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Ray Ban Facebook Smart Glasses

What Is The Facebook Assistant

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses: Cool or creepy?

You can also take photos and record video clips using vocal commands through Facebook Assistant by saying Hey Facebook, then a command. The Facebook Assistant feels somewhat forced here: It is only used to record photos and videos and feels like an attempt to prevent people from completely forgetting that this is, in part, a Facebook device.

Walking around in my suburban home town, New York City, and an apple orchard in upstate New York, the only time anyone noticed or cared that I was recording photos was when I said, hey Facebook. Id say it was because I drew their attention to the fact that I was taking a photo, but in a couple of cases I said, Im going to take a photo out loud before using the wake word. Something about the word Facebook makes people prick up and pay attention.

Their concern isnt entirely unwarranted, either. Facebook records and collects audio recordings every time you use Facebook Assistant. You can, however, tell Facebook View not to send the recordings and delete the local files, though. Other people have less to worry about from this particular aspect of Stories: The three microphone array focuses primarily on the users voice. Some ambient noise comes through, but it isnt exactly enough to turn you into an inadvertent spy. The fact that it gives people pause, though, is reason enough to be mindful of where and how you use it.

Whats It Like Taking Photos

Mike Epstein

Shooting photos and videos with Facebook Stories feels very different from taking photos with your phone or a DSLR camera. The glasses are meant for taking quick snapshots of what youre looking at. Theres no viewfinder or way to preview your shots, so you need to frame your shots with your head and keep in mind that the cameras field of view is different from yours. What the camera sees and what you see arent identical, though, so it does take a little practice to take good photos.

Also, its important to keep in mind that the 5MP cameras on Stories are far less precise than the camera in your pocket, especially if you have an iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy phone. The photos look sharp, but dont have the same incredible detail of modern phone cameras, and are very susceptible to color balance issues from indoor lighting.It is not a tool for artistic or technical photography, its a means of catching something when you want a photo, but dont want to spend time taking a photo.

Mike Epstein

Why Did Google Glass Fail

The first and probably the most important reason is that Google Glass didnt solve any real problem. The big idea behind this product was that you could take pictures and search for information quickly on the internet. And if we take a closer look at it, these werent such big problems for people that they were willing to pay the huge $1,500 price tag that came with the glasses. After all, most of us already have a smartphone in our pocket.

Beyond that, there were several other issues with Google Glass, like overheating, not properly responding to accents other than native English, and an extremely short battery backup. Today, Google Glass is not available to the public.

So, what makes Ray-Ban Stories different? Isnt there a high probability of them failing just like Google Glass?

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Speaking Of Which Lets Talk About Privacy

Though Facebook Assistant listening in isnt something to worry about, Ray-Ban Stories has a lot of people concerned about privacy. Once the purview of spy stories like James Bond and Mission Impossible, glasses with cameras on them are inherently discrete. That makes them look stylish, but it also means that the people around you when you take photos and video may not be aware that theyre being recorded.

Ray-Ban Stories have some measures to ensure that you cannot record people secretly. When you take a photo or record footage, a bright white LED light turns on next to the camera lens on the subjects left. As many people have pointed out, you can theoretically cover that light, making it possible to record in relative secrecy. More importantly, in my own testing, I found that you can very easily take photos without people noticing. People rarely noticed the light that I was taking a picture with them in, unless I was staring directly at them or getting close to line up a shot.

Mike Epstein

Facebook and EssilorLuxottica have released privacy guidelines for how to use Ray-Ban Stories, making it clear that they should not be used to infringe on privacy or otherwise offend, though it is ultimately left up to the user to be a responsible photographer. As the MIT Technology Review points out, that kind of trust is naive at best, and insidious at worst.

Final Thoughts On Ray

Facebook &  EssilorLuxottica Collaborate for AR Smart Glasses Project

Mike Epstein

A lot of times when i review fun tech, it can be difficult to account for the casual nature with which these devices are meant to be used. Ray-Ban Stories cannot compete with your camera or your headphones, so any technical breakdown of their capabilities has to come with a lot of caveats. At the same time, it is completely unreasonable to compare them to gear thats made for a more specific purpose. Ray-Ban Stories are plain ol casual fun. They work well when thats the purpose. That means they cannot replace other devices. They can only do their own thing. I think they handle the audio side of things as well as the other smart glasses that Ive tried, though the battery life feels somewhat weak, even by smart glasses standards.

The cameras, and the privacy concerns that come with them, are another story. Lets not sugarcoat it: Ray-Ban Stories would be a better product if they werent directly tied to Facebook, or any other content platform. Even indirectly, it raises privacy concerns about who can see what photos and videos youve taken. Then there are the privacy concerns of the people around you, and the troubled water around when it is and isnt appropriate to a camera people may not be aware of.

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How Do You Pair Ray

If you look inside the glasses, behind the lenses, you will find a small power switch near the left hinge. You can pair the glasses via Bluetooth by holding the power switch in the on position until a small light on the inside of the right frame starts flashing, then releasing it. To fully pair the glasses, you will need to follow and complete the process in the app.

Nreal On The Other Hand

While Apple is still working on its futuristic AR glasses, a Chinese company named Nreal, in partnership with Verizon, has already started rolling out smart glasses with the augmented reality feature.

These glasses have inbuilt display screens to show you moving videos and images. And the best part is, because of its AR technology, youll feel like youre watching them in the real world.

Besides that, Nreal glasses also have two outward-facing cameras with precise sensors that let them scan the space around you and place things like screens or game boards on the surfaces. A concept similar to Mark Zuckerbergs vision with Ray-Ban Stories.

And besides these, you can also use most of your cell phone applications right through your AR glasses by mirroring your screen. Simply plug your phone into your glasses, and youre good to go.

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Do They Look Like Normal Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Stories look and feel almost identical to a normal pair of sunglasses. For the sake of style, my smartened pair of black Wayfarers look just like my classic pair of black Wayfarers. The only differences people may notice are the circular camera lenses in the corners of the frames, which replace the Wayfarers distinctive studs.

Mike Epstein

Its worth pointing out that, while we were sent this one style, Ray-Bans makes Stories versions of three of its frames, Wayfarer, Round, and Meteor, each of which costs $299, and comes in multiple colors. Ray-Ban also offers more expensive versions with specialty lenses, including polarized, transitions, and prescription options.

Whats It Like Listening To Music


Despite the fact that I can be a snob about audio quality, I genuinely love the experience of listening to music with smart glasses. The little speakers give you a decent personal listening experience without putting anything on or in your ears that generally doesnt seem to bother strangers when you use them in public. There is something freeing about just walking around, listening to whatever youre listening to, without isolating yourself from the world with headphones.

From a quality perspective, I would describe Ray-Ban Stories as fine. Listening to podcasts and on call, voices are clean and clear. With music, I found that music that was supposed to be playing softly or in the background was often inaudible, so you arent getting the full experience.

Mike Epstein

This is doubly true when you factor in that you should not be listening to Stories at full volume: Aside from the fact that they can disturb nearby people at full blast, I found the pounding of the speakers directly into your ears is more likely to give me a headache.

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Is There A Way To Cut Facebook Out Of The Process Cant I Just Use My Photos App

You have to be logged into Facebook View with a Facebook account to use Ray-Ban Stories cameras. When you take photos and videos using Ray-Ban Stories, the image and video files are stored in onboard storage in the glasses. Facebook Views transfer button, which creates a private network, is the only way to transfer your photos. To use Facebook View, you must have a Facebook account.

Technically you can use the audio functionality of Ray-Ban Stories without Facebook View. The speakers and microphone connect to your phone via Bluetooth, not the app, so you can pair the glasses using your phones Bluetooth settings. Stories teaches you how to pair the glasses through the app, though, so youd be hard-pressed to do it without connecting to Facebook at least once. .

Ultimately, the best way to use Ray-Ban Stories without connecting to Facebook is to turn them off and wear them as simple sunglasses.

Apple Working On New Smart Glasses 2021 Ar Headset Rumors

With all the big companies diving into the smart glasses market, Apple, too, does not want to fall behind the curve. According to a noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is set to launch its in-house version of smart glasses in the final three months of 2022.

Rumor has it, this headset is going to be Apples successor to the iPhone, as its said to have similar computing power as the M1 chip , as well as lined with the modern AR technology.

So, if thats true, Apples new AR headsets are not just going to be a slightly updated version of smart glasses currently available in the market. It will be a much more sophisticated device with the potential to replace smartphones completely.

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New Color Combinations And Software Features

In early April, well introduce four new color combinations in all our markets, giving people more options to choose from, including Round Shiny Black with Gray Transitions® , Round Shiny Black with Brown Transitions®, Wayfarer Matte Black with Gray Transitions® and Wayfarer Shiny Black with Brown Transitions®. These new additions to our collection offer seamless all-day wear with lenses that intelligently filter light for optimum vision in all environments inside and outside, day to night, up a mountain or in front of the TV. That means that all told, Ray-Ban Stories will be available in 28 different variations. If you cant decide which style to choose, you can visit Ray Bans now to virtually try them on through a special Spark AR effect and see how each style looks on you.

Were also expanding the products software features:

What Are Smart Glasses

Facebook lowers expectations for upcoming Ray

The phrase smart glasses means a lot of different things right now. To many people it seems like the phrase still evokes AR-enabled glasses that allow you to access the internet without looking at a screen a la . In practice, Ive seen the phrase attached to devices like Razers Anzu glasses and Bose Frames, which are basically just sunglasses with speakers in them. Ray-Ban Stories falls somewhere in the middle, most closely aligned with the once-viral Snapchat Spectacles.

In this case, the word smart translates to a convenient quick shot camera and personal audio. The Stories have two 5-megapixel cameras, one on each side of the frame, which allow you to take photos and short video clips, up to 30 seconds. Like the Razer and Bose glasses, they also have micro speakers in the temples, which line up right in front of your ears, through which you can listen to music and take phone calls. Theres more to it, which well get into, but the Stories have a fairly narrow, convenience-first mandate. Effectively, they exist to offload some key features from your phone into a less distracting form factor.

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Tell Me More About The Facebook View App

Facebook View is the simple dedicated app for downloading, storing, and editing photos and videos from Ray-Ban Stories. When you take photos and videos using the glasses, the image and video files are stored in its internal storage. To get them on your phone so you can see and share them, you have to use the transfer button in View, which creates a private network to send over the data. The drive isnt huge, it can store up to 50 30-second video clips or upwards of 500 photos, but thats more than enough room to handle a days worth of photos and videos without a transfer.

Mike Epstein

Technically, thats all you have to do in View. You can set the app so it automatically copies all of your photos and videos to your phones photo library. That said, you cant transfer the data without the app or avoid sending your photos there, so Facebook has access to everything you take with Ray-Ban Stories, whether you post it or not. However, the company says it will not access the actual photos and videos without your permission, or use the data obtained from Stories for personalized ads.

Where To Buy Ray

Looking to pick up some Ray-Ban Stories before your next music festival? Head to

The frames are available in three different shapes, including the classic Wayfarer, the Meteor, and the Round. All frames can be ordered in different colorways too, including sunglasses and clear lens glasses. Pricing starts at $299 at varies based on lens style.

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Watch Mark Zuckerberg Announce New Facebook And Ray

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What Are Ray

Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Review // Facebook Camera Genius or Gimmick?

Ray-Ban Stories are basically a combination of eyeglasses, a camera, and a Bluetooth headset.

Developed through a collaboration between Facebook and Ray-Ban, these glasses let you capture photos and videos without a phone or a camera. Besides that, Ray-Ban Stories also work as a Bluetooth headset. You can take calls and listen to music and podcasts right from your eyeglasses.

Although they feel highly futuristic, this technology is not new. In 2013, Google launched their new smart glasses called Google Glass, which as the tech industry predicted didnt see much success.

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How Do Ray

On closer inspection, there are a few other differences, which primarily affect the wearer. Like other smart glasses, the temples the sides of the glasses that rest on your ears are larger and thicker than a normal pair of glasses. . Theyre bigger to accommodate all the tech inside, like the speakers, which you can see if you look closely at the back of the stems, where they curve to fit your ears.

The temples are also thicker because they house gesture-based touch controls. You can play or pause music by tapping the side of the frame, raise/lower volume by sliding your finger along them, or answer your phone by double-tapping the side of the frame when you have someone calling. The touch controls arent perfectyou need to hit a fairly specific spot on your temple to activate thembut theyre far less finicky than similar controls on other glasses.

Mike Epstein

You have two choices for operating the camera. First, theres a button on top of the right temple, which you can tap to start a video or hold to take a photo. The button is both perfectly and problematically placed, because its exactly where I put my finger when I go to adjust or remove my glasses. When I go to record, it feels very natural to raise my hand and press the button. When I go to put the glasses on or take them off, though, theres a reasonable chance that Ill accidentally start recording a video.

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