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Round Glasses On Oval Face

What Glasses Andsunglasses Suit My Face

Glasses for a Round/Oval Face Shape | EyeBuyDirect x Truly Jamie

When choosing a pair of glasses or sunglasses, its important to choose a pair that suits your face shape. The shape of your frames can complement your face, or vice versa. Usually everybodys face falls into one of the below categories. Take a look below to find out your face shape and discover which glasses or sunglasses will suit you best.

Still Not Sure If You Have An Oval

If youre still having doubts of whether or not you fall under this category, you can always verify your face shape by checking your faces measurements with a measuring tape. To start, youll need to measure four areas of your face, namely:

  • Face lengththe distance from the top of your hairline to the lowest part of your chin.

Note: For the most accurate results, be sure to keep the measuring tape flat when measuring your forehead, cheekbones and face length. Conversely, when measuring your jawline, its best to bend the tape such that it sits on top of your skin. After youve found your measurements, you can now determine your face shape. For oval-shaped faces in particular, youll want to confirm if:

  • Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face.
  • Your forehead is slightly broader than your jawline.
  • Your face length is longer than your cheekbone width.
  • The angles of your jawline and chin are slightly curved.

If the traits above match your measurements, then you indeed have an oval face shape. But if the numbers dont add up, dont worry! This just means that you have one of many other equally beautiful face shapes. Weve also got a wide selection of frames to choose from here at Mouqy, so rest assured that youll be able to find the perfect pair for your face shape. Check out our full face shape guide for more pointers.

Glasses For Grey Eyes

Theres no other way of saying this but you have very little to worry about when it comes to choosing glasses for grey eyes. You easily have the most adaptable eye colour and have zero risks of clashing with loudly coloured glasses frames. This gives you rule of the roost which can make things a little vague with so much choice. Subsequently, you can base your glasses colour selection on other, more defining personal attributes. Just because you have grey eyes doesnt mean you should ignore other factors such as your hair colour, ethnicity and your sense of dress.

We suggest you head over to our guide on finding glasses that suit your hair colour and skin tone.

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What Types Of Glasses Look Best On An Oval Face

Oval face shapes benefit from glasses with either sharp angles or rounded edges, and sometimes glasses with length greater than width. This face shape is also known as among the most fitting for nearly any style of glasses, meaning you have many styles to experiment with. The shape of an oval face is often smooth with a soft flow across the width of your face from forehead to chin. Your face is likely longer than wide with a wide chin.

When browsing for eyewear for oval faces, look for glasses with the following features:

  • Square or rectangular frames can bring out the width of ones face while directing attention towards the upper half, particularly for men.
  • Cat eye glasses can bring attention towards the top half of an oval face, offering a bold and attractive feminine style.
  • Round and circular frames can compliment your oval facial features for a soft and comforting style.
  • Oversized glasses dip towards your cheek bones and can help further balance an oval face to appear shorter in height.
  • Avoid aviator styles that may unbalance your facial proportions.
  • Not all oval faces are the same and thats why picking out glasses for oval faces can be a lot of fun! You may like to contrast soft facial features with angles or complement them with rounded angles. This entirely depends on the style youre looking for!

    Best Prescription Glasses For Your Face Shape

    Épinglé sur Glasses

    Besides notoriously cool sunnies, you can also grab stylish prescription glasses at QUAY. Just as you’d take time to track down the perfect pair of shades, look into which glasses frames best complement your face shape. After all, you’d be wearing your prescription glasses to keep your vision crystal clear for all occasions, whether you’re driving to work or heading out on a holiday vacation.

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    What Is Oval Face Shape

    If you have an oval-shaped face, your face is longer than it is wide, your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and your jaw is soft without any sharp angles or points. Oval faces can try almost every classic style, but there are a few hairstyles that will help accentuate your features the best.

    Glasses For Oval Shaped Faces

    Oval Face Shape

    Oval shaped faces have a narrow forehead and slightly narrow chin, which typically creates a long face silhouette.

    For an oval face, choose glasses that emphasize the natural balance and add angles to your faces subtle curves. Look for frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face, which is typically the area around the eyes, in a shape that adds subtle contrast to your features:

    • Square or rectangular glasses: Add sharper angles for definition
    • Geometric shapes: Get playful with shapes and angular contrast
    • Browline: Wide frames compliment a narrow silhouette

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    What Is An Oval

    Whilst most people fall in-between categories of different face shapes, it can be helpful to identify your strongest facial features, and use them to work out which face shape you have. Considered the universal face shape, an oval face is characterized by softly curved lines around the jaw and forehead. Similar to an upside down egg, this type of face typically doesnt have any hard or sharp features, and is also a bit longer as opposed to wider. Here are the most telling signs of an oval face:

    • Rounded jawlineUnlike the diamond or heart shape, those with oval faces have a slightly curved jawline and chin, giving the face a softer appearance.
    • High cheekbonesMaking up the widest part of the face, individuals with this face shape usually have rounded cheekbones located higher on the face.
    • Wider foreheadTypically, an oval face would have a tall forehead thats only slightly broader than the jaw.

    While knowing your face shape is a great way to determine which frames would best flatter your face, whats most important is to choose a pair of glasses that youll feel most confident in. Remember: your face shape should only serve as a guide, not a rulebook. If you love how a certain pair looks on you, go for it! There are no rules to expressing your individuality. But, if youd like some pointers along with some tried-and-tested pairs thatll always be flattering on oval face shapes, heres everything you need to know:

    Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

    Zenni Frames that Flatter your Face Shape – Women

    Once youve worked out your face shape, you can start to shop around for frames that are a great fit for you.

    Remember these are all just guidelines to help you determine how to balance and compliment your features. Making your own style rules can be a fun and expressive way to show your personality and vibe.

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    Our Best Glasses For Oval Face Shape

    Glasses for oval faces can nail almost any aesthetic but they look best with square and rectangular frame shapes. People with oval faces have evenly proportioned features that give them the best luck when it comes to their style options. They can experiment and be as adventurous as they want.

    Love the retro vintage look? You should have no sweat rocking some classic Trapezoid style glasses. Looking to try out something quirky and cute? Go wild with some cat-eye glasses and a pop of color.

    What Is Your Face Shape

    An oval face shape is longer than it is wide with a softly curved jawline. Your cheekbones are broadly spaced in proportion with your forehead and jaw, and usually set just a little higher on your face. Lastly, your forehead is just a bit wider than your chin.

    LOOKING FOR GLASSES FOR YOUR OVAL FACE? Find an eyewear store near you.

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    Finding The Best Glasses For Your Oval Face

    Finding the stylish glasses that both look great and fit your face can feel challenging, but it doesnt have to be. Theres a perfect pair of glasses out there for everyone. Once you find the right pair, you can use them as the centerpiece of a new outfit, or wear them everyday as a wardrobe staple.

    How To Know If You Have An Oval Face Shape

    Glasses for Oval Faces

    An oval face is distinguished by higher and slightly wider cheekbones, which narrow slightly towards the forehead and jaw, and is most known for having balanced features.

    The most famous celebrities with an oval face shape include Kate Middleton, Rihanna and Beyonce.

    Avoid very thin frames or frames with significant design features if your face is oval. Both can lengthen your face shape unnecessarily. Keep in mind that these are suggestions rather than hard and fast regulations. It’s crucial to put on accessories that make you happy.

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    The Best Sunglass Styles For Oval

    As with any face shape, youll want to follow the same principles for eyeglasses when choosing a pair of sunglasses. For oval faces in particular, you can either emphasize your faces natural balance with a round style, or add angles to its soft curves with a more geometric frame. Here are our top recommendations:

    • Wayfarers to add structure and definition.
    • Cat eyes to enhance your high cheekbones.
    • Round sunglasses for a playful and trendy look.
    • Aviators for an edgy yet timeless aesthetic.

    Top 14 Things To Look For When Buying Shape Sunglasses For Oval Face

    When it comes to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for an oval face, it can be a little tricky. You want to make sure that you find a style that is going to complement your features, and not overpower them. Here are 14 things to look for when buying shape sunglasses for oval face:

    1. Look for sunglasses that will give your face shape more structure and definition. Round or square-shaped frames tend to create a stronger outline and can look great on an oval face. You will also want to avoid frames that are too small or narrow.

    2. Choose a frame with a bold browline and strong angles to contrast the softer oval shape of your face. Cat-eye shapes are great for this purpose, as they add definition to the upper part of your face while still providing coverage from the sun.

    3. Consider larger frame styles such as aviator or shield sunglasses, which can help balance out the roundness of an oval face. Larger frames will also provide better UV protection from the suns rays.

    4. Avoid overly ornate designs or bright colors, which can be overwhelming on an oval face shape. Stick to neutral tones and simpler patterns for a more polished look that wont draw attention away from your eyes.

    5. Try on frames that are slightly wider than the widest part of your face. This will help create a flattering balance between the width and length of your face shape.

    9. Look for frames with a low bridge, as this will help to elongate the appearance of your face shape.

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    Square Glasses: Gleyemor Blue Light Glasses For Men And Women Trendy Square Frame

    • It helps protect the eyes with its anti-harmful blue light feature
    • Also, it provides 100% UV protection and reduces visual fatigue from long time working or gaming on the computer
    • It is made of a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens and has a strong thick, yet lightweight plastic frame
    • Anti-slip glasses temple makes this square frame sturdy and comfortable

    What We Dont Like: It is expensive.

    Who Can Wear Oval Glasses

    Find The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape |

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    Best Glasses For Men With Oval Faces

    Men with oval faces are perceived as handsome and can pull off many frame styles. However, these are the best eyeglass styles for an oval-faced man:

    RectangleJust as with sunglasses, rectangle eyeglass frames work great for men with oval faces. This is especially true for those going for a more professional look. This style is easily the most fashionable for men and is available in a wide array of shapes and prescriptions.

    SquareSquare-shaped eyeglasses are among the most popular for men with oval faces. The sharp angles help define your delicate facial features and provide more structure and dimension to your overall look.

    BrowlineThis 1950s style works well for men with an oval face. The thick upper helps draw attention to your eyebrows, which are the most expressive portion of your face.

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    What Glasses Look Best On An Oval Face

    When shopping for eyeglasses, it’s not just about correcting vision problems, it is also about the frame shape that fits your face shape, the colour that fits your skin tone, and the style that you can wear every day. The good thing about having an oval face is that you can pull off any style of eyeglasses. Since you are blessed with a face shape that has endless possibilities, you can play with colour, texture, and even shape. From wayfarer to rectangular, all the most popular style of glasses work well with your oval face. Before we take a look at the top 5 types of eyeglasses for oval face, here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

  • It should highlight your facial features.
  • Look for eyeglasses that don’t cover your eyebrows
  • Your eyes should be situated at the centre of each frame
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    Not Sure If You’ve Got An Oval Face Shape

    Step in front of the mirror and check yourself out. Oval face shapes are characterized mostly by a softly curved jawline. Plus, the width of your forehead should be just a bit wider than your chin, with your cheekbones usually placed just a little higher on the face. If this sounds like you, get ready- EyeBuyDirect has hundreds of frames that’ll fit just right on you.

    We’ve got a wide range of trendy glasses for oval faces for both men and women. Your face type is compatible with almost any type of eyewear, so feel free to explore any style to your heart’s content. Browline? Trapezoid? Regardless of what you pick, we’re sure that you’ll feel confident.

    Before you buy, we have one thing to say first. While we have a great range of glasses for oval faces, there’s one important tip you should keep in mind: Be careful not to order your frames too large! Oval faces are attractive with glasses because of their evenly placed facial features, so a pair of oversized frames might throw that balance out the window. Make sure that you select the right size according to your pupillary distance and temple width. For more tips on how to find your frame size, check out our little guide here.

    Glasses For Round Face Shapes

    Rectangle Glasses Frames For Daily Look

    Angular, squared frames are the best choice if you have a round face. They give your face a longer, narrower appearance. Their sharp, clear angles balance out the soft, round shape of your face. Try a pair of frames that are wider than they are tall for the most flattering look.

    We recommend: Lite Spirit 2927. Its angular, hexagonal shape is inspired by classic 90s trends, while the snap-hinge gives a distinctive contemporary look. The Lite Spirit collection is made from high-quality, robust SPX®+, making it the most comfortable accessory of its kind.

    You see: Lite Spirit, model 2927, in color 4500 Indigo

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    The Best Glasses And Sunglasses For Oval Face Shapes

    Wondering what sunglasses will suit you best once you have found out you have an oval face shape? Well, my friend, you have won the genetic lottery in terms of eyewear!

    You get to wear whatever you damn well like and somehow it just works! Pick any type of frame from an old-school aviator to a vintage Lennon frame and pop it atop your nose and WHAM, instant style!

    So just take your pick from any of the frames below and then check the dimensions of the frame are similar to a pair you currently own to be sure you have made a perfect choice

    Tips For Glasses For A Long Face

  • Choose wide glasses frames to visually broaden your head and create a more rounded impression.
  • Try a frame thats darker than your skin tone. Pronounced glasses with identifiable shape creates facial contrast and can make your face seem shorter.
  • Thick full-rim frames dominate your appearance, detract from your long face for a better proportional look.
  • For women oval or cat-eye frames help to widen your face making it seem less long.
  • Select glasses frames which are the exact fit for your face. Whilst style is important, badly fitting glasses can be uncomfortable, annoying and even impeded their performance.
  • Choose eyeglasses you feel confident in. Over their lifespan your choice of glasses become part of your identity.
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