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Prescription Safety Glasses Ansi Z87.1

Do Polycarbonate Lenses Meet Ansi Standards

SPY Bounty ANSI Z87.1 Sunglasses/Safety Glasses || Review

All our polycarbonate lenses are ANSI Z87 rated and meet the standard. Check the product page to ensure that a pair of safety glasses you are interested in is appropriately rated.

Safety Gear Pro offers a polycarbonate lens option that can make prescription safety glasses Z87-rated. This is available on many of our frames but not all. Please select the Add Prescription Lenses option to ensure that a pair of frames has a prescription safety glasses Z87 polycarbonate option.

Magid Classic Black Safety Glasses

Another impressive choice is the Magid Classic Black Safety Glasses. I am in awe of this protective eyewear mainly because it has a classic and stylish look. It boasts of an iconic style for any worker who prefers to enjoy style and protection. It can deliver excellent impact protection and peripheral vision in just one iconic style.

Upon use, I discovered that it has plenty of uses. It works well when worn for a number of tasks, like woodworking, painting, cleaning, sanding, machine operation, assembly, shooting, and motorcycle riding. It has clear side shields that I find truly effective in offering an incredible amount of protection and peripheral vision.

The protection it offers is long-lasting as well. It is mainly because of the lens constructed from a hard-coated polycarbonate, which can resist scratches. Grey and clear lenses also promote a good field of vision. When it comes to comfort, you will not also be disappointed with the black nylon frame that features soft grey temple pads.

The anti-fog coating used in the lens is also a great thing because it prevents the buildup of fog in the lens that might only affect your safety and productivity. It boasts of its strong and sturdy build, as well. It is comfortable enough that wearing it the entire day will not be a problem at all.

  • Slightly thicker frame than what a lot of users prefer

M Readers Safety Glasses

You now have access to the 3M Readers Safety Glasses, too. It is a stylish piece, one that you will feel very comfortable to wear, especially if you are one of those who is after fashion. While being stylish, 3M did not forget to turn this product into protective eyewear that adheres to stringent safety requirements and standards.

With that, I can vouch for its effectiveness in terms of acting as the ultimate solution in terms of giving protection the entire day. It looks cool without losing its ability to give you protection the whole day. It offers comfort to users, too, considering the fact that you can adjust the length of its temple and the angle of the lens.

You can also adjust the nose bridge. All these adjustable parts give you the opportunity to adjust the protective eyewear in such a way that it will make you feel comfortable and at ease. It is known for having a sturdy and durable build, too.

Another thing I like is that it fits nicely while being lightweight, making it as comfortable to wear the whole day. It also boasts of a reading lens, which is made in a way that it does not obstruct nor hamper your vision in any way.

  • Stylish without losing its protective nature
  • Comfortable, thanks to its adjustable parts
  • Boasts of a sturdy built
  • Lightweight, making it suitable to wear the whole day
  • Does not hinder your vision
  • Prone to scratches

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The Best Rx Safety Glasses In The Market: Matchless Variety

The thing about buying a Wiley X product is you know you are getting the best value for your money. In the Rx safety glasses category, Wiley X is already leaps and bounds ahead of its competition.

You can get a wide range of designs and materials from a Wiley X prescription safety glasses display. The difference in designs is based on the purpose and environment a customer would often use their pair of glasses.

If you prefer sleeping in your tent out there in the wild over your bed at home, you have a whole range of Climate Control series to choose from.

If you happen to work in industrial settings or make a living in construction or active labor, all the Wiley X safety prescription eyewear products in the Active Lifestyle series are perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you work in the corporate world where style and elegance matter more, you can get the perfect blend of fashion and safety in Wiley X Worksight series.

If you travel a lot and the light around you keeps changing, you can get a pair of Wiley X prescription safety glasses with interchangeable lenses.

Best Ansi Z87 1 Prescription Safety Glasses Online

Global Vision Rawhide RX

Our ANSI Safety Glasses are affordable and protective against any work-related eye injury in compliance with the latest ANSI standards. The comprehensive range of safety glasses protects you from chemical splash, dust, impact and coverage, and optical radiation. These might result in severe long-term damage, but you might save yourself from any injuries when taking protective measures.

We make no compromises with the quality of the product when it comes to its price, style, and comfort. Our Z87 Prescription Safety Glasses offer higher and longer wearability. The products are designed to look stylish and functional and provide optimal care in hazardous working conditions to offer great comfort. Our ANSI-approved Z87 safety glasses are scratch-resistant and anti-fog to offer an unobstructed crystal clear vision for a longer time.

Shop from our wide range of functional yet stylish Z87 Safety Glasses!

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Some Terrific Prescription Safety Glasses For Woodworking

With this background in mind, we want to share several terrific prescription safety glasses for woodworking. All of these prescription safety glasses have their differences and nuances, yet they are of the highest quality. No matter which pair you choose, you can be confident that your eyes will be well-protected.

To start, lets talk about the RX-691 model of prescription safety glasses. This is a free-form style of wraparound prescription safety glasses. It is semi-rimless and contains rubber nose pads and rubberized arms for enhanced comfort. Importantly, this model of prescription safety glasses is ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety approved.

ANSI is a well-respected organization that sets safety standards for things like safety glasses. Being ANSI approved, you can be confident that these prescription safety glasses will protect your eyes when woodworking. This model also contains advanced in-house lens edging equipment.

In terms of style, you can find this model in colors like silver and black. It is for both men and women and starts at $69.99, making it a cost-effective option.

Like the RX-15011 model, the RX-17013 contains a TR-90 nylon frame and offers a secure and comfortable fit. This model has a so-called geek style and only comes in black. Having said that, this is an extremely stylish pair of glasses for both men and women.

Can I Use Oakley’s As Safety Glasses

Yes, you can use your Oakley glasses as safety glasses to protect your eyes in hazardous environments. Oakley safety glasses for men and women are ANSI Z87+ approved for impact resistance. This high level of protective certification is perfect for most dirt and debris that could cause harm to your eyes. Additionally, many pairs of Oakley safety glasses hold the MIL34234 ballistics certifications. This is a highly protective military ballistic standard that protects your eyes against projectiles in a variety of dangerous settings.

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What Are Oakley Ppe Glasses

In reaction to the global pandemic in 2019, Oakley expanded their safety glasses line to include Personal Protection Equipment specific models.

While similar to their existing safety glasses, these PPE-specific pairs include dust and chemical-resistant O Matter frames that meet EN166 standards.

Read more about the full Oakley PPE line in our dedicated guide as well!

What Are Prescription Safety Lenses Made From

SPY ANSI Z87.1 Safety Glasses: BROtect Your Eyes | SportRx

The industry standard material is polycarbonate for prescription safety glasses. Polycarbonate is impact-resistant and shatter-proof. It can be customized with various coatings and tints and is effective for single vision and multifocal lenses. These options vary depending on the frame. For information on a specific pair of frames, check the product page and select the add prescription lens option.

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Si M Frame 30 With Gasket Ppe

Another pair now available through and Standard Issue, the SI M Frame 3.0 with Gasket was introduced as a part of the PPE line. No word on how long this pair will be available through Oakley , so get it while its hot if youre interested.

M Frame 3.0 with Gasket Highlights:

  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 and EN166 Standards
  • Chemical-resistant O-Matter frame
  • Gasket for enhanced grip and protection
  • Anti-scratch coating on the outside of lenses
  • Anti-fog coating on the inside of lenses to prevent fogging
  • Prescription lenses are not currently available

Standard Issue M Frame 20 Industrial

One of the top sport and military Oakley frames the M Frame has made a name for itself with its wide lens coverage. This single-visor lens helps to avoid blind spots, while the thin temple arms provide compatibility with over-ear hearing protection.

M Frame 2.0 Industrial Highlights:

  • Lens Mark: Z87+ / Z87+ Molded into the Frame
  • Temple Mark: UL AN/NZS 1337
  • Meets or exceeds high mass and high-velocity impact requirements per ANSI Z87.1-2003/2010
  • Meets or exceeds ballistic fragmentation impact standards per MIL PRF-31013, Clause
  • Prescription Lenses Available

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Allen Company Shooting & Safety Fit

Youve probably heard your buddies or seen users on Reddit recommending this brand. Note that this is not one of those safety glasses with prescription, though you can wear your prescription glasses underneath them.

What I like about these safety glasses is that they provide ample space to accommodate my prescription glasses and so, do not press against my face. The lightweight design lets me wear both glasses all day without straining my ears. Plus, thanks to its distortion-free clarity, I never feel dizzy!

Blending function and style, these fit-over glasses are popular among workers across many fields, people who like doing woodwork as a hobby, and gun shooting enthusiasts. After all, they are tested and proven to be resistant to strong impact. For nurses, specifically, these can be useful in providing eye protection against exposure to bodily fluids.

  • Equipped with clear, distortion-free lense
  • Obstructs hearing protection

What Is The Cost For Having Prescription Safety Glasses

oakley ansi z87 1 prescription safety glasses

If you need prescription safety glasses, we can help you get them at an affordable price. Our frames start at less than $20. The pricing for adding a prescription varies depending on the features you want but starts at a little under $50. Check the product page for a pair of frames you are interested in.

Your safety glasses prescription may be covered by vision insurance and can be paid for with an HSA or flex spending account. This makes the out-of-pocket expense for many customers even more affordable

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How Do I Know If Wiley X Sunglasses Are Ballistic Approved

There are three standards to look for in the safety rating, to determine if a pair of glasses or goggles are ballistic approved. ANSI Z87.1, MIL-PRF-31013, and MIL-DTL-43511D. Any of these standards are ballistic rated, though as you go down the list, they offer higher levels of protection, with MIL-DTL-43511D being the highest.

What Standard Should Safety Eyewear Meet

Safety eyewear or safety glasses must meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety standards.

Plus, the ANSI Z87+ safety standards meet the OSHA 29 CRF1910.133 eye protection for the general industry.

The EN166 is the European safety standard for eye protection.

At RX Safety, all safety glasses we carry meet the ANSI Z87+, OSHA, and EN 166 safety standards.

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How Do I Change The Lenses On My Wiley X Omega Glasses

The Wiley X Omega Sunglasses are available through with a wide variety of different colored mirrored lenses. Simply click on the Omega listing and select your preferred color! This variety of lenses is great for those who wish to select glasses that adhere to their own personal, unique style. Also, they are great for those that work in outdoor environments that benefit from specific lens coloring to help the wearer see!

Prescription Safety Glasses Buying Guide

How to Tell if your Safety Eyewear is ANSI Z87.1 Compliant | Emedco Video

If you are interested in buying high-quality prescription safety glasses then you cant just get those that are first introduced to you without figuring out if they suit your requirements and needs. Find out which one is the perfect match by making comparisons based on these vital factors:

Frames One thing to take into complete consideration when shopping for prescription safety glasses is the frame. If possible, check the flexibility provided by the flex or spring hinges as well as the special materials used in creating the frame.

For instance, one material is titanium, which keeps the frames protected from breaking and is comfortable enough to wear. This frame material is also great if you are planning to remove and put on your glasses often, like when you are using reading eyewear.

In most cases, your choices for the frame include plastic, which is not only lightweight but also offers several choices for patterns, shapes, styles, colors, and finishes, and metal that is heavier than plastic but is popular for its durability.

You can also go for stainless steel, which makes the frame both sturdy and lightweight. It is often used because aside from being affordable, it also boasts of its hypoallergenic traits. Another choice is aluminum.

Make sure that your eyewear is anti-fog in case you are regularly concerned about high humidity and extreme temperature changes in your workplace.

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What Are Ansi Safety Glasses

ANSI is short for the America National Standards Institute. This body sets standards for various products to help ensure they meet a minimum level of effectiveness. When a pair of safety glasses are ANSI-rated, that means they have been shown to meet the standards set by ANSI for a specific rating.

For safety glasses, the ANSI ratings are typically related to protection from impacts and other eye hazards. If you are using your glasses for eye safety, you likely want to find a pair that are rated by ANSI or a similar body. These typically offer the best protection for your eyes.

Eye Protection And Eye Safety Resources

Labeling and signage can alert employees when PPE is required, where to find it around a facility, and which eye hazards exist. DuraLabel industrial label and sign printers by Graphic Products can assist in developing visual communication that keeps employees safe.

Graphic Products strives to improve the health and safety of employees. Get PPE signs and labels help protect workers and encourages a hazard-free facility. Get the info you need to select and provide the right eye protection based on key requirements in ANSI Z87.1-2015 using our free chart.

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Use Microfiber Bag To Clean The Safety Lenses

An extra step to take to ensure the safety goggles remain in good condition is to clean them using a microfiber bag. Use the inside of the bag to clean the eyewear, as the outside of the bag may have collected debris, dirt, or other impurities with time.Make it a point to clean the microfiber pouches and any cleaning cloths used to clean the safety glasses. If possible, invest in more than one microfiber cloth or other cleaning materials used to wipe the lenses.

Use the cleaning cloth with a type of solution, as using it alone can cause significant damage to the safety goggles. In addition, wearers need to follow the directions provided with the safety glasses upon purchasing. The manufacturer may have stated another and more specific method to clean the protective eyewear.

Standard Issue Tombstone Spoil Industrial

oakley ansi z87 1 prescription safety glasses

If you prefer a rimless frame, look no further than the Tombstone . Leveraging the large visor-lens similar to the M-Frame, this frame offers a more modern look while meeting Z87 protection standards. These are also a great frame to use at home for any hobbies or odd jobs.


  • Lens Mark: Z87+ / Z87+ Molded into the Frame
  • Temple Mark: UL AN/NZS 1337
  • Thin Stem technology enables compatibility with over-ear hearing protection and comms
  • Switchlock Technology for easy lens swaps
  • 120-degree view with wrap-around peripheral vision coverage

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What Are Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription safety glasses are among the most important pieces of protective eyewear nowadays considering the fact that they offer a strong and reliable protective barrier from dust, heat, sparks, debris, and manufacturing residues.

They are more beneficial than standard safety glasses as these do not have the double lens that tends to produce an uncomfortable glare. These glasses are the ones used by those who need prescription eyewear but also work or play in hazardous environments, particularly those environments that can harm the eyes.

It works as safety eyewear with built-in prescription lenses. What is good about the majority of these glasses is that they can offer as much protection as possible while also improving the specific manner you see and view the world. Finding one that perfectly suits your unique vision requirements is also possible with your numerous choices.

It is the most appropriate solution for those who need to wear and use prescription glasses regardless of the workplace they are in, allowing them to see everything clearly It also performs another job of protecting your eyes from harm, which is often triggered by workplace dangers, such as heated splashes, chemicals, lasers, radiation, and dust.

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