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Orcam Glasses For Blind Price

Device Mounted On Glasses For The Blind Provides A New Way Of Independance

OrCam MyEye, Now With the Groundbreaking Smart Reading Feature

When looking at people wearing the OrCam MyEye 2, one might think they are wearing just another pair of glasses for the blind. However, the device, attached to a pair of glasses, is much more than that. It is an intuitive portable device with a smart camera mounted on the frame of any pair of eyeglasses. The device uses the power of Artificial Vision to assist people who are living with vision loss. It is a tool for blind people to become more aware of their surroundings. By audio description provided by the device, users can become more independent in their day to day life.

Is The Orcam Pricing Philosophy On Point

According to its company website, OrCam is committed to creating the most advanced AI-powered wearable assistive tech devices to change the lives of people with special needs. Such an expensive pursuit can justify a matching price point, provided the products themselves meet the expectations of consumers.

The good news is that if user reviews on retail sites, product reviews on streaming platforms, and even the interactions on OrCams social media accounts are any indication, the companys prices are precisely where they should be. OrCams frequent reception of press accolades and awards within the tech space certainly dont hurt the argument either.

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Have a question about this product?Can this device help a 95-year-old Woman, with the left eye completely blond and the right eye has a very low vision?Answer:Can the OrCam MyEye PRO read text in different languages?Answer:Can the OrCam MyEye PRO read handwriting?Answer:cannotDoes the device working completely offline?Answer:Can I control the reading speed of a document?Answer:

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How Do I Buy Orcam Myeye

  • OrCam MyEye is suitable for all eye conditions and all levels of vision loss, as well as for people with reading fatigue and reading difficulties. The device increases independence by allowing individuals to access visual information , conveyed by audio. It will not improve a persons vision. Hearing impaired individuals would not be able to benefit from the device. OrCam MyEye also requires the user to have full control over their head and hand movements.

  • OrCam MyEye Smart contains the text reading feature, as well as the brand new Smart Reading feature.OrCam MyEye PRO contains all features, including text reading, recognizing faces, identifying products, money notes, barcodes, colors, telling time, and the brand new Smart Reading and Orientation features.

  • Simply click the Buy Now button in the menu above to begin the process. The checkout process will be tailored to you based upon your country selection. We ship to more than 40 countries and OrCam MyEye is available in more than 20 languages. We accept secure payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and Paypal. Please allow 7-20 days for delivery.

  • Buy OrCam Read today and easily split your payment into installments! Starting as low as 0% APR. The process takes less than one minute and more than 90% of those who applied have been approved!*Payment plans are only available in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom

Hear Product Details Of Any Pre

Orcam MyEye 2.0

An advanced optical sensor, captures an image of your surroundings and communicates the information audibly completely offline.

Any type of text, peoples faces, products and other visuals are instantly converted into audio for transmission through a tiny speaker that rests above the wearers ear or through a connected Bluetooth device.

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Help Is Just A Call Away

Built on Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

Wifi & Bluetooth

Keeps you connected at all times


5-6 hours with regular usage. USB-C supported fast charging.


Weighs less than 50 grams in total


An 8 MP camera with a wide field of view that captures everything.


Immediately speaks out text as it appears in front of you.

Scan Text

Reads long pieces of text out loud in multiple languages.

Smart Guidance

Automatically and accurately captures text in one go.

Language Detection

Identifies and reads text out in the correct language.


Reads handwritten, personal notes and cards.

Layout Detection

Detects and speaks out headings and columns.


Scroll and listen back to text at your own pace.

Export Text

Saves scanned text to your Envision library.

Batch Scan

Captures multiple pages of text in one go.

Voice Commands

Control your Envision Glasses with your voice.

Groups together Envision Glasses features.

Make handsfree, video calls to trusted friends and family.

Describe Scene

Get a description of the scene in front of you.

Detect Light

Detect the intensity and direction of light sources.

Recognize Cash

Identify banknotes in multiple currencies.

Detect Colors

Detect the color of the object in front of you

Find Objects

Identify popular objects and hear where they are.

Find People

Here when there are people you know around you.

Teach a Face

Recognize the faces of people you know. â


Discover what’s around you, in real-time.

Easy To Use And Intuitive

OrCam devices are activated by simple and intuitive hand gestures. A point of a persons finger or the press of a single button will activate a number of features. The device really makes daily activities easier for those living with vision loss. I can get a quick view of the newspaper without all of the strain. I read my email from my smartphone on the go. With OrCam you really get more out of life I feel less dependent and more relaxed.Moshe F, Legally blind from childhood

Thousands of users from around the world have changed their lives with it and improved their quality of life. People from all walks of life and with many levels of vision loss rely on OrCam devices to live independently. Students in high school, and in universities are able to keep up with their class and complete their degrees with it. When it comes to people who use it for their day jobs, you will find blind chefs, school teachers, and even corporate executives.

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Orcam’s Myeye Pro Clips To Glasses To Help Visually Impaired People Read And Identify Faces

OrCam, a company that makes products to aid accessibility for the visually impaired, has won a CES innovation award for its glasses-mounted MyEye Pro device. It aids the blind and visually impaired by reading out printed and digital text, recognizing people, identifying products, and more. OrCam took the prize in both the CES innovation accessibility and health and wellness categories.

“We are living in uncertain times, yet… our users challenges related to access have not stopped during the pandemic. If anything, they have intensified, said OrCam co-founder and co-chairman Prof. Amnon Shashua in OrCam’s blog post.

MyEye Pro mounts on a pair of eyeglasses and communicates visual information audibly. A key new feature is “Smart Reading” that works much like the Crtl-F/CMD-F functions on a PC or Mac, allowing users to get specific information something that helped sway the CES panel “The interactive smart reading capability allows users an experience tailored specifically for them,” the judges wrote.

Another recent feature that arrived last year is the OrCam voice assistant. Users can speak to MyEye Pro to activate facial recognition, or tell the device to read pages in books, newspapers, and restaurant menus. “Newly released ‘Hey OrCam’ enables control of all device features and settings hands-free, using voice commands,” as the CES judges noted.

How Does Orcam Work

OrCam MyEye Vs. OrCam Read – Which Device is For You?

An sophisticated optical sensor takes an image of your environment and audibly transmits the data completely offline.

Instantly hear it Text, peoples faces, items, and other sights are quickly transformed to audio and transmitted through a tiny speaker that sits above the wearers ear or via a Bluetooth device.

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Text To Speech Wearable

MyEye Pro is small unobtrusive battery powered device that magnetically attaches to your existing eye glasses and provides a remarkable degree of audible vision assistance. The device uses a small camera and powerful onboard processing power to provide instant and discreet help with reading, face recognition, color, product identification and more. For text recognition only, please see MyEye R.

Designed to put the user center in the experience, it is amazingly intuitive and easy to use right out of the box. The device is able to communicate vital visual information regardless of surface, Money, Faces, Products, and Colors are all accessible via the simple to use device.

Heralded as game changing and the winner of the 2018 CES Last Gadget Standing Award, The device was recently redesigned as version 2 from the ground and truly represents the state of the art in what OrCam called Artificial Vision Technology

What Is Orcam Pro

OrCam MyEye is a revolutionary voice-activated device that attaches to virtually any glasses. It can instantly read to you text from a book, smartphone screen or any other surface, recognize faces, help you shop on your own, work more efficiently, and live a more independent life!OrCam MyEye conveys visual information audibly, in real-time and offline.

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How Does Orcam Myeye 2 Pro Work

The lightweight device attaches magnetically to any pair of eyeglasses. With a quick tap, pointing gesture, or voice command, an advanced optical sensor captures an image and uses artificial intelligence to communicate information audibly. Audio is heard through a tiny speaker resting above the users ear or through a connected Bluetooth device, like Bluetooth earbuds.

What Customers Are Saying:

OrCam MyEye Pro â The Most Advanced Wearable Assistive Device for the ...

“The MyEye is an amazing tool for the visually impaired, and the small size makes it easy to hold up and read just about anything! – Michael M.”

“The OrCam makes my life as a parent so much easier! I can read stories to my children, help them with their homework, and help my spouse take better care of them when they’re sick or stuck at home! – Joseph B.”

“My adult son has limited vision and we got an OrCam for him to use. He absolutely loves it! He uses it constantly to read books and menus!! – Francis B.”

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Glasses For The Blind Yes

YESnick Vision Center is honored to be the first practice chosen in Nevada to offer the revolutionary OrCam MyEye. Dr. David Yesnick, O.D., and Sandy Yesnick, OTR/L SCLV, were chosen due to their leading efforts for the visually impaired.

Although we cannot correct Low Vision, the new OrCam device allows us to upgrade patients independence and quality of life, says Dr. Yesnick. We specialize in helping patients with Low Vision, and this innovative visual aid offers exceptional benefits!

With OrCam MyEye, science and computers come together beautifully to improve the lives of people challenged by visual impairment.

Orcam Myeyefor People Who Are Blind Or Visually Impaired

OrCam MyEye is a revolutionary voice activated device that attaches to virtually any glasses. It can instantly read to you text from a book, smartphone screen or any other surface, recognize faces, help you shop on your own, work more efficiently, and live a more independent life! OrCam MyEye conveys visual information audibly, in real-time and offline.

Free Shipping

All online orders include free shipping.

30-Day Guarantee

Notify OrCam within 30 days of delivery to receive a refund. *online sales only

Online Tutorials

Easily accessible from the OrCam website, available 24/7.

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The Price History Of Wearable Tech: Is The Orcam Glasses Price Worth It

If one thing has slowed wearable techs rollout into the mainstream over the last decade, its consumers taking issue with price tags. Even established, non-accessibility-focused companies like Google and Fitbit have grappled with the choice of whether to impress consumers with functionality and features or appeal to their practical sensibilities with a low price point.

In the case of the OrCam MyEye 2, there are certainly enough features and functionality to go around. Its worth noting that the MyEye does a lot more than reading text aloud it can instantly and accurately identify products, money notes, digital text, and even recognize faces all in real-time and with no internet connection required.

The MyEye 2 can be triggered via a variety of command gestures, tapping the device or using one of over 20 intuitive voice commands. Both the command and audio relay engines are localized to more than 40 countries in just under two dozen languages, making it ideal for a very wide range of users around the world.

OrCams MyEye devices have been featured on both the Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey television shows and been named as one of Time Magazines top 100 innovations of 2019. They also draw overwhelmingly positive user reviews on sites like and YouTube, with many waving off the $4,500 price tag as worth every penny.

Wearable At For Individuals Who Are Blind And/or Visually Impaired For Transition

A Day in the Life With OrCam MyEye 2
  • 2. TRANSITION Occurs throughout an individual life as they enter into new environments, jobs, andstages of life. For individuals with disabilities: Transition planning must begin at age 16 Must be in preparation for a student to exit school between the ages of 18 and 21 Be based on an individuals needs, interests, and preferences
  • 3. IDEAS DEFINITION OF TRANSITIONSERVICESTransition Services – A coordinated set of activities that: Are designed to be results-oriented focused on improving academic and functional achievement Facilitate a students movement from school to post school activities for:Adult educationAdult servicesIndependent livingCommunity participation
  • 4. TRANSITION SERVICES DEFINITIONCONT.Transition services means a coordinated set of actives that: Are based on individuals needs, strengths, preferences, and interests that include:InstructionRelated ServicesCommunity ExperiencesDevelopment of employment and post-school adult living objectivesAcquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation
  • 7. WEARABLE AT THAT ASSISTS WITHVISION Mojo Monocular Magnifier Jordy Glasses NuEyes E-Sight 3 Orcam Aria Super Vision Cardboard Seeing AI iGlasses Buzz Clip Telescopes
  • 8. MOJO Light Weight 13 MP camera 1 16x magnification 1.4x optical lens Adjustable color and contrast settings Adjustable brightness Cost: $1595 – $2795
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    What Are The Differences Between The Orcam Myeye Pro Orcam Read Orcam Myreader

    Similarities between the OrCam MyEye PRO and the OrCam MyReader: The MyEye PRO and the Reader have the most in common.

    Both are small, about the size of a finger, and use a magnet to attach to a pair of spectacles. Simple hand movements, such as a point to scan a page of text or a full hand stop gesture to halt the device while it is reading, are naturally recognized by both.

    Both devices read text on newspapers, books, menus, signs, product labels, and screens without the need for an internet connection, thanks to built-in artificial intelligence and optical character recognition .

    Because the text is delivered audibly via a small speaker adjacent to the ear, the user must be able to hear to use these two devices, whether naturally or with hearing aids. However, vision of any kind isnt required. While having some sort of vision is certainly preferred, a person who is entirely blind will be able to operate the device.

    English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Mandarin, and Japanese are all available in OrCam MyEye and OrCam MyReader. The instruments do not translate from one language to another instead, they read in the language for which they were designed.

    What are the differences between the MyEye PRO and the MyReader? The MyReader is essentially the MyEye PROs entry-level model. You get all of the reading skills of the MyReader plus additional features with the MyEye PRO.

    It Is Easy To Use And All You Have To Do Is Point

    OrCam MyEye consists of a mini-camera that is clipped to your eyeglasses . A thin cable connects the camera to a pocket-sized computer base unit, which fits discreetly into the wearers pocket or handbag. OrCam reads the words or products aloud and transmits the information to the user via a tiny, discreet speaker next to the ear.

    OrCam MyEye is activated by a simple intuitive gesture pointing your finger or pressing a single button. Whether its to read text, recognize a familiar face or identify a product, OrCam MyEye responds instantly.

    Most alternative visual and reading aids depend on cumbersome equipment that works only in controlled circumstances. Software apps are also available, yet they provide limited usage on smartphones. OrCam can be used at home, in the office, at school, in a grocery store, on a street, in a restaurant, on the airplane everywhere!

    Patients Speak about the OrCam MyEye

    Sitting at a restaurant with a friend and using OrCam MyEye meant that we didnt have to focus on my disability because I was able to read the menu on my own. Debbie S.

    I enjoy using my OrCam MyEye to read newspapers and magazines that I once had such a difficulty reading. OrCam has given me newfound sense of freedom and independence that I did not have before. Elizabeth N.

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    Follows Your Voice Commands

    Hey OrCam, read the headlines. The makers of OrCam are constantly innovating and improving their technologies to make life easier with low vision. With the latest software release, OrCam can now be fully operated using voice commands.

    The MyEye PROs simple-to-use voice commands work for everything from smart reading to orientation assistance.

    I have had Stargardt disease since age 10 and have been visually impaired since then. I have found the OrCam MyEye Pro device incredibly useful to help read both books and magazines. I have not had much experience with advanced technology, and I was able to easily use this device, especially with the help of AdaptiVision. It has opened up a new world and has helped me read small print on everything from prescription bottles to new recipes. It has also been a great help reading childrens books to my baby granddaughter. I am so grateful to have found this device. Working with Stu and AdaptiVision has been wonderful and I highly recommend them!

    Joyce B.

    I am thrilled with my lamp purchases including both the Stella floor lamp and Stella GO task lamp. I use my lamps for projects, reading, cooking, etc. They have become essentials in my life and I couldnt be happier!

    Patricia K.

    Stuart, youre excellent. Youre a wonderful support. After buying a number of products from you, I can say from experience that you are not a pushy salesperson. There are not enough words to express my gratitude.

    Dot Williams

    David B.

    John H.

    Irene W.


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