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Ray Ban Sunglasses Replacement Lenses

How Do I Fit My New Lenses

How To Remove & Replace Lens on Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

You have three options when it comes to fitting your new Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses.

  • Firstly, offer a Sunglasses Repair Service, which includes free shipping to
  • Secondly, you can repair the sunglasses yourself. If the frame is metal, semi-rimless, or rimless, you may need specific tools to loosen the frame. If the frame is made from plastic acetate, be extremely cautious when removing, and entering the lenses.
  • Finally, you can take the sunglasses and new lenses into a local opticians/ licences Ray-Ban seller, who will be able to help. For more information regarding fitting your Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses, here is a quick guide.

What Frames Are Eligible For Diy Lens Replacement

Although we are able to replace the lenses for almost any frame, some are not able to be shipped withoutsending in the frame. If you are unable to locate your brand of sunglasses, no worries! You can either starta lens replacement order here, or reach out to our customer support team at 800-536-7111.

Are Lenses Available For My Frame

If your Ray-Ban frame is under two years old, the chances of a like for like replacement being available are quite high. Depending on whether you want a like for like replacement, the younger your frame is the better, however you can always upgrade to a polarised or mirror lens. If you sunglasses are older that two years, not to worry, its still possible lenses are available.

For up to date, live enquiry, please get in touch through our Chat Now feature in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, or to drop us an email.

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We Take The Hassle Out Of Getting Lenses For Both Your New And Existing Frames

Reglazing your existing frames with Lensology isnt the only way of saving money on glasses. If you are in the market for a brand-new pair of glasses, we can help with that too!

Once you have found the perfect new frames, simply request a free reglazing pack and send them to us to fit your lenses. Whether its prescription, bifocal, varifocal, or sunglasses lenses you need, we are here to help.

Our first-class customer service takes you from initial inquiry, right through to completion, and our selected courier service takes care of your swift and safe delivery. In the unlikely event you need to return your lenses, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A simple and convenient postal lens replacement service offering high-quality products for a fraction of the traditional cost, without leaving the house!

Free Shipping & Returns In The Usa Walleva Replacement Lenses for Ray

Whether you have the lenses shipped directly to you or you need to send your frames in, all shipping is covered by us at no additional cost.

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. If you donât love your new lenses, you can return them within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. For US customers, weâll even provide the return shipping at no additional cost.

For International Orders, additional shipping costs will be applied at checkout based on your location and shipping carrier choice. Returns are also available, but you will be responsible to ship the products back to us.

Nearly all frames with 2 lenses will work. No single shield lenses .

Youâll send your frames in for the custom lens replacement so that we can trace your frame and custom-cut your new lenses to your exact frame shape. No added cost and we cover all shipping!

Email us at or ask us on our live chat if youâd like to confirm that your frame will work. Otherwise, weâll email you after if we find that there is a problem and refund your order.

Single Vision: Most common. Features one prescription power throughout the entire lens, for correcting nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Progressive: Corrects multiple fields of vision in one lens. Typically prescribed for patients over 45 years old. Progressives offer all-in-one convenience with a seamless, invisible design where the power âprogressivelyâ changes throughout the lens â top to bottom.

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Sustainability Is Our Mission

In addition to competing with original lenses and being a cost-effective way to keep your favorite pair like new forever, Revant conserves our planets precious resources by keeping them out of landfills and by avoiding unnecessary waste from purchasing a new pair. When you buy Ray-Ban lenses by Revant, you’re backed by an industry-leading warranty and guarantee.

Shipping Your Frame To Us

The customer is responsible for the charges associated with shipping their frame to us for the re-lensing process using the delivery service of your choice. When shipping your frame to us please make sure that you include the following items inside your package.

Once your order has been completed by our laboratory, we will carefully package your order and prepare it for shipping. We ship your package back to you using the option you selected during the checkout process, which is either USPS or UPS Ground services.

Free Shipping is available on all PRESCRIPTION LENS ORDERS in the USA totaling over $100.00.

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What If My Lenses Have Been Discontinued

Its not he end of the world if a genuine replacements are no longer available. Optical blanks can be used as a industry standard substitute for the discontinued lens.

The main difference between genuine and optical blanks, is the latter doesnt come with Ray-Ban etchings, however there is also a difference in price. The industry standard substitute costs £40 for none polarised, and £60 for polarised. As we require your frame to be here for fitting, we include shipping to and from us in the price.

Service: Luxottica Limited Warranty

How to Order Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses | SportRx

Luxottica products are the result of a unique combination of design and quality excellence. For this reason, besides the customer care programs and the legal warranty – provided by the retailers depending on the different countries laws and regulations – your product is protected by a manufacturer warranty offered by Luxottica against manufacturing defects.

For consumers who are covered by consumer protection laws or regulations in the country of purchase or, if different, their country of residence, the benefits conferred by the Luxottica Limited Warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies conveyed by such consumer protection laws and regulations. The Luxottica Limited Warranty does not exclude or otherwise limit any rights or remedies of the consumer conveyed by such consumer protection laws and regulations.

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Replacement Clear Lenses With Ray

Lensology can supply replacement clear glasses for your Ray-Ban frames directly from Ray-Ban, with the classic Ray-Ban official logo on the lenses.

Due to the lenses having to be ordered directly with Ray-Ban in Italy, they come with a longer turnaround time of around 3 weeks, and a higher cost.

Many of our customers opt to use our in-house lens service as although we cannot currently provide lenses in-house with the official Ray-Ban logo, our lenses can often be fitted within just 48 hours and boast a much wider range of lens and coating options.

Lensologys in-house service provides the same high-quality lenses as supplied directly from Ray-Ban but with many more additional options to choose from like blue light protection, and anti-scratch coatings. Our in-house services offer massive savings compared to official Ray-Ban lenses and other high street opticians and can usually be delivered back to you within a few days.

For more information on the pricing of Ray-Ban official lenses please email us at to receive an accurate quote. Be sure to include the model and size of your Ray-Ban frames, along with your choice of lens colour in your email so that we can get back to you with the relevant information as quickly as possible.

Custom Lenses For Ray Ban Frames

Many customers ask if we have an alternative to genuine Ray Ban replacement lenses when the originals are discontinued and unavailable. The answer is YES. Our technicians will make lenses as close as possible to match the originals.Because of the enormous range of colour tints and coatings, it may not always be possible to get an exact match but they will be as near the original as they can be although our bespoke custom replacement lenses cannot, unfortunately, carry the original logo.

But AlphaOmega has signed up for top quality custom replacement lenses from established and reputable suppliers. Our aim is to provide every customer with the best parts needed to repair their sunglasses, no matter what brand, model or style of sunglass lens. We also offer many repair options such as replacement frames, arms, earpieces, nose pads, and screws wherever this is possible.

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Using Your Own Frame For New Lenses

Please understand the following:

  • We will use the utmost care if we accept your own frame for use with new lenses, but in a small percentage of cases, the frame parts or materials are worn, brittle, cracked, or corroded to the point that they will break or not support a new lens.
  • Frame defects are not always visible, even by the trained eye.
  • Older frames are frequently discontinued by their manufacturers and replacement parts are generally not available.

Limits of Liability:

  • The only frames that we will accept responsibility for breaking are those that we supply new at the same time that new lenses are ordered.
  • If a customerâs own frame breaks during our handling, we will make new lenses at no extra charge for whatever other frame the customer chooses, but the cost of the new frame will be the patientâs responsibility.
  • âI understand that in using my own frame for new lenses that I am doing so at my own risk. I understand that there is always a chance of the frame breaking due to a weak spot which may not always be visible. I agree that I will not hold Tajima Direct or its staff responsible should my frame break and that I am responsible for the cost of a new frameâ

How Much Do Replacement Ray Ban Lenses Cost

Walleva Ice Blue Polarized Replacement Lenses for Ray

Our Ray Ban polarized replacement lenses will be $99 for any lens color and any frame style. That includes all shipping to send you the lenses for your own installation or to send your frames to us, then return back to you once we install the lenses. Replacement prescription lenses will be between $325 and $425.

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How To Check If You Received Polarized Lenses

The easiest way to see if you have polarized lenses is by utilizing a nearby electronic screen such as a phone, computer monitor, or TV.Hold up the lens to any powered-on screen and rotate it slowly. As the lens is rotated there should come a point where the electronicscreen appears darker or blacked out. This effect will only happen on polarized lenses.

How To Buy Original Ray

  • On your Ray-Ban temple you can find the model, lens colour and diameter of your Ray-Bans.
  • With that information search for your Ray-Ban model, select the lens size and colour.
  • You will receive the lenses kit, consisting of a right and left lens. The original Ray Ban replacement parts only come in pairs. The lenses are not sold separately.
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    Can I Get Blue Light Blocking Ray

    Yes! Our expert technicians have developed blue light blocking lenses that will protect your eyes from harmful rays when looking at screens, whilst also protecting your eyes and preserving your natural sleep patterns. Additionally, our high-performance lens protects you from UV light unlike competing products on the high street.

    Our blue light blocking lenses can be fitted to your Ray-Ban frames along with any other prescription or non-prescription needs you may have. So, whether you have single vision, bifocals, or Varifocals, you can also be protected against blue and UV light from as little as £10.00 on top of your standard lens cost.

    How To Buy Ray

    How to Replace Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglass Lenses

    Its as easy as 1-2-3.

  • 1. Place your Ray-Ban prescription lenses only order via website or phone. We will reach out to you upon receipt and approval of your order.
  • 2. Send us your prescription and frame. We coordinate with Ray-Ban to get your prescription lenses made and mounted into your favorite frame.
  • 3. Your Ray-Ban frame and new prescription lenses will pass a thorough QA before theyre on their way to you! Oh, and shipping? Weve got you covered.
  • Read our detailed guide, How To Order Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses & FAQ for step-by-step instructions to easily order lenses online.

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    How Do These Replacement Lenses Compare To My Originals

    Our Ray Ban replacement lenses will be superior to your original lenses. They are made of our patented Tajima Urethane lens material, which features the optical clarity, sharpness, and detail of glass, but won’t shatter or crack, and much lighter weight. 5x more scratch resistant than plastic. You can read more about it and see optical lab testing results compared to common lens materials such as glass, plastic, and others on our lens technology page.

    Are The Lenses Genuine is a licensed seller of Ray-Ban products.

    Our Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses come with the correct etchings, on both lenses. This includes the white Ray-Ban or Ray-Ban P logo in the top corner, and the smaller engraved RB on the opposite lens. The lenses also come with a certificate of authenticity, so you know they are absolutely genuine.

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    Our Lenses Your Framessent Directly Back To You

    Free returns in the US within 30 days of receiving your new lenses.Accepting all major credit / debit cards for secure payment.

    © 2023 Tajima-Direct

    Tajima Direct is not associated with the other brands listed on our website. All replacement lenses are custom-made to order by Tajima Direct and will not contain any other brandâs associated logo or markings. The brands listed do not endorse, sponsor, support, or associate with Tajima Direct. Any usage of their trademarks is only to describe the products being repaired.

    Non-Mirrored Lens Colors

    • Brown Tint: Softens bright light and adds warmth and contrast. Brightens your view in medium light or overcast conditions.
    • Visible Light Transmission: 15%
    • Recommended for: Those who prefer a Brown tint over Gray tint and donât want a mirror color. Balanced visual experience when additional contrast and detail are in demand.
    • Brown Tint: Softens bright light and adds warmth and contrast. Brightens your view in medium light or overcast conditions.
    • Visible Light Transmission: 15%
    • Recommended for: Those who prefer a Brown tint over Gray tint and donât want a mirror color. Balanced visual experience when additional contrast and detail are in demand.
    • True View Gray 15
    • Gray Tint: Everyday, all around neutral tint rendering colors and detail in their truest form.
    • Recommended for: All-around use. Pairs well with almost any frame color and texture.

    Mirrored Lens Colors

    How To Order The Right Lens:

    LenzFlip Replacement Sunglass Lenses for Ray Ban New Wayfarer RB 2132 ...

    How To Remove Lens

  • Order Your Ray Ban Replacement Lens

    Order your Ray Ban replacement lenses to fit the style & size of the frames youre working with.

  • Hold The Ray Ban Sunglasses Firmly

    Hold your Ray Ban sunglasses firmly by the nosepiece. Grasp them with the outside lenses facing you and the earpieces pointing away.

  • Gently Remove Old Lens

    Press the frames outward gently with your thumbskeeping a light tension with your fingersuntil the lens pops backwards out of the frame. It might take some steady pressure to get the lens out, but hold onto to nosepiece and corner of lens frame supporting the frame so it doesnt snap, then bend out a little and push the lens away from you.

  • **TIP

    Apply heat to the frames helps loosen it up. Fill a sink with hot tap water, and hold lens area of the sunglasses frames under water . Keep under water for 30 seconds. Repeat process above.

  • Replace The Lens

    Turn the glasses around so that the earpieces point toward you.Place the new lens on the inside of the frame, against the opening where it should be installed. Wrap your fingers around the frame. Place both thumbs against either side of the lens, and press gently and evenly until it pops into place. Apply pressure around the edges of the new lensstill working from inside the glassesto make sure its firmly seated all the way around.

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    What If My Lenses Don’t Fit

    In the unfortunate event that the lenses you have received do not fit please reach out to our amazing customer support team,either by phone at 800-536-7111, or by email at Please provide the frame details, normally listed on theinside of the temples, as well as any pictures to show the sizing issue. Although we will do our best to send out new lenses,we may ask that the frame be sent in for a perfect fit!

    How To Make A Claim

    In Store Purchases

    If you made your purchase in store, please contact, anytime within 24 months from the date of purchase, the retailer where you bought your product. A proof of purchase will be requested as part of the warranty assessment. Depending on the issue, the frame or corresponding defective part will be replaced or repaired directly by the retailer. If you are unable to contact your retailer, please to submit a Service Request in our Aftersales Portal.

    Online Purchases

    If you made your purchase online at, please to submit a Service Request in our Aftersales Portal or contact Customer Care by chatting with us at. Once you submit your claim, if warranty conditions apply to the defect of your frame, your product will be replaced with a new one or, if the model is not available anymore, you will be provided with a code to purchase a replacement pair of same value.

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