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Men’s Vintage Round Sunglasses

Real Men Wear Vintage Sunglasses

How To Style Round Vintage Frames For Men

Look through history at the most exceptional gentlemen to set housewives hearts on fire, you will find a common ingredient that unites them all. It’s the authentic vintage mens sunglasses they wore as part of their trademark sex appeal. From rock stars and pilots in mens aviator sunglasses to hairy-chested heartthrobs wearing trendy mens vintage sunglasses on the silver screen, the most lusted-after guys tend to like their beers cold and their mens sunglasses vintage.

Its common knowledge that a pair of vintage mens sunglasses can take a mans cool factor from zero to a hundred in a few seconds flat, but what is it about retro mens sunglasses that makes them the cherry on top?

Maybe its the way sunglasses for men shamelessly ride vulnerable, sun-blinded faces. All for the voyeuristic pleasure of anyone who cares to imagine themselves trading places with a pair of vintage sunglasses for men.

Or, maybe its the way a pair of custom mirrored sunglasses conveniently hide a mans wandering eyes behind mirrored lenses, leaving his windows to the soul protected but not his card hand. Whatever it is, one thing is certain, vintage mens sunglasses are cooler than Vanilla Ice on the shady side of an iceberg.

After a deadstock men’s aviator frame? or some funky 70s Lennon shades? Our collection of vintage shades for guys will have something that suits your personal style.

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Vintage Round Glasses For Men Super Small Silver Frame 38 Mm Black Gray Lenses Reminiscent Of John Lennon

For Men and Women

Full rim frame Silver metal.Frame constructed from Monel.

Great styles, great prices, These Super Small Round Glasse Sunglasses are a must have for any enthusiast.

This classic shape is perfect for a variety of facial types.

Available in 3 color options

The full round frames design is constructed from high strength metal for great looks and durable Silver metal temples adds a touch of sophisticated detailing to any look.

Mens Vintage Round Sunglasses

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Round Glasses For Men & Women

Historically round glasses were some of the first types of eyewear ever manufactured. From Nuremberg Glasses in the 17th centry, pince nez glasses, 100s of years later andWindsor Eyeglasses frames at the turn of the 20th century. The circular glasses shape provided simplicity and uniformity for almost 400 years.

Round Eyeglass frames were popularized in modern culture by the likes of Mahatma Gandhi,John Lennon, Harold Lloyd. Their round shape and saddle bridge resting directly on the nose is something that catches the modern eye, in stark contrast to todays frames with nose pads and subtler shapes and colors. In mode recent times circle glasses were famously worn bySteve Jobs and more recently,Harry Potter.

Circular frames were traditionally worn by both men and women. Vintage glasses were unisex until about 1930 so all eyeglass styles were both masculine and feminine.

Traditionally round glasses for women & men were gold or silver color and made of metal or horn. Today there are circle glasses in all colors and materials such as titanium, steel, acetate, and more. The sizes have grown too. In antique round frames the lens size was generally between 36mm and 42mm. Today most round frames lens sizes start at 42mm and go up to 48 or even larger.

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Why Wear Round Sunglasses

Vintage Round Sunglasses Metal Full Rim Outdoor Sun Glasses Men Women ...

If you have a square-shaped face round sunglasses will compliment your face. It adds a bit of balance to the width of your face. Round sunglasses have become increasingly popular recently for everyone. What has made round sunglasses so popular in the last couple of years? We have a few theories in mind:

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The 7 Best Round Sunglasses For Men 2022

If you want to stray away from your typical mens sunglasses, its time to enter the circle. For the past couple of years, round sunglasses have been mounting a full takeover of the style scene. Known to sunglasses connoisseurs as teashades, this strikingly simple profile is at once futuristic and nostalgic. And judging by the celebrities who have sported them well before their current fad statuss were talking Samuel L. Jackson, Johnny Depp, Elton John, Prince round sunglasses suggest a nonconformist personality who marches to the beat of a drum that everybody else wishes they could hear.

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Ready to take round sunglasses for a spin? Here are a few of our favorite picks for that timeless teashade look.

Round Sunglasses Are Nostalgic

The more alarming our modern world becomes, the more folks want to immerse themselves in the past. Larisa Ginzburg, the founder of the modern nostalgic sunglasses brand Vint & York, confirms this theory. Round sunglasses were popular amongst intellectuals in the late 1920s and 30s. They came around a second time in the 60s & 70s, made famous by pop icons like John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourne, and many others.

Granted, past eras like the 1900s and the 60s werent objectively better than now, but they do have the virtue of being over and done with. If we could teleport back to those eras now, wed know exactly how things were going to turn out and boy, wouldnt that be nice for our current state of anxiety. Barring time travel, a pair of round sunglasses can give you a momentary hit of that comforting nostalgia, permission to mentally inhabit a time that, compared to today, seems a lot more innocent.

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Round Sunglasses In Different Decades

Over the past few decades, tech innovation has been changing our way of life with thrilling, chilling speed. In response, designers and stylists have drawn upon the aesthetic of past eras when innovation was moving at a similarly breathless pacespecifically the late 1800s and early 1900s. Along with mind-blowing inventions like the airship and the automobile, and the harnessing of electricity, this era also happens to be when sunglasses debuted as a mainstream trend. In generations since, the genius inventor look has been replicated under both the steampunk and Afro-futurism trends, popularized most recently through films like Sherlock Holmes, Black Panther, and the upcoming Tesla biopic.

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SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses for Women Men Classic Retro Designer Style – Review
Bestseller: Vintage 90’s Round Circle Sunglasses, Steampunk Retro eyewear, Men & Women, UV400, Women Sunglasses, Minimal Sunglasses, Circle Lens
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