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How To Tell If Blue Light Glasses Work

How To Tell If Your Glasses Have Blue Light Protection

Do BLUE LIGHT GLASSES work? – Fact or Fiction

In todays technology-driven society overexposure to blue light is a common problem. However, many people do not even realise that it could be the cause of sleepless nights and tired, stained eyes.

Despite the fact that modern lights, TVs, computers, mobile phones and tablets all emit blue light, the sun is actually the main source of blue light for most people. As the sun comes up the blue light triggers us to wake up, while once the sun goes down and blue light levels drop we start to feel sleepy.

However, artificial sources of blue light could be playing havoc with your body clock, keeping you alert and awake at night, when you want to be winding down.

Look To See If The Blue Center Is Gone On The Image

If you cant see the cyan, green or blue colors on the RGB image with the blue light glasses you are testing then the result is that the lenses are filtering out most blue light from your visible eyesight.

Depending on what color the lenses of your blue light glasses are will determine how much blue and green color is filtered from your eyesight on the RGB color chart test.

If you test yellow lens and clear lens blue light glasses you will see that they do not filter out as much blue and green on the RGB image.

Block More Blue Light To Sleep Better

For sleep improvement you can’t rely on computer glasses… not even our Day Swannies. While they will assist, they are designed to only block a certain amount of light on the blue light spectrum, and that will not prevent a disruption in your sleep.

To get the best night’s sleep of your life, you need to block 99% of blue light or more, and that’s why Night Swannies blue light glasses are considered to be the best blue light glasses on the market. We’re the most scientifically validated, and our orange lenses block over 99% of blue light. Get yourself a pair of them today:

Shop Night Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Orange

Even tablets and devices with blue light filters aren’t enough to send you to sleep like a pair of Night Swannies that block both blue and green light.

*Melatonin is a sleep hormone primarily released by the pineal gland at night, and has long been associated with what is called the ‘circadian rhythm’ which is your sleepwake cycle.

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Does Increased Blue Light Exposure Impact Sleep Quality

Blue light emissions from intense sunlight exposure have been linked to macular degeneration, risk of cataracts and some other eye conditions but electronics aren’t known to emit enough blue light on their own to cause eye strain or serious damage, experts at the AAO have concluded. Where blue light may be more impactful, then, is negatively influencing our circadian rhythms and late-night computer, phone and television users often experience disruption in their natural sleep cycle.

“Sleep is where blue light is likely an issue while there isn’t ophthalmic evidence, blue light likely messes with your circadian rhythm, if you’re using a lot of blue screens at night,” Dr. Eichenbaum says. “It’s good to not sit on your phone at night, or instead read a book with a yellow light or, use your blue light glasses, if you have them. That would be the appropriate time to use them.”

While blue light glasses may indeed be most effective in the evening hours, Dr. Khuruna adds that many of the best electronics today have settings to limit blue light emissions in the evening. Using these settings and new features may have the same counter effect against blue light exposure at this time of night. Blue light glasses and brightness reduction technology are just two options for working to reset your circadian rhythm and other DIY sleep enhancement tips.

Reasons To Try Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses

Many people fear too much blue light exposure can permanently damage the eyes or increase the risk of macular degeneration, though research doesnt support these claims. We dont need to be worried about blue light causing damage to our eyes, Dr. Frempong says.

According to the American Macular Degeneration Foundation , there’s no evidence that blue light can damage the eye, and therefore any claims that glasses offer protection against retina damage or eye conditions like macular degeneration arent accurate.

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Take A Break Would Ya

As if you needed another excuse to catch a break, simply giving your eyes a few seconds of relief now and then can go a long way to reducing eye strain. Many experts recommend the 20-20-20 rule. That is, every 20 minutes, focus your eyes on something about 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It can relax your eyes and give them a much needed time out.

How Does Blue Light Affect Your Eyes

Digital eye strain is now more pervasive as people have started complaining of symptoms like dry eyes, blurred vision, and persistent discomfort in the eyes. Some even complain of double vision, thus, making it difficult to focus on the text or comprehend images while reading or watching.

Optometrists list various reasons for such symptoms, like poor lighting or undetected vision problems. However, the most common factor that they believe is constant exposure to screens. Though most of these symptoms like – eye tearing and headaches are temporary, persistent viewing of digital screens may cause these symptoms to be prolonged and severe.

Limited exposure to blue light is not harmful, but problems crop up when exposing oneself to it for too long and too often. Even hours spent scrolling through various social media sites on smartphones can be one of the reasons for extensive exposure to blue light. Staying glued to news or a well-written piece till long hours at night exposes your eyes to blue light from the screens. This excess blue light exposure can lead to eye strain and insomnia.

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Blue Light Glasses And Sleep Quality

While The American Academy of Ophthalmology doesnt state that blue light is damaging to the eyes, there are many people who say wearing blue blockers in the evenings helps them sleep better.

Maybe it has to do with circadian rhythm or simply reducing harsh stimuli before heading for bed. Whatever the reason, some data seems to suggest that blue light blocking lenses may have sleep-related benefits in some people. But lets take a closer look at those studies.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Advantages

Testing Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses

We invest a considerable quantity of time taking a look at our mobile phones, computers, tablets, and televisions.

Unfortunately, these electronic devices release blue light, which can result in eye strain, and computer vision issues, to name a few concerns.

With this in mind, blue light blocking glasses minimize the amount of blue light waves taken in by your eyes, which offers the following benefits:

  • Avoids eye strain and computer vision
  • Avoids dry eyes
  • Alleviates headaches
  • Blue light lenses can fit in any frames, so you wont need to alter your frames if you choose to include blue light blocking into your eye care
  • Blue Light Glasses Test

When you buy your new blue light blocking glasses, its a good idea to do a blue light blocking glasses test in the house to ensure they perform in fact block the blue light.

Its worth keeping in mind that various pairs of blue light blocking glasses filter different wavelengths of the light spectrum in differing amounts.

To put it simply, it is very important to test your blue light glasses because blue light blocking glasses arent produced equivalent. Most blue light blocking glasses do not define how much blue light is filtered or which wavelengths are being filtered.

In this section, well reveal you various approaches of doing a blue light blocking glasses test in the house for the following:

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When Should I Speak With A Doctor

Blue light exposure may already be causing you to have symptoms like eyestrain and dry eye.

If these symptoms dont resolve with lifestyle changes and self-care strategies, speak with an eye doctor about them.

You should also make an appointment with an eye doctor if you experience the following:

  • frequent bouts of eyestrain

But Is Blue Light Harmful

Because of all that blue light, it makes logical sense that spending a lot of time on digital devices could potentially lead to eye strain. However, studies into the potential harm caused by blue light havent been too conclusive. Research is ongoing, but there have been mixed results thus far.

If you suffer from migraines and are trying to determine if blue light glasses work for migraine or light sensitivity, you can find out here.

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Blue Light Pen And Card Test

You may have seen examples of a test where little blue led lights are shone onto a card with blue light sensitivity, similar to the image below. Some blue light blocking glasses actually come with this card and light to test your glasses. If you see this, be very cautious. This is a marketing trick which is designed to falsely represent the blue light blocking effectiveness of the lenses.

How To Read Transmission Reports

Blue Light Glasses

Transmission reports can be daunting at first. What youll want to look for is the spectral analysis table that shows the % of transmission for each nanometer increment. Youll want to look at the correlating percentages for each nanometer increment between 400-500nm, which is the blue light spectrum. For orange-tinted glasses, you should see less than 1% of blue light transmittance across the full spectrum.

Spectrum report analysis can be a little daunting at first. But with eye doctors increasingly sounding the alarm about macular degeneration, it’s worth it.

For blue blockers with clear lenses, focus on the 400-450nm range as this is the most harmful part of the spectrum. If the test results show over 50% blue light transmission at 420nm and more than 70% transmission at 450nm, then they are unlikely to be very effective.

What about the green light spectrum emitted from computers and TV screens? While transmission reports should include the % of green light blocked, we have more articles that talk about this in particular.

Please refer to the following article to find out why green light transmission is much less concerning that blue light: Green Light: the Facts.

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Ask For The Transmittance Spectrum Report From The Brand

Before acquiring your blue light computer glasses, its important to request for a spectrum report. The transmittance spectrum report is a comprehensive report of just how much blue light is filtered by your computer glasses.

It is very important to focus on the percentage of blue light pointed out in the report. Your daytime glasses need to filter at least 30% to 50% of blue light throughout the spectrum for them to be easy to use or handy. Anything less than that portion wont shield your eyes efficiently.

It is essential to keep in mind that computer glasses, which are frequently designed with clear lenses, are particularly for daytime usage. After sunset, they do not filter excessive blue light.

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Blue Light Filter Software

Software solutions by default will make the screen more orange which will block part of the blue and part of the green light.

Even from my experience if a person hasnt heard of the bad effects of blue light he will probably not like the red screen at first.

Even to this day I still dont block all the blue light from my screen because this makes my screen a little uncomfortable.

Same is true with the glasses. If all blue light is blocked everything will look red.

So be it Iris, f.lux, Redshift or any other software for eye protection and sleep improvement they will usually use 3400K at night by default which is half of the blue light.

You may notice that at 3400K there is still blue light visible

This is still helpful and I have talked to a lot of users about what they prefer and orange screen helps with eye strain and eye pain a lot.

The goal of Iris is to be eye protection software first and sleep improvement tool second.

I believe eye problems are way worse than sleep problems because you can fix your sleep just by cutting the computer usage at night.

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How To Test Original Blue Cut Lenses At Home

Thu, 02/17/2022 – 09:00

Blue light is omnipresent. It can be in existence naturally or artificially. When we step outside, we come in contact with the blue light emitted by the sun. While indoors, laptops, computers, mobiles phones, light-emitting diode lights, etc. emit these rays.

Blue light creates the shortest wavelengths. These wavelengths also have the highest energy. In fact, short wavelengths flicker more than the long and weaker ones. Blue light is beneficial as it helps maintain sleep patterns and boost alertness. But, the flickering wavelengths result in a glare. This could be one of the causes of discomfort during the prolonged use of electronic devices and lead to strained eyes, headache, and fatigue.

Our eyes do not have enough protection from blue light. Continuous exposure can damage the retina. It is thus important to invest in a pair of good quality computer glasses. Glasses having blue cut lenses act as protective gear against blue light. It helps in reducing the adverse impact caused by the blue rays.

It is essential to ensure that your computer glasses can provide the required protection. Below are some of the ways through which you can test original blue cut lenses at home.

Everything You Need To Know About Blue Light Blocking Glasses

What you need to know before buying blue-light glasses

Human beings have recently become wary about the potentially damaging effects of blue light. Overexposure to it can increase the possible risk of suffering from some eye problems. The fear of being vulnerable to blue light has escalated as parents are increasingly fearful of their children and family members glued to digital screens.

It includes continued work on computers/laptops and mobiles/tablets or watching television channels all day. While the digital surge has made everyone dependent on computers and mobiles for their work, prolonged stay at home due to lockdowns and curfews forces people to rely on TV and other devices for their entertainment.

Eye specialists define it as digital eye strain equivalent to eye and vision-related problems stemming from consistent and unchecked use of different digital devices. Young adults are more likely to suffer from this problem as they spend significantly more time on them. Many of them have shared with their doctors the possible swelling up of eyes after staring at digital screens for long hours. Optometrists have often opined about the possible correlation between the duration/frequency of digital devices and users proximity to the screens.

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How Do Blue Light Glasses Work

With that in mind, many companies have begun to manufacture blue light protection or filtering glasses. These are designed with lenses that keep out the blue light when youre looking at a screen.

Since wavelengths of light range from blue to yellow, many blue light glasses have a yellow tint to the lenses. This is not always the case, but you will often see this.

They are especially helpful to those who have to spend their whole workday looking at a screen or those who have a lot of late-night screen time.

How To Tell If Blue Light Glasses Work Must Know Info

If youre experiencing digital eye strain, interrupted sleep, or computer vision syndrome as a result of blue light exposure, then it may be time for you to buy some blue light blocking glasses. How To Tell If Blue Light Glasses Work

However do they really work, and which brand is the best?

In this article I answer all our blue light concerns, and reveal the most relied on brand on the marketplace for blue light blocking glass.

Lets get to it!

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How To Test Blue Light Glasses

If you havent already encountered them, blue light glasses are donning the faces of more people each and every year. As people spend more time with their devices, they are looking for ways to stay healthy while doing that.

Computer Vision Syndrome, also called Digital Eye Strain, affects tons of people each and every year. Strained eyes, headaches, and blurred vision are just a few symptoms that many people experience. Blue light glasses are a potential solution to this problem caused by computer screens.

What Is Blue Light

Ok, But Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

Visible light contains a range of wavelengths that are separated into different colour bands. Each has its own energy level. Blue, because of its short wavelength, is the shade that has the highest energy source. Interestingly it is thanks to blue light that the sky looks blue too!

While blue light tends to have a bad reputation, sometimes it is actually beneficial. At levels of 455-500 nm, it can help to boost alertness, improve our cognitive function and enhance our mood. But too much exposure does more harm than good.

Although the cornea and lens of the eye block UV rays, they dont stop blue light from reaching the retina. Research tells us that blue light can damage the retina and increase the risk of macular degeneration. Additionally, because of how blue light behaves scattering easily and being the first to go out of focus it can contribute to eye strain from using digital devices.

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Computer Screens Cause Distortion

As blue light operates on the visible spectrum of 400-500 nanometers, there is no possible way to know what part of the spectrum the colors on your laptop screen or other electronic devices are emitting without additional equipment.

Human vision is unable to distinguish specific wavelengths, especially when viewing a computer screen.

Not to mention that roughly 4.5% of the population has some degree of color blindness, many of whom are not even aware of it. While it may appear your blue light glasses are passing an online test, the glasses may not actually be blocking the full spectrum of blue light, or conversely, failing the test does not necessarily mean your glasses for blue light protection isn’t working.

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