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Over The Counter Glasses For Distance

How Do I Know If I Need Distance Spectacles

Readers vs. Prescription Eyeglasses – What is The Difference? | SportRx

As their name implies, distance spectacles enable wearers to see distant objects more clearly. People generally start using them before they reach the age of 40. After this point the eye’s ability to change its focus from one distance to another, known as the amplitude of accommodation, is no longer sufficient to see clearly at all distances. This results in a diminished ability to focus on near objects, a condition experts call presbyopia. Different solutions are then required to meet these contrasting needs, either by switching between distance spectacles and reading spectacles, or by switching to bifocal or .

Short-sighted eye

Reading Spectacles The Best Answer For Tired Eyes

Once people hit the age of 40, their close-up vision tends to deteriorate, and reading can become a challenging task , with words blurring together on the page. That’s when reading spectacles help. are made by tailoring single vision lenses to the wearer’s individual reading distance, which is generally between 30 and 40 cm. As well as making life easier for people who enjoy curling up with a book, they can also be used to read the small text sizes often found on smart phones and tablets. Specially adjusted to each wearer’s visual habits and typical reading distance, they restore people’s ability to enjoy relaxed, fatigue-free vision at close distances whatever their prescription.

Long-sighted eye

Types Of Distance Vision Glasses

In addition to offering fresh lenses with our frames, we also have an insanely fast lens replacement service. If you want to keep your frames, but need to upgrade to one of the lens types mentioned below, be sure to check it out. With our free two way shipping, youll have your distance vision glasses back in no time!Single VisionIf you need low vision glasses for distance only, single vision glasses are likely to be the best fit. With this lens type, you’ll be able to see well far away without any correction to your ability to see well up close.BifocalIf you need glasses to see far, but also beginning to struggle with seeing well up close – you may want to look into getting a pair of bifocals as they correct both near and farsightedness. Varifocals or ProgressiveVarifocals, more commonly known as progressive lenses, are similar to bifocals but with a few key differences. Rather than having distinct, separate lens prescription segments, the lenses flow smoothly without lines. Additionally, this lens type can also accommodate a midrange vision prescription if needed. Many also feel varifocal lenses to be a more stylish option than bifocals.

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Why Should You Take Care Of Your Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses are not supported by the outside of the lens frame but are supported directly by the temples of the glasses.Because rimless glasses only rely on both sides of the temples directly with the lens joint, with less protection of the lenses ring. It is easy to cause lens wear, screw loose, so special attention should be paid to maintenance.

How Can I Both See In The Distance And Read In Contact Lenses

Can You Buy Long Distance Glasses Over The Counter

We often get asked how to correct vision for distance and near in contact lenses. Whilst this can turn into a very complex subject I will give a brief explanation here to help you ask the right questions to your optician if you are wanting clear distance and reading vision in your lenses, or if you wear bifocal, varifocal or single vision reading glasses and are interested in contact lenses.

Ignoring the various different types of contact lens material and disposability, this explanation will loosely work for all lens types.

There are three main options for correction, multifocal lenses, monovision and single vision distance lenses with ready reading glasses over the top.

Starting with the single vision distance lenses, the distance vision in these should be better than the other two options, but you would have to wear over-the-counter reading glasses over the top of these lenses to gain the required reading vision. This technique usually gives the best all round vision, but with the inconvenience of wearing both contact lenses and spectacles at the same time.

The next option is multifocal contact lenses. These are not to be confused with multifocal/bifocal spectacles as they look and work differently.

The idea with these is that you should be able to see in the distance and near to a fairly high standard, but for this benefit you would usually pay a little more and may not have as wide a range of lenses to choose from.

You wont regret it!

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How Do I Obtain Temporary Reading Glasses

Depending on what was planned, most eyes will regain better distance vision during the first week. At this point, inexpensive Over-the-Counter reading glasses can be used to help you read. These temporary OTC readers may not be perfect, but they are harmless to wear and often provide good reading vision. They are sold at optical shops, and at most drug, grocery, and department stores. They are made and labeled in 10 different powers that increase in 0.25 increments from +1.00 up to +3.50. The higher the power, the closer the focus will be set. If two different powers both seem to work, then select the lower of the two. For certain tasks that are further away than your normal reading distance , a lower power should work better. Like with sizing a hat, trial and error should help you to find a power that works adequately for your preferred reading distance. It is best to wait a few days after surgery to get temporary reading glasses to allow for some initial recovery of vision.

What Is Special About Glasses For Nearsightedness

Nearsighted glasses correct your vision so that far away objects appear clearer. Unlike reading glasses, they cannot be bought over the counter and must be prescribed by a professional eye doctor. Have a proper prescription? Visit our eyewear page to browse our collection of fashionable nearsighted glasses frames.

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How Do I Know If I Need Distance Glasses

Distance glasses correct a range of visual defects: short-sightedness , long-sightedness and astigmatism. As the name suggests, they enable wearers to see distant objects more clearly. Theyre normally used by people up to the age of 40. After that and sometimes in people as young as 35 the eyes lens starts to lose its elasticity, which makes it difficult to see nearby objects clearly. This is where reading glasses or digital or progressive lenses come in, helping us see clearly at all distances. The virtually invisible engraving is a guarantee that youre wearing ZEISS lenses.

How Do Reading Glasses Work

Converting a Full Eyeglass Prescription to One for Reading Glasses

As we age, our most comfortable reading distance gets farther and farther away from where it was in younger years. The natural lenses inside our eyes get stiffer with time, making it harder to focus on anything up close.

Reading glasses pull your comfortable focus point closer to you. That is, they help you see closer in than you naturally can. The stronger your reading glasses, the closer they will help you see.

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What Are Distance Glasses

So, youve heard about distance glasses.

But what do they do? And why are they different from reading glasses?

Distance glasses are a type of single vision lens used to correct nearsightedness These concave lenses improve your ability to see distanced objects using a minus dioptric power throughout the entire lens.

In short, distance glasses and reading glasses are actually both single vision lenses, but they provide very different ocular functions.

To get a better understanding, this article explains their separate purposes and which lenses are best to help you see.

Whats The Difference Between +100 +125 And +150 Reading Glasses

Reading glasses come in a variety of strengths, and their strength is shown in diopters, which are units that describe the corrective power of a lens, based on how near or how far your clearest area of focus is to your eye. A negative number represents nearsightedness, while a positive number means farsightedness. The higher the number of diopters, the stronger the power of the glasses. That means +1.50 diopters are stronger than +1.00 diopters.

Or, put another way, the higher the number, the closer youll be able to see.

On an over-the-counter display, you might find glasses ranging from +0.75 diopters to about + 3.5 diopters.

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Using Temporary Reading Glasses After Cataract Surgery

Immediately after cataract surgery, the vision will be temporarily blurry. There are normal differences between different individuals, and even between eyes of the same individual, so try not to compare your recovery to other friends or family members. Typically, the vision is clear and more stable by 1 week following surgery. Using your operated eye will neither harm nor delay its recovery.

When Should The Wearer Select Distance Glasses

2017 new Dial Adjustable Vision Lens Eyeglasses As Seen On

If you struggle to see far away, you could very well be a candidate for distance eyeglasses – even if it’s not having a serious impact on your life. Catching issues with vision early on is key when it comes to maintaining the health of your eyes, and may extend the longevity of your vision and slow down degradation.If you’ve never seen an eye doctor before, you might be surprised by how much better you can see once you get the right prescription.If you’re thinking of ordering distance glasses, getting a professional prescription is a must.Ordering the wrong lens prescription will not only be a waste of money but likely cause unpleasant symptoms such as headaches.

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Clear Vision At A Distance

Do distant objects appear blurred? Do you have trouble watching TV and making out road signs? Many people who wear glasses will be familiar with such difficulties. The most common cause is short-sightedness. The further away objects are, the more blurred they appear. These are common visual defects that can be corrected in most people under 40 with a customised pair of single vision distance glasses.

What If I Wear Glasses Or Contacts Already

If you wear contacts or if youve had refractive eye surgery , it can still be helpful to add reading glasses when presbyopia kicks in. Thats because your eyes have been corrected to see well at a distance. Focusing to see up close is another matter, and its still going to get more challenging as you get older.

The situation is a bit different if you wear glasses every day. Thats because youll need to take your glasses off to put on your readers. This will affect the strength of the reading glasses you need.

  • If youre farsighted that is, you already wear glasses to see up close youll likely need stronger reading glasses to start out with.

  • If youre nearsighted that is, you wear glasses to see far away or to drive you can probably start with lower-strength readers.

Of course, if youre already wearing prescription glasses every day, adding readers may not be a great solution. Making the switch to bifocals or progressive lenses might make more sense than juggling two pairs of glasses.

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The Zeiss Portfolio Of Single Vision Lenses

With four different classes of quality and performance available Spherical, Aspheric, Optimal and Individual you can be sure of finding the best single vision product to meet your vision needs, whether for distance vision or reading. Each performance tier includes all the benefits of the preceding.

Quality class 1: Spherical the traditional lens This performance tier comprises single vision lenses with a spherical lens design which are a popular choice for single vision reading eyeglasses. ZEISS introduced the first spherical lenses with a design known as point focal imagery ZEISS Punktal® in 1912. Available in both plastic and glass, they can be used for both high and low prescriptions. The optimized lens surface ensures precise imagery so even at this basic level of quality you can be sure of enjoying outstanding vision.

Don’t forget: ZEISS plastic lenses in all four quality and performance tiers always come with a hard coating to ensure that you can enjoy perfect vision through scratch-free lenses for a long time to come! In addition, both our plastic and glass single vision lenses are available with the option of i.Scription® technology which offers better night vision, enhanced contrast and richer colors! Please consult your eye doctor for more details.

Types Of Glasses That Do Not Require A Prescription

How to Order Bifocals


May 9, 2018

When we think of eyeglasses, we immediately associate them with words like eye doctor, prescription, ophthalmologist and expensive! However, not all eyewear requires a visit to the eye doctor. There are many that dont require a prescription and serve important functions in our personal and professional lives. These include safety glasses, computer glasses, and reading glasses.

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Can I Wear My Reading Glasses All The Time

Yes, you can, but wearing reading glasses could make it a struggle to focus on objects that are farther away. If you want to keep your reading glasses on all the time, you might want to look for a pair of half-rimmed reading glasses. Then you can peek above the glasses when you want to see something at a distance.

Single Vision Lenses The Most Widely Used Spectacle Lenses

Single vision lenses are spectacle lenses that only have one dioptric power throughout the entire lens. They can be used to correct poor vision in either near or far viewing situations, which is why single vision lenses form the basis of both distance spectacles and reading spectacles. As well as offering different powers, these two popular types of spectacles also differ in their appearance: single vision lenses for long-sighted wearers are slightly thicker at the centre of the lens, while single vision lenses for short-sighted wearers are slightly thicker at the edges.

But whatever your prescription, modern ZEISS technology can produce extraordinarily flat and lightweight lenses, even for high prescriptions. And with a choice between four different quality performance tiers, you can pick the solution that best matches your individual vision needs and reading habits. This means that you will benefit from single vision spectacles that give you perfect vision and a perfect appearance! You can find out more in the section on the further down this page.

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What Are The Potential Problems

Hutchings notes that you should have your healthcare provider look at your reading glasses if you are experiencing eye strain or headaches. Some ready-made readers can have optical centers that were off by as much as 2 mm.

Researchers say this could cause eye strain and double vision in many adults. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your eye care provider measure the optical centers and magnifying power of your OTC eyewear.

Reading glasses are usually available in powers, or strengths, from +1.00 to +4.00. In some states like New York State, it is not legal to sell OTC readers over +2.75 because this power is considered strong enough that you should have an eye exam.

How To Choose Reading Glasses

Cheap Glasses Showdown

Choose big frames the first time. When choosing reading glasses, you can choose the big frames for the first time. You may need larger glasses frames or lenses to really get the sweet spot of where the prescription is.

And if you have never worn glasses for eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, it is likely you will be able to see well with non-prescription reading glasses. So, you can buy these non-prescription reading glasses.

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What Are The Advantages Of Progressive Lenses

We have shown what the progressive lenses are in the above part. Do you know what the advantages of progressive lenses are.

1. Only need a pair of eyeglasses. As mentioned in the above section, with progressive lenses, you just need a pair of eyeglasses and there is no need for you to change different glasses constantly.

2. No unsightly bifocal line. Progressive lenses come with the multifocal lens without a multifocal line. And there is a smooth shift in lens strength, you dont have to deal with any sudden changes in clarity.

3. More comfortable. Due to no visible line, you might feel more comfortable with a progressive lens.

How Do I Know If I Need Distance Eyeglasses

As their name implies, distance eyeglasses enable wearers to see distant objects more clearly. People generally start using them before they reach the age of 40. After this point the eye’s ability to change its focus from one distance to another, known as the amplitude of accommodation, is no longer sufficient to see clearly at all distances. This results in a diminished ability to focus on near objects, a condition experts call presbyopia. Different solutions are then required to meet these contrasting needs, either by switching between distance eyeglasses and reading eyeglasses, or by switching to bifocal or .

Short-sighted eye

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Are Reading Glasses And Prescription Glasses The Same

While reading glasses and prescription glasses are often considered to be the same thing, they have differences. Over-the-counter reading glasses come with a preset magnification strength and have the same prescription in both lenses. You would typically find these in chemists and even some department stores. They are less expensive and do not provide a full correction for individuals which can include astigmatism. They are also not made for long term use as they can cause eyestrain and discomfort. Prescription eyeglasses can be custom-made to give the proper prescription your eyes need. Not all people have the same prescription in both eyes, and frames sit differently on each persons face so by being able to custom make the lenses, we can provide the best quality of vision for each person. You also might find that different styles of eyewear suit you better than others.

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