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Male Sunglasses For Oval Face

Unsure If You Have An Oval Face Type

Maui Jim Baby Beach Sunglasses Review (Best Sunglasses For Narrow Oval Face)

Look into any mirror and take a good look at your facial features. To begin, oval face shapes are characterized mostly by a softly curved jawlines. Next, the width of the forehead is usually slightly wider than the chin. Having cheekbones that are placed a little higher on your face is also a good, tell-tale sign. If this sounds like you, get ready EyeBuyDirect has hundreds of frames that’ll fit just perfectly on you.

On this page, we’ve selected a wide range of the best sunglasses for oval faces. Don’t be afraid to explore these styles to your heart’s content. Browline? Cat eye? Regardless of what you pick, we’re sure that you’ll be feeling confident in the sun.

Before you buy, we have one thing to say first. While we have a great range of glasses for oval faces, there’s one important tip you should keep in mind: Be careful not to order your frames too large! Oval faces are attractive with glasses because of their evenly placed facial features, so a pair of oversized frames might throw that balance out the window. Make sure that you select the right size according to your pupillary distance and temple width. For more tips on how to find your frame size, check out our little guide here.

Use This Guide To Determine Your Face Shape:

  • Round face: The width of your forehead and jaw are roughly the same, and the widest part of your face are the cheekbones. Your face width and length are also roughly the same. Your jaw and chin are rounded.
  • Square face: The width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are roughly the same. Your face width and length are also roughly the same. Your jaw and chin have more sharp angles .
  • Oval face: Your forehead is widest and the width of your face gradually tapers down towards your chin. Face length is greater than the width and your jaw and chin are rounded.
  • Diamond face: Your cheekbones are significantly wider than your forehead and jaw. Your chin is pointed.
  • Heart face: Your forehead is widest and tapers down to your jaw. Your chin is pointed.
  • Oblong face: The width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are roughly the same, but the length of your face is much greater than the width.

Not sure where you belong? Chances are you have features for two different face shapes. Human faces are varied. Donât worry too much about it and use the one you feel resembles your face shape closest as a guideline.

Best Sunglasses For Oval

  • The only sunglasses style you want to avoid is the oval shape, because it offers your face no contrast.
  • However, even oval sunglasses can look great on your versatile face if you choose the right scale and details.

Now that you are up to speed on the best sunglasses for oval face shapes, take a good look through the Solstice Sunglasses round-up of favorite designer mens styles!

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The 8 Best Sunglasses For Oval Faces

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Since the oval is considered to be a balanced face shape, the best sunglasses for oval faces can really go in any direction round or angular. Sunglasses with rounded, curving lines are good for adding softness think retro oval frames and sporty aviators and a good cat-eye or squared-off Wayfarer shape will bring out natural angles. Novelty shapes also work well on oval face shapes, and there are pairs that look surprisingly sophisticated rather than cutesy.

How To Identify Your Face Format:

oval sunglasses silver metal retro Goth Steampunk style

To start this post, you first need to know the shape of your face, and for that we will teach you a very simple technique, to easily identify its shape. Take or take a picture of your face, so that it is right in front of you, then print on paper and take the measurements from the top of the head to the chin, and the measurement from ear to the other ear. Finally, frame your face in a square or rectangle, so that you can understand and visualize your face shape. Now, lets talk about each type of face, and which hair cut and hairstyle fits you best. V masters there!

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Best Sunglasses For Oval Face Male

If you are looking for the best sunglasses for oval face male, you will quickly find that there is a lot of choice on the market. You also have to pay attention to many different criteria when buying, such as accuracy of fit, UV protection, workmanship and price-performance ratio and of course design. If all of this is too time-consuming for you and you just want to make a quick but good purchase decision, youve come to the right place.


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In this article, we filtered out the best oval face male sunglasses for you. All you have to do is choose. We can unreservedly recommend the Justin RB4165 from Ray-Ban , because the glasses shine thanks to their excellent workmanship in connection with a good variety of variants and a firm fit. Alternatively, the Holbrook W / Warm from Oakley is also available Highly recommended, because it is of high quality, sits very firmly and securely and the glasses can be ordered in different colors. You can check also best sunglasses for indian skin.

What Shape Glasses Look Best On An Oval Face

Oval faces suit a wide variety of glasses styles. Large boxy frames with straight lines work the best, but Aviator, cat-eye and rounded rectangular frames also look great.

For oval faces, your advantage is that many frames will suit you due to your balanced features and natural symmetry.

In this section, weve listed some of the best examples of what kind of glasses suit an oval face shape.

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Square glasses

The square frame shape is one of the most popular amongst those with the oval face shape.

It has also been regarded as the best frame for the oval-shaped face. Your soft facial features will be contrasted by their sharp angular aspects. They provide dimension and structure to your oval heads facial features.

Rectangle glasses

For a professional look, rectangular shaped frames are a popular choice.

Theyre easily the most fashionable glasses for both men and women and work for a wide variety of face shapes and prescription types. An oval face person should get rectangular eyeglasses that are as wide as their faces broadest part.

Rounded rectangle glasses

Rectangular frames with softened corners are a nice balance between glasses which are either too boxy or indeed, too round.

Giving you the best of both, rounded rectangular frames like these tend to have a fairly straight upper half but with rounded lens rims in the lower.

Cat-eye glasses

A flattering frame choice for women, classic cat-eye glasses can be worn with any outfit for any occasion.

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Do I Have An Oval Face Shape

Oval face shapes are typically quite symmetrical and longer than they are wide.

The defining features of an oval face shape are:

  • Cheekbones that are the widest part of your face
  • A forehead that is slightly wider than the chin
  • A face that is longer than it is wide
  • Cheekbones that may be higher and more prominent than other face shapes

*Note that most people dont have a face shape that perfectly matches one description. Many people have elements of different face shapes.

The best technique is to identify your strongest facial features and match them to a similar shape. These usually will be your jawline, forehead, or cheekbones. You can also take photos and compare them with celebrities who have similar features.

Frames To Avoid For Oval Faces

How To Choose The Best Glasses And Frames For Your Face Shape

If you have an oval face, its best to avoid glasses which are far too small or narrow for your head. Undersized spectacles make your head seem wider and larger than it actually is.

Similarly, avoid glasses which extend way too far beyond the edges of your head. Overly wide frames will make your face seem very narrow, negatively affecting your appearance.

Comfort is crucial, so its best to avoid frames which pinch your nose, sit too high or too low or the temples are the incorrect length. Over time, poorly fitting frames can cause discomfort and even headaches.

Circular frames may be too stark for your oval face, so if you prefer round spectacles, oval glasses can be a more versatile choice.

An oval face shape is generally regarded as the universal face type.

If your face is long with soft cheeks and jawline, you most likely have an oval face shape.

Geometric frames like rounded squares and rounded rectangles work equally well for males and females who have an oval face.

Choose a comfortable pair of glasses which compliments your hair colour and skin tone. This means creating contrast with colour whilst bringing warmth to your complexion where possible.

Hopefully you found this article helpful.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Sunglasses For Oval Faces

People with oval faces look best with square or rectangular frames, but have the chance to be bold with their sunglasses. The amount of options they have is phenomenal. Feel like embracing your retro side? A vintage pair of round frames will bring that aesthetic to a whole new level. Want a sleek addition to your casual outfits? A pair of iconic trapezoid frames will give you the edge you’re looking for. If this is your face shape, you’ll look great in almost any style and it shows in this huge collection of male and female sunglasses for oval faces.

Love the retro vintage look? You should have no sweat rocking some classic oval face shape sunglasses. Looking to try out something quirky and cute? Go wild with some cat-eye glasses and a pop of color.

Generally What Size Sunglasses Are Best For Small Faces

If you dont have a pair of well-fitting sunglasses and youre not in the measuring mood, weve got you! Below weve included general measurement recommendations for sunglasses that will suit most people with small faces.

  • Lens width: Choose lenses between 47mm to 52mm. For round frames, its best not to exceed 48 mm.
  • Bridge width: A 15mm to 22mm bridge is recommended for small faces. If you choose round frames, you may need a slightly wider bridge .
  • Temple length: Generally, a temple length between 130mm and 145mm is ideal for petite faces

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Shop Prescription Sunglasses For Oval Faces Online

Looking for the right sunglasses for your head size in prescription? Look no further. Customize the perfect set of frames that match your oval face with lenses that fit your prescription. With video guides and tooltips to help you along the way, youll be seeing better in no time. Even expert advice is at your fingertips. Contact us, and youll hear from one of our in-house opticians who can help you complete your order 7 days a week.

Filling out your prescription is simple and easy. When youre ready to check out, you can fax, email, or upload your up-to-date prescription online. And if you dont have it ready, you can give it to us later. Well send a reminder email so you can get your new sunglasses as soon as possible.

Do You Have An Oval Face Shape

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How can you tell if you have an oval-shaped face? For starters, its an extremely common face shape, so if you think you have one, you probably do! But if you want to check out your faces proportions in the mirror, look for some the following traits:

  • Your face is about twice as long as it is wide
  • Your face narrows slightly at the forehead and chin
  • Your face has a relatively even width all the way down, or is widest across your cheekbones
  • Your forehead is the same width as or just a bit wider than your jawline

Some people with oval faces have rounded foreheads and chins, whereas others might have more pointed features. The relatively even width of the face is what distinguishes oval face shapes from , which are more notably wide across the cheeks and may not be as long.

Remember, your face probably wont meet all of the criteria for a certain face shape. Those descriptions are generalizations, and they dont always respect the fact that everyones face is different .

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How To Identify The Oval Face

There are some face signs by which you will know if you have an oval face shape. Oval-faced length will be larger than the width of the cheekbones, and the forehead will be more prominent than the jawline. The jawline angle will also be round.

If you already know your face shape, you can skip this part and start reading from the next part. There are so many ways to find out your face shape. Still, I would like to give you some tips to make the process super simple.

Picking Out The Right Color

Picking out the right color is also important. Choosing a color combination blending with the color of your hair or eyes is recommended. Those with blonde hair might be confused because there typically arent blonde colored sunglasses but frames that are tortoise, black or green are popular and have a slick look.

Here is a short guide to help you find some sunglasses that are the right fit for you if you need a place to start.

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What Is An Oval Face Shape

The most common face shape of all, oval faces are longer than they are wide, usually with a defined jawline and soft chin. Usually, your forehead and cheeks are the widest region of your face. Because of your balanced proportions, its considered to be the ideal face type for wearing many types of glasses.

Round Or Oblong Face Shape

The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape | Men’s Style Staples ad

What is a round face shape?

Men with a round face have a lot in common with the oval. It’s characterised by soft features and a slightly curved jawline and browline.

The cheekbones are usually larger, and the small forehead is almost symmetrical to the jawline.

Sunnies For A Round Face Shape

Go for angles! The key to sunglasses for men with round faces is to make the face look longer.

If you have a round face shape, rectangular and square frames break up the softness, slim the cheeks and help your face appear thinner and longer.

Angular and geometric sunglasses add sharper lines to create a balance between the round curves of your face and the clean lines of the frames. For men, wearing thicker frames also adds width.

Mens sunglasses with gradient lenses add another level of elongation.

Avoid round sunglasses or any pair that highlights the roundness and curves of the face.

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Best Glasses Shapes For An Oval Face

Finding glasses for an oval-shaped face is a matter of picking through tons and tons of choices. The good news is that you can pull off any frame you like.

The bad news is that you have so many frames to choose from that it may be a tough choice. Consult our tips below to learn how certain frames will complement your oval face. If theyre helpful, use them as guidelines while you shop for glasses online or elsewhere.

Our Best Glasses For Oval Face Shape

Glasses for oval faces can nail almost any aesthetic but they look best with square and rectangular frame shapes. People with oval faces have evenly proportioned features that give them the best luck when it comes to their style options. They can experiment and be as adventurous as they want.

Love the retro vintage look? You should have no sweat rocking some classic Trapezoid style glasses. Looking to try out something quirky and cute? Go wild with some cat-eye glasses and a pop of color.

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Recommended Styles For Each Shape

Oval Face Shape

Your face is longer than it is wide, your cheekbones are the widest area on your face.

Lucky for those with oval faces, most sunglasses complement your shape due to your symmetrical features. With a highly versatile face shape, people with oval faces can wear anything from square to round sunglass styles, however, try to avoid any style that overshadows your natural features like frames that are too big or wide, along with extra narrow frames that will accentuate your longer facial features.

How Should Sunglasses Fit

UV400 Polarized Men

Just like your tailored suits, to appear polished and stylish, your sunglasses also need to fit right. Not only is a proper fit is more flattering in appearance, but its also more comfortable and will best protect your eyes from the sun. While the right fit will mean something different to everyone, there are some guidelines to follow. Start by opting for sunglasses where the width of the frame matches the width of your face. You also want to be able to see at least half of your eyebrows above the frames and have your eyeballs sit precisely in the middle of each lens. Finally, the arms should fit nicely around your ears, and the overall positioning of the sunglasses should center between the top of your hairline and the edge of your chin.

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