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Libbey Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Libbey Radiant Double Old Fashioned Glass 12oz

Fortessa S/6 Highball or Double Old Fashioned Glasses on QVC

£4.18inc vat

35.5cl 12oz

Perfect for a neat whiskey over ice or shorts cocktails, the Radiant glasses have a vintage cut glass design that will add a timeless feel to any venue.

The ridges run along the whole glass making a better grip on the glass.

Give your friends, family and customers not just a drink, but an experience.

Product description

Libbey Radiant Double Old Fashioned Glass 12oz

The Radiant Glasses brilliantly mimic the glass styles of the 1920s, the weight and thickness of the glass and its elegant looks, along with its diamond cut patterns, just shouts Vintage.

This heavy weight, chunky glass will add a timeless feel to any party or occasion. Radiant had found its way back into bars around the globe.

Where its dazzling design captures both the rooms light and the customers attention.

Coming as both a D.O.F. and a Cooler, Radiant is ideal for a wide variety of beverages.

Whether you serve a digestive, a cocktail or a soda, the star pattern radiates the complete range of prismatic colours.

Giving your customers not just a drink, but an experience.

H 106mm x Ø 89mm

Check out the Larger version of the Libbey Radiant Double Old Fashioned Glass 12oz, the Libbey Radiant Cooler Glass 16oz



We are proud of our Eco-friendly agenda and use recycled materials in all of our packaging.

We offer two types of delivery service here at Cater Supplies Direct an Express Next Day and a 2/5 Working Day delivery.

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Libbey Everest Double Old Fashioned Glasses 350ml

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350ml | 12oz. Pack Quantity: 12

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Couple strength and stackability to make the perfect tumbler for high traffic venues, with these Libbey Everest double old fashion duratuff tumbler glasses. These tumbler glasses from Libbey feature duratuff technology that offers a prolonged service life and increased resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, saving you time and money on buying replacements. Stackable, the tumblers are also very practical pieces of glassware, offering ease of transport and storage to save valuable space and time. Combine this with the fact that the tumblers are completely glasswasher safe, and we have here some very impressive pieces of glassware for your bar or restaurant. Designed in a vintage style with a classic ribbed base, the tumblers are stylish and attractive as well as being practical. Libbey has been producing commercial glassware for nearly two centuries and is one of the world’s leading glassware manufacturers. See why with these Libbey Everest tumbler glasses now.

Product features

  • From world’s leading glassware manufacturers Libbey

Resources For Donating Glasses

Many of us leave eyeglasses that we no longer use to idle away on their nightstands or in their drawers. Donating glasses with outdated prescriptions is a good and smart way of helping someone who cannot afford them.

If the organization that you donate to is a non-profit , your donation can be used as a tax write-off. You will want to have a written or email receipt, especially if the contribution is valued at $250 or more.

Here are some websites to visit when looking for a place to which you can donate your glasses:

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Libbey 15587 Restaurant Basics 12 Oz Rocks / Double Old Fashioned Glass

  • DuraTuff treatment increases resistance to thermal and mechanical shock
  • Features a heavy base for unparalleled balance
  • Great for serving cocktails, whiskey, gin, and old fashioneds
  • Crystal-clear clarity enhances presentation
  • Designed with simple, clean lines
  • Perfect for restaurants, bars, and lounges

About Full Color Decal

Libbey Intuition Double Old Fashioned Glass, 4 Pack

Artwork is printed in spot colors if less than 6-7 colors otherwise they are printed CMYK with organic inks that are dishwasher safe for over 600 wash cycles. Decals are the perfect process for high end retail products and are used by many resorts, theme parks, and other large scale retailers.

They are durable enough for commercial or residential dishwashers and are the highest quality printing process with the most consistent production in the market.

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Another Method Of Donating Glasses: Reselling

If you cannot mail in your glasses to a charitable organization, or there is not a reliable drop-off location for glasses donations near you, you can contact your local thrift stores to see if they take gently used glasses. Thrift stores have a range of methods for marking prescription glasses, and they will resell items that you donate. This gives you another option to offer low-income people the chance to find a pair of glasses in their prescription for very little money.

For example, Goodwill is a nationwide organization with dozens of locations in most major U.S. cities. The nonprofit accepts prescription glasses. They either distribute them through one of their charitable programs, or they sell them at a low price in one of their retail outlets. If you remember the cost of your glasses, this could be a tax deduction, as Goodwill is a nonprofit that offers tax benefits for donations.

If you are more interested in helping local low-income or homeless people, contact a nearby homeless shelter or charitable organization. Many shelters, clothing drives, and financial aid organizations take donations of clothing and toiletries. If they do not need or cannot take prescription glasses, they can direct you to an organization that will distribute these to people in your city who are in need.

When you get a new pair of glasses, consider donating your old ones. Most cities do not let you recycle your prescription glasses. Simply throwing them away can feel wasteful.

Libbey 918 135oz Double Old Fashioned

Made with clean, straight lines and a simple yet attractive design, this glass features a heavy base for unparalleled balance. Its large size makes it ideal for serving doubles so your patrons can enjoy a larger portion of their favorite cocktail, whiskey, or traditional old fashioned. It also boasts a wide, flared mouth, giving it ample room for ice or fruit garnishes. With its crystal-clear clarity, this sophisticated glass is sure to enhance your beverage presentation.

Boasting a special Libbey Finedge rim with a minimum bead, this glass manages to maintain its subtle beauty while offering excellent chip resistance, resulting in a glass that lets you have the best of both worlds. Versatile and reliable, this glass is a must-have addition to your barware collection.

As low as $/item

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Libbey Classic Cocktail Flashback Double Old Fashioned Glasses

LIBBEY CLASSIC COCKTAIL FLASHBACK DOUBLE OLD FASHIONED GLASSES Collection celebrates the culture and history of the cocktail with vintage-inspired cut glass designs

For those who love tradition, it doesnt get any more classic than Classic Cocktail Flashback, whose streamlined cut-glass look beautifully complements any drink, from sophisticated cocktails to an after-dinner whiskey served neat. The ridged design makes this glass easy to grip, while its thick base helps prevents spills. Built for bars and restaurants, Flashback adds high style and durability to your home bar.

LIBBEY CLASSIC COCKTAIL FLASHBACK DOUBLE OLD FASHIONED GLASSES Long preferred by mixologists the world over for their timeless beauty, unmatched clarity and foodservice-quality performance, these styles are now available for you to enjoy at home. From their satisfyingly heavy weight in your hand to the way their etched walls capture and reflect light, theyre the perfect way to serve your favorite mixed drink. Whether youre mixing a cocktail for yourself or entertaining a crowd, you will appreciate the style and sophistication these double old-fashioned glasses bring to your bar cart.

Drinkware Glassware Sets Bar Tools And Beyond

Fortessa S/6 Highball or Double Old Fashioned Glasses on QVC

Nothing completes the home like a cohesive drinkware collection, including glassware, elegant stemware, carafes and bar tools. Start with a set of drinking glasses that coordinates with your everyday dinnerware. Clear glass cups with clean lines offer timeless appeal, while display a touch of personality. Pair with coordinating pitchers and drink dispensers to serve fresh-squeezed juices during your next brunch. For evening soirées, bring out a set of bar glasses and offer guests a drink as they settle in. Use , tongs, shakers and muddlers to create custom cocktails with your favorite spirits and mixers. Looking for a drinkware collection focused on a particular beverage? Enjoy whiskey or bourbon in old-fashioned glasses and in highballs on a cold night in front of the fire. Glassware collections also make great wedding and housewarming gifts. A decanter and glasses set has widespread appeal and functionality, while a is sure to please any connoisseur of scotch. Handcrafted blown glass, stainless steel and copper are all high-quality, attractive and durable materials. For easy visual interest in the kitchen, store your juice and drinking glasses set on open shelving. In the living room or dining room, keep your coordinated collection of wine glasses, champagne flutes and decanters on a console table for an elegant display and home bar.

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Is It Safe To Donate Your Glasses

In short, yes, its safe to donate glasses you no longer use or need. Assuming you do not have a contagious disease and that you wipe down your glasses thoroughly with rubbing alcohol before you donate them, there are no health issues with this kind of donation

You do want to make sure that you give to a reputable charitable organization that is going to distribute the frames and lenses in a proper manner.

There are many people across the globe who need vision care and do not have access to it, including prescriptions glasses. According to the WHO, 2.2 billion people are diagnosed with different vision impairments that affect their independence, mental health, and cognition. Unfortunately, some of them cannot afford eyeglasses to correct their impairment.

Donating your eyeglasses to those who need them helps patients regain their independence while improving their quality of life. Furthermore, it reduces the environmental waste attributed to dumped eyeglasses.

Donating Your Glasses Helps Those Who Cannot Afford Lenses Or Frames

As someone who wears glasses, you know how expensive they can be. Even when prescription lenses are covered by your vision insurance, finding frames that fit and are affordable can take time and effort.

Many people need glasses but cannot afford them, so more charities are offering ways for you to donate your old glasses to help others who need them. Since old glasses generally just sit unused in a drawer, it makes sense to donate them to people who will actually use them.

Some charities may take your used or old glasses and resell them at a lower price. Others donate glasses to low-income, unemployed, or homeless individuals in the United States or around the world. People who cannot get to an optometrist very often, or who simply cannot afford glasses that would improve their vision, benefit from having access to a pair of glasses that fits their prescription.

Being able to see clearly reduces headaches and eye strain. It also improves mood and betters ones overall quality of life. Improved vision can have a dramatic effect on someones life.

If you have pairs of glasses you no longer need, donating them to a charity can help someone else.

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Libbey Hobstar Double Old Fashioned Glasses 355ml

Vintage inspired glasses are sweeping the country’s bars and restaurants. Don’t miss out on this crowd stopper trend! The Libbey Hobstar 355ml Double Old Fashioned Glass embodies elements from the 20th century that you cannot see in any other glass. Imagine drinking your favourite spirit from this bad boy!

Quantity: 12

Libbey Hobstar Double Old Fashioned Glasses 12

Libbey Tripoli Double Old Fashioned Glass, 4 Pack

Drink happier when you drink in color

New Hobstar Colors reimagines Libbeyâs iconic brilliant cut glass design in three subtle hues that add charming character to cocktails and spirits. This glamorous etched star design dates back to the 19th century but has been updated with modern performance features that will make this glass your go-to for entertaining or even every day. Set the table in vintage-inspired style with your favorite shade or mix and match for an eclectic feel.

  • Soft blue double old fashioned glass perfect for mixed drinks and fine spirits
  • Vintage-inspired design hearkens back to Libbeyâs 19th century cut glass period

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