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Name Brand Sunglasses For Women

Randolph Thaden: Best Sunglasses For Small Faces

TOP 5 PRADA Women’s Sunglasses! | SportRx

Another highly covetable pair of sunnies from industry experts, Randolph, the Thaden sunglasses are ideal for those of you with small faces thanks to their compact design.

Its easy to overwhelm small features with a pair of chunky and oversized shades. But the bug-eyed look is never good, trust us. Instead, opt for these Thaden shades, named after Louise Thaden, winner of the first Womens Air Derby. Take inspiration from Louises determination and daring-do every time you don these sleek and sophisticated aviators.

While their shape is a classic teardrop, these trendy sunglasses feature a unique angular twist at the corners of the frames, a subtle detail that adds to their effortless allure. Nose pads offer optimum comfort while AGX lenses reduce eye fatigue.

These Randolph ThadenSunglasses have the perfect proportion for anyone who finds standard sunglasses too clunky and overpowering.

Best for: Polished prettiness for women with petite faces. Frame material: 23k gold, 22k satin chocolate goldProtection: 100% UVA/UVB protectionPolarised: Yes

Best Sunglasses Brands You Should Know

| BY Rose Schleicher

Sunglasses may just be the most important accessory you can own. Not only because they shield some of our most valuable assets from harsh UV rays, but also because they complete almost every outfit. Whether youre after a unique statement piece or a trendy retro design, theres a frame for every face. As far as fashionable eyewear goes, weve rounded up the labels that merge the best of quality with the coolest designs. If youre looking to give your eyes the stylish protection they deserve, here are the best sunglasses brands to know.

Westward Leaning: Best Celebrity

When picking a new accessory, it helps if the ITcrowd has already given their seal of approval. And Westward Leaning is a hit among the worlds rich and famous. The brands fashion sunglasses have been spotted on the likes of Gigi Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, and Reese Witherspoon. In other words, anyone whos anyone.

Our favourite pair are the Moore 06, designed in collaboration with socialite and influencer Olivia Palermo, with unique temple tip plaques and a case and cleaning cloth designed by Olivia too. As one of the worlds best-dressed women, we can definitely trust her opinion when it comes to supremely stylish sunnies.

Like all Westward Leaning Sunglasses, the Moore 06s are made with meticulous attention to detail in Japan and feature shatterproof lenses that offer 100% UV protection. High-quality hinges mean no unexpected breakages at inopportune moments.

Best for: Taking your lead from the very best in A-lister style. Frame material: AcetateProtection: 100% UV protectionPolarised: No

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What To Look For When Buying Sunglasses

Sunglasses should be practical and protect your eyes from UV rays and damage. If they look fantastic as well, that’s a bonus. As such, the first thing to look for is that they do filter out 100% of UV light. Ideally, the bigger, the better as well, because it prevents more rays from getting to your eyes and skin. Polarisation helps to cut down on glare but isn’t essential unless you spend a lot of time outdoors or on the water. Lastly, when it does come to style, you’ll want to choose a pair that suits your face shape and complements your aesthetic.

Le Specs: Best Round Womens Sunglasses


Some items are considered mandatory additions to a womans wardrobe. Blue jeans, for example, or a little black dress. Another closet essential? A pair of timeless black sunglasses.

Le Specs is an Australian label that combines the best of Swedish and New York street style. The vibe is very cosmopolitan, as evidenced in these so-called Equinoctial shades. Made from lightweight acetate for easy breezy wear, the round frames are particularly flattering for those with square or heart-shaped faces, downplaying sharp lines and angles.

Wear these Le Specs sunnies with your favourite slouchy weekend get-up, whether thats boyfriend jeans and a sweater or a midi skirt and a baggy t-shirt.

Best for: Captivating curves for angular faces. Frame material: AcetateProtection: 100% UV protectionPolarised: No

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Bottega Veneta: Best Luxury Womens Sunglasses

A premium price tag doesnt always translate to impeccable style and quality, but in the case of these Bottega Veneta shades, it definitely does.

These designer sunglasses are made from glossy black acetate with a delectable gleam. Check out the polished gold hardware at the temples. The black-and-gold combo is timeless. Youcould be wearing these in fifty years time and theyd still be considered the apex of style.

We also love the classic shape of these Bottega Veneta shades. Somehow round and square simultaneously, they would suit basically all face shapes. And while theyre definitely not cheap, at least the higher price tag will mean youre less likely to break themright?

Best for: The ultimate treat for the eyes. Frame material: AcetateProtection: 100% UV protectionPolarised: No

How Will I Know If My Sunglasses Fit

Personally, I tend to just go with the flow, and many people do. But if you want to get that perfect fit, then you need to measure the width of your face in millimeters. Sunglasses, whether in-store or online, list their width. Find a pair that matches yours or is just a couple millimeters larger. You can go more in depth with this guide from Ray-Ban.

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Gucci: Best Square Womens Sunglasses

Blessed with a round or oval face? Why not accentuate your angles and contours with a pair of square sunglasses like these ones by Gucci?

Gucci is known for its playful and eclectic approach to eyewear but these designer sunglasses are imaginative without being outrageous. The Havana-brown tortoiseshell frames are perfect for sultry August eveningsespecially with a white sundress. And the square shape, as we said, is ideal for those with round faces looking for definition.

These Gucci shades are made from acetatestrong and flexibleand feature a GG monogram on the arms in gleaming gold. Dreaming of warmer days? We bet that your summertime fantasies now feature these Gucci sunglasses.

Best for: Face-defining frames from these masters of fashion. Frame material: AcetateProtection: 100% UVA/UVB protection, Lens category 2Polarised: No

How Do I Choose Womens Sunglasses

MY NEW PRADA SUNGLASSES I Reviewing the brand I First pair of designer sunglasses …

You need to make sure that you get sunglasses that flatter your face shape. Think about the widest point of your face. Itâs usually measured from the cheekbones, then gradually narrows down to your jaw. If youâre not sure about this, you can consult your local sunglasses shop.

And while were on the topic of sunglasses, why dont you check out our best polarized sunglasses for men? These glasses are made for almost any occasion, whether its a date, an out, or even a family vacation!

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Gentle Monster: Best Oval Sunglasses For Women

These cool sunglasses by Gentle Monster feature tinted lenses and 100% UV protection so you neednt fear even the brightest summer day. The frames are oval-shaped, offering an incredibly flattering profile for faces with pronounced angles and contours.

Gentle Monster is a South Korean brand that has created quite a splash in the eyewear scene with its boundary-pushing designs, immersive store experience, and prices that are substantial but not extortionate. And while many of the labels designs are highly experimental, they also deliver understated creations with universal appealas these sunnies show.

Word of warning? These unisex Gentle Monster sunglasses are a prime target for theft by your significant other.

Best for: Sunnies that will be always and forever on-trend.Frame material: AcetateProtection: 100% UV protectionPolarised: No

Chimi: Best Dark Sunglasses For Women

Colourful sunglasses may catch peoples eye but if you prefer your vibe to be a bit more enigmatic and inscrutable, you need a pair of dark shades like these ones by Chimi.

The aptly named 101s are the perfect every day, all-day wear. Thats not to say these Chimi sunglasses are basic. The Swedish brand is known for its laidback and selfie-optimised sunglasses styles and these ones are no different. Wed bet money that your friends are going to want a pair too.

With their modest frames that manage to be both square and round at the same time, the 101s are incredibly complementary on nearly all face shapes and offer a pared-back geek-chic aesthetic that we really dig.

These Chimi sunglasses have been handcrafted from black acetate and feature gradient black lenses with UV400 Protection as well as ultra-durable hinges that can withstand wear and tear.

Best for: Understated elegance with enhanced durability. Frame material: AcetateProtection:  100% UV  Protection, Lens category 3Polarised: No

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Tomahawk Neuralyzers: Best Womens Sunglasses To Travel

When travelling, you want a pair of stylish yet inexpensive and durable sunglasses that can survive a trip to the beach in your bag. You also want glasses that will keep you safe from UV rays. Meet the Tomahawk Neuralyzersdefinitely the best sunglasses to travel with.

The Neuralyzers are a contemporary take on the classic wayfarer style with that distinct trapezoidal shape that we all know and love. We can imagine wearing these pretty much everywhere, whether its at the beach with a gorgeous sun hat, for a city trip next to your designer work bag, or on a terrace on a summer evening, sipping cocktails.

The frames of these Tomahawk Neuralyzers are injection mouldedlightweight and strong. The smoke lenses minimise blinding brightness and are also FDA-approved. Plus, theyre impact-resistant so will survive the occasional bash. Finally, UV400 protection means your eyes have nothing to worry about.

Best for: Travel sunglasses that can take a beating.Frame material: Injected mouldedProtection: 100% UV protectionPolarised: No

Warby Parker: Best Prescription Sunglasses For Women

SUMONDY Name Brand Retro Designer Sunglasses Women High Quality Upscale ...

Prescription sunglasses neednt be purely practical. With these Ryland sunglasses by Warby Parker, you can get the lenses that suit your needs and some flattering and high-impact frames to boot.

Warby Parker makes quality and stylish prescription eyewear at an accessible price. These Ryland shades are a case in point. Theyre exceptionally wearable and constructed from hand-polished cellulose acetatea material made from wood pulp and considered a natural plastic. The screws have been Akulon-coated for enhanced durability.

The prescription lenses are made from polycarbonatethe premium choice for shades thanks to its impact-resistant qualities. The lenses also block 100% of UV rays . Plus, theyre scratch-resistantso you can stare out from behind these gorgeous Warby Parker shades for many years to come.

Best for: Durable engineering and dependable style.Frame material: AcetaneProtection: 100% UV protectionPolarised: No

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How To Choose Best Sunglasses Brands For Women

Choosing sunglasses brands for women is definitely not an easy feat. But to make our life easier, weâve determined some criteria to consider. For the record, you can also use these parameters to determine your own best womens sunglasses brand. With that being said, lets first talk about which styles are suitable for certain face shapes.

Best Sunglasses Brands For Women

  • 13 Best Sunglasses Brands for
  • You have no idea how a good pair of sunglasses can elevate your overall appearance and confidence. When we talk about sunglasses brands for women, we need to think of glasses as a superpowered tool. They should allow you to secretly peek at other people while enjoying your morning espresso at an outdoor cafe. They should be able to cover your panda eyes after struggling with the deadline last night!

    There are literally hundreds of good sunglasses brands for women out there. All of them offer a seemingly endless selection of colors and styles. You can almost get anything you want, from Top Gun-inspired aviators to gorgeous retro-style glasses.

    So, itâs natural that youâre a little overwhelmed when you have to choose the best brand for womens sunglasses. And thats exactly why were here! Weve rounded up some of the best womens sunglasses brands with a variety of looks. Weve got trendy cat-eyes, smart D-frames, iconic aviators, and more. Are you ready? Lets check out our review below!

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    Get The Celeb Look With Women’s Designer Sunglasses

    Cheap sunglasses break easily, don’t last long, and often don’t protect your eyes properly. That’s why it’s worth picking up a pair of women’s designer sunglasses. Built to last, these fabulous lenses will help you make a powerful statement, and you can find a signature pair of women’s sunglasses on eBay.

    How to choose women’s designer sunglasses for your face

    Sunglasses should work harmoniously with the shape of your face. Take a good, long look at yourself in the mirror, and let your reflection guide your choice.

    • If you have a square face, avoid sunglasses with sharp angles. Instead, rounder lenses will help soften your face. They don’t need to be perfectly circular – these could look dated before long – but avoid square lenses.
    • Conversely, the most flattering women’s sunglasses for round faces are square. They sharpen your features, while circular lenses can make you look rounder than you really are.
    • A heart-shaped face looks good with smaller lenses or cat’s eye sunglasses. This will balance your broader forehead with your narrower chin.
    • Finally, if you have an oval face, you should be able to pull off just about any style that you like. Just make sure the sunglasses are the right width for your face. If they’re too wide, you’ll look unbalanced.

    Designer sunglasses to stop you from squintingWhich designer sunglasses won’t go out of style?How can you take care of your designer sunglasses?

    What Quality Sunglasses Should I Look For

    Best Women’s Sunglasses | SportRx

    Well, there are a few things you need to consider. First of all, cost shouldnât be a factor. It doesnt matter if its expensive or cheap as long as it feels good on your face and eyes, take it. Next, color doesnt really matter, and darker lenses dont mean better protection. Lastly, get sunglasses with polarized lenses as theyâll protect you from harmful UV rays.

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    Celine: Best Mirrored Sunglasses For Women

    Not only do mirrored sunglasses remove the glare from water, making them ideal for your next beach holiday, but they also mean no one can see you people watching. Just two of the reasons why we love Celines mirrored aviator sunglasses.

    Celine is known for its luxurious and inventive reinterpretations of everyday basics and the brand has used the same magic to elevate the traditional aviator silhouette to something extra special. Take the sloping curve of the frame, for example, offering a come-hither kind of charisma. Then theres the coordinating top bar for a bit of contemporary edge. Adjustable nose pads ensure lasting comfort throughout the day.

    We can imagine wearing these Celine sunnies with a turtle-neck wool sweater in a complementary shade of pale pink or blue. Or what about with just a bikini and a spritz of perfume?

    Best for: Beachtime chic and covert people-watching. Frame material: MetalProtection: UVA/UVB protectionPolarised: No

    Versace: Best Oversized Womens Sunglasses

    Nothing says glamourpuss like a pair of oversized sunglasses. And our top pick has to be this Versace tortoiseshell pair. With these on our face, were convinced wed win a table at the most overbooked and exclusive restaurant in town without even having to ask.

    With their square frames, these trendy sunglasses would complement round faces in particular, helping to add definition and sharpen up curves. The frames are made in Italy from tortoiseshell acetate, offering warmth and glow thats perfect for balmy summer nights.

    These Versace sunglasses feature the brands instantly recognisable Medusa logo and Greca motif along the armsso anyone nearby will know that you have excellent taste.

    Best for: Themystery and magnetism that only oversized sunglasses can confer.Frame material: AcetateProtection: 100% UV protectionPolarised: No

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    How Long Should Sunglasses Last

    The general recommendation is to switch your sunglasses out every two years because the protective UV coating degrades over time. If you wear yours very frequently, it may be better to switch them out before two years.

    Here’s the thing: you don’t have to throw them away completely. You can keep the frames and switch the lenses, the part with the essential UV protective coating.

    Aur: Best Cat Eye Sunglasses

    SWOKENCE Fashion Triangle Cat Eye Sunglasses Women Name Brand Stars ...

    The cat-eye trend is going nowhere and were not complaining. The shape is universally flattering and we love the vintage vibe too.

    Nail that 90s brand of cool with these elongated cat-eye frames by Auór, named Paloma, which means dove and peace. Does this mean that donning these shades will allow us to enjoy a more positive perspective of the world? We like to think so.

    Auór sunglasses are designed in Australia and handcrafted in Italy using solely European materialsincluding eco-friendly cellulose acetate. The independent eyewear brand combines classic style with slow fashion principlessuch as a transparent supply chainto deliver creative and ethical designs. With limited runs of each frame, you can enjoy knowing youre one of a select few with these Auór Paloma sunglasses.

    Best for: Iconic and ethical sunnies with kittenish cool. Frame material: AcetateProtection: 100% UV protection, Lens category 3Polarised: Yes 

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    Theraspecs: Best Sunglasses For Sensitive Eyes

    Designed for those with light sensitivity, photophobia, or who struggle with fluorescent lights, TheraSpecs lenses are precision-tinted. This means they block out blue light, which is thought to be the trigger for migrainesin some people, as well as worsening the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome, brain injury, and other conditions.

    These sunglasses are also polarized, minimising glare, making your vision sharper and clearer, reducing eye fatigue, and increasing comfort. Unsurprisingly, theyre also 100% UVA/UVB blocking so you can wear them in even the brightest midday sun.

    And TheraSpecs hasnt compromised on the cool-factor either. The elegant tortoiseshell frame features a very subtle cat-eye flick in the corners. All that at a price thats more than reasonable.

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