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Oakley Prizm Sunglasses Men’s

Where Did Oakley Sunglasses Originate

Oakley PRIZM Black Lens Review | SportRx

Oakley was founded in 1975 by James Jannard in California. Despite being one of the most well-known and popular eyewear brands globally, the beginning of Oakley didn’t start with sunglasses. Jannard started out making unobtainium handlebars designed for motocross and only ventured into eyewear in 1984. With performance and technology at the forefront of the brand’s beginnings, it’s only fitting that Oakley continues to be synonymous with innovation.

What Is The Difference Between Oakley Prizm And Iridium

Iridium is the coating used by Oakley to give lenses a mirrored appearance. On the other hand, Prizm is a new lens technology that provides a completely different experience.

The best part?

You can have both! In our guide below, youll notice lenses that feature both technologies, offering enhanced contrast with a mirrored finish that hides your eyes.

What Is Oakley Prizm What Are The Benefits

Oakley Prizm is an Oakley lens technology designed to enhance color and contrast, allowing you to see more details. Oakley released the Prizm lens in 2015, initially targeting sport-specific markets but later designed them for everyday life too!

The primary benefits of Prizm technology are:

  • Enhanced Color Realistic color spectrum compared to standard lenses
  • Increased Contrast Increased detail perception and contrast differences in high-light environments
  • Optimized Clarityand more detail Fine-tuned lens tints to perfectly contrast natural environments found in specific sports and activities
  • Now lets dig into these lenses a bit more.

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    Prizm Sport Vs Prizm Everyday Whats The Difference

    Prizm Sport is focused on sport-specific lenses to enhance performance on the field, while Prizm Everyday lenses are built for life off the field. But both lenses offer enhanced contrast, color, and detail compared to traditional lenses!

    Prizm Sport lenses are engineered to enhance color vividness and increase contrast for specific sports. For example, Prizm Road is designed to highlight and enhance the contrast of the road you are cycling on. With enhanced contrast, an athlete can better see cracks, divots, and other obstacles in their environments.

    Prizm Everyday lenses are engineered to enhance color and detail in your everyday activities like walking and driving. For example, the Prizm Daily Polarized is designed to highlight your environment and increase detail, so you can better see the world around you.

    What Are Oakley Prizm Lenses

    Oakley Frogskins Prizm Sunglasses in Orange for Men

    Oakley eyewear is constructed for use even in extreme conditions. These sunglasses are made to military grade and are part of the U.S. Armys Authorized Protective Eyewear List. If the lens and framer are marked with “Z87,” then the glasses are approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This means that they can be used in industrial applications.

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    Oakley Sunglasses For Men

    You always bring your A game. No matter where you are or what youre doing, you maximize your effort and perform your best. If you want eyewear that works as hard as you do, Oakley sunglasses are the right choice. Lets look at this iconic brand and see why its the choice of professional athletes, career outdoorsmen and even the US Military.

    Where To Buy Prizm Lenses

    You can buy Oakley Prizm lenses directly from Oakley and authorized retailers. And unfortunately, since Oakley owns Prizm, you wont find any aftermarket lens manufacturers offering this technology.

    But that doesnt mean you cant save.

    You can save 30-50% off new Prizm lenses and sunglasses during Oakley seasonal sales. These sales typically are every other month or so. Check out our Oakley sales calendar to find out when the next sale is.

    And if you dont want to wait for a sale, you can save by buying through aftermarket sites like our Oakley Forum Exchange, where you can buy, sell and trade with other members.

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    What Other Lenses Does Oakley Offer For Men

    Prizm is a type of lens that Oakley commonly uses in sports sunglasses, snow goggles, and everyday frames. The company claims that Prizm lenses allow you to view your surroundings in a vivid and vibrant manner, as compared to regular lenses. Prizm lenses are designed for various sporting activities. However, Prizm lenses are still useful in normal daily activities.

    Oakley sells polarized lenses, tinted lenses, transition lenses, and iridium lenses, as well as their specialty Prizm lenses. All of their lenses are also available with prescriptions.

    Iridium lenses have a special metal oxide coating on the lens. This coating allows you to use the lenses in specific environmental conditions. Iridium is a type of mirror coating that Oakley puts on lenses, and it comes in a variety of neutral and color options. This coating can help to reduce glare.

    Polarized sunglasses include a lens that is coated with a special film that helps reduce glare from the sun. These lenses can help you see objects more clearly as well as protect your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

    The Magic Of Oakley Prizm Sunglasses

    Oakley CLIFDEN with PRIZM SNOW BLACK – First Look! | SportRx

    Prizm lenses fine-tune individual colors, enhancing detail in precise ways to bring you a more vivid, vibrant and detailed view of the world. These lenses are engineered for specific environments or sports, so you can pick the pair thats perfect for your needs. Its no wonder that Oakley sunglasses for men, tested extensively in extreme conditions, are the choice of professional athletes. They maximize contrast so you can detect changes in roads, greens, snow, water, and more. With Oakley mens sunglasses, youll finally see what youve been missing.

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    Are Prizm Lenses Available For Oakley Goggles

    Yes, Oakley specifically designed Prizm Snow for winter conditions and Prizm MX for dirt conditions. Currently, these lenses are available across Oakleys lineup of snow, and motocross goggles, including Youth, Standard, and Low Bridge fits.

    Prizm Snow lenses are designed to enhance contrast and allow you to see the sticks, bumps, and terrain shifts in snow that other goggles wont catch. These lenses also boost optics in low-light environments such as dawn/dusk snow.

    Read more in our complete Oakley Prizm Snow Lens guide.

    Prizm MX lenses are designed to give you the edge in motocross by spotting the dips and dives of the terrain ahead of the competition. Optimized for dirt conditions, this lens enhances contrast so you can see subtle changes in terrain with the finest details highlighted.

    Oakley Holbrook Prizm Sunglasses

    • Lightweight O Matter frame sunglasses
    • 6 base lens geometry with High Definition Optics
    • Prizm grey lenses



    All Oakley eyewear is warranted against breakage due to material or workmanship defect for two years from the date of purchase with a valid Proof of purchase. Oakleys warranty program does not cover scratched lenses. Additionally, any alterations of Oakley products will void warranty coverage.

    For all non-prescription and prescription warranty claims, please contact your original retailer or submit an online claim at

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    How To Check Original Oakley Sunglasses

    As Just Sunnies is a certified Oakley retailer, all sunglasses listed online are authentic and genuine. Every pair of authentic Oakley sunglasses will come with a certificate of authenticity within the box, you can also check whether they’re original by the SKU code printed on the arm and by the etching on the lens. All Prizm and polarised styles will have “PRIZM”, “POLARISED” or “PRIZM P” on the lenses, if your sunglasses have non-Prizm lenses, there will be no etching on the lens.

    What Do The Numbers On Oakley Sunglasses Mean

    Oakley Turbine Sunglasses

    The numbers printed inside the Oakley temples are a unique identifier to the frame model, colourway and size. Oakley sunglasses will have a “OO” printed, following a four-digit number that represents the code of the model. This number is then followed by a dash and two digits or a letter and digit which identifies the model’s colourway. The lens width, bridge width and temple length are then printed after to determine the size of the frame.

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    Does Oakley Have Prescription Sunglasses

    Oakley offers a range of both prescription sunglasses and glasses with ultra-lightweight frames, superior quality lenses and premium filters to protect your eyes. Just Sunnies will soon be able to accommodate in applying your optical script to your favourite Oakley sunglass style, watch this space! To express your interest in prescription Oakley sunglasses and glasses, sign up to our mailing list below, or contact our friendly customer service team to find out more by emailing us at , or by calling 5535 0994.

    Are Oakley Prizm Lenses Polarized

    Yes, Oakley Prizm Polarized lenses are available, but not all are! When buying Prizm lenses, the model name will include Polarized if the lens features Polarization.

    If you look at the lens listing at the bottom of our guide, youll notice that many sport-specific pairs dont offer Polarized lenses. This is because the performance of Prizm technology, specifically contrast and depth perception, is degraded by Polarized filtering.

    But, this doesnt mean your eyes arent protected. Prizm lenses still offer 100% UVA and UVB protection to stop harmful rays!

    Find out which lens is right for you in our Prizm vs. Polarized lenses guide.

    Now lets find out which Prizm lens is right for you.

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    How Does Oakley Prizm Work

    According to Oakley, Prizm technology was developed over 15 years before hitting the market. During this time, they studied how the human eye perceives light in natural conditions.

    Eventually, they leveraged hyper-spectral imaging, a method used by satellites that helps analyze light in real-world environments. This hyperspectral camera allows engineers to see the patterns and conditions of the spectral light peaks that exist in natural conditions and environments.

    Oakley focused on isolating these conditions and corresponding spectrum peaks to specific environments, then recreating the hues with lens dyes specifically tailored to match.

    These absorption peaks represent the colors commonly found in various environments, such as white in snow conditions and brown or green on trails.

    Why Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

    Are Oakley PRIZM Lenses Polarized? | SportRx

    Whether you love fishing, golfing, driving, or just being outside, you know that glare can cut your visual clarity significantly. That effect can be downright dangerous on the road or water. For guys who are serious about maximizing visual acuity in all conditions, mens Oakley sunglasses are in a class of their own. Many other brands sandwich a polarized layer onto the lens with glue. That glue can distort your view and make it even harder to see. Oakleys infusion molding process, vital to creating Oakley sport sunglasses, creates the clearest polarized lenses on the market.

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    Difference Between Prizm And Polarized Oakley Lenses

    The difference between Prizm and polarised Oakley lenses lies within the technology behind the lens. Prizm lenses are developed to enhance colour, detail and visual clarity for a variety of environments through a special dye in the lens, whereas their polarised lenses block glare from reflected light. Not all Oakley sunglasses have Prizm lenses, nor are they all polarised, however, their sunglasses with Prizm polarised lenses combine both technologies which heightens performance through increased visual detail while blocking out reflective glare.

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