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Prescription Glasses For Wide Faces

Men With Big Heads Or Wide Face

Best Oakley Sunglasses for Big Heads | SportRx

We know how common it is for men to have larger heads and faces particularly in America and Europe. While some people think this makes them more attractive, some studies have shown that men with these features are seen as more dominant and powerful.

It adds up wearing sunglasses for men with big face. There are those who believe which can be a turn-on for some women because it shows masculinity. If youre attracted to men with big heads or wide faces, theres no need to feel ashamed its perfectly normal!

Measure Your Pupillary Distance

In addition to a current prescription, youll also need your pupillary distance , which is the distance, measured in millimeters, between the centers of your pupils. This number is essential because it represents the spot on the lens that youll actually be looking through. If its off, you may be left with blurry or distorted lenses.

For the most accurate results, your best bet is to have your eye doctor measure pupillary distance during your eye exam and give you that number with your prescription. Theres also the option of using apps, like EyeMeasure, or online tools, like Warby Parkers PD measuring tool. And according to Dr. Sandra Young, OD, you can measure PD at home using the following steps:

How To Measure Pupillary Distance At Home

  • First, get the right tools. Youll need a ruler that measures in millimeter increments, says Dr. Young, who notes that you can print one out if necessary.
  • Next, stand 8 to 10 inches from a mirror in a location where theres good lighting. If you normally wear glasses, be sure you take them off.
  • With the ruler held above your eyes, close your left eye, aligning the 0 millimeter line with the center of the right pupil.
  • Lastly, open your left eye and close your right eyebe careful not to move the rulerand the number that aligns with the center of the left pupil is your PD.
  • Let Your Personality Shine

    Ultimately, your frames should display your personality and style. You might want a fun, flirty pair for the weekends out with friends. And a more refined yet cute pair for the office — it’s fun but also signifies you mean business. While you can keep the considerations of this guide in mind, there are no rules. If the frame and color make you happy and confident, that’s all that matters.

    The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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    Do I Have A Round Face

    If your head is equally wide as it is long, with soft cheeks and rounded chin, you probably have a round face.

    The simplest method to know if you have a round face is by using a mirror and some honest self talk.

    • Is your forehead wide?
    • How big are your eyes and nose compared to each other?
    • Are they both equally sized or does one stand out more than the other?
    • Is your chin round, pointed or in between?

    The best way to determine if your face is round, not oval, is to determine a lack definition around your chin.

    The rounder, fuller and wider your face appears, the more likely you have a round face.

    Ask your audience

    If in doubt, simply post 2 or 3 selfies of social media and ask family members or friends what shape they think your face is.

    Face trace

    Another option is to use these images and draw either physically or using the drawing function on your phone. Draw an outline around your outer edge of your face, if the outline is predominately round i.e. no protruding cheek bones or chin then there’s your answer!

    The Best Glasses For Each Face Shape

    Sturdy Glasses Men Wide Face Prescription Eyeglasses Full Rim Optical ...

    Now that youve learned about the most common face shapes, youre probably curious about how glasses come into play. The good news: finding stylish glasses frames for your face shape is an art that anyone can learn.

    And remember, its also optional! There are no rules here, and youll always want to take your personal style and the fit of the frames into account.

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    Glasses For Big Heads & Eyeglass Frames For Large Heads

    When you know the struggle of finding an eyeglass frame that fits, SportRx has you covered with the best glasses for big heads. Our collection of eyeglass frames for large heads will alleviate common symptoms of too-small frames like headaches and uncomfortable pressure points. Specifically designed to accommodate larger features and hand-selected by our sizing-fanatic Opticians, were confident youll find your best-fitting frame yet. So, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect fit with glasses for big heads online at SportRx!

    Glasses For Wide Faces: What Were Wearing

    Choosing a pair of glasses might feel like a functional choice, but it can be a fashionable one too. Your glasses should make you feel like the best version of yourself and be flattering to your face shape. But most importantly, they should fit comfortably something that might seem a little trickier when looking for glasses for a wider face.

    If you have a wider face, maybe a square or round face shape, your glasses might sometimes feel tight or look disproportionate against your facial features. This is why it is so important to find the right pair of glasses for you, and Specsavers is here to help with a range of glasses sizes to make sure theres a frame for every face.

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    Maui Jim Big Wave Sunglasses

    Getting Maui Jim Big Wave sunglasses are awesome for those who love the outdoors and spending time in beach activities. When in search for sunglasses that fit big heads or wider face, these are sure to keep your eyes covered from the harmful glare. Maui Jim is a well-known and trusted brand when it comes to sunglasses, so you can be confident that youre getting a quality product with its larger lens width.

    Out Of Network Benefits

    Get the Right Size with the Best Sunglasses for Big Heads! | SportRx

    Contact your insurance company to find out how to use your out of network benefits for your pair of eyewear to get the best vision. Most vision insurance plans offered by insurance company have an out of network benefit. does not have a California finance lender license. Also we do not sell contact lenses, because contact lenses are a completely different type of vision aid. We do however offer a free shipping service on all our orders to most places in the United States. If you have special needs, just contact our customer service team for help. Read more in our article about Vision Insurance Benefits.

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    Extra Large Aviator Sunglasses

    Wearing extra large aviator sunglasses gives sun protection while also looking stylish. The polarized lenses are in variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect pair to match your personal style. Whether youre looking for a classic look or something more modern, extra large lens classic aviator sunglasses are a great choice.

    Acceptance Of Terms Of Use

    The Virtual Try-on tool that launches from is owned and operated by Ditto, Inc., a third-party. The tool creates a photographic image of your face that then enables you to view a rendering of yourself wearing certain frames available on By using the Virtual Try-On tool, you expressly consent to the Terms of Use and the incorporated HIPAA Privacy Policy governing A link to these documents is here:

    In addition, by using the Virtual Try-On tool, you acknowledge that any information collected or otherwise obtained from you is collected by Ditto , and that all such information is subject to both Dittos Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy which are found at the following hyperlinks:

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    How We Chose The Best Places To Buy Prescription Glasses Online

    As glasses-wearers ourselves, the Forbes Vetted team members who assembled, edited and continue to update this list know what it takes to find the right pair of glasses. We spent hours researching each companys reputation and what they offer in terms of selection, value, insurance eligibility, return policy and turnaround time. We also throughly browsed each site to test out the user-friendliness of the glasses-buying process and discover special features like virtual or at-home try-ons and prescription renewals. Finally, we enlisted the help of eye care expert Dr. Sandra Young, OD, to share expert tips on choosing and buying the right glasses for you.

    Get Started With Some Of The Best Glasses For Oval Faces

    Eagwoo Aluminum Men Wide Face Prescription Eyeglasses Full Rim Optical ...

    Round glasses

    Our selection hits that sweet spot between casual and formal just right. People with oval faces rock round glasses in a way unlike any other, so take advantage of it!


    Aviator glasses

    That’s right. The aviator style isn’t limited to just sunglasses anymore. These sleek choices are some of the best glasses for oval faces.


    Cat-eye glasses

    Flirty and fun. Cat-eye glasses are a vintage classic that can bring a refreshing twist to any outfit.


    Square glasses

    This classic style is a staple for American stars. You’ve seen them on the likes of Michael Jackson, John F. Kennedy, and Madonna. Don’t miss your chance to try them out.


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    Glasses For Oval Faces

    Glasses for oval faces can nail almost any aesthetic but they look best with square and rectangular frame shapes. People with oval faces have evenly proportioned features that give them the best luck when it comes to their style options. They can experiment and be as adventurous as they want.

    Love the retro vintage look? You should have no sweat rocking some classic Trapezoid style glasses. Looking to try out something quirky and cute? Go wild with some cat-eye glasses and a pop of color.

    Wide Glasses And Oversized Glasses

    Oversized glasses are different to wide glasses. Wide glasses have more emphasison the horizontal width of the frame on your face oversized glasses emphasize astyle. The oversized glasses can be matched with your look. Recently, the trendhas been ubiquitous with fashion. Larger glasses are different from wide glasses,not only in the horizontal distance of the glasses, but also in the frame, NoseBridge and temples.


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    Glasses For Wide Faces

    • Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter without the lenses.

      Low Nose Bridge Fit

      Match My Prescription

    Home> Eyeglasses> Wide Face Frames Eyeglasses

    See our latest collections & exclusive offers before the crowd!

    Oakley Big Head Split Shot

    Best Sunglasses for Big Heads | SportRx

    This Oakley Big Head Split Shot sunglasses are designed for those with a larger than average head size. The frames are made of a durable, lightweight material and feature an adjustable nose pad for a custom fit. The lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and provide 100% UV protection.

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    Best Glasses Shapes For A Round Face

    Okay, so youre pretty positive that your face is round . How do you pick out a pair of glasses?

    The best glasses frames for a round facefemale, male, or any other genderplay off of the faces gentle curves with strong lines and defined angles. It can be fun to try and identify complementary opposites: slopes vs. corners, softness vs. boldness. Think of it as the ultimate in power clashing.

    Not Sure If You’ve Got An Oval Face Shape

    Step in front of the mirror and check yourself out. Oval face shapes are characterized mostly by a softly curved jawline. Plus, the width of your forehead should be just a bit wider than your chin, with your cheekbones usually placed just a little higher on the face. If this sounds like you, get ready- EyeBuyDirect has hundreds of frames that’ll fit just right on you.

    We’ve got a wide range of trendy glasses for oval faces for both men and women. Your face type is compatible with almost any type of eyewear, so feel free to explore any style to your heart’s content. Browline? Trapezoid? Regardless of what you pick, we’re sure that you’ll feel confident.

    Before you buy, we have one thing to say first. While we have a great range of glasses for oval faces, there’s one important tip you should keep in mind: Be careful not to order your frames too large! Oval faces are attractive with glasses because of their evenly placed facial features, so a pair of oversized frames might throw that balance out the window. Make sure that you select the right size according to your pupillary distance and temple width. For more tips on how to find your frame size, check out our little guide here.

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    Glasses That Are A Perfect Fit For Big Faces

    Men and women with long, big, wide faces should go for glasses that are thick and equally sized for their face.

    You should choose frames that are wide and are able to cover your face from one side to another. If you want to wear oversized reading glasses for big faces thats perfectly fine too.

    Remember to match the glasses shape with your face shape before deciding on size.

    The oversized square Ritzy glasses are perfect for those with a wide or big round face .

    On the other hand, the Moll round sunglasses flatter women with big square faces . The thick circular frame will match your face size and create an esthetical consistency which wont go unnoticed.

    Also, cat eye glasses will turn out be a very good choice for people with wide faces because they compliment the cheeks . People with wide faces most likely have full, round cheeks and this type of glasses will fit them perfectly because they make the face appear longer and angular .

    Frames like Zelda are iconic and an instant hit. The highbrow details will add more personality to your eyewear and will soften your features in a delicate and stylish way.

    Geometric glasses , or rectangular glasses with sharp angles or details, have a good effect on people with wide faces, making their faces appear longer and thinner .

    And if you still have problems deciding what shape of frames our Draper frames fit basically anyone and theyre so stylish that theyll instantly become the centerpiece of your outfit!

    How To Use Your Vision Insurance Benefits

    Sturdy Glasses Men Wide Face Prescription Eyeglasses Full Rim Optical ...

    Insurance providers for eyewear brands range from supplemental vision benefits plans offered by your employer, to independent plans that you can purchase outside of your employer’s plan. In most cases, you can get your eye exam in-network from an eye doctor focused on your eye health, and your insurance provider will offer an out of network benefit for your eyewear. Once you have confirmed your insurance eligibility, you can submit the claim form directly to your insurance provider. To obtain insurance benefits after your eye exam, there will be a valid prescription required, your birth date, and a valid zip code required. Unfortunately, when you try to use your vision insurance at most optical stores, you will never have zero hidden fees, because prescription eyewear is how they make their profit.

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    What Style Of Glasses Best Suits Wide Faces

    The best glasses for wide faces tend to be rectangular shaped frames or classic styles like the Wayfarer. Geometric frames that are wide, rather than round or long, elongate the face and effectively accentuate your features. Wide faces often suit big glasses frames too, so why not try an oversized retro look?

    Dont forget, what matters most is how confident your glasses make you feel and how comfortable they are on your face. Your face is unique and you should celebrate your features in any which way you want, whether they’re balanced or not! Whats most important is how your glasses fit, which is why Specsavers have prioritised creating a wide range of glasses in a variety of sizes including petite and bigframes.

    How To Buy Eyeglasses Online has the largest selection of eyeglasses on the planet. Shopping online for a complete pair of eyeglasses from one of the top brands like Ray Ban and Gucci has never been easier. Why visit a Lenscrafters store and pay the inflated retail price for new frames when you can you can get massive selection and much lower prices at this website? Why pay full price for eyewear when you can get the perfect pair right here? We have more frames styles than any other store, and you can compare frame styles before you buy. Sure, get your comprehensive eye exam at any eye doctor We offer prescription lenses or clear lenses, frames only or as non prescription sunglasses. We also offer the largest lens selection online, including blue blocking lenses with a blue light filtering coating, anti reflective coatings, with every possible variation of high quality lenses options, lenses brands, reading glasses, lenses coatings and lenses features. In fact, we offer so many different lenses and service that customer often call us to help them decide, and then we do the checkout for them. Unlike other online glasses retailers, we provide personal service on every order to us, buying online glasses is the same as if you walked into our store.

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