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Reading Glasses That Won’t Break

Styles Of Utility Reading Glasses

These Silly Reading Glasses Can Fit on Every Nose

Most of us are familiar with reading glasses. We use our readers daily for everything from crossword puzzles to crafting, often keeping multiple pairs scattered throughout the house. What many people dont know, though, is that there are more options than just bifocals and fully-magnified reading glasses. From computer readers to makeup readers, read on to learn more about the different types of reading glasses that you didnt know existed!

Truvision Reading Glasses 2 Pack


Just because you need to wear reading glasses doesnt mean you have to look like your grandparents. The TruVision Reading Glasses offer a timeless appeal thanks to their always trendy black frames and slight lens curvature. In addition, these glasses boast durability rarely found in other readers as they sport Sure-Flex spring arms and Dura-Tight screws. As a bonus, each pair of glasses in this set comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth bag. That way, youll never have to deal with smudges on your glasses when youre out and about.

Best Luxury: Warby Parker Whalen

These luxury reading glasses cost a pretty penny, but theyre worth the splurge if you have the budget. Not only are they super stylish, but they can accommodate any prescription type, and you can take a free vision test online to predict your power. The lenses are durable, scratch-resistant, and protective against blue light and UV rays. Plus, you can pick your perfect size with Warby Parkers free at-home try-on, and the glasses ship free with a 30-day, hassle-free return policy!

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Q: How To Choose The Right Frame

A: Reading glass frames come in a wide array of colors and styles. Choosing the right frame-type for you generally comes down to personal taste. It does, however, help to consider the shape of your face, your skin tone, and your eye-color when selecting a pair that will accentuate your features.

Your Face Shape – The shape of your face plays a significant role in determining which style of glasses will look good on you. To know which face shape you have, simply pull your hair away from your face while looking in a mirror. Study the contours of your face and head to determine your face shape.

Here are the six primary face shapes and the types of frames that will look good with each shape:

  • Base-down triangle

Skin Tone – If you have a cool complexion then the color frames that will best suit your skin tone are black, silver, brown, grey, plum, pink, jade, and blue.

People with warm skin tones should choose from the following colors: khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, off-white, red, and blue.

Gaoye Blue Light Blocking Spring Hinge Reading Glasses 5

The Best Reading Glasses for Squint

What We Liked: The Gaoye Spring Hinge Reading Glasses, 5-Pack are made using quality polycarbonate lenses. Not only are the lenses scratch-resistant, but theyre also explosion-proof with a high transmittance. Users will also appreciate how light the frames are and how comfortable the glasses are to wear for extended periods of time.

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Advantages Of Polycarbonate Lenses

Impact Resistance

Polycarbonate lenses have consistently proven to be one of the most impact-resistant lenses on the market. Theyre not likely to crack, chip, or shatter if theyre dropped or hit with something.

Thin, Lightweight, Comfortable Design

Polycarbonate lenses combine excellent vision correction with a thin profileup to 30% thinner than standard plastic or glass lenses.

Unlike some thicker lenses, polycarbonate lenses can accommodate strong prescriptions without adding too much bulk. Their lightness also helps them rest easily and comfortably on your face.


You can add a variety of different coatings and treatments to polycarbonate lenses, including anti-reflective coatings and blue-light-filtering coatings. Polycarbonate lenses can also be progressive lenses, which feature multiple zones of vision correction.

UV Protection

Polycarbonate lenses are ready to shield your eyes from UVA and UVB rays straight out of the gate: They have built-in UV protection, no additional treatments needed.

Blokz By Zenni Blue Light Glasses


  • Highest strength power options available

  • Available in bifocals or progressive lenses

  • More expensive than other glasses

  • Need eye measurements to order

As mentioned before, theres no evidence that blue light blocking glasses prevent eye strain caused by the light given off from electronic devices. Nevertheless, many people do like the effects these glasses have. If these glasses make you comfortable, you may want to consider a pair of frames from Zenni Optical, outfitted with Blokz blue light blocking lenses. They are available in non-prescription or prescription lenses.

Price at time of publication: $33

Frame Material: Acetate | Lens Type: Multiple Options | Prescription Type: 0-6 in increments of 0.25

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The 8 Best Reading Glasses To Buy In 2022

Foster Grant’s McKay Glasses has a polycarbonate lens to help you read clearly

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproducts. Healthcare professionals review articles for medical accuracy. Learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Whether you’re picking up a book or using a kindle, reading extensively can cause unwanted eye strain. Thankfully, reading glasses can help.

Improved Frame & Lens Quality

How to repair broken glasses for less than a dollar! (Properly!)

Unlike the readers you can buy at the drugstore, investing in a pair of reading glasses from a manufacturer like LOOK OPTIC also means youll benefit from the highest-quality frames available. Some of our frames are even made with 100% recycled material, in addition to boasting prescription-quality lenses. The T-90 frames available from LOOK OPTIC are durable and lightweight, featuring Italian spring hinges that never break and wire-core temples that allow for adjusting without heating.

If thats not enough, all of our lenses are also made with C-39 glass and are scratch-resistant, and offer UV-400 protection.

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Are Cheap Reading Glasses Bad For Eyes

Related Articles

Doc, I got these cheaters at the dollar store. I had to do something because I couldnt see up close anymore. I hear this phrase, or a variation of it, multiple times a day. Oftentimes, its followed up with the question: Are cheap reading glasses bad for my eyes? The short answer is it depends. But, of course, an answer like that requires an explanation…

In a small percentage of patients, cheap reading glasses are perfectly fine. They wont damage your vision, per se. However, there are many factors that affect how well cheap reading glasses will work for you. You need to understand that the quality of a $1 pair of reading glasses wont be great. The lenses will be basic and easy to scratch. You might need to get to grips with lenses that dont fit in the frame properly or even the powers being slightly off between the two. Theres also a chance they wont line up in the frame properly and its quite common for the temples to break off or become misaligned on the frame of a cheap pair of readers.While cheap pairs may be functional for some people and can certainly get you by in a pinch, they probably wont survive the everyday wear and tear that a more expensive pair will. They arent necessarily as good for your eyes as a more expensive or prescription pair of readers would be either.

Readingglassescom: The Worlds Largest Reading Glasses Store is the largest designer reading glasses store on the planet. Whether your look is classic, funky, retro, bold, colorful, trendy, or quietly bookish, we offer the best selection of unique readers, reading sunglasses, and eyewear accessories for men and women. You wont find a larger selection of styles, colors, or shapes anywhere.

Our selection is vast, yet carefully curated. Youll find a tempting array of luxury name brand eyewear: Prada, Coach, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Persol, and many other fashion favorites.

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Our Reading Glasses Buying Guide

If you find yourself squinting to read the morning newspaper, you may simply need a pair of reading glasses. Fortunately, this type of glasses has come a long way over the years. It is now possible to get a quality pair of reading glasses at a reasonable price.

As you browse the available models, determine whether youre interested in a fun and colorful design, or one that is a bit more elegant. There are models that have patterns along the arms, including some that resemble stained glass. Reading glasses with a slim and simple semi-rimless look would be best for use in the office or in a business meeting.

Always check the construction of the reading glasses. Some are made of stainless steel, while others are plastic. Plastic isnt a negative, as long as its quality made. For example, the TruVision Readers Reading Glasses, 4-Pair uses sure-flex comfort spring arms and dura-tight screws for glasses that wont fall apart after just a few uses.

Review the fit of the reading glasses. You not only want comfort around the bridge of your nose, but the arms also need to hold tight against your temples, so the glasses dont slide off. The company will list the frame size in its product description as well.

Features To Look For In Reading Glasses For Men

10 Best Reading Glasses You Can Buy Online for Better Vision in 2020

Eye Exam – Your first step when shopping for reading glasses should be to get your eyes tested by a professional. You can visit your nearest optometrist so that they can conduct the test for you. While you do not need a prescription to buy reading glasses, the optometrist will be able to tell you how poor your eye-sight is while reading. The results will give you a good indication of what strength of reading glasses you should choose.

There are also reading tests you can do online. All you need to do is read the provided lines from top to bottom. When you battle to read the next sentence down, then you can look to the side for an indication of what strength you need to get. Of course, an optometrists results will be more accurate.

Strength You Need – The strength of reading glasses is measured in dioptres. The dioptres range from +1.00 up to +6.00. The poorer your sight is when you read, the higher the strength of reading glasses you will need. Ensuring that you choose the right strength is of utmost importance if you want the glasses you buy to help you read words clearly. If you select reading glasses that are too weak or too strong, then you may harm your eye-sight.

Frame – When it comes to selecting frames, then there are three things that need to be considered, namely frame material, colour, and style.

Most reading glasses have either a plastic frame or a metal frame. Plastic frames are typically cheaper but they are not as durable as metal.

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What Were Looking For

Blue-light-blocking capability: All light is measured in nanometers , and blue-light wavelengths that can have the most impact on your melatonin levels range from 400 to 500 nm. Blue-light-blocking glasses work by absorbing those wavelengths to stop them from reaching your eyes.

Many blue-light-blocking glasses have an orange or yellow tint that is supposed to absorb the blue light while allowing other light to pass through. Generally, the darker the lenses on a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses, the more blue light is blocked. While there are clear or less obviously tinted blue-light-blocking lenses, they wont filter as much blue light as darker options.

Anti-glare coating: Blue-light-blocking glasses may have anti-glare coating, which decreases the amount of light reflecting from your glasses to further reduce eye strain and make them more comfortable to use. This is especially handy during video calls where people are going to be looking at you for long periods of time.

Since the best time to use blue-light-blocking glasses is in the evening or right before bed , the function-first, orange-tinted design of many pairs will suffice for a lot of people. But if you hate the look of the orange tint, weve found some blue-light-blocking glasses with almost clear lenses as long as youre willing to sacrifice some of their light-filtering capabilities.

Eye Protection For Children’s Sports

Whether itâs prescription or not, protective eyewear is a great way to prevent injuries. Itâs a good idea for any kid whoâs into:

  • Baseball or softball

Your child may not want to use protective eyewear at first, especially if theyâre the only one on the team who has it. But you can help. Let them pick out the eye gear so theyâre in charge of style. And lead by example and wear the gear yourself when you play sports.

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How To Care For And Clean Polycarbonate Lenses

You can care for your polycarbonate lenses the same way as you would any plastic lens: Try not to drop, damage, or scratch them, and store your frames in a glasses case when theyre not in use.

Cleaning your polycarbonate lenses can be accomplished with a dollop of dish soap, water, and a microfiber cloth. Make sure the dish soap you use is lotion-free, and follow our other tips on how to clean your glasses.

Polycarbonate Lenses Vs Trivex Lenses

I Really Wanted Glasses And Now I Regret It

Trivex lenses were developed in 2001 and have emerged as a worthy rival to polycarbonate lenses. Theyre similarly lightweight and impact-resistant, and they can sometimes boast greater visual clarity.

However, Trivex lenses are typically not quite as thin as polycarbonate lenses, and they cost more.

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How Do You Know If You Need Reading Glasses

When you really need reading glasses, itll be 100% clear. However, there are early warning signs you can look out for, and address with reading glasses before your vision gets worse.

You might need reading glasses if:

  • Youre AlwaysSquinting: If all of a sudden reading a menu at a restaurant, a book before bed or a meme on your childs phone has become impossible, it might be time for reading glasses.
  • Your Vision is Blurry: If youre got blurry vision, it might not be because your phone screen is dirty or youre tired. You might need reading glasses to help make things sharper, crisper and easier to see.
  • Youre Always Getting Headaches: This symptom could have a variety of causes, but if youre experiencing either of the above and are getting headaches after reading all day, reading glasses could help.

Dr. Kannarr noted that the most obvious sign is blurry on near task. You can add to that eye strain, difficulty focusing and headaches with near work.

What Youll Need Before Ordering

Youll need your prescription and your pupillary distance measurement.

Your prescription details from your most recent eye exam may have these measurements and you can request this from the prescribers office. You can also measure your PD yourself.

To measure your PD, follow these steps:

  • Look into a mirror and hold a ruler against your brow line.
  • Starting with the right eye, align the rulers 0 mm with the center of your pupil.
  • Measure the distance from your right to your left pupil.
  • All orders are placed online.

  • Start by filling in your PD measurement and lens type.
  • Use the filters to choose your color, shape, material, and frame size. You can see how the glasses look on your face by using the try-on feature with your built-in camera. Theres also a 3D try-on tool that you can use by uploading a video of yourself.
  • Once you select a frame, fill in your prescription information and select any add-on coating you may want, such as anti-reflective or oil-resistant coatings.
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    Norperwise Reading Glasses 5 Pack


    While metal frames may be more traditional, plastic frames are more modern. Theyre harder to bend out of shape but tend to snap more often. Still, theyre fashionable thanks to the variety of styles and colors available. Some of our favorites are these Norperwise Reading Glasses. Their round frames are perfectly in style in 2022, so you can wear them all day and not just when you need to read something. The set comes with five unisex glasses and is available in several different color combinations and strengths ranging from 0.5x to 6x.

    The Most Durable Eyeglass Lenses


    Your lenses are arguably more important than frames because they correct your vision and protect your eyesight. Durable eyeglass lenses must resist scratches and hold together on impact.

    Heres a closer look at durable eyeglasses lens materials:

    Polycarbonate: This soft, sturdy plastic does not shatter on impact, making it one of the best choices for safety lens applications. Polycarbonate lenses also work well with rimless eyeglass designs.

    Trivex: The lightest lens material on the market, Trivex has an impact resistance similar to polycarbonate. The optics, however, can outperform polycarbonate for some people.

    Tribrid: Thin, lightweight and impact-resistant, Tribrid is another durable plastic material. Unfortunately, its not widely available.

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    Best For Small Faces: Olomee Reading Glasses

    These small-frame readers are perfect for petite faces! Theyre comfortably lightweight and come in four colors with a wide range of powers from +0.5 to +5. Plus, reviewers love that the metal frame is well-made and highly durable. Women who report they have small faces confirm that these readers fit fantastically and dont slide!

    Are Prescription Reading Glasses Better Than Over

    There are some issues that cheap and expensive reading glasses share. That is, if theyre both what wed call over-the-counter pairs. Over-the-counter readers, regardless of whether they’re expensive or not, usually arent made of the same quality materials as prescription eyewear.Additionally, prescription readers are specifically tailored for your specific eye needs. If your eyes have different prescriptions, prescription readers will correct both eyes accurately. With over-the-counter readers, you dont have the option of having different prescriptions in both eyes. Prescription readers are made specifically to fit your face and pupillary distance .Over-the-counter readers are often designed to fit the most common face shapes and PDs. Getting a poorly fit, misaligned pair of over-the-counter readers can lead to uncomfortable frames, strained eyes, and headaches.So, are cheap reading glasses bad for eyes? Again, while its not necessarily true that cheap reading glasses are bad for your eyes, its safe to say that shelling out a little extra to upgrade to a more expensive or prescription pair is a wise investment. If youre constantly buying pairs for a buck, you get what you pay for, as the old adage goes. The improvement in the quality, vision, fit and comfort of the glasses themselves are all well worth the extra money. Always try to do whats best for your eyes!

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