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Nick And Nora Martini Glasses

What Is A Nick And Nora Glass

50 Cocktails you NEED to know!

The Nick and Nora glass is a stemmed glass that is used for serving stirred or shaken cocktails. It can be used for pretty much any drink that would otherwise be served in a or coupe glass, though weve found that it most commonly sports spirit-forward drinks without citrusat least that seems to be the trend in recent years.

Drinks served in a Nick and Nora glass are considered up, and should never be served with ice . The stem prevents them from getting too warm in the drinkers hand, but they should always be chilled in the fridge or freezer before serving regardless.

The Nick and Nora glass takes its name from the main characters of The Thin Man, a 1934 comedy-mystery film about a retired detective who gets hired to find a missing man. The main characters, Nick and Nora Charles, sip cocktails out of these glasses throughout the film , and popularized the design as a result.

Today, Nick and Nora glasses serve as a throwback to the good old days, and are often used by craft cocktail bartenders to put a fun twist on classic and modern drinks alike.

Buy Nick and Nora Glasses

For many spirit-forward up cocktail recipes, a 5oz Nick and Nora glass are the perfect size . If youre looking to buy some Nick and Nora glasses for use in your home bar, we recommend a few varying styles from Amazon:

The Nick & Nora Glass

This cocktail glass is ideal for a wide range of cocktails. Steelite listed the glass under the name Little Martini in its catalog, but it quickly became known as the Nick and Nora because it was called DeGroffs for the coupe. Cocktails that call for a coupe glass because of its rounded, half-spherical shape can be served in this glass.

Cutting Board And Bar Knife Set

Youll need somewhere to slice garnishes, so keeping a mini cutting board handy on your bar cart will make it easy to prep any ingredients without needing to shift into the kitchen. A bar knife helps with fresh, perfectly sliced citrus wheels. We love the Jackson Cannon Bar Knife created by R. Murphy Knives and award-winning mixologist Jackson Cannon.

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Is A Dry Martini Just Vodka

Originally, the term dry vermouth was used to describe a Martini made with dry vermouth rather than sweet vermouth however, it has evolved to refer to a cocktail with a higher alcohol content. The best way to make a gin Martini is with a gin Martini made with Dolin dry vermouth and a London dry gin, but any type of gin from the south of France will work as well.

What Size Are Nick And Nora Glasses

Nick &  Nora Martini Glasses

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There is no definitive answer to this question, as the size of Nick and Nora glasses can vary depending on the specific style and manufacturer. However, most Nick and Nora glasses are designed to be relatively small and compact, making them ideal for use as cocktail glasses or for enjoying a small drink.

The shape of a glass, rather than that of a cocktail glass, is shaped like a wine glass, with an elongated stem and a bowl that curves slightly upward at the tip. Glass measures 6.125 inches in height and 3.375 inches in diameter. Nicks Nora Glass weighs 7 oz . Pro Details *Under Development* can now be upgraded. The dimensions are -6.625 16.8 cm 6 15.24 cm 2.5 6.35 cm. The meters are -4.825 17.3 cm 3.7 9.4 cm

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Nick And Nora Glasses

Perhaps best known for its retro look, the benefits of the Nick and Nora glass far exceed the style. The tighter bowl of the glass has straighter sides than traditional Martini glasses, allowing it to emphasize the aromas and enhance the flavor of the cocktail. Nick and Nora glasses also keep drinks colder longer and are less prone to spill versus wide-brimmed Martini glasses. Pop these glasses in the freezer for a couple of minutes before your pour for a truly impressive Martini. We recommend starting with a set of 4.

Dry Vermouth And Sweet Vermouth

A classic Martini usually calls for dry vermouth, but some variations use sweet vermouth instead. Beyond grape sort and sugar content, vermouth gathers its flavor profile from a proprietary blend of botanicals steeped into the base liquid hence, it complements the gin in a Martini. Vermouth is wine-based, so once its opened, it will need to be refrigerated. Once opened, this will live in your fridge rather than on your bar cart.

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Nick Nora Martini Glasses

Riedel Drink Specific Glassware Nick & Nora Glass

Cocktail Glasses – essentials and favorites

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The Nick & Nora glass is part of the latest revolutionary collection from RIEDEL Barware, named RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware. This glass was named after the characters in the timeless thriller The Thin Man, and ensures an effortless and chic sip, delivering the drink without forcing the tilt of the head. Presenting the RIEDEL Bar Drink Specific Glassware collection, an innovative series in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris. The new collection answers the need for cocktail-specific glassware with glasses like Neat, Rocks, Double Rocks, Fizz, Highball, Nick & Nora, and Sour, all perfected to cater to thousands of cocktails. Machine-made and dishwasher safe. This pack contains 2 pieces.

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Why Should You Use It

Dorman first remembers admiring Nick and Nora glasses at Julie Reiner’s classically cool cocktail bar, Clover Club, in Brooklyn, N.Y. Inspired by their retro look, she turned her eye to history to stock her own bar when she took the helm of Raines Law Room. “In the early days of Raines, we used all vintage glassware that the owners and I shopped flea markets for, both for the size of glasses and the aesthetic,” says Dorman. “Now, there is much more variety and availability of shapes like the Nick and Nora.”

Beyond their look, they’re worth picking up for your home bar for practical reasons, too, notes Dorman. “They are steadier than larger V-shaped martini glasses, so if you ever carry a tray full of cocktails, you’ll love a Nick and Nora!” she says. “It also looks elegant. I love a martini before dinner, as much for the actual drink as the feeling of one part of the day is over and now we are moving onto fun. Holding a Nick and Nora means cocktail hour!”

When Was The Nick And Nora Made

Picture source: tumblr

The Nick and Nora was created in 2017.

The Nick and Nora Charles cocktail is a fusion of a martini glass and a Tom Collins glass. It is made by combining 1 oz gin and 1/2 oz vermouth and shaking with ice in a mixing glass. You can then top off the drink with club soda by filling the glass halfway with ice, adding the spirit, and finishing with the ice.

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Highball And Collins Glasses

There is technically a difference between a highball and a collins glass: A highball is a tall, skinny glass. A collins is just a taller glass, Piacentini says. Collins glasses are usually a couple ounces larger than a highball, but only due to the additional height. But theres really no need to get into the weeds on this one Negri-Albert says the terms are interchangeable in the drink world, so you dont really need to get both for your home.

These tall, chimney-shaped glasses are good for gin-and-tonics, vodka-sodas, and whiskey and gingers but can be repurposed for tiki drinks made with crushed ice. Theyre also super-acceptable for nonalcoholic drinks, adds Negri-Albert. As far as size is concerned, bigger isnt necessarily better. You dont want a 16-ounce collins glass, because youre going to be hammered after your second Tom Collins, says Simó. Get about a 12-ounce highball or a collins glass, and youll be fine. If youre still unsure, go for the highball. As a bartender, I would say 90 percent of my drinks were poured in a highball glass, estimates Sergentakis.

Forget Clunky Martini Glassesthe Nick And Nora Is The Best Vessel For Cocktails

Vintage Nick and Nora Martini Glasses (7 oz.)


Fashion is a visual guide to the eras. You know what we mean: You can look at a piece of clothing and pin it to a decade just by the width of a pant leg, the collar on a shirt, or the colors of the cloth. Drinks have their own kind of fashion touchstones, too , and glassware is one way to find that link in time. When it comes to the pretty, petite Nick and Nora glass, however, there are a few points of entry.

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