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Prescription Glasses With Magnetic Clip-on Sunglasses

Stgatn Magnetic Polarized Clip

Magnetic Custom Clip On Sunglasses!

We present you a very light model, with a modern design. It is very convenient to use for several reasons. First, you get two parts. One with transparent lenses and the other with magnetic polarized sunglasses buttons. So, you will easily get stylish glasses in just a few steps.

It also offers maximum protection that keeps you away from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Your eyes will not be tired as long as you have the right color on your eyes that eliminates reflected light. This way you will see much better while wearing a flexible, durable and lightweight model.

Chemistrie Sunlenses Color Explosion

From red, yellow and blue through everything in between sizzling mirrored shades, cool tints-a rainbow of options to suit any taste, style of frame, lens or prescription. All Chemistrie Sunlenses are polarized sunglasses for increased visual clarity and reduced harsh glare, and click on and off your primary lenses in a snap!

For Any Style. And Almost Any Frame!

Rimless, titanium, thick or thin through ovals, squares, horn-rims, retros, half-frames and more there’s almost no style you wear that you can’t show off even more with Chemistrie Sunlenses. You spend a lot of time and money while making a visual statement with your eyeglasses-why hide that when it’s time to go outside?

Hot Crystals.

Like a wristwatch, handbag, necklace or hat, the right accent can complete a look. Only Chemistrie Sunlenses can be accentuated with genuine Swarovski crystals-jeweled accents that magnetically click on, click off and add sparkle and style to your regular eyeglasses. Can be worn with the click-on sunlenses, or over your regular lenses, with 12 arresting faceted colors to choose from!

Cool Cases.

While genuine Chemistrie Sunlenses are durable and flexible , there’s nothing like an ounce of prevention to protect your click-on lenses from harsh surfaces. Each Chemistrie Sunlenses product comes with a sleek, slim carry-case-and more are available to suit your life and style! Keep one at the office, one in your purse, and one for home for all day, every day protection of your lenses!

Haven Rec B 51 Clipon Sunglasses Black

  • Fits Over Sunwear REC B GRAY LENS Clip are made of Plastic. Package contents includes: Haven
  • Fits Over Sunwear Eyeglasses, Premium Case, Premium Cleaning Cloth, CoolCash Gift Certificate

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Product Details

Haven REC B 51 Premium ClipOns instantly transform your eyeglasses into a pair of polarized sunglasses. Haven ClipOn sunglasses are designed with premium materials and feature Optify Lens Technology.

Rimless rectangle shape with deeper plastic prongs designed to fit securely on popular plastic and thicker frames. Amber lens tint helps improve depth perception and contrast. 100% UVA-UVB lens protection.

Gentle Grip protects glasses. Hard case and cleaning cloth included.


Reviews From Real Customers

I wear my glasses 95% of the time, so Im glad theres an easy and affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses or custom clip-ons. These fit over my large tortoise-shell frames effectively. The clip on the bridge sits pretty high and is too prominent for my liking, but if thats what it needs for them to work, then I can live with it.

I like that they flip up, but they dont flip up high enough that I feel like I could drive with them that way. And lastly, the pieces that rest against the lenses the ones that sit against the inner part of the lens have rubber cushions, but the outer part ones are just hard plastic, so I hope they dont scratch.

The sunglass quality is excellent.

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Best Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses In 2022

Clip-on extensions are ideal for prescription glasses wearers to protect their eyes from the sun. They can save the wearer a lot of money because it is not necessary to make prescription sunglasses. The glasses fit so precisely with the Clip On accessory that the difference is almost invisible when the accessory is placed on the frame.

Your glasses become sunglasses by simply placing the CLIP ON accessory on the frame, which is connected into one whole via a magnet. Due to the magnet that is built into the prescription frames as well as the sun accessory, removing and placing the clip is very easy. It is even possible to set them with one hand, which is great news for all drivers. Read below a little more about magnetic clips as well as the most popular models this season.

Meet Our Lineup Of Clip

Ultra light 2 In 1 Polarized Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses Over ...

Each Clip-On perfectly pairs with its corresponding frame shapeand is available in a variety of colors.

Durand in Crystal with Clip-On in Polished Gold with Green Lenses

Durand in Crystal with Clip-On in Polished Gold with Green Lenses

Percey in Chestnut with Clip-On in Polished Gold with Green Lenses

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Solar Shield Polarized Clip On Sunglasses Size 50 Bow A Amber Driving

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Product Details

Product Description: SOLAR SHIELD Sunglasses Polarised Solar Shield CLIPS over your regular GLASSES. Fits Plastic Frames. Polarised lenses block glare. Blocks 100% UVA/UVB. Lenses exceed ANSI Z80. 3-2001 strictest UV blocking requirements.

These have a limited lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, Dioptics Inc. The packaging is actually a really plastic box to store them in. Solarshield Clip X-Span.

What Are Clip Ons

Clip ons are glasses lenses that can be attached to your current optical frames, or you can buy clip on frames from the get go. Essentially, you will end up with two lenses that clip together at the bridge of your nose with magnets or clips. This allows you to have a base layer of your prescription glasses, and then add on a variety of tints, features and coatings. For example, you can connect anti glare clip on glasses, blue light blocking clip on glasses, or even magnifying clip on glasses.

When entering the world of clip on glasses, the best place to start is with the different variations, of which there are three.

The first type of clip on glasses are known as standard clip ons. As the name suggests, these simply attach to the glasses frames with clips. These are the perfect option for those of you that already own your perfect pair of glasses, and want an extra lens to clip onto them. The best way to find the right ones for your frames, is to check the options with your particular brand of glasses frames, and see if there are any clip ons available from that label. This will give you the best chance of finding clip ons that fit your frames. However, there is no harm in buying a more generic pair of clip on lenses that will also fit your current frame size and shape.

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Best Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses

TOM FORD Square Optical Frames W/ Two Magnetic Sunglasses Clips Black

  • The square-shaped glasses create a trendy appearance
  • UV protection lenses protect your eyes from harmful sunrays
  • Full rim frame helps protect the lenses from minor damage due to accidental drops

Besgoods Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses Metal Flip Up Glasses

  • UV400 Lens Technology absorbing over 99%of harmful UVA& UVB spectrums.
  • Polarized lenses Improve your vision, reduce glare, and sharpen your eye sight.

Clip-On Sunglasses, Splaks Unisex Polarized Frameless Rectangle Lens Flip Up on

  • Night Driving Glasses: Yellow one can brighten your night driving visual, making your driving safer at night.
  • Premium Quality Lens: Made from extremely strong and durable polycarbonate,Conform to BS EN 1836:2005 + A1 2007 & EN ISO 12312-1:2013.

Besgoods Polarized Clip-On Flip Up Metal Clip Sunglasses Lenses Glasses Unisex Driving Fishing Outdoor Sports, Black, Medium

  • Lens Height-1.42in.

3 Pack Sunglasses Clip on Polarized C63 3pcs-Mix

  • TAC polarized lens, only perfect fit same size eyeglasses
  • Frame width about 4 5/8 inches stretch to 5 7/16 inches

Silhouette Sunglasses 5090 A1 Grey Polarized Clip on Sunglasses

  • Silhouette Sunglasses Clip-On 5090 A1 Polarized Gray
  • Brand: Silhouette Model: 5090 A1 Type: Clip On
  • To Fit Models with Bridge MST 861

V2 Oval Clip on Flip Up Polarized Sunglasses

  • Measurements: 54mm x 39mm x 122mm or 2.13 x 1.54 x 4.80Overall.
  • For more options check our collection of Polarized Clip On Sunglasses.

Gshy Polarised Sunglasses Clip

Zenni Optical Magnetic Prescription Glasses Sunglasses Club Master Wayfarer Review

Gshy offers a plastic frame that is primarily intended for night driving, but provides equally good protection during daytime activities. It is the highest level of protection from UV and UVB rays that you can choose, and it blocks glare perfectly well, which can come from the direction of the road, water, snow or some other surface.

During night driving, you can rest your eyes with yellow lenses that automatically adjust to the needs of night vision. The design of this model is very classic, and you can easily put away the thin clip on glasses. That is why, in addition to a beautiful appearance, they offer extraordinary practicality.

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What Our Clients Say

First pair I ordered a few years ago and loved them. They fit well on my face, forgot I was even wearing them from time to time. A few months ago I had to order a new pair through walmart for different reasons and they so horrible that I ordered another pair of these. Cheap Glasses 123 is the only place I have been to get glasses that try on the glasses so they fit your face. Love these glasses.

Fantastic ski goggles, can’t wait to try them out on the mountain. Great visibility and the prescription was perfect. Highly satisfied.

The glasses are perfect! The transitional and progressives work great! I never thought an online place could do such a good job! Thanks.

I’ve ordered these glasses twice and love them. You just can’t get any better quality for the price. These glasses easily hold up against any glasses I’ve bought from my eye doctor, which run upwards of $230 because I have a high prescription. I will continue to use this website-the quality and service are unmatched.

I love these sports glasses! I’ve had them for a year and haven’t had any problems at all. I was even able to wear them during all of my softball games this summer. I love that they stayed on the whole time!

Pack Sunglasses Clip On Polarized C63 3pcs

  • TAC polarized lens, only perfect fit same size eyeglasses
  • Frame width about 4 5/8 inches stretch to 5 7/16 inches
  • Lens width about 2 1/16 inches
  • Lens height about 1 5/16 inches
  • Bridge about 3/8 inches stretch to 1 3/16 inches

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Product Details

TAC polarized lens, only perfect fit same size eyeglasses Frame width about 4 5/8 inches stretch to 5 7/16 inches Lens width about 2 1/16 inches Lens height about 1 5/16 inches Bridge about 3/8 inches stretch to 1 3/16 inches EYEKEEPER POLARIZED CLIP ON SUNGLASSES: Registered Sunglasses and Eyewear,Accord with ANSI Z80.

3-2010, Accord with BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013 and EN1836:2005+A1:2007,Accord with AS/NZS 1067:2009, Eyekeeper polarized 100% UV protection lens material filters out 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC & harmful blue light up to 400nm.

Reviews From Real Customers

The picture they show of Gray lenses is not a true picture. I ordered a pair of gray. What I received was an extremely almost black. They claimed it was correct just a little darker than the gray the show.

Did not replace as I requested only offered offer a discount of 50% discount but would not send the correct lenes as they picture claiming what I received was correct. They do not stand behind their promise to supply the correct lenses if they send the wrong lenses.

If you have varifocals this is definitely the way to go as compared to sunglasses.

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Tips On Purchasing Magnetic Sunglasses

The foremost criterion when purchasing magnetic sunglasses is the frame design. Your prescription glasses’ contour is taken into consideration while measuring this sunglasses accessory. What shape is your glasses frame? Do they possess any distinctive characteristics? Do they have a unique type of bridge or are they cat-eye or browline frames?

When the shape is established, the clip-on is measured by height and breadth in millimeters, much like your frames. The numbers on your frames should be helpful if you are unsure of the measurements, particularly the eye size and bridge size.

Once you can match the frame measurement with the available magnetic sunglasses, we recommended it to purchase 3 to 4 different frame colors to match your outfit. You can also vary the lens colors, with at least one as polarized. Avail of the discounts most sellers offers on bulk orders while stocking them with different frame colors and lens qualities. This would easily last for a much longer period than having just one.

Silhouette Sunglasses 5090 A1 Grey Polarized Clip On Sunglasses

Ralferty Polarized Sunglasses Men Women 5 In 1 Magnetic Clip On Glasses ...
  • Silhouette Sunglasses Clip-On 5090 A1 Polarized Gray
  • Brand: Silhouette Model: 5090 A1 Type: Clip On
  • To Fit Models with Bridge MST 861
  • Item Includes: Silhouette Clip On Sunglasses Silhouette Case Silhouette Cleaning Cloth
  • Silhouette Information Packet
Lowest Price

Product Details

Silhouette Sunglasses Clip-On 5090 A1 Polarized Gray Brand: Silhouette Model: 5090 A1 Type: Clip On Gender: Unisex Made In: Austria To Fit Models with Bridge MST 861 Item Includes: Silhouette Clip On Sunglasses Silhouette Case Silhouette Cleaning Cloth Silhouette Information Packet Silhouette Maintenance Information Brand Information: Silhouette eyewear is for prestige-oriented people who want to express their high lifestyle standards in their outlook as well.

High Tech Titanium, the innovative alloy from Silhouette, has given life to revolutionary design in eyewear. The hottest rimless frame design to ever enter the optical market. Silhouette eyewear, as the undisputed leader in rimless eyewear technology, combines comfort with a fashion sense that is light years ahead of its time.

Blue-Gray with Silver Flash Mirror
Made In
Clip-On Sunglasses

Reviews From Real Customers

I love the silhouette eye glasses because they are very light weight and comfortable but in the two years Ive owned them I went through four pairs of the silhouette clip on sunglasses that are now $85.

Great glasses if you dont use the clip on sunglasses but if you need the clip ons its not worth it.

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Smith Optics Shift Mag Sunglasses White / Chromapop Violet Mirror

  • ChromaPop lenses enhance contrast and natural color to make the details pop
  • Fit / Integration
  • 5-base lens curvature for slight wrap fit
  • Megol temples provide non-slip grip so glasses stay put

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Product Details

Geared for speed. The Shift MAG gives cyclists and runners every performance advantage possible, from the superlight frame down to the nose piece. The coolest feature is no doubt the interchangeable lens technology.

Snap the magnet on the side for quick, fingerprint-free lens changes. These Smith sunglasses come with one clear lens as well a color-enhancing ChromaPop lens. Flatter than most performance eyewear, the 5-base frames stay put with a two-position nose piece and no-slip temples.

They give you a secure feel when youre going your fastest.


Reviews From Real Customers

I got these for biking in low light conditions and evenings. The glasses fit my face very well, I have low nose bridge . The nose piece is adjustable but I do find it a bit loose as it sometimes pop back up to the wide position.

I wish they would have just included multiple nose pieces. They are about the same width as the Oakley Sutro Lite, but with a taper down lens design. Overall they work great with my Scott Centric helmet as well as the POC Kortal Race helmet.

Would be cool if Smith made a photochromic version with some mirror finish.

How To Care For Magnetic Clip

It’s essential to understand how to safeguard your magnetic clip-on sunglasses from wear and tear if you want to make sure they remain intact for a very long time.

Although they make premium magnetic sunglasses to be durable and endure for a long time, there are best practices you can adhere to so that the product stays in excellent shape and doesn’t get destroyed soon.

To prevent scratching or smudging of the lens, you should always hold the magnetic sunglasses by the frame or the side of the lens.

You may keep the lenses in pristine condition for a longer period and reduce the frequency of cleanings if you handle them gently.

Additionally, it’s essential to store your magnetic clip-on sunglasses in a case when not in use.

Try to hold the eyeglasses by the frame when cleaning the lenses to minimize unnecessary contact with the lens.

The delicate and sleek style of the sunglasses means we should be extra careful, and it is generally recommended to put them in a hard case that will protect the sunglasses from any harm when not in use.

Finally, be sure to use water and a lint-free piece of cloth to clean your magnetic sunglasses. Use just ordinary soap as other cleaners or abrasive products run the risk of causing lasting harm.

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What Are Magnetic Sunglasses

When you are driving wearing your prescription glasses, you may need a dark sunshade to shield against the glare. You would first remove your glasses and keep them aside or inside the cover, then take your sunglasses from the cover and put it on. Sounds familiar?

Enter magnetic sunglasses with just one hand you can attach it over your eyeglasses without the need to remove it. Convenient isnt it?

Magnetic sunglasses attach to the front of your eyeglasses. These detachable sunglasses come with a magnetic clip-on that is simple to put on and remove. A regular clip-on pair of sunglasses, as in the image shown below, typically needs both hands to attach or remove the clip from your glasses.

Although it is technically possible wearing clip-on sunglasses over your regular glasses but looks awkward and you risk damaging your prescription lenses. The magnet makes it convenient to attach over it and looks elegant.

A variety of magnetic sunglasses are available in different colors, designs, and protective features to suit your needs. So, you can continue to use your eyewear and also have the flexibility to make it a sunglass with this simple attachment.

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