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Reading Glasses With Different Strengths For Each Eye

The Best Way To Find The Right Reading Glasses

Readers vs. Prescription Eyeglasses – What is The Difference? | SportRx

If you want to know what reading glasses strength is best for you, you should always consult an optometrist. By examining your eyes, theyll be able to eliminate the guesswork of trying on different over-the-counter readersand make it possible for you to order higher-quality reading glasses online.

If you get an eye exam, you may discover that your eyes need different magnification powers. Maybe one has astigmatism and the other doesnt, or maybe youre nearsighted in such a way that the reading glasses recommended for your age group would be too strong. Prescription readers from an optometrist will match your needs exactly so you can get back to the tasks you love, whether its reading novels, crafting intricate works of art, playing sheet music, or working on a computer.

Another reason to avoid the drugstores: some over-the-counter reading glasses jump up or down in power by increments of 0.50 diopters. Thats a little too imprecise for comfort. For the best reading experience, we recommend looking at readers with powers that vary by increments of 0.25 diopters.

The Case For Readers: Prescription Vs Drugstore Reading Glasses

When it comes to reading glasses, most people make a trip to their local drugstore to pick up a pair of readers. While that solution is quick and easy, they arent always the best option for your eyes. So, what are the real benefits of ordering non-prescription reading glasses from Zenni versus wearing OTC readers you find in drug stores and department stores? Read on to find out.

Do I Need Reading Glasses Or Prescription Lenses

Reading glasses are designed to help you see up close. Theyre helpful for reading and doing work that is near at hand.

If you see well at a distance but are finding it hard to read small print, over-the-counter reading glasses from a drugstore will probably work well for you.

On the other hand, if your vision is blurry at a distance, reading glasses arent going to do the trick. Instead, youll want to talk to an eye care professional about solutions to help you see both up close and at a distance.

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Reading Glasses Strength: How To Find The Right Readers For You

Reading Glasses with Different Strength for Each Eye PR032

After you hit a certain age40 or thereaboutsyoull probably find that you need some visual assistance while reading. This is a completely normal part of aging! More than that, its a prime opportunity to get some reading glasses.

We know its tempting to head to your local drugstore and pluck some readers off the rack. But readers arent for everyone, and when they are a good fit, figuring out what reading glasses strength to get is a process that deserves a little more time and lots of respect.

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How To Choose A Strength

If you decide to try a pair of inexpensive “readers” you see at drug stores, look for the number on the tag that’s on them. Reading glass power is measured in units called diopters. The lowest strength is usually 1.00 diopters. Glasses go up in strength by factors of .25 . The strongest glasses are 4.00 diopters.

Test out a few to see which one works best. Hold a book or magazine 14 to 16 inches away from your face, and see if the glasses make the print easier to read. You might need two different strengths — one pair for very close reading and one for middle distances like your computer screen.

Choose the weakest glasses that will work for you.

Keep in mind that these glasses might not fit you as well as prescription glasses. They also don’t correct astigmatism , and they can’t be adjusted if you need a different strength in each eye.

Also, your vision can change as you get older. You might need to buy a stronger pair of reading glasses in a year or two.

Reading Glasses Strength For Up

1. Without reading glasses on, hold the chart at a comfortable reading distance for you. Most people read at about 12-14 inches away.

2. Read the chart from bottom to top.

3. The first line you have difficulty with is the power of lens you need.

If you are in the +3.00 and up range, I recommend choosing the next power lower than you think you might need. For example, if you have problems seeing the +4.00 line but are ‘kind of’ comfortable with the +3.25 line choose +3.50 as your power.

Tip 1: If you do a lot of close up work and reading you can opt for a higher power. Closer work=higher power.

Tip 2: After you determine your power, write it down and then do the test again for each eye individually. Cover your left eye with a thick piece of paper and test your right eye. Then do the same with your left eye. Write your right and left powers down. Are they the same or different?

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How To Tell If You Need Reading Glasses

Most people realize they need reading glasses when they are straining to read, especially when words are written in small print.

They might move the text further from their eyes or shift materials around until their eyes can focus.

The most definitive way to know if you need reading glasses is to undergo a professional eye exam. However, this isnt always necessary.

The following are an indication that reading glasses might help you see better:

Youre getting older

People usually begin to experience a shift in vision after 40. Some people need reading glasses as young as 20 or 30, especially if they deal with eyestrain. This is more common now because of frequent phone and computer use.

Needing more light to see

If you notice its tougher to see in dimmer light than usual, it could indicate that you need magnification. Reading glasses might help if you find yourself turning up the light when trying to read,

Feeling fatigued

Constantly having to put significant effort into seeing clearly is exhausting. Feeling tired after relaxing activities like reading could be because you are straining to see clearly.

Try wearing reading glasses the next time you read and see if you feel as tired as before.


Headaches are a big indicator that someones vision needs support.

Sometimes headaches are from looking at screens too long, making reading glasses with blue light protection a great option.

How To Figure Out What Strength Of Reading Glasses You Need

Prescription Glasses Lens Guide: Lens Types and Materials

Our vision doesnt stay 20/20 forever. We spend our whole lives reading, looking, squinting, glancing, and processing things with our eyes. In the digital age, wear and tear on our eyes is especially common as we expose our eyes to more and more screen time. Its simple logic.

But dont panic. Experiencing blurriness, fuzziness, and difficulty reading as we age and as we use our eyes more is completely normal. Over 62% of Americans use reading glasses! With a visit to the eye doctor and some time exploring the different kinds of glasses you can use to help your vision, seeing clearly is just a few steps away.

If you are 40 or older and are experiencing problems reading or seeing clearly, it might be time for reading glasses. Figuring out what glasses look the best on your face, what style and color you want, and what fit you want is easy. But how do you know what strength reading glasses to get? This guide breaks it all down.

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Don’t Worry You Are Not Alone

For many, having to buy your first pair of reading glasses is the first real sign of aging and results in months of denial. So, if you’re starting to struggle to see up close or begin to get headaches, or experiencing eye strain when reading, don’t worry this is perfectly normal. As you age, your eyes start to weaken, and they need a little help to do the same work that they used to do. This weakening is called presbyopia, and it affects most people once they get to around age 40.However, if you’re starting to think about reading glasses and are unsure of what strength reading glasses are right for you, don’t worry. We can help. Keep reading…

Do You Need Reading Glasses

1. Do you ever experience headaches while reading? 2. Is it hard for you to read the fine print? 3. Do you have to hold things up close to see them? 4. Do your eyes feel tired, after reading or using a computer? 5. Are you over the age of 40? If you are experiencing one or all of these things, reading glasses may be something to consider.

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Top Glasses Retailers & Brands

Today, you have a plethora of options available when it comes to glasses.

Here are some of the top retailers where you can find a variety of brands:

  • Warby Parker: This popular eyeglass retailer offers high-quality glasses from a variety of manufacturers.
  • GlassesUSA: This company offers both designer and more affordable options in its large online inventory. GlassesUSA features a wide range of frame and lens types.
  • retailer features a wide array of glasses options, including frames at a variety of price points.

There are hundreds of eyeglass brands. Some of the most popular options include the following:

What Are The Highest And Lowest

New Women Readers Reading Glasses Black Red Fashion Designer Various ...

The lowest-strength reading glasses have powers of +0.25 diopters, whereas high-strength ones can go well beyond +2.50 dioptersin rare cases, all the way up to +4.00.

When you need reading glasses beyond +2.75 diopters or so, you may have to get them custom ordered. These higher strengths arent as readily available online or in stores.

Readers may not work for all people. For instance, someone who is nearsighted may not find a reading glasses strength that works for them. When in doubt, seek the advice of your eye doctor.

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Get Just The Right Pair Of Reading Glasses For You

Pre-made, over-the-counter readers have their place. Having cheap spare readers can be very handy. Unfortunately pre-made readers are typically too small, bad quality, and don’t look nice. There are other issues too like the very limited choice of lens powers and lens types.

We offer custom reading glasses that are crafted using optical quality eyeglass frames and prescription quality lenses and innovative lens options like blue block anti-reflective coatings and tints. You get reading glasses that look better, fit better, last longer and provide better vision. For only $10.00 more you can get your prescription filled for reading or computer distance or distance vision!

  • Over 2500 frames to choose from in any style you can imagine, starting at $29.00.
  • Reader lenses are included – Single vision aspheric polycarbonate with scratch resistance and UV400 filter.
  • Reader lens powers from Zero to +4.00 in either eye.
  • Bifocal Lenses – Zero top/ Reading bottom or Computer power top/ Reading power bottom.
  • Line-Free Bifocals – Zero top/ Reading bottom or Computer power top/ Reading power bottom.

Customize your reading glasses with a cosmetic tint or a blue block lens add-on:

1.Find a frame. 2.Select your lens powers. 3.Select a lens option if you want one.

Learn more about:

What Strength Reading Glasses Should I Look For

The best way to find the right strength of reading glasses for yourself is to try on different pairs and see how easily you can read standard-sized writing at a distance that is comfortable for you.

Its possible youll need more than one pair of readers. You might prefer stronger glasses for very close activities, like reading or beadwork, but weaker glasses for activities that are a bit farther away, like seeing a computer screen or woodworking. Remember, the higher the number, the closer youll be able to see.

Most likely, youll need different reading glasses over time. Thats because your natural lenses will continue to get stiffer, and your natural focus point will continue to move farther away. Many people increase the strength of their reading glasses every few years until about age 60, when presbyopia usually stops changing.

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What If My Reading Glasses Are Too Strong

If wearing your new reading glasses makes you want to hold a newspaper closer than usual, that could be a sign your glasses are too strong. Dont worry: This wont hurt you, but you might not enjoy reading that way.

Its worth pointing out that presbyopia happens because our eyes natural lenses get stiffer and harder to bend over time. This change occurs because of chemical shifts inside the lenses themselves. However, in order to bend, our lenses are pulled by tiny muscles inside our eyes. Some people believe that wearing too-strong reading glasses could mean less exercise for those tiny muscles. And if those muscles grow weak, bending those stiff lenses could get even harder. The result could be presbyopia that progresses slightly faster than it otherwise might.

Whats The Difference Between +100 +125 And +150 Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses VS Computer Glasses (Types, Powers & Prescription Options)

Reading glasses come in a variety of strengths, and their strength is shown in diopters, which are units that describe the corrective power of a lens, based on how near or how far your clearest area of focus is to your eye. A negative number represents nearsightedness, while a positive number means farsightedness. The higher the number of diopters, the stronger the power of the glasses. That means +1.50 diopters are stronger than +1.00 diopters.

Or, put another way, the higher the number, the closer youll be able to see.

On an over-the-counter display, you might find glasses ranging from +0.75 diopters to about + 3.5 diopters.

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Reading Glasses For Presbyopia: Over The Counter Or Prescription

If you have presbyopia and have not developed other refractive errors earlier in life, your optometrist may recommend purchasing over-the-counter reading glasses. Typically, your optometrist will recommend reading glasses power based on your age.

  • 40 to 44 years old: You will use a power between +0.75 to +1.00 diopters to adjust your presbyopia.
  • 45 to 49 years old: Typically, this age group will need +1.00 to +1.50 diopters.
  • 50 to 54 years old: As presbyopia continues, this age range will need between +1.50 and +2.00 diopters.
  • 55 to 59 years old: For this age group, +2.00 to +2.25 diopter reading glasses are typically recommended.
  • 60 years old and older: For older adults, +2.25 to +2.50 diopters can adjust more progressed presbyopia.

Nonprescription reading glasses are sold over the counter with powers up to +3.00. After passing this convex lens number, you will need a prescription for reading glasses. Experts recommend that you pick the reading glasses with the lower power if you have two pairs of OTC glasses that correct your vision in about the same range. Wearing corrective lenses that are too powerful, even a little bit, for your eyes can cause eye strain, headaches, and make your vision worse faster.

You should also consider getting several pairs of reading glasses with different powers to help you perform different tasks, including working on a computer, watching television, and driving.

How Do I Know What Strength

The first question many ask is what do the numbers mean on reading glasses. They are “diopters,” and act as a measurement of the magnification level in the lens. A lower number means less magnification, and as you go up, the magnification gets stronger and stronger. You’ll typically see glasses that start with a diopter level of around +1.00 and go up to +3.00.

The lens power you need depends on your eyes specifically, but in general, the older you are, the higher a number you’ll need because our eyes naturally get weaker as we age. Still need help, check out our “fit guide.”

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One Power Glasses Readers Reading Glasses For Women Men Flex Auto Focus Reading Glasses Optic Eye Glasses For Adults Automatically Adjustable Glasses To The Right Focus For Your Eyes Magnifying Readers 5x

Features :

  • Reading glasses for men women that magnify from +.5 to +2.5 all in 1 pair of glasses.
  • Readers versatility is the flex focus optic lens that automatically adjust to the right focus for your eyes so they are perfect for reading anything.
  • Made with durable spring hinges that are made to last.Warming Reminder: Best for age under 65 years old.
  • Perfect for threading needles, reading pill bottles and seeing any fine print.
  • Read small print and computer screens without changing glasses!

Do You Need Multi Focus Reading Glasses

Unisex Multi Strength Reading Glasses with LED Magnifier Light Up ...

As we get older, the lens of the eye loses some of its elasticity and the ability to focus is reduced. This can result in in farsightedness, which is known as Presbyopia. It is quite common, especially once we are over 40. You may start to notice some difficulty reading small writing, and that you are holding books at arms length, trying to find a distance your eyes are comfortable with.

If you begin to experience these symptoms and already wear prescription glasses, you should try multi focus reading glasses which will allow to you see clearly at all distances. These lenses allow you to multitask, taking the strain off your eyes when focusing on varying distances. Whilst Presbyopia is a normal change that takes place in our eyes, it can be a sensitive topic as it an unavoidable sign that we are getting older. However, with EBDs fantastic range of multi focus reading glasses, Presbyopia can be corrected in style.

Carnival, in Matte Black

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