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Round Frame Glasses For Men

Are Round Glasses In Style

How To Choose The Best Eyeglass For Your Face Shape (Men)| Lenskart Experts

Round glasses have been through it all. The first pair of round glasses were invented decades ago, initially to simply help with visual impairments. Round frames then became a status symbol for the elite and intellectuals until their popularity declined as new designs were introduced. However, round glasses always found a way to remerge and were seen throughout time on the faces of many iconic figures.

They dont call it a timeless and vintage frame for nothing. Round frame glasses are still in style today and we doubt theyll ever fade completely. Round glasses have adapted their popularity to each wave throughout history and have found their place among some of the trendiest frames to rock all year round.

Our wide range of round glasses also allows you to protect your eyes while looking stylish. Try out the Blue light blocking with round glasses as you rock your new look in the office. After a few hours on your computer, youll notice your eyes not hurting as they used to.

So at SmartBuyGlasses, we say yes, round glasses are still in style! Browse through endless trendy round frame glasses and if you are shopping for prescription glasses and cant remember your prescription use our lens scanner tool free of charge!

How To Style Round Glasses

Its always down to personal preferences on how you decide to style your look and glasses. But if you are finding it a little difficult and just need a small push in the right direction, then read on.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your style with a pair of prescription round glasses or looking to spice up your look for the next themed party, youll find that round frames can rock any outfit. You can go from a hippie-bohemian vibe to a revolutionary entrepreneur to a brave Gryffindor student. The looks are endless, chic and fun!

With a pair of round glasses, youll always find either a trendy, elegant, sporty, or casual outfit to go with them. A casual look, with light jeans and a T-shirt, may pop out with a pair of clear round glasses which you can combine with translucent colours or even add in a bit of sparkle with round clear glitter frames.

If you are on your way to the met gala then dont forget your gold-rimmed round glasses! These are classic and elegant frames that will give you a sophisticated look to style with your smoking hot tuxedo.

Even if youve just rolled out of bed with your oversized pyjamas and are trying to get ready for the day with a double espresso, why not pair this look with classic tortoiseshell colour round frames. With a darker pair and no makeup, youll be sure to make your eyes pop and soften your strong facial features.

How To Wear Round Glasses

Lets dive into how we can wear round glasses and what face shape can rock these frames best. There isnt an exact science behind the best face shape for the right glasses or sunglasses, but there are common aspects that better complement you and your style.

Curved frames, like round glasses, compliment angular and strong facial features, they help create contrast and balance. Square and heart face shapes have strong and narrow facial features which would rock a pair of round frame glasses.

Other softer face shapes can also be styled with a pair of, for example, oversized round frames and if you are looking to make a bold fashion statement then a dramatic pair of glasses will surely do the job. With an oval face shape, however, oversized frames wouldnt work as well but a pair of smaller round frame glasses with cool embellishments should be on your list.

Round frame glasses are timeless vintage frames that many can wear in different sizes, materials, colours, and patterns. They also come in different styles, like clear round glasses, that have shorter bridges known as the keyhole bridge. This type of bridge provides comfort and doesnt leave any marks on your nose.

At SmartBuyGlasses weve gathered easy-to-follow fashion advice and tips for you to find the perfect pair of glasses. If you are wondering what face shape you are and what frames you may look good in, jump onto our page and explore the face shape guide.

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Round Glasses Frames For Women

Ladies, round gold glasses are what you can certainly rely on to keep things chic-like. The champagne pink clear frames – or even other lighter pastel shades – are a definite showstopper. The rose gold metal frames are no less than jewellery for your eyes. We just cannot miss out on the round frames that adopt the sassy upswept ends of cat-eye, making them aesthetically supreme. Want to try these for yourself? All you have to do is book a free home trial and get your favourite selects right at your place.

Designer’s New Round Glasses


Without a doubt, the best face shape for round sunglasses is a square face shape.This doesnt mean faces with softer facial features cant wear round frames.

After the designer’s new round glasses, the frame is wider, the lens area is larger, the overall shape is more angular, and the position of the temples and the frame contacts is higher, making it suitable for most people’s faces.

Round sunglasses are a fun and stylish accessory that will add so much to your overall style. Their eclectic character makes it easy for you to match it with many styles so that your outfit can be on fleek!

though. If you have a round face and like to make a stark statement with your fashion choices, you can dare to be bold with a pair of edgy round glasses as well.

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Rectangular And Square Frames

Rectangular frames help to add angles that accentuate your features their shape and width work to lengthen your face, making it appear longer and thinner.

Like rectangular frames, square glasses add balance and angles to the soft features of a round face. They also help your face appear longer and thinner. These are a perfect fit for many round faces.

Mens Small Round Eyeglass Frames

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Order Round Glasses Frames

Round glasses have been there since the inception of glasses. However, it was the 1920s that marked the bursting onto the scene moment for round eyeglasses, when function took a backseat and it was their style that made them invincible. Go ahead and order small round glasses frames for a nostalgic and sophisticated fashion statement.

Shopping For Glasses At Eyeconic

How to choose Round glasses

Eyeconic is the best place to buy new glasses online. First, our selection is tough to beat, with a range of brands you know and trust. Eyeconics standard lenses are scratch-resistant and block 100% of UV rays, and lens upgrades are available. Next, we accept VSP, MetLife, and Cigna vision benefits, which means you can save money. Shipping and returns are always free, so you dont have to worry about hidden charges. Finally, we offer a free frame adjustment to make sure your new eyeglasses fit perfectly. Need a prescription? No problem check out our Find a Doctor page to locate an optometrist or ophthalmologist near you.

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Big And Small Round Designer Glasses

When it comes to styling your glasses, you have the complete freedom to experiment with the sizes of the frames. Our designer round glasses for men collection are designed taking into consideration this golden rule. Our collection ranges from sophisticated small-sized frames ideal for those elite gatherings to funky oversized ones with a casual easygoing aura around them, that is exactly what circle glasses men are. Looking for glasses that will meet your early needs? Our glasses will reach you in 24hrs dispatch time.

FAQs About Round Glasses

Are Round Frames Right For Me

One of the reasons round glasses are popular is that they work with so many styles. Circle frames have been worn by world leaders, academics, and rock stars – a testament to their versatility. Whether youre wearing a suit or a T-shirt and jeans, round eyewear complements the outfit.

While theyre well-suited for many people, these frames often look best on those with square or rectangular faces they may accentuate a round face shape. If you think that will bother you, try Eyeconics Virtual Try-On tool to see how youd look before making a purchase.

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Buy Circle Glasses Frames

You can buy circle glasses frames from us. From retro-inspired thin wire frames, to sharp rimless men round glasses, to chunky acetate frames, our collection has got it all covered. There is also a spectrum of colours to choose from to equal your moods and occasions.

You can buy circle glasses frames from us. From retro-inspired thin wire frames, to sharp rimless men round glasses, to chunky acetate frames, our collection has got it all covered. There is also a spectrum of colours to choose from to equal your moods and occasions.

Use Our Online Fitting Tool To Try On Your New Round Glasses Before You Buy

Persol Round

Trying on any pair of glasses is an important part of the process and our handy online try-on tool makes this process a whole lot easier from within the comfort of your own four walls. Using the tool is a piece of cake: simply upload a picture of yourself – or turn on your computer or mobile device’s webcam – and browse through our selection, getting to try out what each frame looks like on your face. This way you don’t just fall in love with the design of the frame and the look of the lenses, but also with how the round glasses actually look on you.

What happens if you order a pair of round glasses, but aren’t totally happy with how the frame feels when you wear it? With our 30-day money back guarantee, if you’d prefer not to keep your round glasses once you have received them, just send them back for a full refund – no questions asked. With Mister Spex, the online process is simple, easy and just how you like it: hassle-free.

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Glasses A Tool To Enhance Your Appearance

1) The glasses not only have the function of correcting vision, but also enhance the appearance and hiding the defects of the facial features.

2) For example, the face of a long nose can be equipped with a frame of Dark Bold Glasses Bridge to balance it and the nose will not look so long after such glasses being worn.

3) Wearing dark wide-width frames and glasses can hide or cover defects such as drooping eyelids and facial scars, and have the dual effect of correction and beauty.

4) Therefore, if you want to avoid weaknesses and stand out in a Crowd, there will always be a pair of glasses that suits you. If you wear it, you will shine your own brilliance.

Picking The Right Round Glasses For Men

Before you go ahead and pick out a pair of our round glasses for men, you should think about the aspects involved in purchasing round prescription or non-prescription glasses to avoid buyer’s remorse. The shape of your face is one such factor. The following are examples of common face shapes:

Square-shaped Face

Square faces are as long, as they are wide with a prominent jawline. If you think that is what your face looks like, we suggest opting for fitted round glasses that would help soften the angles of your face. If you wish to make your face look more rounded, opt for oversized round glasses for men.

Round-shaped Face

Naturally, round faces, like square faces, are also as long, as they are wide, but with a more curved jaw. Wearing a round pair of glasses would your face look rounder. We suggest opting for round frames for men that are a little more angular.

Oval Shaped Face

People with oval shaped faces have the most ideal face shapes. If you have an oval face, you can wear whatever type of frame you want, even round glasses. We suggest picking out thick round frames for men to enhance your faces shape.

Diamond-Shaped Face

If your face is more angular, especially towards the chin and cheekbones, chances are that you have a diamond-shaped face. You can even jazz up this look with a pair of perfectly round glasses that are either fitted or oversized, making your face appear less geometrical.

Heart-Shaped Face

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A Great Selection Of Round Frames

Whether you want the frames made of metal, plastic, titanium or wood – no matter what colour of the rainbow – and regardless of whether you’re in the market for retro glasses or contemporary frames, we’ve got round glasses that will look great on you and are both fashionable and practical. From glasses for daily wear to a pair of round glasses you only put on when you’re not wearing contact lenses, at Mister Spex you can rest assured that the quality will exceed your expectations and give you glasses you’ll be wearing for a long time to come.

Round Glasses That Complete Your Look From Mister Spex

Best Men’s Eyeglasses: Our Picks of 2022! | SportRx

Round glasses are a popular frame style, and at Mister Spex we pride ourselves on our vast array of designer round glasses from international designers such as Prada, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban and Persol, amongst many others. And when you buy round glasses in our online shop, you get free delivery on each and every purchase. And with our online fitting tool, you can even try on your new glasses online!

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Circle And Oval Frames

Rather than providing contrast and balance, circular and oval frames can actually exaggerate the roundness of your features.

Remember, this is simply a set of guidelines meant to help you navigate the many choices you have. There are no hard rules when it comes to finding the right glasses for you. You should choose a pair of glasses that make you feel happy and comfortable.

Great Service Every Step Of The Way

And the advantages of buying your round glasses from Mister Spex don’t stop there.We also offer free delivery on every online order, meaning you save not just on the bargain price you pay for our designer round glasses, but also with delivery costs. From our extensive collection of round glasses to our online fitting tool and free delivery, the service Mister Spex provides is matched only by the quality of the designer round glasses in our collection.

The highlights of the Mister Spex service include:

  • Friendly customer service you can contact anytime you need it
  • Affordable prices on designer glasses
  • Your purchase includes lenses with UV filter and anti-reflective treatment
  • You get your purchase delivered for free
  • Our online fitting tool lets you try on your new glasses before you buy
  • Free 30 day returns when you buy glasses online with us

Browse our selection today and find just the frames you’ve been dreaming of!

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Round Glasses Frames For Men

Men, styling your round frame glasses is super simple. Remember John Lennons thin-wired frames and the classic flair with which he styled them? Well, you can do the same! If vintage frames are what appeal to you, the stunning tortoiseshell frames will be a spectacular pick. It doesnt end here! You can go with rimless pairs, the thick acetate frames in bold colours, and the list goes on.

Purchase Round Prescription Eyeglasses

Tortoiseshell Round

Eyesight correction in style! Our collection of round prescription glasses will not only convince you of their function but also their style because we know that glasses are not just a mere eyesight correction device. Purchase round prescription eyeglasses from us, and remember to submit your prescription in a one-step hassle-free process. If you are not aware of your prescription, visit our eye test studios to avail our free eye test service. What could be a better deal than having your own round frame glasses men collection.

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Return Of The Round Glasses For Men

The origins of round glasses for men are a little foggy, but its history is somewhat intertwined with the history of glasses itself. Round glasses for men have sort of been around since the 13th Century and were worn by notable clergymen.

Over centuries, sunglasses have cemented their place in pop culture history, time and again. The hippy movement of the 1960s embraced this style as the unofficial frame of their peace-loving movement, whether it was a homage to the intellectual heroes who had worn them decades before, or because they could be picked up dirt-cheap second-hand. Round glasses for men had established their position in pop culture history as sunglasses and spectacles, having been inscribed into the stylistic history books as part of cultural revolutions. This classic style can still conjure up an image of refined, studious authority, making it the perfect choice for visionaries and thinkers like John Lennon, Steve Jobs and even everyones favourite, Harry Potter. The world clearly loves round glasses for men and that is why we design them, especially for you.

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