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Online Eye Exam For Glasses Prescription

What Are Progressive Lenses

Test It: Opternative, the online eye exam

When buying prescription glasses online, youll often be presented with two options: single vision and progressive lenses.

Single vision lenses correct one field of vision, either near or distance, while progressive lenses correct multiple fields of vision in one lens. Instead of having different pairs of glasses for different needs , progressive lenses include multiple powers in one pair of glasses. This eliminates the need to swap glasses for different activities.

Check Your Vision Online

Better vision also means more quality of life, as sight is our most important sensory organ. 80% of the impressions we receive of our environment are obtained through our eyes. The eye is called our “window to the world” for a very good reason. Having our eyes regularly tested by a qualified eye care professional should be an integral part of preventive health care not only for yourself, but also for the safety of other people if you are driving. In general, provided we do not have any existing or known eye problems, we should have our eyes tested once every two years. The ZEISS Online Vision Screening Check will provide you with an initial idea of the current performance of your eyes.

Inspired By A Patient To Go Online

It was a patient who motivated Lee, in 2009, to develop an online vision testing company. At the time, he was working as an optometrist at a private practice in Chicago and teaching ophthalmology students at Northwestern Hospital.

She was a single mom. It sounded very difficult for her to make it into the clinic, and her vision was changing and fluctuating a lot, Lee said of the patient, who needed refraction tests.

She finally makes it in, and then she asked me this one question that really just stuck with me. Why cant we do eye exams at home? and that just really gave me a light-bulb moment, said Lee, who has a background in engineering, optics and eye care.

I ended up going home and just started doodling, that night, a lot of different ideas, Lee said. He then realized that refraction tests could be conducted online, though it would be controversial.

I realized that it really was possible and then figured out the concept, he said.

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Tech Is Replacing The Traditional Comprehensive Eye Health Exam

So, it is truly not hard to see how far tech has come and it is remarkable to see what changes have been made over time. With new tech coming out by the year, it would not be surprising at all to see new products launched onto the market. This is going to make a huge difference to the world as we know it and it is going to help revolutionize prescription eye care in the US. Of course, in the US, it is very difficult for people to get a prescription for glasses without visiting their local doctor but thanks to this new tech, it could soon be possible for people to get the prescription they need without having to leave the house. Right now, there are companies out there who can help you to get a repeat prescription if you need it, for your glasses and this is great. As new tech arises, there are hopes that this will be the case for those who do not currently have glasses but suspect that they need them. This would be a step up from the online help that is available right now, where although you can take tests online, you still need to go to your doctor to get the prescription you need. Telemedicine has kickstarted a lot of this movement to say the least, but now it looks like things are steamrolling and that new tech and advancements are going to be hitting the market less than a year from now, pending FDA approval of course.

What Does An Online Eye Exam Include

5 CRITICAL Reasons to Get Your Eye Exam NOW!

Online eye exams are often referred to as vision tests or prescription checkups, since there isnt an actual examination of the eyes. The purpose of this test is to quickly renew an existing vision prescription without the need for an office visit.

Online vision tests are available for both glasses and contact lens prescriptions.

These tests primarily focus on the refraction portion of an eye exam, when a visual prescription is determined. Some also test for astigmatism and color blindness.

After an online test, an optometrist will look over the results. If nothing unusual stands out, you should get your prescription shortly after. The exam itself can take as little as five minutes, and the entire process usually takes about one business day.

PREFER TO HAVE YOUR VISION CHECKED IN PERSON? Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor near you.

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How To Find Your Eyeglass Prescription Without Getting An Exam

Need your vision specs so you can order new specs? This magical new tool can give you the numbers.

Want to freshen your face with a new pair of eyeglass frames? As you probably know, you can save a small fortune by ordering glasses online.

Just one wrinkle: You need to know your prescription. Sure, you can call your optometrist to get the numbers — unless the office is closed. Or you just feel weird about asking because they’ll know you’re shopping elsewhere.

Thankfully, if you have a pretty basic prescription , there’s a free tool from that can scan your current glasses. I took it for a spin with my son’s glasses and the results matched his current prescription.

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And according to, the results are “in line with the standard range of deviation as in any doctor’s office” — though this isn’t meant to take the place of an eye exam. Indeed, if you haven’t had your vision checked in a year or more, it might make sense to schedule an appointment.

But if you just want a quick and easy way to find out what kind of lenses you have right now, here’s how:

Step 1: Grab your current glasses, your smartphone and a credit card . Then, plunk down in front of your computer and point your browser to

Step 2: Enter your phone number or email address to receive a link for the GlassesUSA app.

Visibly Digital Acuity Product

Visibly is a company that has received 501 clearance from the FDA so they can launch their self-administered and on-demand online vision test. The Visibly digital acuity product gives consumers the chance to check their vision online with ease. The device is going to be the first FDA-approved vision test on the market. You will use a touchscreen mobile device and a computer which will be connected to the internet. In the test, the company have set certain restrictions in terms of its use. Right now, it is only limited to those who are aged between 22 and 40. For now, the company have had to state that it only offers supportive recommendations and that it is not a substitute for visiting a licensed eye doctor. That being said, as things change, it may be that the technology advances further, to the point where this is no longer the case. They are always improving their online vision test, while ensuring that your results match that of an eye doctor exam.

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Your Local Eye Doctor

Maybe youre looking to update glasses for the kids, or your prescription is a little more complex than the parameters available online . Your local optometrist is the best place to start.

Kids are constantly changing and may experience vision changes more frequently than adults. Your local optometrist will be your best resource through these ages.

Even as adults, we experience changes in our vision. Age, lifestyle change, or even diet and medications can affect vision.

Visual acuity tests are easy to administer but monitoring eye health is a little more complex. Regular visits to your optometrist will keep your vision needs up to date but can also keep you informed on the health of your eyes and provide forewarnings for an array of other health concerns.

Sometimes its nice to be able to discuss your vision concerns in person, or perhaps youre bound by your vision insurance provider. Maybe your local optometric office is that one soothing appointment you look forward to . Whatever your reason, supporting your local small businesses is always a good thing.

Is It Possible To Get A Free Online Eye Exam

At-home eye exam

Surely online eye exam providers may charge a little amount because they have to spend time and work on this task. But the eyeglass and lens seller may offer you free of cost because you are deemed to buy such lenses and glasses. Additionally, you may also get discounted online eye exams from some companies that may offer such eye exams.

Before you go to any service provider or company, you need to make sure that they are doing such an eye exam free of cost. In case they charge any fee, you should make sure it is for no confusion as well.

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What Is A Visual Acuity Test

A visual acuity test is one of the most important components of an eye exam. It measures how well you can see by testing the smallest letters or images you can read clearly.

According to Visibly, the online visual test is best for people whose vision has not changed, have recently completed a comprehensive eye exam, and are looking to renew an expired prescription.

The test is not a substitute for, nor does it provide screening or diagnosis for eye health or eye diseases, which should be performed by a licensed provider, according to the FDA.

Paul Foley, Visiblys chief operating officer, said in a press release that the online vision test will increase at-home use and complement in-person eye care. The test takes about six minutes to complete and 90% of the prescriptions are issued within 24 hours, according to the company.

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Is An Online Eye Exam Accurate

When we are discussing online eye exams, it is one of the most important questions that people ask. Surely the doctors can detect the problem when they meet in person. But you should keep as note that an online eye exam is not a complete eye exam. When people need eyeglasses or lenses, the service provider may do such online eye exam. In this case, they will guide you on what to do to do such an eye exam to make sure they can do the eye exam effectively. Additionally, the doctors make the report of this eye exam, review and finally make prescriptions for eyeglasses as well. So, you should understand that they can make prescriptions based on the result of the report reviewed by certified doctors as well. If the doctors find something wrong, you may need to visit the doctors point as well.

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What Are The Limitations Of The Online Vision Test

The online vision test is used to assess elements of visual acuity in order for a doctor to be able to review and renew your preexistinglens prescription. It does not perform or replace an initial or comprehensive eye examination and does not assess eye health. If there isindication that your prescription has changed or that you exhibit underlying eye health conditions the online vision test will recommendthat you visit an in-person doctor.

How Do You Get A Prescription

Find the right eyewear for you at Eyes On Brickell Optical Boutique in ...

There are two ways that you can get an eye prescription. The traditional route would be for you to undergo a comprehensive in person eye exam, so that the doctor can develop an ocular health profile and this is still required if you need contact lenses. In some instances, you can undergo an online eye exam, or you can take an online vision test. Online vision tests are now so advanced, that they are just as accurate as a standard vision test from your optometrist.Online eye tests determine a patient’s visual acuity in a remote ophthalmic assessment using contrast sensitivity and contrast vision, which is determined by asking you a series of questions as you move through the online test. The prescription online is currently reviewed by a board certified ophthalmologist, but in the future that may not be necessary. The online tests will not require an in person eye exam, or a prior prescription. Your prescription online will include a distance vision test and will result in an eyeglass prescription but not a contacts prescription. Contact lens prescription will still require a board certified ophthalmologist or a board certified optometrist or other registered eye care professional using specialized equipment to get the appropriate diagnostic value, which will prohibit patients frame getting imperfectly sized contact lenses.

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How Do Online Eye Exams Work

Also known as vision tests, or prescription checkups, online eye exams do not require an actual examination. Instead, online eye exams are designed for the renewal of pre-existing prescriptions for glasses or contacts, eliminating the need to physically see an optometrist.

Online eye exams are more geared towards refraction, astigmatism, and color blindness tests.

To conduct an online vision test, you will need a computer and a few feet of space. Several exams require a smartphone as well for the purpose of downloading an app. You will also need to wear your existing prescription for some parts of the exam.

Some online exam providers only offer simple check-up tests, suggesting that if your results are problematic, a doctor should be consulted. They are important for maintaining up-to-date information about your eyesight.

A cheaper option, these exams are also helpful when you are in a financial bind. After the online eye exam has been completed, which only takes about five minutes, a licensed optometrist examines the test results. In one or two business days, if no issues arise, your prescription is renewed.

While eye exams done online are convenient, they do not replace the need to see an optometrist occasionally in-person. Online eye exams are not capable of measuring each and every aspect of your field of vision, whereas a licensed optometrist will have the knowledge and resources to fully assist you.

What’s The Difference Between An Online Vision Test And Seeing An Eye Doctor For An In

The difference is that an online vision test does not go over the health of your eyes and can only be used for renewing your existingprescription, also you still need to visit the eye doctor for an initial prescription! Online vision tests cannot diagnose eye healthrelated conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration. If you think you have an infection or you’ve injured your eyes,you should see an eye doctor immediately.

* Our Online Vision Test service does not include any type of eye health exam nor is it a replacement for one. Our licensed Ophthalmologists use our online technology to evaluate a patient’s visual acuity and a portion of the ocular health profile, diagnose refractive error, and issue a prescription for corrective eyewear, where clinically appropriate. Our Online Vision Test services are limited to patients between the ages of 18 and 55 who are in good health and must be within a specific prescription range. All prescriptions are issued based on the independent clinical judgement of an ophthalmologist within the patientâs area. Because Our Online Vision Test services are not a replacement for an eye health examination, we encourage everyone to obtain a comprehensive eye health exam at least once every 2 years. We prohibit patients from taking Our Online Vision Test more than 4 consecutive years without certifying that they have received a comprehensive eye health exam first.

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Eye Doctors Remain Relevant

If you do decide to take an online eye test, then make sure you get the prescription checked by an optometrist, and continue to see your eye doctor to check for eye conditions such as glaucoma. “Separating the eye health check from the vision test is certainly a concern I would have just from the perspective of the overall health and well-being of our patients,” said Dr. Chris Wroten, an optometrist at the Bond-Wroten Eye Clinic, in Louisiana. He recalled a recent case in which a 17-year-old patient came in with a brain tumor. It would not have been caught in an online eye test, he said.

Dr. David Turner, Head of Research and Development for the Contact Lens Platform at Johnson & Johnson Vision, agreed on the need for eye doctors despite the availability of online tests. “Even with just an online exam to determine your refractive correction or your correction needs, you really need to go much beyond that and go see your professional,” Turner explained, “to make sure that they look at your eye in all the ways that a professional looks at your eye, which is well beyond just your refractive needs.”

So, perhaps online eye tests are worth some experimentation but aren’t the best fit for everyone. The job of the eye doctor is secure, for now. However, the online eye test space has become a bit contentious.

The Contrast Vision Check

Online Glasses Makers How Accurate are they TESTED by Doctor Review

Initially, you may think that this test is not really important. However, contrast vision is of major significance for comfortable vision. If we cannot distinguish differences in contrast, eye fatigue may be the result. We all know what it’s like when the contrast isn’t properly set on our computer screen, or if we try to read in poor light.

Checking contrast vision is important to identify any changes that have occurred to our vision. Changes in contrast sensitivity may, for example, be an indication of glaucoma.

In Part 2 our online screening check we simulate contrast vision. The test may provide you with an initial indication that your contrast vision is not as good as it could be. Your eye doctor will be pleased to look into this in more detail.

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