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Sunglasses For Heart Shaped Face

Frames With Bottom Heavy

How to Choose Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Faces

Individuals with heart shaped face are like the ones who have narrow bottom. Thus, in order to make a balance it is important to get a frame that has heavy bottom. This will create an appearance as if your face shape is wider at the bottom. Thus, the tips include getting the glass that will cover the wider area of the below portion.

Not Sure If Youve Got A Heart Face Shape

Step in front of the mirror and take a look for yourself. The hallmark of a heart shaped face is a wider forehead that spreads out to both sides. with slanting cheeks ending in a narrow, sometimes pointed jawbone. Combined, these features can appear delicate and very attractive due to the easily defined structure of each plane. Sunglasses for heart shaped faces are easy to come by thanks to the versatility of that particular structure. So, what else should you consider when finding the right pair for you?

No matter which you pick, keep this in mind: Lighter colors are best, as the stark or black or other dark shades may be too blunt and make your face look bulky. In terms of lenses, sunglasses for a heart shaped face can have any shape but larger are preferred.

What Does A Heart

A heart-shaped face is usually similar in appearance to round faces but has a wider forehead and cheekbones. It also has a pointy chin and a widow’s peak. Not only this, a heart-shaped face has a narrow jawline.

Some of the well-known celebrities with a heart-shaped face are Halle Berry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian. These celebrities know exactly how to flatter their heart-shaped faces by showing off their hair and makeup techniques.

As others may name it the V-shaped face, the heart-shaped face has been scientifically proven to be the most attractive face shape. Others may consider it as the face shape that wins the hearts. Not only this, some researches have shown that a heart-shaped or V-shaped face makes you look younger.

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Is A Heart Shaped Face Good

According to a study by the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia a heart-shaped midface is the quintessential symbol of youth. So, in a nutshell, yes a heart shaped face for women is deemed attractive.

In 2017, research was carried out to analyse 55 photos of attractive female models, using a computer system to assess craniofacial distances between the eyes, cheekbones, nose and brows. School scientist Dr Gary Linkov explains the use of their software WIZDOM measuring the Width of the Interzygomatic Distance of the Midface. I.e.: the width of the cheekbones.

Interestingly, brow length and WIZDOM measurements were found to be nearly identical, without a statistically significant difference. Therefore, the zygomaxillary points should ideally lie vertically below the tail of the corresponding eyebrow.

Dr Gary Linkov | Liverpool School of Art and Design

In other words, the research quantified that equally wide cheekbones and eyebrows were mathematically deemed the most attractive. So, if your facial structure is similar to Eva Longoria or Naomi Campbell, youre sharing some attractive features.

Glasses For Heart Shaped Faces

5 Types of Sunglasses for a Heart

The best glasses for heart shape faces are rectangle, oval or aviator shapes. Finding the right pair of eyeglasses for your heart shape face may feel daunting, but EyeBuyDirect has the scoop on how to find a frame in a heartbeat! Whether youre looking for mens or womens eyeglasses. Heart shaped faces feature curved lines and elegant angles.

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How To Determine Whether You Have A Heart

The first step to know your face shape is to measure the dimensions of your face. Comparing the measurements and using them for calculation come next in determining someone’s face shape. You may find below the steps for size:

  • Cheekbone to cheekbone: Spot the end of a measuring tape just under your eye. This is the head of your cheekbone. Measure to the identical point on the facing side of your face.
  • Jawline: Find the closures of your jawbone under your ears. Measure from one side to the next, around the lower part of your face.
  • Face length: Measure a straight line from the focal point of your hairline, down over the front of your nose, to the lower part of your Jawline.
  • Forehead width: Spot the measuring tape somewhere between your eyebrows and hair. Estimate the width of your forehead from one side of your hairline to the other.

The step that comes next is to find your match. This can be done by responding to different questions effectively. Some of the items that you might need to respond to identify whether you have a heart-shaped face or not are the following:

  • Forehead: Is your forehead more expansive than your Jawline? Is your hairline rounded? Bonus: Do you have a widow’s peak?
  • Cheekbone: Is your cheekbone width about the same as your forehead width? Are they both wider than your Jawline?
  • Jawline: Do you have a narrow jawline? Does your chin have a strong point?
  • Face: Is your face slightly longer than it is complete?

Measure Your Face Length And Width

Using a mirror or selfie, pay attention to your face length and width. Measure your face length from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Next, measure the width of your face from the left to the right side of your face. This measurement should be taken twiceone for your cheekbones and the other for your jawline.

  • Long faces fall under oblong, oval, or diamond shapes
  • Wide faces fall under heart, square, or round shapes

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Choosing Glasses For Heart Shaped Faces

How do you choose the perfect frame for your heart shaped face? Check out our suggested features and frames below. If youve got a heart shaped face, various facial features will have varying widths, typically wider at the forehead and tapering sharply at the chin. Sometimes this face shape is also referred to as the inverted-triangle shape. Influencers like Emily Ratajkowski and Brad Goreski have a heart shaped face, which can include these features:

Wider forehead and cheekbones

Tapered, narrow chin

High and angled cheekbones

For your heart shaped face, its best to find eyeglass and sunglass frames that are wider than your forehead. The trick to your perfect frame is just to have proportions play out, finding frame shapes that balance the varying widths of your face. The best frames will elongate your face while balancing the definition of your chin. Smooth, rounded contours can provide contrast. You can also add visual interest by echoing your face shape with two-tone frames, or adding an angled cat eye frame to sharpen your look.

Do Aviators Suit Heart

Choose the right Sunglasses for heart face shape #faceshape #heartface #sunglasses

Yes, Aviator sunglasses suit heart shaped faces. Their straight brow line and tall tear-drop lenses help balance your broad forehead and narrow chin. As theyre a very large style of frame, Aviators suit the majority of face shapes with ease.

  • Heart faces have soft jaws
  • Heart faces have pointed chins
  • Heart faces have equally wide foreheads and cheekbones
  • Heart faces usually have a widows peak hairline
  • Large boxy sunglasses are a great shape for you
  • Try to find a frame that fits you properly
  • Always check for UV400 lenses

Hopefully you found this article helpful.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape: Heart

Those with heart-shaped faces can keep it sweet with all types of sunglasses. Whether you turn it up with a tort or round it out with a circular frame, you’ll have plenty of options, including prescription glasses. So what is a heart-shaped face, and how can you style it with the just-right eyewear? Read ahead for the deets.

Men’s Sunglasses Guide For Heart

An excellent accessory and functional tool, sunglasses are the finishing touches on any outfit. A pair of trendy shades is not just a fashion statement but also a necessary item for blocking excessive sunlight. For this reason, finding a pair of sunglasses befitting your style and face type is essential.

However, choosing the right pair of sunglasses for you can be a challenging task. A huge variety of styles, changing fashion trends, and personal taste are all factors to consider when finding out which pair suits you best.

One of the easiest ways to help find the best sunglasses for you is by knowing your face shape. By choosing glasses that suit your face shape, you can accentuate your most unique facial features and provide an alluring look.

Today we will be exploring the characteristics typical of heart-shaded faces and identify a few pairs and styles which will suit you best. But before we begin, I should first mention that styling is an art and not an exact science. This guide is based on accentuating conventionally attractive features to find out which styles will suit you, but there is more to styling to face shape.

Heart shape faces are commonly characterized by a narrow chin, high cheekbones, and a broad brow. Usually similar in appearance to round faces however, heart-shaped faces will have a wider forehead, narrow jawline, and widows peak. Some people may also call it a V-shaped face.

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Versace Ve4361 Unisex Irregular Sunglasses

The Versace VE4361 Unisex Irregular Sunglasses are always in style and a great option for both men and women. These sunglasses feature a plastic frame and lens and are non-polarized.

The lenses are also highly durable, making them perfect for everyday wear. The color code for these sunglasses is GB1/87, and they come with a 2-year warranty.

All in all, these Versace sunglasses are a must-have addition to any fashion-savvy individual’s accessories collection.

The stylish and unique design is perfect for making a bold statement, while the high-quality construction ensures lasting durability.

Introducing the Gucci Women’s Matelasse 90s Rectangular Sunglasses. These stunning shades are perfect for making a statement this summer.

The acetate frames are contemporary and chic, while the gold-tone logo emblem adds a touch of luxury.

The plastic lenses are non-polarized and offer UV protection, ensuring you’ll be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

With a range of colors to choose from, these sunglasses are sure to become your new go-to accessory.

Buy The Best Eyeglasses Online For Your Face Shape

5 Types of Sunglasses for a Heart

Everyone has their own way to shine and it embarks on the gifted characteristics that we all possess in our personality. Be it the rare hair-color, a heavenly smile or your face shape that assists you with the advent of new eyeglasses. Your face shape can be round, oval, square, triangle and heart-shaped, however, it is important to evaluate their highs, lows, curves & dips when buying eyeglasses. As eyewear exploration continues, multiple aspects weigh in with essentiality and recognizing your face shape becomes mandatory. Explore 5 universal face shapes and their frame suggestions that offer specific options for your face map.

1. Oval Face Shape:

The oval face has a balancing width & height. This face map exhibits wider cheek bones for a face expansion and draws mildly narrow forehead and jaws. This well in formation face shape maxes out on the bold & colorfully textured glasses. As results may vary, a familiar oval face shape slims down the chin but not forehead. Suggested frames are cat eyes, rectangle or trendy squares.

2. Square Face Shape:The square face has an enlarge feel and is structured over clear angular lines This face map delivers a wide forehead effect with the jawlines standing out in prominence. The square face shape is ideal for thin glasses with upswept corners. Suggested frames are round andrectangleglasses.


16-C, Lane 9, Seher Commercial, Phase 7, DHA

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Versace Women’s Ve2232 Sunglasses

Step into a whole new world of style. With their metal frames and composite lenses, these Versace sunglasses will take your look to a whole new level.

The non-polarized lenses provide superior clarity, while the arms measure 145 millimeters in length for a comfortable fit.

Whether you’re going on a vacation or just running errands, Versace’s VE4361 sunglasses will keep you looking sharp.

Poppy Lissiman Women’s Dae Sunglasses

Looking for a pair of versatile, stylish sunglasses that will go with everything in your wardrobe? Look no further than the Poppy Lissiman Women’s Dae Sunglasses.

These fashionable sunnies feature plastic frames and flat lenses in a sleek, rectangular silhouette that is perfect for both casual and dressy looks.

The non-polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection, keeping your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Whether you’re hitting the beach or running errands around town, the Poppy Lissiman Women’s Dae Sunglasses are a must-have accessory.

Ray-Ban RB3030 Outdoorsman Aviator Sunglasses are the perfect mix of style and function. The composite frame is strong and durable, while the metal arms add a touch of luxury.

The lenses are crystal clear and offer 100% UV protection, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

The sunglasses come with a protective case, making them easy to take with you on the go.

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What Shape Glasses Look Best On A Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces benefit from frames with a cat eye shape or rounded frame to balance and complement their features. Your face shape is its widest at your brow, and narrows down to your chin, so glasses that flare out a bit wider than your forehead and have a rounded bottom balance your face and highlight your beautiful facial features.

When browsing for eyewear for heart shaped faces, look for glasses with the following features:

  • Cat eye or butterfly shaped frames that flick outward to a point help balance the proportions of a heart shaped face.
  • Oval-shaped frames soften your sharp facial features, especially if you have a pointier chin.
  • Frames that place more emphasis on the bottom portion of the frame like aviators create an illusion of a wider chin and symmetrical facial structure from top to bottom.
  • As you can see, you have one of the most diverse selections when it comes to complimentary frames. If you have a more subtle difference in the width of your brow compared to the narrowness of your chin, you can opt for a more subtle cat eye or butterfly frame. Below we have chosen some of our favorite frames that will perfectly compliment your heart shaped face, whether you are looking for an everyday pair of eyeglasses, blue light glasses, or sunglasses!

    Sojos Polarized Oversized Cat


    Add an air of mystery to your look with these chic SOJOS Polarized Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses.

    The vintage-inspired frames feature a bold cat-eye shape that is sure to turn heads, while the polarized lenses provide superior protection from the suns harmful rays.

    With a multitude of lens colors to choose from, you can easily find the perfect pair to match any outfit.

    Whether youre hitting the beach or hitting the town, these sunglasses are sure to keep you looking cool and feeling confident.

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    Best Glasses For A Heart Shaped Face

    Heart shaped faces are among the most unique of all face shapes and are easily complemented by most eyeglass frames. Yet just because you have one of the most versatile face shapes doesnt make choosing the right glasses an easy task.

    After all, not all eyeglasses frames are created equal, and you will look better in some shapes than others. So, lets get started! Weve created the following guide to help men and women with heart shaped faces find the best pair of glasses for their looks.

    Cat Eye Glasses For Heart Faces

    Cat eye frames compliment heart face shapes with their unique shape and ability to compliment the heart shaped face. The flick of the frame draws your attention up and outward, following the shape of your face frame, yet drawing your attention to the frame itself. Check out some of our favorite eye-catching cat eye frames below!

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    Sunglasses For A Heart Shaped Face

    One of the more unique face shapes, heart shaped faces have a narrow chin, which leads into a broad brow. Also known as an inverted triangle face shape, if you have a heart shaped face, you should look for sunglasses that make your face look longer, draw attention towards your chin and even out the proportions of your face.

    Cat-eye and round sunglasses are great for this. You could also opt for sleek, rimless or light-coloured frames, or bottom-heavy sunglasses that broaden the lower part of your face.

    You can see our guide on the right sunglasses for your face shape and the rest of our sunglasses collection. Weve also chosen the best glasses for a heart-shaped face.

    Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

    48 Trendy Summer Accessories Ideas With Sunglasses in 2020 (With images ...

    Whether you want to play up your faces natural curves or set a more serious tone for your facial features, the right shades can help. Want to dial down the cherub factor and amp up the chic mystique? The best sunglasses for women with heart shaped faces bring your look a bit of balance, with wider frames and bold endpoint details that draw attention up from your chin and put the focus on your eyes. Go for rectangular, aviator, cat-eye or square frames to add some straight-edge angles to your softness.

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    What Is A Heart

    Just like the ubiquitous Valentine heart, the defining traits of this beautiful face shape include a more prominent forehead , and a face that tapers down to a pointier chin. Here are some more facts about the endearing shape:

    • Broad foreheadMaking up the widest portion of the face, individuals with this face shape are known to have a visibly broader forehead and hairline. For the most part, people with heart-shaped faces also have widows peaks, though you can still fall under this category even without one.
    • Wide cheekbonesOwners of heart-shaped faces have fuller and rounder cheekbones, giving them a cheerful appearance. Their cheekbones are also usually placed a bit higher compared to other face shapes.
    • Narrow jawlineSimilar to the diamond face shape, heart-shaped faces have an angled jawline and a small chin that finishes to a point.

    While ones face shape is a sure-fire way to figure out which styles suit you best, whats most important is to choose a pair of glasses that youll feel most confident in.

    Your face shape should only serve as a guide, not a rulebook. If you love how a certain pair looks on you, go for it! There are no rules to expressing your individuality.

    But, if youd like some pointers along with some tried-and-tested pairs thatll always be flattering on heart face shapes, heres everything you need to know:

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