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My Glasses Are Too Tight

Too Far Away From Your Eyes

Glasses Too Tight-How To Loosen Them-Easy Fix

Your frames and lenses should ideally sit as close to your eyes as possible this is especially true for progressive lens wearers. Ideally, your frames should be as close as you can get them without touching your eyelashes.

1. To bring the frames closer to your eyes, move the nose pad arms closer to the frames.

2. To move the lenses away from your eyes, pull the nose pads away from the frames.

Where Can I Adjust My Acetate Frames

You might be wondering what kind of adjustments need to be made to your glasses in order to make them fitits easy to tell when they dont feel right, but it isnt always easy to identify the reason why. Here are a few ways to determine whats off with your frames and what you need to do to fix it.

Frames sit too high or too low: If it feels like your glasses sit too high or low on your face, you might need to adjust the nose piece. Lower the placement of the frames by spreading the nose pieces apart or raise the placement of the frames by bringing the nose pieces together.

Frames feel tight or loose: Adjust the arms of your frames if they feel too tight or too loose. You can bend the arms outward to alleviate the tightness against the side of your head or inward to tighten them and lower the risk of them falling off.

Frames feel off-centered: If your frames seem to tilt to one side, it may be because the sides of the frames arent aligned, your temples arent necessarily parallel to one another, or your ears are at different levels . To adjust, gently bend the hinge in the direction that will fix the misalignment.

How To Prevent Glasses From Hurting Your Ears

If your glasses hurt or rub behind your ears, then the sides will need to be adjusted. Your optician will use specific tools to measure and adjust the length and curvature of the sides so that they fit comfortably to the shape and size of your head and ears. Again, its best to leave this part to a professional as you could end up bending your frames out of shape.

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Summary: How Can I Adjust My Glasses Nose Pads

One of the prime goals of wearing glasses, aside from seeing better out of them, is comfort. If your glasses are too heavy on your nose or cause any pinching, then youll want to adjust the nose padsor in some cases, purchase new eyewear.

Once you know how to adjust the nose pads on glasses, finding the right fit can be easy. Simply move the position of the nose pads with your fingers. Try on the glasses after adjusting the nose pads, and see how they fit. If they feel more comfortable and less heavy, youre good to go.

Otherwise, it may be a good idea to go into your local optometrists office for an adjustment. Whichever option you choose, were here with any help or guidance you may need.

How To Adjust Acetate Glasses

Adjust your glasses

Are your acetate glasses too tight, too loose, or crooked?

Glasses that are too loose are prone to sliding down your face, whereas glasses that are too tight may cause discomfort and headaches. Crooked glasses dont sit quite right and might look uneven.

If youre experiencing any of these issues, adjusting your glasses should help you feel more comfortable. Luckily, you can learn how to adjust your glasses at home.

For a visual walkthrough, check out our video below.

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How To Adjust Tight Or Loose Temples

If the temples seem straight but feel too tight or too loose, you can also adjust them by bending them upward or downward. For temples too tight at your ears, bend the end of the temples slightly upward. Most temples should bend at about a 45-degree angle just behind the ear. If the bend starts before the ear, the temples will need to be loosened.

For loose temples, hold them at the bend and pull the temples downward. Plan to try your glasses on a few times while you make adjustments. This may take some trial and error, so be careful not to bend your temples too much and risk a break.

How To Adjust Metal Frame Glasses

Adjusting plastic frame glasses is more difficult than metal frames, but its still possible to do this at home with an additional step.

To adjust metal frames:

  • Before you begin the adjustment, youll need to warm your glasses using hot water or a hairdryer for about 30 seconds to two minutes.
  • Once warm and pliable, gently bend your glasses as needed.
  • Wait until they cool and try them on.
  • If additional adjustments are needed, reheat them and readjust.

You should never try to bend plastic glasses without heating them first because the plastic is brittle and will snap. If you have doubts that warming the plastic wont be effective, take your glasses to an optician for adjustments.

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Question #: Do My Glasses Leave A Mark On My Nose

If you have red marks on the bridge of your nose after you take off your glasses, it means your glasses are either too tight, bent, or crookedand your vision will be affected.

Your optician can make adjustments to fix this problem, says Zielenkievicz.

Frames made from metal typically have nose pads, while plastic ones do not. With metal frames, the glasses may slide down your nose when the nose pads are spread out too wide, she says. This problem can easily be fixed with a visit to your local Americas Best.

Tips For Keeping Your Glasses From Fogging

How To Fix Glasses Loose and Slipping Or Glasses Too Tight!

Trying to navigate how to exercise or wear a protective mask with your glasses or sunglasses? Here are some tips to help you stop the fog:

  • Rub a tiny drop of liquid soap on the inside of your lenses. Rinse quickly and air dry.
  • Apply a dollop of shaving cream to your lenses and wipe off with a clean cloth.
  • If DIY methods arent cutting it, try an anti-fog spray like the ones swimmers use.
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    An Optician Knows How To Adjust Glasses Best

    There are some glasses typeslike semi-rimless stylesthat can be more challenging to adjust than others or apt to break more easily. You can also scratch, damage, or break your lenses and frames while trying to adjust your glasses.

    Thats why our parting piece of advice is to always see an optician, if possible, when your glasses are causing you discomfort. Many of them will adjust your glasses for free!

    Adjusting Crooked Acetate Frames

    What if your glasses feel uneven on your face? Good news: Hot water can also be used to adjust crooked frames.

    1. Check for crooked frames

    Look in a mirror to determine if one side of your glasses is too high or too low.

    2. Soak and test your frames

    Soak the temple corner that looks or feels uneven in the hot water for 30 seconds. Remember to keep your lenses out of the water.

    Remove the frames from the water and test their temperature carefully with your finger tip.

    3. Adjust glasses at the temple corner

    Hold the glasses face-up with the lenses facing you. Wrap one hand around the center of the frame to support your glasses.

    Place your thumb on top and your pointer finger below the heated temple corner. From there, you can adjust the temple up or down.

    If the side youre adjusting sits too low on your face, gently bend the temple corner down by pushing downward with your thumb and anchoring with your pointer finger.

    If the side youre adjusting sits too high, bend the corner up by pushing upward with your pointer finger, anchoring with your thumb.

    4. Cool and test your glasses

    After allowing your glasses to cool, you can try them on and see how they fit. Look in a mirror to see if they appear even.

    Even if your glasses seem level on a flat surface, they might look uneven when youre wearing them.

    Repeat these steps until the glasses rest evenly on your face.

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    How Do I Adjust My Glasses

    Before making any adjustments on your own, take a moment to see how your glasses fit, so you have a better idea of what needs to be done. Look straight into a mirror and see which temple is out of place or how the nose pads are affecting the position of the glasses on your face.

    The State University of New York College of Optometry recommends that the top of the rim should not be above the eyebrow. It shouldnt rest too low, either, in part so the frames look good, but primarily so that the eyes are centered behind the lenses.

    Once you have a good idea of how your glasses should look, you can set about to make some minor repairs at home.

    Wire Frame Vs Plastic Frame Glasses

    6 struggles you only know if you wear glasses

    Both wire frame and plastic frame glasses can be safely adjusted at home. The main difference between the two, in terms of adjusting, is the type of nose piece. Most plastic frame glasses dont include separate nose pieces, while most wire frame glasses do.

    If you dont have separate nose pieces, youll need to make all your adjustments using the arms of the glasses. Wire frame glasses allow you to adjust the nose pieces individually, which can solve some pinching or slipping issues without bending the arms at all.

    Always adjust your glasses slowly. Both metal and plastic frames can be compromised if you grip them too aggressively with tools or bend them too far. Minor adjustments are best to avoid permanent damage.


    Why Do My Glasses Keep Slipping

    Prescription eyeglasses, safety glasses and sunglasses all have either plastic or wire frames that are adjustable. If your glasses are slipping, they are either too large or adjusted too loosely. Inspect the arms and nose pieces to see if you can push them inward. If this doesnt work, its time to order a smaller pair.

    Can I Adjust Metal Frame Glasses?

    Metal eyeglass frames are just as easy to adjust. You typically dont need to run these frames under hot water to adjust them, but can simply hold them and carefully bend the arms in the direction you need. Some thick metal frames may be easier to adjust with padded pliers, but use care to avoid leaving marks on your glasses.

    Why Do My Glasses Hurt My Face?

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    What Causes Glasses To Warp Over Time

    Generally, all glasses will change their shape a little over time. After all, most of us put on and remove our glasses multiple times a day. This movement and pressure on the spectacle arms often leads to them loosening a little. This is an ordinary part of everyday use and can usually be easily remedied at home. When this happens, you simply try out the manual adjustments as listed above. However, if something drastic has happened to your glasses for example, theyve been dropped or sat on and twisted drastically out of shape, youll probably want to seek out a professional to see if they can be saved, or if youll need to purchase a replacement.

    Why Proper Fitting Glasses Are So Important

    Properly fitted glasses are essential to making sure youre looking through the optical center of each lens, says San Diego-based ophthalmologist Angelique Pillar, MD. If there is a mismatch between the optical center of the glasses and your focus, you can have significantly blurred vision or eye fatigue that can lead to headaches.

    In addition to optimizing your prescription, other reasons why a proper fit is essential include:

    • Comfort: Glasses that are too tight can cause headaches or nose pain.
    • Safety: Glasses that can slip off easily can be distraction or prevent you from being able to see clearly until they are put back in place.
    • Appearance: Poorly fitting glasses dont look professional and can affect how youre perceived by others and how you see yourself.

    One way to help ensure proper fitting glasses at the outset is to turn to trained eyewear professionals who can provide proper measurements and guidance to ensure the frames you choose are the proper size and fit.

    Buying glasses online has become more common, according to the Vision Council, which reported in 2020 that about 14 percent of eyeglass sales in the United States were made online. However, a British study found consumers preferred glasses purchased through an optometry practice rather than those purchased online. Poor fit was highlighted as one of the main reasons for this discrepancy.

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    How To Adjust Frame Height Metal

    If your metal frames arent quite at the height you want them to be, your nose pads are probably too wide.

    1. Hold the metal part of the temple

    2. Pinch one nose pad arm between your thumb and finger or use some needle nose pliers

    3. Do the same again on the other side of the pair

    4. The closer the pads are pushed together the higher your glasses will sit

    5. You can reverse this and make your pair lower by pushing the nose pads apart

    How To Adjust A Childs Glasses

    How to Adjust Plastic Sunglass Frames that are too tight or loose – Oakley Holbrook’s

    A childs glasses can be adjusted in the same way as an adult pair of glasses. You want to make them snug, so they will stay on during a childs activities, but not so tight that they hurt. Moving the head from side to side and up and down should give you an idea of whether the glasses are a good fit. If there is some movement, the temples or nose pads may need to be tightened.

    You should also be aware that the main reason a pair of glasses may no longer fit properly is that your child has outgrown them. The frames should be about the width of your childs face and the temples should stick straight back over the ears. If the temples bow outward or if the frames dont cover the widest part of your childs face, it may be time for new glasses.

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    S To Adjust Glasses Height With Metal Frames

    If your metal eyeglasses frames are sitting lower on your nose than desired, it might be that the nose pads are wide.

    Metal frames can be raised by gently closing the nose pads together with your thumb and forefinger. Use gentle, steady pressure and only move each pad a millimetre at a time, trying the frame on again between each adjustment.

    1. Grab the metal part of the temple .

    2. Gently pinch one nose pad arm between your thumb and forefinger. Alternatively, you can use a needle-nose plier for adjustment.

    3. Repeat on the other side to effectively bring the nose pads closer together.

    4. The closer these pads are together, the higher the frames will sit.

    5. If your metal frames are sitting too high on your nose, lower them by slightly pushing the nose pads apart.

    6. The bridge should sit above the skin of your nose and just touch when you wrinkle your nose.

    Your local optician has special pliers designed specifically for adjusting nose pad arms you may wish to consult them for nose pad arm adjustments.

    If you have a flat nose bridge, you will want the nose pad arms quite far away from the frames. Use a rocking motion to first pull the top of the pad arm farther from the frame front, then the bottom. You can check that the pad arms are the same distance from the frame by viewing them directly from the top and bottom.

    About Dr Holly Vaught Od

    Dr. Holly J. Vaught, is the eye doctor at Vaught Family Eye Care in Franklin, Indiana, where she provides comprehensive services for patients of all ages. In 2009, she graduated with honors from Indiana University School of Optometry. Her training includes the areas of diagnosis and treatment of common ocular diseases, primary care, contact lenses, and pre- and post-op care for refractive and cataract surgeries. Dr. Vaught is a member in good standing of the American Optometric Association, the Indiana Optometric Association, and Women of Vision.

    Disclaimer:® is not liable for damage that occurs while adjusting your glasses or readers at home.

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    How Can I Keep My Glasses From Sliding Down My Nose

    The following tips can help your glasses fit perfectly:

    • Making your glasses a tighter fit will prevent them from sliding down your nose.
    • Clean your face and glasses to remove any dirt or sweat. This can stop them from sliding down your face.
    • Keep a cleaning kit handy. Use our Feel Good Cleaning Kit it contains all cleaning essentials for your glasses, and it fits perfectly in your bag.

    We highly advise that you visit an optician and ask them to adjust your prescription glasses for you. If you go to your regular optician, they will usually do this for free, or for a very small fee. If for any reason you cannot reach your optician, here is our short guide on how to adjust your glasses yourself.

    Other Information About Adjusting Eyeglasses

    Glasses too tight = angry

    If your frames still do not fit even after multiple adjustments, it may be time to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses.

    Even if your glasses can be adjusted to fit, you may want to consider a new pair of glasses as some metals used in modern eyeglass frames are more resistant to deforming than older more pliable metals.

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