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New Style Glasses For Men

Bold Colors Never Fail To Get Noticed

Best Men’s Eyeglasses: Our Picks of 2022! | SportRx
It’s hard for men but if anyone refuses to stop wearing black, there’s a great line up of bold colored frames.

Men often play safe with blacks and browns and overlook other colors. A little update with colors won’t look overpowering at all . Make a contemporary style statement with bold colored frames. Understand your skin tone and go for colors that make you stand out from the crowd.

Flattering color palette

Warm red shades / Pop of purple / Rich green hues / Tortoiseshell variations / Unconventional teal blue / Bright shades of orange

Stylish Mens Glasses: Top 14 Types Of Frames In Fashion For 2022

If you’re looking at choosing stylish men’s glasses like trying on suits, picking out the perfect pair of frames and glasses can be fun, but sometimes the selection process can become overwhelming.

We’ve made a list of the most popular frame shapes and materials you’ll find in men’s glasses to make it easier. Considering these options should help you decide how glasses styles for men can fit with your overall look:

Our designers work tirelessly to refresh and reinvent classic fashion forward men’s glasses styles to give you the power to level up your style and attitude with everything from round frames to funky colors to classic aviators.

Professional, stylish, geeky, vintage, or funky you can achieve any of these looks by changing your style of glasses.

Are you looking for an easy way to bring your entire look up to date without buying a whole new wardrobe? Keep reading to find out how to hit refresh on your signature style by choosing from the most popular men’s eyeglass frames.

Oakley: Stays Put During Sweaty Workouts


Why its great: A bestselling from the brand known for performance sunglasses, Oakleys Gascan frames have been tested and retested under extreme conditions to ensure they stay put on the bridge of your nose and temples without pressing too hard. You can customize the lenses, including adding polarization and prescription features. Key criticism: These glasses tend to run on the small side. Other options: Our top picks include the Half Jacket 2.0 and the Straightlink.

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Minimal Frames: The Simpler The Better

After experiencing freedom in fashion with oversized trends and mixed patterns, its time to go back to our roots and embrace the beauty in simple things.

2022 is going to be all about keeping it simple and when we think of simple, we think of delicate metal frames with flashy and juicy tones.

Defined by simple designs and sleek shapes, these glasses are both minimal and gorgeous. If you dont like trends that are so in your face, then this one right here is for you. Dont miss out on the amazing collection of metallic glasses in mens eyewear trends for 2022.

What Are Popular Mens Glasses

2021 New Style Rimless Sunglasses For Men Luxury Vintage Sunglasses ...

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to how they look and its no different for eyeglasses.

So with so many different frames, colours, styles, filters, protective coatings for mens glasses, how do you choose the right pair for you and always be in fashion?

Lets start with fashionable but simple Clear glasses frames, break from the bold colours and give off a hip vibe with translucent eyeglasses. Clear frames can be the classic clear frame or transparent colours, like Arise Collective mens glasses in various translucent frames and styles. Clear frames are trendy and cool and can fit most skin tones and outfits.

Retro style glasses like Ray-Ban Clubmasters are a popular choice, wide enough to cover all points of vision, non-slip temples and adjustable nose pads that assure a comfortable fit. A pair of high-end Clubmaster glasses are available in so many different colours, even the Ray-Ban Clubmaster in Matte Black. Youll fit right in with all the Mad Men fans.

Round frames are another popular style that many have rocked, like the iconic John Lennon. Try on a stylish pair of round mens glasses frames with the SmatBuyGlasses virtual try-on tool and convince yourself that these are the pair for you.

Or maybe you are tired of using full-rimmed frames and want to revamp your look. Then check out mens rimless glasses with strong metal arms and adjustable nose pads, to ensure the best eye comfort after a long day at work.

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Stylish Men’s Glasses Are More Accessible Than Ever

It’s never been easier to find men’s glasses styles that fit your personality and way of life. Technical improvements have added new levels of comfort and durability, and when it comes to eyeglass styles, the sky’s the limit.

Think of your specs as your finishing touch, your most important accessory. After all, your glasses are the first thing people see when they look at your eyes.

Here are 10 trends in men’s glasses that can complete your look and get you noticed in the best way:

Consider Which Activities Youll Be Wearing Glasses For

The last thing to consider when selecting glasses is the type of activities youll typically be wearing them for.

If your glasses are only for time spent in front of a computer and driving at night, it wont really matter what you chooseso go for those fragile, high-end, dressy frames.

But, if you plan to wear your glasses on the move and all throughout the day, pick something lightweight and comfortable that will stay on your face and move with you.

For something durable and lightweight, I recommend acetate frames. Now go get some rock solid style inspiration from the 11 types of glasses I picked out for you below.

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Bold And Thick Rimmed Frames

Styles come and go, but bold black glasses frames for men will always be in style. Popular among students and teenagers, celebrities and athletes love them too. Did you know Lebron James wears thick-framed glasses?

With thick-rimmed glasses you will have that unique retro look. These bold square shape frames are sure to be fashionably noticeable wherever you go.Men’s thick glasses frames fit round and oval-shaped faces and are also the style to opt for bald men. The bold black bridge makes the eyes look farther apart, bringing definition to your face and eyes.

Mens Tortoise Shell Glasses

My Sunglasses Collection | Ray-Ban, Persol, Oliver Peoples | Best Sunglasses For Men

Tortoise shell is a truly timeless look.

Warm tones make it perfect for any kind of setting, for working or weekending.

Flecks of amber, black and brown have made it the most quintessential patterns since the 1930’s. Lately, its been trending in all kinds of cool variations, like matte tortoiseshell sunglasses or eyeglasses with a light lens tints for that added touch of style.

Check out these styles for 2022.

Double trouble

One of the more alternative eyeglass styles in 2022 will be two-tone frames featuring tortoiseshell.

In this example, this chap’s frame features differing opacities. A stylish round semi transluscent front and opaque tortoise temples give an impactful look.

A nice balance of modern and classic in one great pair of glasses.

Fine acetates doesn’t mean you have to play it safe. Even with thin full-rim eyeglasses, there’s plenty of opportunity to wear speckled patterns like tortoiseshell. For the ultimate traditional look, walnut shaped glasses are an absolute fail safe.

Less common but oh so stylish are the classic Windsor rim eyeglasses style. These fine frames use an acetate sleeving around the metal rim for an added touch of colour. This type of frame was popularised by John Lennon and suits literally anyone who wears them. An authentic optical look if you like a traditional aesthetic.

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Vintage Gold & Metal Wire Frames

Nothing is more timeless than a pair of beautifully crafted metal glasses frames. Simple, elegant, and comfortable, metal frames will showcase your style without compromising function.

With metal frame glasses, fashion is a bit more straightforward. Acetate frames come in a wider variety of colors, shapes, and thicknesses, but don’t discount metal! There is a surprisingly large variety of metal-rimmed specs in our selection.

Men’s vintage eyewear fashion adds authenticity to an overall classic look by transforming a tried-and-true aesthetic into a timeless style.

Go for metal eyewear if you’re ready for a different and surprising way to see yourself. Dare to let go of the established acetate shapes & try on something different a barely-there look that’s so comfortable you won’t know you’re wearing them!

Clubmaster Browline Glasses Frames

This classic style of half-rim eyeglasses frames fits right into the recent hipster movement, but they draw inspiration from the 1960s the era of “Mad Men” and Buddy Holly.

These classic half rim glasses were famous men’s eyewear back then, and nowadays men’s browline style is back with a purpose.

Browline glasses are the go-to accessory for a geek hipster look but they are also suitable as business eyeglasses. They mimic how eyebrows frame the face with a heavier top piece and offer a hip vibe to almost any personal eyeglasses style.

This kind of eyewear fits a narrow face well by adding fullness with a heavy horizontal line and decreasing length by interrupting the vertical line. This style of bolder glasses frames will help draw attention to the eyes, so they’ll also help minimize a weak chin. Here you can find eyeglasses that fit a narrow face type.

To accomplish a modern-vintage look, opt for exaggerated, oversized frame styles. With their thick rims and double bridges, wayfarers and aviators shout retro frame shapes. Inspired by the iconic looks of the 1950s and 60s, vintage eyeglasses include the browline trend.

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The 20 Best Eyeglasses For Men To Buy In 2022

If youre in the market for an accessory that instantly makes you appear smarter, more sophisticated, and even stylish, look no further than a solid pair of eyeglasses. Whether youre channeling an unsuspectingly dashing Clark Kent or a more eccentric Harry Styles, optical lenses have the sartorial power to affect both the way you see the world and the way the world sees you. Weve seen eyeglasses from eyewear institutions like Ray-Ban, Persol, and Moscot, all the way to fashions top tastemakers like Tom Ford and Gucci.

No need for traditional optical frames? As our day-to-day shifts to a primarily digital interface, blue light blocking glasses are on the rise. The key takeaway: more screen time, and more strain on your eyes. Your ophthalmologist may suggest investing in a pair to improve eye comfort and achieve better sleep.

Dont worry if its your first time buying eyeglasses, we suggest that you stick to a tried and true, authentic brand and a classic style that you feel confident in. Here are 20 of the best eyeglasses for men, categorized in four universally flattering shapes that are guaranteed to boost your vision and your personal style game.

Vint & York The Eyewear Guide: The Best Men’s Eyeglasses Of 2022

2020 New Fashion Business Men TR90 Frame Anti

If you’re wondering what’s new, popular and trending in men’s eyeglasses frames styles, you’re in the right place. Beyond the trends, we know that the best in a stylish pair of men’s specs will look good and fit with your budget and your lifestyle.

So whether you’re a trend lover or a traditionalist or somewhere in between we’ve got you covered with over 14 styles to wear.

We’ve put together all the spec looks men can rock, so read on and let us guide you through the many options men have for looking fresh and fabulous while seeing the world more clearly.

All these top-rated popular bad boys are available with prescription single-vision lenses or progressive bifocal lenses and in the form of reading glassesor non-prescription fashion accessories. You can also add a blue light filter for maximum protection in front of the screen.

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Mens Fashion Eyeglasses Faqs

What types of glasses are in fashion?

Your glasses will be the first thing people see when they look into your eyes, so you should look at them as the finishing touch to your own personal style. There are a number of mens fashion eyeglasses that might work for you. Some of them include but may not be limited to:

  • Basic black horn rims.
  • Retro-style round frames.
  • Boxy wire frames.

Feel free to look at what we have at Marvel Optics, so you can find a pair of mens eyeglasses for fashion thats right for you.

How do I find the right glasses for my face?

Most likely youll have one of the following face shapes:

Take a close look at your facial features, and pick a frame that works well with them. If you have an oval-shaped shape, you should stay away from narrow frames. And you should avoid ones that have any heavy design elements. Angular frames work well for both round and square faces, because they can make the proportions a little more even. Round or ovular frames work best for heart-shaped faces, especially if theyre thin and light in color. And if you have a diamond-shaped face, you should choose frames that are rimless or have an oval shape.

How can I look better with glasses?

What’s in style for men’s eyeglasses?

There are several types of mens eyeglasses that fit with todays trends. Some of them include, but may not be limited to:

  • Boxy wire frames.
  • Whimsical arm frames.

Should glasses cover my eyebrows?

Best Sunglasses For Men: Cool Styles To Upgrade Your Look In 2022

This summers mens sunglasses styles and trends are a versatile bunch that is likely to turn quite a few heads. The cool shades on the market can upgrade any guys look, giving him some serious style points.

Like most guys, you probably have one or two pairs of classic wayfarers lying around already. But summer is the perfect time to up your game with some new, fresh, bold frames!

In this top 10+ list of the hottest sunglasses, Vint & York will show you how to pull off the best sunglasses styles for men in 2022. Time to turn your new specs into an essential backbone piece of your wardrobe!

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Classic Square Eyeglasses Frames

Classic eyeglasses for mencome in timeless shapes and colors that we easily associate with the classic look that never goes out of style. These are some of the best glasses for men because they include minimalistic design elements and stick with neutral colors ranging between black, brown or gray.

The classic style glasses for men are suited for professional environments and attire, but you can easily pair them with a more formal look because they’re so clean in design.

Classy and cool, these square glasses designs are far from mundane and ever so stylish. They work for men who dont follow trends but find their own path.

Mens square or rectangular eyeglasses are an excellent fit for a classic yet hip look that flatters most faces. Choose a classic black frame for a refined look, or opt for bold colors to make a statement.The traditional vibe of rectangular eyeglass frames is a look that stays in fashion season after season, flatters almost anyone, and remains stylish year in and year out.

Persol: Classic Italian Beauty

Best Oakley Eyeglasses for Men of 2021| SportRx

Why its great: Persol sunglasses are pricey but deliver a lot of Italian craftsmanship. The 714 framesthe same that Steve McQueen regularly worestand out for being the first-ever folding glasses model. The sunglasses have a pilot shape, keyhole bridge and collapsable bridge that allows you to fold them and put them in your pocket that technology requires ten additional manufacturing steps . Fashion stylist Lopez is a fan and also likes that pair come with a two-year warranty. Key criticism: The price point. Other options: For more classic styles, check out the 649 and PO3285S.

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Maui Jim: Highest Quality Lenses

Maui Jim

Why its great: A lot of brands offer polarized sunglasseswhich get rid of glare that washes out colors and fatigues your eyesbut Maui Jims are among the best for its specific technology. Theyre lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, including horizontal glare that reflects from any flat, smooth or shiny surface. Theres also a bi-gradient mirror applied to the top and bottom of the lens, which squints for you to reduce the brightest light from above and below, allowing your eyes to relax. Key criticism: The high quality lenses drive up the price. Other options: These sunglasses are available in four different frames and lens colors. We also like the Relaxation Mode and Kiawe styles.

Warby Parker: Customized Lenses

Why its great: Warby Parker simplifies the process of getting stylish prescription sunglasses, with their free Home Try-On option. The brand also gives backfor every pair purchased, it distributes a pair to someone in need. These frames have clean lines and a flat brow for modern look. Key criticism: Theprice increases with the more customization you add on . Other options: We also like the Haskell and Raider frames.

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Stylish Eyeglasses For Women

No matter what shape of face you have, theres a classic, timeless eyeglass style for you.

From cat-eye glasses that complement a round face, or ultra-thin rectangle frames that add angularity to a long face weve gathered everything from square faces and heart-shaped faces so you can choose your new favourite pair of glasses!

If you dont know where to start looking be sure to check out our complete guide on choosing eyewear styles first.

Once you know what type of glasses best suit your facial features it becomes easier to figure out which styles will compliment your overall appearance!

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