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Polarized Oakley Sunglasses For Men

Maui Jim Southern Cross

5 Best Oakley Polarized Sunglasses for Men in 2021! | SportRx

Made of triple-injected Nylon, Maui Jim Southern Cross sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable all day. Plus with rubber grips, these shades are designed to stay on your face. And with MauiGreen Polarized lenses, these are one of the best sunglasses for bright and direct sunlight conditions.

Southern Cross Highlights

  • Lightweight large wrap frame design for comfort while providing wide coverage
  • Scratch and shatter resistant lenses to protect your eyes while fishing
  • Available with Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze and MauiGreen lens colors

Are Polarized Lenses Available For Any Eyewear

Some sunglasses come with a variety of options for polarized plano lenses with no visual correction power. Depending on the frame style, you may also have several options for Oakley sunglasses polarizedprescription lenses. Oakley makes many shades of polarized lenses, including a full range of activity-specific Prizm polarized tints.

How Are Polarized Glasses Different From Sunglasses

Polarized glasses provide better clarity in bright light conditions by filtering out light, as we described above.

In fact, if you compare regular sunglasses to polarized glasses, youll immediately notice the difference.

To think of it simply, normal sunglasses block all light, while polarized sunglasses only block out the bad light.

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Prizm Vs Polarized Lenses

If youve been looking at Oakley lenses, you may also be wondering about the differences between Prizm and Polarized lenses. So lets clear up any confusion.

Prizm lenses are an Oakley proprietary lens technology designed to enhance contrast and color so you see the maximum detail of the world around you.

In comparison, Polarized lenses are an industry-standard technology that blocks glare caused by horizontal light rays.

The best part? Oakley offers Prizm, HDPolarized, and Prizm Polarized lenses that combine the best of both lens technologies.

Plus, check out our full guide dedicated to Prizm vs. Polarized lenses and all of the differences.

Oakley Sunglasses For Men

Oakley Sunglasses Mens Polarized

You always bring your A game. No matter where you are or what youre doing, you maximize your effort and perform your best. If you want eyewear that works as hard as you do, Oakley sunglasses are the right choice. Lets look at this iconic brand and see why its the choice of professional athletes, career outdoorsmen and even the US Military.

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Are Prescription Fishing Sunglasses Available

Yes, all of the frames in our guide are available with prescription fishing lenses. You can buy prescription fishing sunglasses from a variety of online retailers or your local eye doctor.

And most will carry a wide selection of frames including the best polarized fishing sunglasses from our guide above.

The Best Men’s Polarized Sunglasses 2020

Discover the best polarized glasses for men. Polarized lenses block sunlight and UV rays from reflecting horizontally off of objects or water. Oakley sunglasses polarized are some of the leading styles for outdoor wear, snow and water sports. This brand has one of the widest range of polarized lens colors. See the Oakley Radar, Holbrook and Sutro compared with other leading polarized sunglasses.

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Oakley Det Cord Industrial Ansi Safety Glasses Review

The Oakley Det Cord Industrial are among the most popular safety glasses among military personnel. These glasses are ANSI Z87.1 certified, OSHA approved and ballistic rated. You can customize Det Cord frames with your choice of prescription polarized lenses for the ultimate in outdoor eye protection.

Low Light / Cloudy Conditions

Oakley Batwolf Polarized Sunglasses OO910104 Overview

If youre fishing on cloudy days or in low light conditions, wed recommend rose or yellow lenses that help to brighten your environment. These lenses will allow more light than blue or green fishing lenses, meaning youll be able to clearly see while still blocking glare.

If your sunglasses feature interchangeable lenses, keeping a pair of yellow lenses in your gear for cloudy conditions is definitely recommended!

Read more in our guide to the Best Fishing Lens Colors!

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Benefits Of Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

  • Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that hurt your eyes
  • Reduce the need to squint in sunny environments by blocking glare
  • Increased visibility so you can drive, ski, fish, or do just about anything better
  • Made of impact-resistant Oakley Plutonite lens material that blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays
  • Features High Definition Optics that provide no distortion and maximum clarity

And be sure to read more in our complete guide to Polarized Lenses and How They Work.

Oakley The Ultimate Sport Eyewear

Wearing Oakley sunglasses can protect your eyes from impact, ultraviolet light and other hazards during athletic activities. Choose a pair of lightweight frames in your favorite materials. Wraparound frames provide maximum lateral coverage. Make sure any frame style is compatible with your prescription.

Protect your eyes with the best sunglasses by Oakley. This brand specializes in making eyewear with polarized lenses. Compare frames with plano or prescription Oakley polarized, Prizm or Prizm Polarized lenses. Its easy to get Oakley sunglasses polarized with your preferred lens tint. Some tint colors are designed for wear in specific environments and can enhance visual contrast and clarity.

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What Are Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses act as a filter that neutralizes horizontal light rays caused by glare.

When light strikes an object , its reflected and bounces off in a flat and horizontal way. We call this light glare. And Polarized lenses help stop this light so you can see more clearly.

Because of this, we recommend Polarized lenses for any high-glare environments like fishing and driving.

Check out the video below for a complete explanation and our Polarized Sunglasses Guide for more.

For The Baseball Player

Oakley Straightback Prizm Polarized Sunglasses in Black for Men

We know that it can be an utter disappointment when you go to catch the ball, but the sun blocks you from knowing that all you needed was to move an extra two feet to have it land in your mitt. Youâll be able to keep any doozies like this from happening with aviator sunglasses. With Iridium Polarized lenses that reduce glare and balance out the light, itâs always a home run.

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Top 6 Oakley Polarized Sunglasses Of 2022

Now that youve learned about polarized sunglasses and lenses, its time to find the right frame for you.

Weve included our top Oakley polarized sunglasses below. And since Oakley has begun offering Prizm lenses in almost every frame, many of the sunglasses on our list feature Prizm Polarized technology.

What Are The Best Selling Mens Oakley Sunglasses

Some of the top Oakley sunglasses for men include the Flak 2.0, Half Jacket 2.0, Holbrook, Radar and Sutro frames. Compare frame shapes and decide whether half frame, one-lens or another specialized style suits your needs. Some frames can only accommodate a limited range of prescription lens strengths.

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What Does Asian Fit Mean For Oakley Sunglasses

Have you heard the term Asian fit, Omni fit, or low bridge fit but never really understood the meaning?

In short, Asian fit glasses are eyewear specifically designed for particular facial features which are most common in Asian communities. The facial features are a low nose bridge, high cheekbones, and a flatter and wider face.

This term has been adopted by many eyewear manufacturers who understand that we cant all fit the same type of glasses.

The main differences between Oakely standard fit and Asian fit sunglasses are:

  • 1. Nose pads. With Asian fit glasses, the nose pads are larger and longer than the standard fit. These larger nose pads provide additional support and grip if your nose bridge is lower.
  • 2. Shooter lenses. This helps provide extra comfort if you tend to have higher cheekbones. With a shorter lens, youll prevent the glasses from constantly touching your face.
  • 3. Curved temples. A wider face with standard fit glasses can cause discomfort at the temple that sits tightly around your face. Asian fit glasses have a more curved shape to avoid the glasses from squeezing. A great frame to highlight a curved shape is wrap-around Oakley sunglasses.
  • If you are curious to learn more about low bridge fit glasses and why they are a great invention, have a read through our article on What does Asian fit mean.

    Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley

    Top 7 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men of 2021 | SportRx

    Similar to the FanTail above, Costa Tuna Alley sunglasses provide even more coverage and are consistently one of the top-selling fishing sunglasses! Originally designed for deep water fishing and boating, these sunglasses are designed to help you easily view under the water surface. And the Tuna Alleys lightweight but durable design with patented venting will have you staying cool and comfortable all day!

    Tuna Alley Highlights

    • Full frame design made of durable nylon material with patented venting for all day comfort
    • Available with polarized mirrored blue and green lenses for any fishing environment
    • Available with scratch-resistant Costa 580G Glass lenses or impact resistant 580P Polycarbonate lenses

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    The 5 Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Of 2022

    Whether youre deep sea or fly fishing, the sun and glare can blind you on the open water. And while sunglasses help, polarized fishing sunglasses take that protection to the next level.

    Polarized fishing lenses provide the ultimate protection against harmful UV rays plus block out maximum glare. But having the right lenses and sunglasses is key.

    Keep reading as we review the best polarized fishing sunglasses. Plus the best fishing lenses for every environment.

  • Have a Question?
  • How To Order Prescription Oakley Sunglasses Online

    Ordering your new pair of Oakley sunglasses online with SmartBuyGlasses is easy, convenient, and fun.

    Convenient because you can browse through endless glasses and sunglasses, from many brands, from the comfort of your bed, couch, or at the dinner table.

    If you are shopping for a last-minute holiday or sports event and dont have time to visit your local opticians, pop over to the Oakley sunglasses page, order your pair of prescription sunglasses, and get it delivered straight to your door.

    Its easy to order prescription Oakley sunglasses online with just a few clicks:

  • 1. Choose the pair you like, whether its a standard fit, Asian fit, or safety glasses, and buy them with a prescription.
  • 2. Pick the type of vision correction you need: distance, progressive, or reading.
  • 3. The next step is to input your prescription details correctly. If you have a current pair of glasses but cant remember your prescription you can use our lens scanner tool. If you have your prescription you can either upload it or enter the power values manually.
  • 4. This next step is important as you choose the thickness of the lenses and if youre not too sure as to what lens index to pick read all about it here.
  • 5. Then pick the right lens coating you prefer for Oakley sunglasses: polarized lenses, mirrored, or even transitions. To find out more about lens coatings and tints visit our Optical Center.
  • 6. One more click and get your prescription sunglasses shipped to you for free!
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    How Do Polarized Fishing Lenses Help You

    For example, lets assume youre out fishing and the sun is shining brightly. When the sunlight strikes the water surface it reflects glare in your eyes, making it difficult to see clearly. And how will you catch anything if you cant see through the water?

    This is exactly where polarized lenses come in. By filtering out the bad light while maintaining clarity, you can see into the water without straining your eyes.

    How Do I Order Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

    Oakley Turbine OO9263 Polarized Sunglasses

    Browse our stock of Oakley sunglasses frames. Different polarized lens options may be available for non-prescription and prescription lenses. Oakley offers several specialized polarized lens technologies, including Prizm and Prizm Polarized lenses. Depending on the lenses you need, you may have a choice of Oakley polarized lenses or other tints.

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    Costa Del Mar Fantail

    Costa sunglasses are known as one of the best manufacturers of fishing sunglasses, and the Fantail frame delivers on that reputation! These sunglasses feature thick nylon temples that are water-resistant and provide added grip. And with either Green or Blue Lightwave glass lenses, these are great all-around fishing sunglasses.

    FanTail Highlights

    • Classic full-frame fishing design with a large wrap that provides superior coverage on the water
    • Good pair of fishing glasses that works well for any angler or environment
    • Available with Costa Green and Blue 580G impact and scratch resistant Lightwave glass lenses

    Where To Buy Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

    Your first stop when buying Oakley sunglasses is likely an Oakley store or their website. Weve linked to all of the frames mentioned above so you can quickly access them.

    But if youre looking to save, you may want to wait for a sale. Oakley typically runs sales every month or two where you can score 30-50% off top Oakley sunglasses! To find out when the next sale is anticipated, check out our guide to Oakley sales.

    And if you dont want to wait for a sale, you can still save up to 30%+ off new Oakleys from aftermarket sites like our Oakley Forum Exchange and eBay. Since youre interacting directly with members, you can often find some of the best deals through these sites.

    For more information on saving, check out our guide to buying cheap Oakleys!

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    How Do Polarized Lenses Work

    Polarized lenses are treated with a coating to reduce the amount of horizontally reflected light that passes through lenses and strikes eyes. This lens coating is ideal for high-glare environments such as water, snow or traffic. Oakley offers a choice of several polarization technologies including HDPolarized and Prizm Polarized lenses.

    Why Polarized Lenses Are Good For Fishing

    Oakley Gascan Overview | SportRx

    Polarized lenses are great for fishing because they improve your vision and allow you to see clearly into the water.

    Polarized lenses work by removing glare from water and other light-reflecting surfaces. And these lenses can sharpen your vision so that you can easily spot fish and underwater structures, even under low-light situations.

    Plus there are even polarized specific lenses made for fishing. Keep reading as we review the best polarized fishing lenses and shades for the water!

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    Can Oakley Sunglasses Be Used As Safety Glasses

    Protective eyewear has evolved for years and many brands in the industry have worked in providing high-quality safety glasses.

    There are regulations in place for safety glasses provided by the ANSI guidelines and have become the industry standard for safety eyewear.

    Oakley sunglasses have been ANSI approved as they meet the standard requirements for impact resistance and visual clarity. Each model of Oakley sunglasses will have indications of the ANSI rating , so be sure to have a look at the description of your glasses.

    Oakley sunglasses can be a great pair of safety glasses when it comes to sports, like cycling sunglasses, skiing goggles, and more. The sunglasses can provide extra protection to both your eyes and vision through:

  • 1. Special protective lens coatings, like UV or polarized sunglasses.
  • 2. Durable and lightweight frame materials that allow for comfort and impact resistance.
  • There are various types of safety glasses that you should be sure to check before engaging in particular activities. Oakley sunglasses may not be ideal if you work with hazardous materials but specific safety goggles can be.

    Oakley Split Shot Sunglasses

    The best-polarized fishing sunglasses on our list, the Oakley Split Shot is built for fishing with innovation at every corner. This pair of Oakley sunglasses are made of lightweight O Matter frame material and features a detachable leash so they stay on your face and out of the water. Plus the Split Shot is available with both Oakley Prizm Deep Water and Shallow Water specific lenses.

    Read more in our complete Oakley Split Shot review.

    Split Shot Highlights

    • Lightweight O Matter frame with a large wrap built for any waterman
    • Easily swap lenses in this frame so you can adjust when cloudy days become sunny
    • Available with contrast-enhancing Prizm Deep Water and Shallow Water lenses

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    The Magic Of Oakley Prizm Sunglasses

    Prizm lenses fine-tune individual colors, enhancing detail in precise ways to bring you a more vivid, vibrant and detailed view of the world. These lenses are engineered for specific environments or sports, so you can pick the pair thats perfect for your needs. Its no wonder that Oakley sunglasses for men, tested extensively in extreme conditions, are the choice of professional athletes. They maximize contrast so you can detect changes in roads, greens, snow, water, and more. With Oakley mens sunglasses, youll finally see what youve been missing.

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    Why Oakley Polarized Sunglasses


    Whether you love fishing, golfing, driving, or just being outside, you know that glare can cut your visual clarity significantly. That effect can be downright dangerous on the road or water. For guys who are serious about maximizing visual acuity in all conditions, mens Oakley sunglasses are in a class of their own. Many other brands sandwich a polarized layer onto the lens with glue. That glue can distort your view and make it even harder to see. Oakleys infusion molding process, vital to creating Oakley sport sunglasses, creates the clearest polarized lenses on the market.

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