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Low Bridge Fit Glasses Vs Standard

Can You Lower Your Nose Bridge

Warby Parker | Comparing Standard Fit to Low Bridge Fit Eyeglasses

Some people think that they have very big noses. They want to reshape their noses to appear more pleasing to their and other peoples eyes. These people can choose to undergo rhinoplasty to reduce the size of their noses and make them look more refined.

Those who are averse to undergoing the knife can opt for fillers. The fillers can be used to make the surrounding areas of the nose more even. This will make their noses appear smooth and straight.

Again, is a high nose bridge more attractive? An elevated or high nose bridge gives a mans nose a character. However, some women with elevated nose bridges choose to undergo rhinoplasty since they find it unflattering.

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An ill-fitting pair of glasses can be uncomfortable to say the least, as well as downright annoying. When it comes to finding glasses that look great and fit properly, theres no such thing as one-size fits-all.

The bridge of your nose has a part to play in getting comfortable glasses because the right bridge fit is an important part of properly fitting glasses.

Features Of Asian Fit Glasses

Do you know what makes a good pair of Asian fit prescription glasses and sunglasses? Frame, color and design. More importanly, we can move to the features of the Asian fit glasses or low bridge. So, what are the adjustments made to traditional eyewear that are exclusive for the Asian fit glasses?There are four different ways to make a couple of drinks more complimentary to individuals with lower nose bridge and higher cheeks.

These are:

  • Enlarging the nose pads.
  • Adjusting the temple’s curvature.
  • Smoothing the casing can help reduce the heaviness of the glasses. Moreover, the other features work to make sure that the glasses can stay upright. The expansion and widespread of the modern eyewear market, into Asia and beyond, pushes the luxury brands and manufacturers to start their own Asian fit eyewear line. They are making sure to add the latest adjustments to classic frames and designs. How about those round glasses now?

    What Size Is Asian Fit Sunglasses

    Asian fit sunglasses have bridges widths ranging from as narrow as 8mm upwards. A narrower bridge prevents them slipping down your nose for a more secure fit. This is especially helpful if you have a shallow, flat or narrow nose bridge regardless of your ethnicity.

    Interestingly, it was Oakley who originated the name Asia fit in 2007 which was colloquially adopted by the optical market as Asian fit. At the time, this name was deemed inappropriate and even racist so other names were explored. Today, Oakley now refer to their Asian fit sunglasses as Low bridge fit.

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    How Do I Know What Size Bridge To Get For My Glasses

    However, for everyday frames, your eyebrows should typically show slightly from above your glasses. As a rule, at least the top half of your eyebrows should be visible. Your glasses shouldnt cover them completely, nor should they show them so much that your eyebrows look like theyre floating on top of your frame.

    Low Nose Bridge Glasses

    Oakley Jawbreaker Low

    The majority of eyewear fits nose bridges that are average or high. A tight bridge may pinch at your nose if you have a low nose bridge and are wearing regular glasses, elevating the frame too high on your face. If the bridge is wide, you can find yourself repeatedly pushing your glasses back up your nose. What is the answer? Low bridge glasses fit!

    Specific facial traits are catered to by Asian fits, low bridge spectacles, or low nose bridges. Asian-fitted glasses have a little shorter nose bridge than regular frames.

    These glasses have an unexpected feature: they sit farther away from your face. Youll notice that when you smile, your glasses wont fall off. It is usual with standard pairs of glasses as there is no extra room to fit your cheekbones. The extra space can also prevent your eyelashes from contacting your glasses and smearing them.

    Knowing how to appropriately measure your nasal bridge and other facial features for glasses makes a difference in the quality of the custom-made glasses you receive.

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    What Are Asian Fit Glasses

    Asian fit, low nose bridge, or low bridge glasses cater to specific facial features. The nose piece on glasses considered Asian fit will extend slightly lower than standard glasses. Your nose bridge refers to the hard part of your nose where it begins near your forehead, between your eyes. To know if you have a low nose bridge, we have a simple test. Look in the mirror, and use your finger to find the top of your nose bridge. Then, notice whether your finger sits above, in-line with, or below your pupils. If it is in-line, or below your pupils, this is an indication you have a low nose bridge! If your nose bridge is above your pupils, it is likely that traditional fit glasses will suffice. Asian fit glasses are created to comfortably fit wearers with lower nasal bridges, which average glasses often do not accommodate.

    Low Bridge Fit Eyewear Guide

    Not all customers have high nose bridges, do they?I think you should think about how to choose the right glasses for customers with low nose bridges – that’s a nice touch, man!When customers are looking for glasses or sunglasses that fit their face, fit is the most important thing.In addition to the face shape, we let them know where the bridge of the nose is so that the frame sits comfortably on the bridge of the nose without slipping and sliding.While many sizes have a standard fit, you may find a low-bridge fit to be preferable.

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    Panto: Blueprint Low Bridge Fit Rx

    Adjustable silicone nose pads are the BLUEPRINT for a low bridge profile. This Rx classic features a premium injection frame with a flattering rounded square panto shape and reinforced metal arms. Those with a low bridge profile can now get the just right fit with this design.

    Check out QUAYs Low Bridge Collection for comfy and stylish specs that’ll help you say goodbye to slipping and sliding frames.

    Low Nose Bridge Vs High Which One Do You Have

    Warby Parker | How do I know if I need low nose bridge fit glasses?

    You can use this simple trick to know the answer. Use your finger to locate the top of your nasal bridge while looking in the mirror. It is a sign of a low nose bridge if it is in line with or below your pupils. If your nasal bridge is higher than your pupils, you may have a high bridge nose.

    Ray-Ban Rb4376f Low Bridge Fit Pilot Sunglasses


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    How Do You Know If You Need Low Bridge Glasses

    Whether youre an Asian or not, if you wear eyeglasses and your pair just dont fit right, then Asian glasses frames could be what you really need.

    Face feature to look for to see if you need low bridge glasses:

    • Lower nose bridge Your nose bridge refers to the hard part of your nose where it begins near your forehead, between your eyes. If the bridge of your nose aligns with or just below your pupils, you have a low nose bridge.
    • Higher Cheekbones Usually, people with low nose bridges may also have higher cheekbones.
    • Wider face If you have a wider face, that often means you have lower nose bridges. Wider faces make traditional frames feel too narrow and generally uncomfortable. The reason the glasses dont fit right, however, is that they sit too high on their face.

    Also, low bridge fit or Asian fit glasses may not fit every single person of Asian descent as facial features can vary widely. But if you fit the face features from above these glasses are a total game-changer.

    Who Should Wear Asian Fit Glasses

    Its important to note that low bridge frames are not specifically for people in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. In fact, there are many AAPI people who wear standard-fit frames without any problems. Similarly, there are many non-AAPI people who could benefit from Asian fit frames.

    If any of the following statements are true, Asian fit frames may work well for you:

    • You have high cheekbones The bottom of your glasses often rest on your cheeks.

    • You have a wide or round face Wearing glasses causes pinching, soreness or headaches along the sides of your head.

    • Your facial features are a little more flat Glasses and sunglasses slide down your nose, which causes you to frequently push them back up.

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    Best Asian Fit Glasses & Low Bridge Glasses

    Now that we’ve covered all the must-have features in Asian Fit glasses or low bridge glasses round shapes, you’re all set to start shopping for your next pair of sunglasses, prescription glasses or blue light blocking glasses! We’ve gathered our best Asian Fit glasses for you, with each of them ticking all the boxes you need to achieve the best fit and look!

    High Nose Bridge Vs Low Speak To A Surgical Expert

    Slim Fit Safety Glasses VS300S

    If youre seeking a more refined, well-proportioned nose that compliments your profile, then take some time to speak with an experienced surgeon you can trust, like Dr. Jacob Sedgh.

    The nose is an incredibly complex structure, and there is a certain level of skill and artistry required to perfect rhinoplasty. Dr. Sedgh has over 20 years of experience working with patients from various ethnicities to create their perfect nose.

    If youre interested, book a consultation at Sedgh Plastic Surgery today.

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    Are Low Bridge Glasses Different From Standard Fit Glasses

    Low Bridge glasses are not entirely different from the standard ones. The style, color, and materials would be more or less similar, but the design and position of the nose mount pad would be different. They are placed slightly lower to settle snugly on a low-nose bridge.

    Most of the low bridge glasses or Asian fit have thicker nose mount pads. They are specifically designed to raise the frames off your cheekbones. The glasses are properly positioned on your face away from your eyelashes to allow them to sit snuggly higher on the nose.

    Standard-fit glasses have a shorter bridge, so, if you have a low nose bridge, they might not fit you well.

    TIP: If your glasses are frequently brushing across your cheeks or striking your eyelids, it’s time to try an Asian fit.

    Also, the lenses are smaller, wider, and slightly tilted to keep them away from brushing your eyelashes. It creates a space between your face and lenses from touching your cheekbones. We minimize the curves of the frames to protect them from grazing your temples and to keep them straight and erect.

    To prevent the glasses from being too tight at the temples or sitting too high on your face, the frame is larger and gently curved to suit rounded and heart face shapes.

    What happens if you wear a standard glass on a low-nose bridge? The nose pad would fall further down to where the bridge starts. This could change everything. The pupil distance will be incorrect. It should be centered horizontally.

    How To Know If We Have A Low Bridge

    Here are some general guidelines to gauge if we should switch from a high to a low bridge fit:

    • The nose pad of our frames shouldnt be sitting on the slope of the nose between our eyes: instead, it should ideally rest against the sides of the nose. For that effect, many low bridge fits have larger nose pads.
    • Frames shouldnt move when we smile. If the lenses are resting on our cheeks, they are more likely to move with our facial expressions. Low bridge fits ensure that our frames are resting on our nose, not on our cheeks!

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    How Do I Know If I Need Low Bridge Fit Glasses

    If you find yourself pushing up your glasses regularly, it may be worth checking out a pair of low bridge glasses. If your glasses tend to rest on your cheekbones when you talk or smile, low bridge glasses could also be an excellent option for you.

    You can carry out a simple test in the mirror to determine whether you have a low nose bridge and need low bridge fit glasses. If the slope of your nose is either level with or lower than your pupils, a low bridge fit will help keep your glasses in place.

    How To Choose The Perfect Low Bridge Glasses That Won’t Slip Off Your Nose

    Asian Fit(Low Bridge Fit) Vs Standard Fit Glasses

    Low bridge glasses are specifically designed for people with low nose bridges as well as round facial features with higher cheekbones. This combination makes it challenging to find the perfect fit of glasses. So, if your eyeglasses slide down your nose, hitting your eyelashes or resting too heavily on your cheeks, you may have a low nose bridge.

    Since you should never have to choose between fit and style, were going to present you a full guide on how to choose your low bridge glasses and eliminate the worry of slippage and other discomfort issues.

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    Normal Fit Oraltexplanation Of The Nose Bridge Glasses And Their Advantages

    Unlike the low bridge nose, a standard bridge nose is a nose with an extended bridge height that decreases the distance between the eyes during rhinoplasty.

    The different faces are described as cheeks, eye area and lips. Study these facial features with the right facial contours to achieve a natural and attractive look.

    The advantages:

    Unfortunately, people with a high bridge of the nose don’t get much use, but if the size is borderline, you can feel comfortablewith a cup.

    If the bridge of the nose is too low, there is a chance that the frame will slide down and appear to shake on your face, and if the bridge of the nose is too high, there is a high chance that the frame will sag dam. and cause discomfort.

    Also watch the video:

    Your Guide To Low Bridge Fit Glasses

    May 23, 2022

    When picking out sunnies and glasses that suit your face, its all about the fit. Other than face shape, its also QUAY to figure out where your nose bridge is so that your frames sit comfortably on your face without slipping and sliding. While many specs feature a standard fit, you may find a low bridge style preferable. Here are all the deets on low bridge fit glasses and the best QUAY low bridge fit styles to add to your eyewear wardrobe.

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    Low Bridge Glasses Fit Vs The Standard Fit

    Standard or regular fit means super straight temple arms and fixed nose pieces and is better suited for people with higher or more prominent nose bridges.

    Low bridge design includes a couple of changes compared to regular fit, changes like: flattening of the frame, narrowing of the nose bridge, enlarging nose pads, and changing the temple curvature. While flattening of the frame can help decrease the weight of the glasses, the other structures work to make sure the glasses can stay straight.

    The nosepiece on glasses considered Asian fit will extend slightly lower than standard fit glasses.

    Since were not talking only about prescription glasses or blue light lenses we want to give you the perfect solution if youre looking for sunglasses that arent going to slide down your face.

    Have a look on our top choices sunglasses for low nose bridge:

    While youre searching for the perfect pair of glasses, make sure you also select the right size according to your pupillary distance and temple width. In case you dont know your PD, we will use an average PD, or you can head on to our guide on how to measure your PD online which describes how to measure your PD using a simple credit card. We can also measure your PD at the end of the checkout with a special app.

    Choosing The Right Frame

    New Wayfarer Classic Low Bridge

    Depending on the thickness of the frame, the glasses will fit differently around your nose. One thick frame and one thin one with the same bridge size will not fit the same. The thick frame will be smaller than a thin frame with the same nose bridge width. The reason behind this is the method of measuring the bridge is by measuring it from the frames inside. So, if you are going for a thick frame, choose a frame that has a wider nose bridge than yours.

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    The Low Bridge Fit Is It For You

    Are you thinking of buying some brand-new glasses but youre not sure about the type of frame and bridge fit that would suit you best? Have you heard about the low bridge fit and are now wondering if its for you? Youre in the right place! We will tell you everything you need to know about it! Plus, if you want more information, dont miss out on our complete fit guide!

    Why Is It Called Asian Fit Glasses

    Low bridge glasses, also known as Asian fit eyewear, or Omni fit, can be more comfortable for people of Asian origin. The facial features of Asians differ from those of Americans or Europeans. Although it is not a general condition, some observe that a significant percentage of Asians have a low-nose bridge.

    So, is that why it is called Asian-fit glasses? Yes, because low-bridge glasses are much more in demand in Asian countries than in other regions. These eyewear and sunglasses are designed to fit particular facial features. We list some of the prominent features of Asian people below:

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