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Ray Ban Stories Smart Glasses

How Do You Pair Ray

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses: Cool or creepy?

If you look inside the glasses, behind the lenses, you will find a small power switch near the left hinge. You can pair the glasses via Bluetooth by holding the power switch in the on position until a small light on the inside of the right frame starts flashing, then releasing it. To fully pair the glasses, you will need to follow and complete the process in the app.

Whats It Like Listening To Music

Despite the fact that I can be a snob about audio quality, I genuinely love the experience of listening to music with smart glasses. The little speakers give you a decent personal listening experience without putting anything on or in your ears that generally doesnt seem to bother strangers when you use them in public. There is something freeing about just walking around, listening to whatever youre listening to, without isolating yourself from the world with headphones.

From a quality perspective, I would describe Ray-Ban Stories as fine. Listening to podcasts and on call, voices are clean and clear. With music, I found that music that was supposed to be playing softly or in the background was often inaudible, so you arent getting the full experience.

Mike Epstein

This is doubly true when you factor in that you should not be listening to Stories at full volume: Aside from the fact that they can disturb nearby people at full blast, I found the pounding of the speakers directly into your ears is more likely to give me a headache.

What Is The Facebook Assistant

You can also take photos and record video clips using vocal commands through Facebook Assistant by saying Hey Facebook, then a command. The Facebook Assistant feels somewhat forced here: It is only used to record photos and videos and feels like an attempt to prevent people from completely forgetting that this is, in part, a Facebook device.

Walking around in my suburban home town, New York City, and an apple orchard in upstate New York, the only time anyone noticed or cared that I was recording photos was when I said, hey Facebook. Id say it was because I drew their attention to the fact that I was taking a photo, but in a couple of cases I said, Im going to take a photo out loud before using the wake word. Something about the word Facebook makes people prick up and pay attention.

Their concern isnt entirely unwarranted, either. Facebook records and collects audio recordings every time you use Facebook Assistant. You can, however, tell Facebook View not to send the recordings and delete the local files, though. Other people have less to worry about from this particular aspect of Stories: The three microphone array focuses primarily on the users voice. Some ambient noise comes through, but it isnt exactly enough to turn you into an inadvertent spy. The fact that it gives people pause, though, is reason enough to be mindful of where and how you use it.

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Nreal On The Other Hand

While Apple is still working on its futuristic AR glasses, a Chinese company named Nreal, in partnership with Verizon, has already started rolling out smart glasses with the augmented reality feature.

These glasses have inbuilt display screens to show you moving videos and images. And the best part is, because of its AR technology, youll feel like youre watching them in the real world.

Besides that, Nreal glasses also have two outward-facing cameras with precise sensors that let them scan the space around you and place things like screens or game boards on the surfaces. A concept similar to Mark Zuckerbergs vision with Ray-Ban Stories.

And besides these, you can also use most of your cell phone applications right through your AR glasses by mirroring your screen. Simply plug your phone into your glasses, and youre good to go.

Whats It Like Taking Photos


Mike Epstein

Shooting photos and videos with Facebook Stories feels very different from taking photos with your phone or a DSLR camera. The glasses are meant for taking quick snapshots of what youre looking at. Theres no viewfinder or way to preview your shots, so you need to frame your shots with your head and keep in mind that the cameras field of view is different from yours. What the camera sees and what you see arent identical, though, so it does take a little practice to take good photos.

Also, its important to keep in mind that the 5MP cameras on Stories are far less precise than the camera in your pocket, especially if you have an iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy phone. The photos look sharp, but dont have the same incredible detail of modern phone cameras, and are very susceptible to color balance issues from indoor lighting.It is not a tool for artistic or technical photography, its a means of catching something when you want a photo, but dont want to spend time taking a photo.

Mike Epstein

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As Smart Glasses Go Echo Frames And Ray

Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories look pretty nice.

Steven Aquino

Amazons Alexa may be the doyenne of digital assistants, but she isnt queen.

Alexas vast talents, evidenced by the myriad integrations she has with everything from televisions to thermostats to microwaves and more, is a big reason for her anointment by media and consumers alike as the best digital assistant. In this writers technological life, however, Alexa plays only a bit part. I use Alexa exclusively in the kitchen, where the aforementioned Amazon Basics microwave and the Echo Wall Clock are both paired with an old Echo Dot that was previously collecting dust in my office. The ability to ask Alexa to start the microwave and set timers on the clock with the big LED indicators are huge accessibility wins for me when cookingthese admittedly niche use cases fly in the face of those not older and wiser who have derided Amazon for using Alexa to make literally cheap and so-called gimmicky home products. After all, best not to sneer at the fact not everyone can easily use the keypad on a microwave.

Such gimmickry has found its way into Amazons wearables, including its $270 Echo Frames glasses. Amazon bills the glasses as helping you save time so you can focus on what matters most by leveraging Alexa to control phone and music, smart home devices, and more. The premise here is Amazon obviously and rightfully is pushing people to allow Alexa to be the center of their digital universe.

Is There A Way To Cut Facebook Out Of The Process Cant I Just Use My Photos App

You have to be logged into Facebook View with a Facebook account to use Ray-Ban Stories cameras. When you take photos and videos using Ray-Ban Stories, the image and video files are stored in onboard storage in the glasses. Facebook Views transfer button, which creates a private network, is the only way to transfer your photos. To use Facebook View, you must have a Facebook account.

Technically you can use the audio functionality of Ray-Ban Stories without Facebook View. The speakers and microphone connect to your phone via Bluetooth, not the app, so you can pair the glasses using your phones Bluetooth settings. Stories teaches you how to pair the glasses through the app, though, so youd be hard-pressed to do it without connecting to Facebook at least once. .

Ultimately, the best way to use Ray-Ban Stories without connecting to Facebook is to turn them off and wear them as simple sunglasses.

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Tell Me More About The Facebook View App

Facebook View is the simple dedicated app for downloading, storing, and editing photos and videos from Ray-Ban Stories. When you take photos and videos using the glasses, the image and video files are stored in its internal storage. To get them on your phone so you can see and share them, you have to use the transfer button in View, which creates a private network to send over the data. The drive isnt huge, it can store up to 50 30-second video clips or upwards of 500 photos, but thats more than enough room to handle a days worth of photos and videos without a transfer.

Mike Epstein

Technically, thats all you have to do in View. You can set the app so it automatically copies all of your photos and videos to your phones photo library. That said, you cant transfer the data without the app or avoid sending your photos there, so Facebook has access to everything you take with Ray-Ban Stories, whether you post it or not. However, the company says it will not access the actual photos and videos without your permission, or use the data obtained from Stories for personalized ads.

The Ugly Truth About Ray Ban Stories Ray Ban Smart Glasses Review

Ray Ban Stories Review – Smart Glasses!

Ever heard of Ray Ban Smart Glasses? Dr. Allen reveals the truth in this Ray Ban Stories Review! //// See more of Dr. Allens sunglasses reviews here list=PLzi60fSuOmPC1x6fCPF14Km7Z8vt-Y3db& index=3

Smart glasses have been growing in popularity and the Ray Ban Stories have received some of the most marketing hype. In order to complete a full review, I ordered a pair of the Ray Ban Stories Round frames in the Facebook Blue color. In my opinion, the coolest feature of these smart glasses is that you can be hands free in recording using the voice controls. This can be great for biking, skateboarding, fishing or other hands free activities where you would want to record live action video clips. After trying them out for 6 months, here is what you need to know.

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Design Hardware What’s In The Box

Unlike every other pair of smart sunglasses I’ve seen, Facebook partnered with an actual well-known sunglasses company, Ray-ban, for design and branding. The Ray-Ban Stories I have are based on the Wayfarer style Ray-Ban glasses, but everything is just a little bigger. The stems are a little wider to make room for the speakers and battery and the rims are a little wider to make room for the camera and LED. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the Wayfarer stories and classic Wayfarer glasses unless you had them side by side. Basically, they look great.

The sunglasses do come in more than the Wayfarer style and black color. The Wayfarer glasses actually have 8 color options while the Round and Meteor have 4 and 5 color options, respectively. All of the glasses match the classic Ray-Ban design but, just like the Wayfarer, are a bit bigger. All three models in all colors are made of plastic and come with plastic lenses at the base model. You would expect them to come polarized at the $299 price tag, but that cost an extra $30. Ray-Ban does offer a prescription option, which starts at $230.80 for single vision and $335.80 for progressive lenses.

The glasses are comfortable. They aren’t too heavy and don’t really feel like they are clamping my head too much. They also don’t feel like they’re going to fall off easily, which is good. These are much better quality than the equally priced Bose Frames and slightly cheaper Echo Frames.

Speaking Of Which Lets Talk About Privacy

Though Facebook Assistant listening in isnt something to worry about, Ray-Ban Stories has a lot of people concerned about privacy. Once the purview of spy stories like James Bond and Mission Impossible, glasses with cameras on them are inherently discrete. That makes them look stylish, but it also means that the people around you when you take photos and video may not be aware that theyre being recorded.

Ray-Ban Stories have some measures to ensure that you cannot record people secretly. When you take a photo or record footage, a bright white LED light turns on next to the camera lens on the subjects left. As many people have pointed out, you can theoretically cover that light, making it possible to record in relative secrecy. More importantly, in my own testing, I found that you can very easily take photos without people noticing. People rarely noticed the light that I was taking a picture with them in, unless I was staring directly at them or getting close to line up a shot.

Mike Epstein

Facebook and EssilorLuxottica have released privacy guidelines for how to use Ray-Ban Stories, making it clear that they should not be used to infringe on privacy or otherwise offend, though it is ultimately left up to the user to be a responsible photographer. As the MIT Technology Review points out, that kind of trust is naive at best, and insidious at worst.

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Where To Buy Ray

Looking to pick up some Ray-Ban Stories before your next music festival? Head to

The frames are available in three different shapes, including the classic Wayfarer, the Meteor, and the Round. All frames can be ordered in different colorways too, including sunglasses and clear lens glasses. Pricing starts at $299 at varies based on lens style.

Why Did Google Glass Fail


The first and probably the most important reason is that Google Glass didnt solve any real problem. The big idea behind this product was that you could take pictures and search for information quickly on the internet. And if we take a closer look at it, these werent such big problems for people that they were willing to pay the huge $1,500 price tag that came with the glasses. After all, most of us already have a smartphone in our pocket.

Beyond that, there were several other issues with Google Glass, like overheating, not properly responding to accents other than native English, and an extremely short battery backup. Today, Google Glass is not available to the public.

So, what makes Ray-Ban Stories different? Isnt there a high probability of them failing just like Google Glass?

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Celebrate The Return Of Festival Season

From the rock revolution of the 60s, to the art scene of the 80s, to the forefront of hip-hop culture Wayfarer has become an enduring icon across endlessly shifting horizons. Now the journey continues withthe latest in wearable tech. Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer integrates the best of your phone with the timelessframe, bringing you a new way to capture and share your adventures.

This limited edition celebrates the return of festivals with a colorway inspired by burnt summer skies: a ShinyBlue frame paired with Orange lenses and the iconic temple signature finished in Gold. To mark the year of the release,there are just 2022 pairs available and the edition details are etched on the temple interior. The casecomes in an exclusive orange metallic box.

Final Thoughts On Ray

Mike Epstein

A lot of times when i review fun tech, it can be difficult to account for the casual nature with which these devices are meant to be used. Ray-Ban Stories cannot compete with your camera or your headphones, so any technical breakdown of their capabilities has to come with a lot of caveats. At the same time, it is completely unreasonable to compare them to gear thats made for a more specific purpose. Ray-Ban Stories are plain ol casual fun. They work well when thats the purpose. That means they cannot replace other devices. They can only do their own thing. I think they handle the audio side of things as well as the other smart glasses that Ive tried, though the battery life feels somewhat weak, even by smart glasses standards.

The cameras, and the privacy concerns that come with them, are another story. Lets not sugarcoat it: Ray-Ban Stories would be a better product if they werent directly tied to Facebook, or any other content platform. Even indirectly, it raises privacy concerns about who can see what photos and videos youve taken. Then there are the privacy concerns of the people around you, and the troubled water around when it is and isnt appropriate to a camera people may not be aware of.

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Update: 2022/03/01 By Max Weinbach

Still very ma-ma-ma-mid

It’s been another month with the Ray-Ban Stories sunglasses, and honestly, the charm wears off as you continue to wear them. These sunglasses are cool and a great gimmick, but I find myself going for a normal pair of sunglasses over these most days. Nothing about the Stories is necessarily bad, but they’re more of a party trick you pull out in certain occasions rather than something you would wear every day.

Battery life remains fine, but this is still something you’ll throw in its case to charge every time you get home. The camera remains mediocre and not something that’s that functionally useful outside of showing it off. The speakers are useful every once in a while, but I would never choose to listen to music on them if I had another option.

I have a tough time finding opportunities to wear these. As a college student, I might wear these out to a party at the beach to grab some action shots, which would probably end up blurry, but otherwise, I would rather just grab normal sunglasses or no sunglasses. They look just weird enough compared to normal Ray-Bans that people will notice. They almost look like knock-offs of the originals rather than an official Ray-Ban product.

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