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Lions Club Application For Glasses

Tell Us What You Need

Lions Club hosts annual eyeglass drive

If you do not have a current eyeglass prescription , you will need an eye exam to obtain a prescription for new eyeglasses. Check the box for Eye Exam & Prescription.If you have a current prescription , then tell us if you need New Lenses in a New Frame,New Lenses in an Old Frame, or Old Lenses in a New Frame.If you require Bifocals, we need to know that as well.

Applications that are incomplete will NOT be processed.

Need Assistance Purchasing Eyeglasses

The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation is governed by the Lions Clubs of Kentucky. Many of these clubs offer assistance with purchasing glasses for those in need in their communities. The Lions eyeglass program is not directly affiliated with the Foundation and the Foundation has no input into the various programs. Several clubs in the Louisville area do offer assistance to those in need and have an application that must be completed for an individual to be considered.

If you are a Jefferson County resident and are needing assistance to purchase a pair of prescription glasses please click on your zip code listed below to download the application for the Lions Club in your area. The application will need to be printed and returned by mail to the address on the bottom of the application. If you do not have access to a printer please call 502-583-0564 to request an application to be mailed directly to you.

If you are not a Jefferson County resident you can or you can call 502-583-0564 to find the best person to contact.

The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation does not provide assistance for prescription eyeglasses. Many Lions Clubs have eyeglass programs and KLEF only distributes the applications. KLEF does not have the authority or ability to approve or expedite the application process.

The guidelines to qualify to be considered to receive assistance from the Lions Clubs vary among clubs, however the general guidelines are listed below:

Assistance From Lions Club Onesight Or Other Programs

Free eyeglasses can be provided by the Lions Club OneSight program. Or other resources are also offered by many Clubs. This was created as a partnership between various non-profits, including the Luxottica Group Foundation, and is has been operating since the 1980s. The program is committed to improving the vision of the less fortunate, and it offers education, outreach, and of course free prescription eyeglasses to those who qualify, including children.

There are several components to the OneSight program, and examples of the resources available are below.

Discounted Price Glasses Voucher Your local lions clubs is often able to purchase an unlimited number of prescription eyeglasses for lower income and visually impaired individuals. The charity can usually buy them at about $70 per pair in Canada and $50 per pair in the United States. Those items can then be redistributed to those who are in need.

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S To Vision Assistance

  • Surgery requests begin at your local Lions Club and a required sight assistance application filled out.
  • After the completed application is sent back to the referring club, a Lion member will meet or call you to learn more about your situation and the best way to proceed. It is very important that you fill out the application as completely as possible so that processing is not prolonged.
  • Once the application is approved, it will be sent to the surgeon and facility to schedule an appoint and any follow-up for you.
  • WV Lion Sight Conservation Foundation works with many ophthalmologist and facilities through out the state of WV.
  • In order to receive assistance form WVLSCF, your total income from all sources may not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline in effect at the time of the application for assistance.

How Can I Apply For Assistance With My Eyeglasses Or Hearing Aids

Lions Club Eyeglasses  Holy Spirit School Louisville KY

Assistance for eye exams, glasses or hearing aids should be requested through your local Lions Club. Local clubs determine their ability to help individuals based on their club funds availability. Your local Lions Club organization will be able to advise you on and possibly offer assistance for the purchase of hearing aids or eyeglasses. You can search for and contact your local Lions Club using our FIND A LOCAL CLUB website.

With the Club Locator there are two ways to search for clubs:

  • Keyword search allows users to type in a club name or a partial address, and will yield results that match your search term exactly. This is great if you want to find a particular club by name or find all the clubs in your city or country, for example.
  • Location search is powered by Google Maps, and it allows users to find all the clubs nearby a particular location. A search by town name may yield several results because it will approximate the location of the town on a map and search for all the clubs within a certain radius of that location. This is a powerful way to search if you want to find clubs near your home address.

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Our Glasses Support Program

The Pendleton Lions have partnered with the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation andVision Source Pendleton to provide glasses for those who would otherwise not be able to provide them. People needing glasses fill out a Lions of OregonApplication form and submit it to the Pendleton Lions Club. Applicants must demonstratefinancial need and must also have been rejected by their insurance carrier for eyeglass support.Applicants without insurance must have sought insurance eligibility prior to applying through the Lions Vision program.

Successful applicants are referred to Vision Source Pendleton for an eye examination. there are basic frame options listed. The prescription is then referred to the Oregon Lions Eyeglass Assistance Program where the eyeglasses are produced. The glasses are then sent back to Vision Source where they are fitted tothe applicant.

There is a $20 co-pay required of applicants at the time of fitting. For those who can demonstrate no income the co-pay may be waived.

Applications can be downloaded from ourGet Glasses Page.

Free Prescription Eyeglasses And Hearing Aids From The Lions Club

Assistance is provided by Lions Clubs for the needy who are hearing or visually impaired, blind, or who are faced with similar medical conditions. This non-profit organization operates across the nation and also worldwide, and they have helped millions of low income and less fortunate families over the years. Your local Lions Club organization will be able to advise people on and possibly offer individuals assistance for the purchase of hearing aids or eyeglasses. One of the main services offered for glasses is OneSight. The centers also operate and provide other health-related services, educational needs, and scholarships.

The Lions Clubs are also sometimes called “knights of the blind,” as they are dedicated to addressing eyecare issues, providing classes, and they really focused on offering programs and services for those with poor vision. Assistance is also available for people who are currently blind. Another goal is to eliminate reversible and otherwise preventable blindness. The non-profit charity organization also partners with other community health care programs, government resources and projects.

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Lions Sight And Hearing Foundation

The NW Lions Foundation serves Washington, North Idaho, and Montana in support of those who have sight and hearing challenges. The Foundation is funded by donations from its parent organization SightLife and from Lions Clubs.

  • Patient Care Grants help eligible patients cover cost of sight-related surgery such as corneal transplants, cataracts, prosthetic eyes, etc

  • Hearing Aid Program helps qualified individuals obtain low-cost hearing aids. Used hearing aids may be recycled by depositing them in any Recycle for Sight collection box

  • Project Support Grants help local clubs support vision and hearing projects in their communities

  • Assistive Technology Grants help people who are blind or visually impaired obtain specialized equipment

  • A Health Screening Van provides free vision and hearing testing.

  • White Cane Days raise funds to benefit the Northwest Lions Foundation

EYE EXAMS AND EYEGLASSESThe Edmonds Lions Club provides low income residents of the greater Edmonds area with vision exams and eye glasses. Through an interview and application process, the Club’s Sight Committee will determine if you are eligible to receive this assistance. For information and an application, please call 425-774-6353 and provide your phone number and address.

Lions Eyeglass Assistance Program

Annual Lions Club eyeglass drive continues to help those in need

In 2011 Oregon Health Plan dropped vision coverage for the majority of adults.

Because of this, our Lions Clubs became inundated with requests to help Oregonians for their vision needs. Rather than rely on corporate generosities that are not always available, OLSHF used grant funding to build one of the first, state of the art, charitable optical finishing labs.

Since 2015 we have been able to provide high quality low cost eyewear for adults and children in need. Our Lions Eyeglass Assistance Program Labs network has expanded partnerships with over 75 Lions Clubs and Optometrists and Ophthalmologists throughout the state.

Are you a Lions Club or other agency interested in Partnering with our LEAP Optical Lab?

If you are a Lions Club or other agency that would like to help more people in your community obtain quality eye exams and eyeglasses please reach out! We can offer high quality eyeglasses complete with a frame, hard case and cloth at just $40 for single vision, $50 for lined bifocals and $60 for lined trifocals. All frames come with a one year warranty. We may already have a partnering Optometrist in your area, otherwise were happy to establish a new partnership with who your club currently works with!

If you want to learn more and would like to start working with our LEAP Lab, contact , 503-413-7623

Are you an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist interested in Partnering with our LEAP Optical Lab?

Are you an Oregonian in need of eyeglasses?

Meet Our Opticians

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Our School Vision Screening Program

The Pendleton Lions are working with the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation’s School Screening program to provide low cost vision screening for Pendleton School District elementary students.

This program uses the non-invasive digital Spot screening device to identify previously undiagnosed vision issues. Specialists from the Foundation’s main office in Portland bring the devices out and oversee the use of the devices by local Pendleton Lion volunteers. The Spot devices have the advantage of being able to be used while maintaining appropriate social distancing between the student and the Lion using the device.

The Spot’s software maintains confidentiality of test results. Parents of students with visual problems are provided referral recommendations and information on obtaining treatment assistance from the Lions. Watch the video below to learn even more about this fabulous program of the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.

Application For Eyeglass Assistance

Do you need financial help with securing eyeglasses or an eye exam? Are you a resident of Hanover? Fill out the following application, send it to us, and we will let you know how we can help.


The Hanover Lions Club assists in providing glasses for Hanover residents who are not covered byinsurance or some other programs and are without means themselves. Our Lions Club also tries toserve residents of surrounding communities who do not have a local Lions Club.

In connection with your inquiry, we respectfully ask that you fill out and return this form to:

Hanover Lions Club

Employers name and address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Spouses employer and address, if applicable: _______________________________________________


What type of health insurance do you have? ________________________________________________Who referred you to us? ________________________________________________________________

We typically provide a Budget Eyeglass Package provided by cooperating vendors. This package mayinclude either an eye exam and glasses, or only glasses, depending on your need. The vendors which wecurrently have cooperative arrangements are:

North Country Optical, for eye exams and glasses Pro-Optical, for glasses only

Please wait to hear from us prior to making your appointment.

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Eye Exams And Glasses

Loveland Lions spend approximately $14,000 annually to pay for eye exams and eye glasses for low income people. Typically, over half of the recipients are students referred by school nurses and generally have priority over others.
If you need glasses, have lived in Loveland for 1 year or more, and have low income you may be eligible for assistance.
You can also pick up an application at the House of Neighborly Service at 1511 E. 11th St., Loveland., or call Lion Kay McCrea at 970-622-9799 and she can send you one. She can also answer questions you may have about the program. Also,if your child needs assistance all school nurses can provide an application.
The eyesight committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month, so applications should be submitted before that time.

Eyeglasses And Hearing Aids Recycling

Eyeglass Assistance

Since 1925, Lions International has been a champion in helping combat vision impairment and blindness. With this same conviction, Lions have also been a force in providing medical care and education to help prevent hearing loss. Below, you’ll find information on how to donate eyeglasses and hearing aids, as well as information on how to receive them if you are in need.

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How To Donate

It is only through the kindness of our eyeglasses and hearing aids donors that we can offer the gift of sight or sound to those in need. Below, youll find information on how and where to donate one or both.


There are a few ways in which you can donate eyeglasses.

  • Walmart Vision Centers: Lions Clubs International has a partnership with the Walmart Corporation. You can deposit your eyeglasses at any participating Walmart Vision Center.
  • Local Lions clubs: Some local Lions clubs collect eyeglasses. To contact a Lions club in your community to find out if they collect eyeglasses, please use the Club Locator to find a local club near your community. Once you’ve located a club, click the envelop icon to send a message to the club.
  • Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Centers : If you are unable to find a local Walmart or Lions club that accepts eyeglasses donations, you can mail your eyeglasses or unopened contact lenses to the nearest LERC. You can find your nearest LERC here.

Hearing aids

Those interested in donating used hearing aids of any age, brand or model can do so by visiting the Hearing Charities of America donations page. There, you can reach out with questions or complete the online donation form to start the donation process.

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