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Nighttime Driving Glasses To Reduce Glare

What Customers Are Saying

Reduce Night Driving Glare and Computer Eye Strain with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These night driving glasses have more than 17,00 ratings on Amazon and an average score of 4.2 stars. Almost 80 percent of reviews give the Optix Fit Over HD glasses 4 or more stars.

Older users appreciate these glasses, as they reduce eye strain. Its especially helpful that they can fit over prescription glasses. They are an effective anti-glare solution that are both durable and lightweight.

For some, the glasses are too loose-fitting. Despite the large size and depending on the size of your prescription lenses, these may not fit over them. A few reviewers were unimpressed with the glare reduction capabilities.

% Worry Free Guarantee

Our objective is simple: to make sure every customer has a wonderful experience purchasing from us. If you areunhappy for ANY REASON, you may return your eyeglasses for a one-time exchange at no cost or a full storecredit for up to 90 days after delivery! Alternatively, you may request a full refund* on your original order ifyou return the merchandise within 30 days after delivery.

*Not applicable on excluded lenses. For more details .

Dollger Polarized Night Driving Glasses

Another extremely affordable set of night driving glasses comes from Dollger, sporting a soft frame constructed from TR90. Polarized, anti-reflective lenses are used to enhance nighttime visibility, while the lightweight frame is durable and flexiblelike other glasses on our list manufactured with TR90. The 100% polarized lenses block UVA and UVB rays while eliminating reflections and improving vision.

The lenses measure 52 mm by 47 mm, while the bridge is 19 mm and the arms measure 147 mm.

Dollger offers a one-year warranty with its sunglasses.

  • Pros/Cheap, light, and affordable yellow lens glasses with a one-year warranty
  • Cons/Lenses tend to pop out, no nosepiece so they sit low, smaller in size
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    You Don’t Have To Pay A Lot To Get A Good Set Of Night Driving Glasses

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    If you frequently drive at night and experience eye fatigue or have a hard time seeing in low light conditions, you may want to consider a pair of night driving glasses. Serving a similar purpose as sunglasses during the day, night driving glasses use yellow lenses to help reduce reflections and glare from street lights and oncoming headlights. Essentially, the yellow tint from these glasses filters blue light to improve nighttime visibility. In addition, most night driving glasses will have anti-reflective coating on their lenses, which also aid with reducing reflections.

    For more information on the best night driving glasses, refer to our table of contents.

    The Road Glare From Oncoming Vehicles

    Men Polarized Driving Sunglasses Goggles Reduce Glare Night Vision ...

    When many drivers experience these bright headlights, one of the common replies is to shift their own headlights to bright as well. This creates a bright on bright battle that does no one any good.

    As an additional tip, dont try and get back at other drivers with your own bright headlights. Instead, you should flash your headlights a couple of times to the oncoming car. This should let them know that their headlights are quite bright and are blinding you.

    Be wary though that various states in the United States have different laws regarding this. Whichever state you are in, check the legalities before attempting it.

    2.1 Adjusting the Rear View Mirror

    Glare doesnt just come from oncoming traffic. There are times that cars behind drive with bright headlights. This light could reflect off of your rearview mirror, still blinding you.

    Fortunately, many rear view mirrors in present cars have a setting just for this problem. It is called the night setting.

    Each rear view mirror has a small lever at the bottom. By pressing it, you displace any and all glare from the bright headlights of the cars behind you. The good thing about this is that you will still be able to see the cars behind you.

    2.2 Glare From Your Own Headlights

    When drivers are slogging through these powerful forces of nature with bright headlights the headlights reflect off of the moisture in the air. Rather than just lighting the way, the reflection serves to create glare and blind you.

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    Avoid Direct Eye Contact With Light Sources

    Nightly, outdoor activities will always involve bright lights. But to promote optimal night vision, its important to not look straight at a light source. Strong lights will cause the size of your pupil to shrink. When this happens, it will take longer for your pupil to open up and let more light in.

    When diving, headlights are constantly hitting you from the front and the back. While still ensuring utmost safety, try to adjust any mirror that is getting blasted with a rear cars headlights. Additionally, when learning how to improve night vision while driving, focus your eyes more toward the white line of the road, as opposed to the middle of the road where more oncoming headlights are.

    Proven Benefits Of The Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses

    • Provides eye protection at night, while maintaining sufficient light transmission, to allow full visibility, by utilizing a TAC transparent lens, with a special yellow coating.
    • Protecting your eyes from UV/UVB lights and other harmful rays.
    • Blue light Polarization Filters harmful blue ray emission from oncoming headlights with 4K-6K LED.
    • Yellow Sight Transformation Balances glares and strong lights by transforming colors to yellow, the most balanced color for the human eye.
    • Reducing Glare Although you should not expect to notice any difference in glare , we have recorded up to 25% glare reduction through lab tests utilizing light meter devices.

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    Why Do You Need Driving Glasses

    A common distraction for drivers in the morning is glare, which is defined as a bright shining light. You may know glare as what occurs when sun reflects off the hood of your car and into your eyes, or when bright lights suddenly shine out in the dark, causing you to feel temporarily blinded. To prevent accidents, anti-glare coatings like Crizal, on your lenses eliminates glare from your vision.

    Driving at night or in low lighting can be particularly dangerous, as objects can fade into the darkness and bright lights can jump out of nowhere, disrupting your vision. However, there are lens coatings that are optimised for low light conditions making it easier to drive at night.

    Does It Help To Wear Sunglasses At Night

    Are Yellow Glasses Better for Night Driving?

    Like night driving glasses, sunglasses, including those with mirrored lenses, reduce the amount of light coming into the eye. This makes them inappropriate, and potentially dangerous, to wear while driving at night.

    Anything that reduces blurriness or glare will help with night driving vision. Things to try include:

    • Keep your eyeglass prescription up to date by getting regular checkups.
    • Ask your optometrist or ophthalmologist about getting an antireflective coating on your prescription eyeglasses.
    • Smudges can amplify glare, so wipe your eyeglasses down with an eyeglass cloth before driving.
    • Make sure your windshield is clean both inside and out, since dirt streaks and dust can amplify glare.
    • Replace your windshield wipers regularly.
    • Keep dashboard lights dim, to avoid eye strain while night driving.
    • Keep your headlights clean and free of grime.
    • See an eye doctor if your vision changes or seems to deteriorate at night.

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    Reducing Glare From Oncoming Headlights

    One of the most common complaints about night driving is headlight glare. So naturally, this leads to a common question. What lens features or colors will help reduce headlight glare?

    First, lets dispel some common misconceptions about eyewear and headlight glare.

  • Polarized lenses will help with headlight glare. Again, false. The glare caused by the headlights of oncoming traffic differs from the glare generated by the sun, so a polarized lens will not offer the same benefits against headlight glare. In addition, polarized lenses typically use dark lens tints, dramatically reducing visible light transmission. This means your night vision would be reduced to nearly zero.
  • Eyewear with mirrored lenses will reduce headlight glare. False. Unfortunately, this lens is neither practical nor advisable in the dark. Even an indoor/outdoor lens with a light mirror coating over a clear lens only allows 50-60% light transmission. Obviously, this presents a danger with the already dark conditions of nighttime.
  • Wearing eyewear with an anti-reflective coating will reduce headlight glare. Partially True. Prescription eyewear with an anti-reflective coating will slightly reduce headlight glare. However, non-prescription eyewear with AR coatings is still not recommended.
  • Tinted lenses may reduce glare, but they also darken your entire surroundings.

    Best Night Driving Glasses Reviews & Recommendations

    Best Night Driving Glasses Overall
    • Not suitable for people who require prescription glasses
    • Nosepiece attachments seem flimsy

    Sporting an Italian classic design, the Bloomoak Night Driving Glasses can help reduce the frustration of getting temporarily blinded by reflected light when driving at night. They have polarized lenses with an anti-reflective coating that filters reflected light and reduces glare from headlights. It also enhances contrast so colors and objects appear clearer. Whats more, the lenses have UV 400 protection that reduces surface reflections and eliminates 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays. They also have an anti-impact design for durability.

    The frames are made of a lightweight metal alloy and are fitted with anti-slip silicone legs. Skin-friendly silicone nose pads help to reduce pressure on the face. As an added bonus, these glasses come with a protective hard case. Unfortunately, they may not be a good fit for people who need to wear prescription glasses when driving as they cannot be worn over regular glasses.

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    Glasses Designed For Driving At Night

    New and advancing technologies are improving glasses regularly. New technologies involve high-definition eyeglass lenses that are specially designed to correct vision issues and higher-order aberrations.

    These glasses enhance and sharpen vision in every lighting condition. As such, they can improve night vision and therefore night driving.

    High-definition glasses can sharpen vision, reduce glares, and let in maximum amounts of light. Examples of high-definition eyeglass lenses include free-form and wavefront lenses.

    • Free-form lenses: These lenses are highly customizable and fabricated with computer-controlled equipment. This level of technology allows them to sharpen vision-related issues that are specialized and more difficult to treat with standard lenses. They can provide some of the highest level of vision clarity during the day and at night.
    • Wavefront lenses: These lenses are created with some of the same technologies used to perform wavefront-guided customized LASIK surgeries. These lenses are customized for each person and extremely specialized to enhance vision across all lighting fields.

    High-definition and glare reducing lenses are more advanced, specialized, and typically about a quarter to twice as expensive as traditional eyeglasses.

    What To Consider When Buying Night Driving Glasses

    Best Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses

    When choosing the perfect pair of night driving glasses that are effective, comfortable, and dont make you look like a glaucoma sufferer, there are a few key considerations that will make a significant difference. After all, you want to get a pair of night driving glasses that youll actually wear and wont just end up getting crammed in your glovebox with fast food napkins, a dog-eared owners manual, and five prior car registrations.

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    What Are Night Driving Glasses

    Night driving glasses have nonprescription, yellow-tinted lenses that range in shade from light yellow to amber. Some night driving glasses also have an antireflective coating.

    Night driving glasses reduce glare by scattering and filtering out blue light. Blue light is the part of the light spectrum that has the shortest wavelength and the largest amount of energy. Unlike types of light with longer wavelengths, blue light is more likely to cause glare when it enters the eye.

    Night driving glasses have been manufactured for several decades. These yellow-tinted glasses were originally marketed to hunters as shooting glasses. They continue to be popular with hunters because they sharpen the contrast of flying birds against the sky during overcast or cloudy conditions.

    Cut Through The Gloom Wearing Night Driving Glasses

    Night driving glasses can be fashionable accessories that might help you see a bit more clearly in dim conditions or on unfamiliar roads in the dark. You will find a broad range of inexpensive glasses for night driving for sale on eBay in various configurations. Understanding a bit about the common features or designs of these night vision glasses can help you organise your search and find the right pair that suits your needs or preferences.

    Common lenses for night driving glasses

    You can get different kinds of lenses for your night vision glasses depending on your needs. Different models of these driving shades might include various features in one lens type, and you can choose the options that work well for you. Here are just a few of the lenses you can find on some of the optics you’ll see on eBay:

    • Anti-reflective: The chemical compositions of night vision lenses like these are intended to block or reduce bright glares that might get in your eyes from artificial lights or sudden flashes you might see on the road. This feature may help you retain your natural low-light vision when you need it.

    Selecting materials for your night vision glasses

    You can select different materials for the frames and lenses of your glasses for night driving. You may prefer certain materials for the available colours, patterns, or textures that come with them. Here are a few of the main components you can choose for your shades:

    How do you find features for your night glasses?

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    Tips With The Most Significant Improvement In Reducing Headlight Glare

    The bottom line is that having perfect vision for driving at night isnt possible. However, the night driving tips suggested inShedding Some Light on Night Driving Challenges and Solutions, Part 1, listed below, will provide the most significant improvements to nighttime driving and battling headlight glare. Heres a quick overview.

  • Clean your eyewear lenses, the interior and exterior of your windshield, and headlights.
  • Dim your dashboard lights.
  • Use anti-reflective coatings on prescription eyeglasses.
  • See your eye doctor when you first experience night vision problems.
  • Should you choose to experiment with night driving glasses or even with various lens tints, know that eye experts warn against this as a safe option.

    Do you have any questions or comments? Please leave a comment below.

    Choose The Right Pair Of Sunglasses

    Do NIGHT VISION Glasses Work? – Night Driving Glasses Review

    How you take care of your eyes during the day will significantly help or hurt your eyes at night. Unfiltered sunlight exposure can cause your night vision to suffer. But you cant just hide out inside all day too little light during the day wont help your eyes at night, either.

    Finding a pair of effective sunglasses ones that match your prescription, block UV rays, and help keep out light and rays that could enter from the side of your face can help improve your night vision.

    Be sure to read our article on How to Choose the Right Pair of Sunglasses.

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    Shedding Some Light On Night Driving Challenges And Solutions Part 2

    Plenty of misconceptions exist about night driving, and night driving eyewear is a highly sought-after product. However, in addition to some significant considerations to keep in mind, drivers must realize that there is no catch-all solution.

    Before trying night vision eyewear for driving, employ the tips inShedding Some Light on Night Driving Challenges and Solutions, Part 1, and the additional information offered byState Farm Insurance.

    If night driving eyewear still interests you after considering the other options available, keep in mind the following points regarding eyewear that may or may not improve night vision.

    Bircen Hd Night Vision Driving Glasses

    Most of our night driving glasses so far dont have a large variety of finishes to choose from, but that isnt the case with Bircens offering. These glasses are available in two styles with different finishes, including gunmetal, black, brown, and silver. Featuring polarized yellow lenses, the frame is constructed from aluminum magnesium, making it highly durable.

    For comfort, you can adjust the flexible arms and nose pads, while you can feel safe using these glasses thanks to their high strength resin lenses that are ultra light and ultra thin. Like many quality night driving glasses, Bircens product uses polarized yellow lenses to reduce night driving glare and eye strain.

    Bircen offers a 30-day money back guarantee with its glasses. Each order includes a cleaning cloth, glasses case, and bag.

  • Pros/Metal frames, frameless option available, very light, separate nose pads and adjustable arms
  • Cons/Large and won’t fit smaller heads, heavier than other metal frames
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    Cons Of Using Night Driving Glasses:

    • While the darkest yellow tint lenses filter out the most glare from blue light, they also filter out the most significant light. This makes it difficult for wearers of nighttime safety glasses to see in dim or dark conditions.
    • Yellow lenses reduce the amount of light reaching the eye. This affects visibility. While this is useful during the day, it can be detrimental during the night.
    • Visual tests suggest that night glasses dont improve night vision at all. A 2019 study revealed that night driving glasses slow down visual reactions by a fraction of a second, making night vision worse while wearing them.

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