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Predator 2 Ray Ban Sunglasses

Description Of Sunglasses Ray

Ray-Ban RB2027 Predator 2 Overview | SportRx

The Ray-Ban Predator 2 Black Sunglasses are finally available.

The lense is Green with a sun protection factor of 3 to ensure you an optimal comfort even with a bright sunlight.

You will have a perfect style with this Rectangle frame shaped Sunglasses that are made of Acetate. These Classic Sunglasses are Large sized.

Men can wear the Ray-Ban Predator 2 because the design was especially created to fit them.

The products sold on are all 100% authentic. A carrying case and a cleaning cloth are provided with this product as well as all other accessories supplied by Ray-Ban.

You can see all the Men Sunglasses at the following link: Men Sunglasses.

Sportrx Sport Optimized Lenses

SportRx Sport Optimized lenses cover every possible base so that you always have a quality lens no matter your intended use. With clear, tinted, polarized, and photochromic options, there’s a Sport Optimized lens for everything under the sun – and indoors too! See the difference for yourself today.

The perfect lens. All the time.


Our Sport Optimized lenses are uniquely functional, the ideal blend of our years of optical experience and knowledge of what performs best for each sport.


No matter what you’re playing, there’s a Sport Optimized lens for you. Be the boss of any environment or lighting condition.


All Sport Optimized lenses come ready-made with advanced lens coatings designed to make your life SO much easier. See the difference yet?

These Sport Optimized lenses use UV-based and light-reactive technology to change their tint so that you’re perfectly equipped all day, every day.


Eliminate glare with these made-for-you Sport Optimized lenses. Whether you’re fishing or driving, the days of annoying glare are far behind you.

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