals are employed in a vacuum deposition process. The Dual Mirror lens colours are the latest PolarizedPlus2 fashion lens offering with a two-tone mirror

    The Gold to White Dual Mirror is delivered via the HCL Bronze base lens, and the Blue to Silver and Silver toBlack Dual Mirrors are both available in Neutral Grey base lens.

    Green Mirror Coating

    Gray is recommended as a all purpose polarised lens. Brown provides improved contrast and depth perception. A good choice for shallow water fishing. Best choice for drivers who want sharpened contrast for reading the road. Fashion authorities believe brown is a more flattering colour on the face.

    Let us help you choose your plano pair from many great fashion styles or choose your prescription sunglasses pair.

    Polarized rimless styles,Classic Styles,Fashion Styles,Cat Eye,Wrap,Rectangular,Aviator,Shield.Frame choices Metal,Monel,Stainless Steel,Titanium,Magnesium.

    Hexetate newest ophthalmic frame material from Maui Jim. Hexetate combines the beauty and colour richness captured in acetate in a final product that is lighter and more flexible than acetate frames similar in size.

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    Maui Jim Prescription Glasses At Sportrx

    Enjoying Maui Jims optical brilliance doesnt have to end when you walk inside. Shake the sand off, and slide on a pair of Maui Jim glasses with one of their patented lens technologies. With Maui Jim eyeglasses, take the island state of mind wherever you go. For more info on any of Mauis clear lenses, check out our video, Maui Jim Clear Lenses Explained.

    Maui Jim Proprietary Clear Lens Materials

  • Maui Blue Light Protect: Mauis Blue Light Protect lens helps with eye-strain and eye-fatigue by filtering out blue light, emitted from digital screens. This is also Sunglass Robs favorite Maui clear lens!
  • Maui High Contrast:Looking for a little extra help with the fine print or driving at night? Maui Jims High Contrast lens is specifically designed for those tasks.
  • What Is So Special About Maui Jim Glasses

    Maui Jim Twin Falls Polarized Sunglasses, Men

    Maui Jim glasses wont change the world, but theyll change the way you see it.


    Designed to respond to the bright sun and harsh glare of the Hawaiian Islands, all authentic Maui Jim sunglasses are polarized and feature Maui Jims patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology. This technology protects your eyes from harmful rays, while making colors more vivid and contrasts crisper.

    PolarizedPlus2 lenses block 100% of harmful UV rays, absorb harmful blue light , and eliminate 99.9% of glare. To further protect your eyes from bounce-back glare and reflected light, an anti-reflective treatment is applied to the back sides of Maui Jim lenses. To keep lenses in optimal shape, a scratch-resistant treatment is applied to resist abrasions, while oil- and water-proof coatings help lenses stay clean. You can learn more about Maui Jim polarized prescription sunglasses materials below.


  • SuperThin Glass: Superior optical clarity and 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass lenses.
  • Maui Brilliant: Almost equal to glass lens clarity, yet 1/3 the weight – lightest lens in the industry! Impact and scratch resistant. The only Maui Jim lens material that is available in Plano and prescription.
  • Maui Pure® & Maui Pure® LT: Second lightest lenses in the industry. A great alternative to polycarbonate – provides more clarity and the most impact-resistant of all Maui Jim lenses.


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    What To Expect From Costa Del Mar

    According to many review sites, we have visited, Costa Del Mar seems to have many mixed reviews. Since the brand is currently being offered at major sunglass boutiques across the country and in shopping malls, the styles are more readily available. The mass production of mainstream brands like Costa makes it more challenging to get a unique look and style.

    That being said, Costa Del Mar is still one of the best high-performance sunglass brands currently available. Although Maui Jim is our first choice, Costa Del Mar is a real contender in quality and performance

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    Are Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses Worth The Money

    Yes, they are. These sunglasses are a dream come true! Crystal clear vision. The value that these sunglasses deliver is unbeatable. This is particularly important if you plan to buy the best prescription sunglasses online. Why? Because they are very expensive! About double the cost of non-prescription sunglasses. Nevertheless, they are totally worth every single penny you will spend. These are the best sunglasses I have ever owned, no doubt about it.

    Save 10 percent now by using code at checkout: HIKINGDAILY10

    The clarity of my vision wearing these Maui Jim prescription sunglasses is unreal. Because of this, I wear them more than my regular glasses. They are such a pleasure, especially when doing sports and activities in the outdoors.

    After developing corneal ulcers due to the very dry climate in Colorado I had to give up wearing contact lenses forever. This meant the brand new polarized Persol sunglasses I had just purchased were no longer of any use to me.

    For a while, I used a pair of old Vuarnet prescription sunglasses that I had. However, the prescription was totally out of date. The lenses were also too dark which makes photography a challenge. An upgrade was overdue.

    Two years ago I purchased some prescription snow goggle inserts from and they have been spectacular. I absolutely love skiing with them because it feels like I am not wearing glasses or contact lenses. They are totally awesome.

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    Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses Event

    We love Maui Jim sunglasses. In fact, we love them so much we are Scotlands largest stockist. The weekend on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th June 2019 we will have a Maui Jim expert Michael and every Maui Jim style and colour available for you to try. Michael and our in-house experts will be on hand to help you select from the best sunglasses money can buy. Maui Jim sunglasses are available in non-prescription, Maui Reader and Maui Jim Prescription sunglasses.

    Are Maui Jims Sunglasses Good For Fishing

    Maui Jim Sunglasses for Small Faces: Best of 2022! | SportRx

    Yes, Maui Jim offers a wide range of sport-specific sunglasses. For example, the company offers golf sunglasses and fishing sunglasses. These sunglasses are designed to provide the best possible protection against the suns harmful rays while youre participating in your favorite outdoor activities.

    Moreover, water leaves no marks on your Maui Jims fishing sunglasses. If youre interested in buying blue or brown fishing glasses today then click on the below link!

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    Style And Functionality All In One

    Maui Jim believes colour and light are the keys to human experience. They embrace the Hawaiian outdoors and manipulate the light to make the colours shine. Enjoy crisp vision and see every detail in brilliant style as their sunglasses are inspired by the beaches and scenic outdoors. Every adventure is an experience when you slip on a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.

    No matter what youre setting out to do, whether it be working outdoors, driving, a roof party or getting out and about being active, Maui Jim sunglasses will be there for you. A pair of Maui Jims are the perfect option when it comes to sports eyewear. If youve been seeking a pair of womens and mens sunglasses for the adventurous individual, Maui Jim sunglasses are the way to go.

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