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Sunglasses For Men Face Shape

Best Sunglasses For Triangle

Don’t Know Your Face Shape? Here’s How to Find Sunglasses
  • Men with a triangle face shape want to steer clear of sunglasses that drag down the lines of the face and focus attention on the wide jaw.
  • You may want to avoid very narrow frames, like small round sunglasses, which can accentuate the narrowness of your faces upper half.

Now that you know how to make the most of the pear faces bold features, take your pick from the shades Solstice Sunglasses has selected for you!

Best Sunglasses For Oval Faces

The beauty of an oval shape is that most shades will look great on you. That said, the trick is selecting sunglasses that arent wider than your face. Your best best is to try a slightly more oversized, rounded style that isnt too massive where you end up looking like some sort of bug. Thats not a good look on anyone.

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Best Sunglasses For Rectangle Face Shapes

The rectangular face shape is similar to a square face but the face is longer than it is wide. Sticking with rounded and curved corner sunglasses is your best bet. A pair of angular frames is not the most flattering option for your face shape.

Word of warning short, rectangular and square shaped frames will make your face even longer.

Best options: Round frames.

Be cautious with: Rectangle and square frames.

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Which Sunglasses Suit Me How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Given the huge variety on offer, its not always easy to choose a pair of sunglasses. Whats more, people are often unsure whether a certain style suits them. While personal taste obviously plays a key role, there are a few other factors that can help you decide. One of the most important is the face shape, as some sunglasses look better on certain kinds of face than on others.

More Tips For Finding The Right Sunglasses

How to choose Perfect Sunglasses according to Face Shape?

Exceptions prove the rule, and as the following points illustrate, that also applies to choosing the right pair of sunglasses:

  • When weighing up which style of sunglasses to buy, remember that its about protecting your eyes as well as fashion. So its important that certain UV-protection criteria are fulfilled. This means that, if possible, the frame should be as broad as your face at the temples, so as to prevent light getting in from the sides. The frame should also cover the entire eye area or even be a bit higher, so that light doesnt shine in from above. Additionally, different lens types will be more suitable depending on your lifestyle.
  • Think about what kind of statement you wish to make with the sunglasses. If you want to stand out from the crowd then a larger, bolder frame may be the way to go. Striking designs, such as those with elaborately decorated temples, are real eye-catchers and will ensure that you dont go unnoticed.

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Picking The Right Sunglasses

Diligent readers, and those with considerably less crows feet, will have only stored their sunglasses away for a few months . Which means you need a pair of shades that work .

Once the minefield that is face shapes has been successfully navigated, its time to explore the other points of difference that come into play when finding the perfect sunglasses.

The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape: How To Pick The Perfect Pair

Most men dont own a vast number of accessories. Often its a case of the bare necessities: a watch , a scarf , a tie and a bag .

However, unless youre a man who enjoys forcibly squinting at the sun , sunglasses fit well and truly into the essentials category.

A decent pair of shades not only protect your eyes, but they can also be used to hide a multitude of sins , finish off an outfit, or create a style statement all of their own. So finding a pair that is just right is extremely rewarding. Of course, this all hinges on getting your head around face shapes and which sunglasses styles suit each. Before breaking out into a sweat, use this guide to shed some light on the process.

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Best Sunglasses For A Square Face Shape

Square faces are largely determined by the jaw, hairline, forehead, and strikingly sharp angles. A person with a square face will have an angled, straight jawline and usually a relatively straight hairline as well. Square faces also tend to have straight, high cheekbones.

Much like square glasses balance out the features of round faces, rounder glasses are going to do the same for a square face, adding softer lines and angles to a defined jaw and cheekbones. While circular glasses are going to go over well, theyre by no means the only ones that should be considered. Its fine to go with a frame that has rectangular proportions just make sure that the angles are softer and feature curved edges rather than harsh pivots like those of a Wayfarer.

Square faces, like round ones, are also generally able to pull off larger frames. They shouldnt dwarf your face entirely but its okay to go a little bit outside of your faces width with these.

Best Sunglasses For A Round Face Shape

How to choose men’s sunglasses? Glasses for your face shape

First of all, lets clarify what a round face is, because it doesnt mean that your head is a perfect circle. A round face has far more to do with proportion than a total lack of angles . If your faces height is roughly equal to its width and your cheekbones arent particularly visible, youve got a round face.

Rounder faces are going to be best served by playing against their shape. If youve been thinking about picking up some John Lennon-style circular frames you may want to take a minute to reconsider. Round shades arent going to accentuate your features nearly as well as other frames will.


Your sweet spot is going to come with more angular glasses. Rectangles and squares are going to serve to balance out your features and frame your face far better than rounder shades can. Squares are ideal but rectangles can work just as well. Round faces are also the rare exception to the dont buy glasses wider than your face rule. As such, go big or go home.

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Best Sunglasses For Square

  • If wayfarer and navigator sunglasses are more your speed, try the least boxy options to best complement your faces square shape.
  • Look for rounded details at the brow and temple, or skip the confining lines of frames altogether with rimless sunglasses to bring out the facial features of men with square face shapes.

Solstice Sunglasses has you squared away on what shapes of shades will suit you best, so check out the selection of sunglasses at right.

Things To Look For When Buying Shape Sunglasses For Oval Face

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for an oval face, it can be a little tricky. You want to find a style that will elongate your face and make you look more angular. Here are twelve things to look for when shopping for shape sunglasses that will flatter your oval face.

1. Look for sunglasses that are more vertical than horizontal in shape. This will help to elongate your face and make it appear more angular.

2. Avoid round or circular sunglasses, as these can make your face look even wider.

3. Instead of a straight top line, look for sunglasses with a slightly curved or cat-eye shape. This will help to narrow your face slightly.

4. If you want to go for a classic aviator style, make sure the frames are thin and dont extend too far below your eyebrows. Thick frames can make your face look even wider.

5. Another great option for oval faces is wayfarer sunglasses. Just be sure to avoid the really thick framed ones, as they can again make your face look even wider.

6. Look for sunglasses with embellishments or details on the sides, as this can help to draw attention away from the center of your face.

7. If you want to experiment with color, go for a pair of sunglasses with a pop of color on the arms or frames. This will help to add some dimension to your face.

8. If youre looking for a more subtle style, try a pair of tortoise-shell sunglasses. The darker colors will help to slim down your face.

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The Best Frame For Your Face Shape

The general rule is that rounded or aviator style frames suit faces with strong jawlines and defined cheekbones.The stronger your facial features, the bigger your sunglasses should be for optimal balance. Similarly, faces with less defined features should stick to small or medium-sized frames. Keeping all that in mind, you should absolutely try them on before you buy. Here are some things to look out for when choosing the perfect frame for your face.

How Do You Know The Shape Of Your Face

How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Shape

This will seem basic but this simple task can largely affect which frames are going to suit you the most.

Invest just a few minutes and this is going to save you any future regret about your choice of spectacles.

You can try services such as apps or “glasses for face shape upload photo”, but we reckon these ways are easier.

Phone method: Take or find a selfie on your phone. Using an app like Facebook messenger or your notes, trace around the shape of your face using the pen-tool. Use a bright colour of pen to really highlight your face shape.

Picture method: Print a basic self portrait of yourself in black and white.Alternatively a passport style photo will work perfectly for this method. Grab a brightly coloured pen and roughly trace round your face and hairline

Mirror method: Get yourself one of those non-permanent white-board marker pens. Standing closely in front of the mirror, trace round your face shape using the non-permanent pen. Did we already say non-permanent?

Video method: We came across this video on YouTube. This guy does a pretty good job of explaining the points weve already made and discusses the most common male face shapes.

What is the best glasses shape for a round face?

Your face has softer features such as fuller cheeks and a gentle jaw line.

If this sounds like you, we suggest you stick to a square glasses frame. An angular pair of spectacles with straight edges will juxtapose your rounded face shape here nicely.

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Best Sunglasses For Oblong

  • When choosing glasses that optimize your face, your goal is to find frames that downplay the length while accenting your best qualities.
  • Your symmetrical features can support almost any frame style, as long as the scale suits your facial features and proportions.
  • Square sunglasses can add angles that bring out your cheekbones and break up the faces length.
  • Browline frames can bring focus up and out, adding a bit of width and visually shortening the length of a rectangular face.
  • Sunglasses with larger frames can add balance to an oblong face.

Solstice Sunglasses has the latest designer sunglasses for men with an oblong or rectangular face shape. Weve made the selection easy for you. Take a look at our best and freshest favorite frames for oblong faces.

Circle And Oval Frames

Circle and oval frames have the opposite effect of square and rectangular frames. Instead of providing balance and contrast, they tend to exaggerate the roundness of your features.

Remember, this guide is written based on trends and observations. Feel free to experiment with all sorts of frames until you find one that makes you happy and comfortable.

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Start With A Rounded Frame Shape

Examples of the most flattering style of sunglasses for a mans face are rounded frames

This is the most flattering frame shape because it fits in most men’s Eyewear Sweet Spot.

Not to be confused with circle frames , rounded frames are frames that are slightly rounded at the bottom. The top of the frame can be straight, but are usually slightly curved as well.

It’s my personal frame style for most of my glasses, and can be seen on countless celebrities.

Sunglass colors you should buy are black and brown to start, then a light yellow in the summer

  • For colors, black and dark brown/tortoise are great first choices year round.

  • For spring/summer, I recommend a light colored frame. My favorite is light yellow for a shot of color. Clear is another popular choice.

  • For lenses, stick with the classic solid lenses in black, grey, or green.

Some of my favorite for this style are

Sunglasses For Oval Face Shape

How To Choose The Best Eyeglass For Your Face Shape (Men)| Lenskart Experts

An oval is considered the holy grail of face shapes. Those lucky enough to have a head that is longer than it is wide and with a rounded jaw should try not to look too smug when we say you can wear pretty much any frame out there.

The only advice for oval face shapes is to sidestep frames with arms that hang too low, as this will elongate the face further.

Key Styles: Anything goes

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How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

choose frames that contrast the geometry of your face shapeFind your face shape

    • Rectangle: clearly taller than it is wide square jawline uniform width from forehead to jawline
    • Oval: clearly taller than it is wide, rounded jawline, soft features, widest part at cheekbones
    • Square: almost as wide as it is tall broad, square jawline uniform width from forehead to jawline
    • Round: almost as wide as it is tall rounded jawline, soft features widest part at cheekbones
    • Triangle: almost as wide as it is tall broad jawline widest part at jaw, with narrower forehead
    • Heart: almost as wide as it is tall pointed/tapered jawline widest part at forehead with narrower jaw
    • Diamond: almost as wide as it is tall pointed jawline, narrower forehead widest part at cheekbones

Choose your framesNotes:

    • A wayfarer-style frame is a flexible and safe frame choice that suits most face shapes.
    • In choosing a frame color try to contrast your natural skin tone and hair color with the color of the frame. Black and tortoise sunglasses are generally safe bets. If you have blonde or light hair try choosing a darker frame, while darker-haired individuals can safely wear lighter colored sunglasses.

What Is My Face Shape

The key to finding your perfect pair of sunglasses is to know your face shape. Its the biggest factor in determining which glasses will look good on you and which wont. Although it may not be something youve considered before, theres no need to start stressing about whether youre a rectangle or a square. Watch this video below to find out how to work out your face shape.

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Adjust The Frame Style Based On Your Head Size Or Style Preference

Different sunglasses style examples such as square, aviator, and shield

Rounded frames are a safe bet, but dont let the recommendation stop you from exploring. In fact, it might be better to try out different styles based on your head size.

Larger heads might need larger lenses, since their features are further apart. This means that square frames could be a better option as the lenses tend to be larger.

You can opt for a square frame because you like the style better. This goes for any other style, from aviators to shields.

As long as you find one that fits your sweet spot, it’ll have the best proportions for your face.

Best Sunglasses For Oval Face Shapes

Menâs Sunglasses: Which Are Best For Your Face Shape?

If you have oval face shape, congrats! You are lucky because oval is an ideal face shape because most sunglasses frames will look good on you. Want to try a square frame? Youre good. How about round frames? Why not.

It is worth mentioning that youll want to be a little cautious about the size of the sunglasses. Anything wider than your face might not work for you. Angular sunglasses like geometric and square frames will compliment your face well. But of course, dont hesitate to try out other shapes too.

Best options: Almost everything looks good for you.

Be cautious with: Oversized sunglasses.

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Mens Face Shape Types

Now ask yourself these 3 questions.

1. Is my face longer than it is wide? Yes, no or a little bit.

2. Which is the widest part of my face? Forehead, cheekbones or jawline.

3. What is the shape of my jawline? Curved, angled or rounded.

Listed below are all the face shape types. Now that youve measured your own face and answered the questions above, youll be able to easily tell which one you fall under.

Sunglasses Are An Important Accessory To Your Look But Its Important To Make Sure The Sunglasses You Wear Complement Your Face Shape The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape A Mens Guide Will Help You Decide On Your Next Pair

Youll find that The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape, A Mens Guide is very similar to Best Haircut for your Face Shape, a Mens Guide, primarily because its important to first distinguish what type of face shape you have by measuring, well, your face!

Once measured, youll figure out whether you are one of the seven face shapes: square, oval, rectangle/oblong, round, diamond, heart, or triangle.

There are a few ways to measure your face shape, but the most accurate involves a photo, printer, pen, and ruler. If you are more tech savvy than I am, you can probably figure out how to make the measurements directly on your computer using a screen ruler.

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