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Sunglasses For Small Face Women

How Much Is Best Women’s Aviator Sunglasses For Small Face

Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Small Faces | SportRx

Best Women’s Aviator Sunglasses For Small Face come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays.Because the price range is so wide, you don’t know how much something costs. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as best women’s aviator sunglasses for small face.

The Best Sunglasses Shapes

Now that weve determined the right sizes to look for, its time to talk shapes. Small faces come in lots of different shapes. But some frames will be more flattering to your smaller features.

Wed recommend trying on the below styles for the best look:

  • Classic cat-eye
  • Browline
  • Rectangular

Note: While square and round lenses can still be worn, make sure the size of the frame is proportionate to your features. Otherwise, these frames can drown out your face and look too big!

How Much Is Womens Sunglasses For Small Faces

womens sunglasses for small faces come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as womens sunglasses for small faces.

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Illesteva Women Leonard Sunglasses

Another strong piece to choose from, Illesteva Women Leonard Sunglasses is bold and fun. For those looking for statement eyewear that wont be overbearing, heres your answer! With a frame width of 48 mm, their size is perfect for smaller faces, while their fun pattern is sure to draw eyes on you. These glasses give off an edgy retro vibe to complete your style.

The mirrored coating on their frame adds to the edgy feel as well as deter glares. These small sunglasses for women are not only cool but also protect well. They also come with a lightweight plastic frame for a comfortable feel. Fabulous!

  • What We Love:
  • A striking statement piece for smaller faces with great UV protection.
  • Pros:
  • Male Sunglasses For A Small Face

    Best womens polarized sunglasses for small face

    Rectangular sunglasses

    Rectangular sunglasses are the perfect frames for any man with a small face. Boxy looking shades convey strength and confidence with their sharp angles and clean lines. Look for the correct lens width for your face so your sunglasses fit you properly. Small lens widths range from 49mm to 54 mm.

    Clear sunglasses

    Known as crystal or transparent frame sunglasses, clear acetate frames are a stylish choice. Combined with dark sun lenses, see-through acetate is a fantastic way to show the finer details and highlights of your frame. Seen within, the rivets, screws and hardware will catch the sunlight beautifully for a characteristic look. In terms of colour, clear acetates can be neutral or lightly tinted in pastels of blue, green, yellow and many more. If opaque acetates seem to bold for you, try a crystal-coloured frame instead.

    Square sunglasses

    Small square frames are the perfect way to make a statement for men with small faces. These frames are bold and confident, and they command attention. With their clean lines and sharp angles, square frames convey authority. And their small size makes them ideal for men with smaller faces as they won’t overwhelm your features. Square frames are also incredibly versatile. You can wear them with casual or formal attire, and they always look chic. So, if you’re looking for a small stylish frame, square sunglasses are great choice.

    Aviator sunglasses

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    Try Rectangular Oval And Classic Cat

    Rectangular, oval, and classic cat-eye frames are popular choices for small faces. Square and round frames can work too, but sometimes the lenses are too big vertically. Having a bit less height on the lenses can be nicely proportionate to smaller features.

    Its worth noting that changing fashions have an impact on what is collectively considered to look good. Five to ten years ago, practically everyone was wearing very short, rectangular glasses because that was very trendy at the time. Now, taller shapes are popular.

    Try shapes with less height, as shown on the right side

    Uv Protection & Polarization

    UV protection is another thing to consider while choosing lenses. Both polycarbonate and plastic lenses can be treated with UV-blocking coatings and contain an added polarized filter. There are different degrees of UV protection. So, make sure your sunglasses are equipped with UV400 lenses which block 100% of the UVA and UVB rays.

    If you’re looking for added protection and superior visual clarity and comfort, then we recommend polarized sunglasses for small faces. Polarized lenses will cut out all the glare and eliminate the reflections of the sunlight, as well as enhance the contrast of the images. For more information about polarized lenses, check out our blog about the difference between polarized and non polarized lenses.

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    What To Look For When Buying Sunglasses

    Is this your first time buying a pair of small size sunglasses? Nobody said it would be an easy job to do. With so many choices of frames available, this can get a little confusing. However, were here to give you the dos and donts. Were warning you its going to be a lot of information. So, are you ready? Below are 4 things you need to look for when buying sunglasses:

    The Caliber Of The Lens

    5 Best Aviator Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2021 | SportRx

    Each sunglasses has its own size but … what does this number tell me? Although ultimately each one chooses the sunglasses they like , fashion standards and opticians recommend the following:

    If your face is an S, Lens Width smaller than 50

    If your face is an M, Lens Width between 50 and 55

    If your face is an L, Lens Width bigger than 55

    In a few simple steps Im going to teach you how to measure your face. So you know if the style of small glasses is for you. All you will need is a credit card and to stand in front of a mirror.

    Close your left eye.

    Put the card vertically in front of your face and align the right end with the center of your nose.

    Align the top with the middle of your left eye.

    Check at which point of your eye does the credit card ends.

    If it ends at point A you have a small face

    If it ends at point B you have a medium face

    If it ends at point C you have a large face

    In this article we are going to focus on small faces. But hey! stay tuned, we’ll follow up with recommendations soon ).

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    Find The Most Flattering Sunglasses For Women With Small Faces

    I always knew I had trouble finding sunglasses that fit my face but I never realized just how small my face was until I ordered a pair of Ray Ban Aviators that EVERYONE had. These ones.

    They seemed to look so good on everyone! I thought wow, these are like the perfect universal sunglasses. Until I ordered a pair.

    They were so big that if I moved my head at all they would just fall off. I couldnt believe it and it was then that I realized that my face was even smaller face than I originally thought.

    So if you are anything like me and have trouble finding sunglasses that fit your face shape or unique facial features hopefully this post will give you some tips so you can find the most flattering sunglasses for women with small faces.

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you.

    Frame Size Fit And Color

    Having a pair of sunglasses that doesn’t flatter your face is self-defeating. Too wide or too high, and they’ll cover up your face they could also fall off at any moment. The wrong shape or color, and they’ll look unnatural. However, it’s possible to have both function and form to match your face shape and size, your skin tone and even your hair color.The ideal sunglasses for small faces have hexagram, cat eye and round shapes. Thin frames offer ideal fits for round and oval faces while thick frames fit angular ones. The cat eye shape flatters angular faces, and hexagram and round shapes flatter almost anyone. After that, it’s up to you to choose the colors that express your personality. Dark, soft or bold blues, purples or pastels suit cool skin tones while earthy, bright and vivid colors suit warm skin tones. A subtle shade that matches your hair color will blend in while a contrasting color will make a bold statement.

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    How To Measure Your Face For Sunglasses

    To measure your face for sunglasses, check your face-width, nose-bridge-width and your eye-to-ear distance in millimetres. These inform the three main size aspects of sunglasses frame size lens width, bridge width and temple length.

    Lens width is determined by the overall width of your face, measured between each of your temples. Small facial widths need smaller lens widths, ranging from 115mm to 160mm Check your ideal lens width in the table below.

    Face size


    Bridge width is determined by your facial structure. Measuring bridge width yourself is difficult, so an easier method is to observe your face side-on using a self-portrait photograph. If your nose bridge is level or below your pupils, you need a smaller bridge width around 14 to 17mm. If your bridge sits above your pupils, you need a larger bridge with of 18 to 21mm.

    Its worth mentioning that ethnicity can influence how spectacles or sunglasses fit your face. East Asian craniofacial structures often have low nose bridges and high cheekbones which can cause a poorly fitting frame, often sliding down the wearers nose or resting on their cheeks. Subsequently, you may need a very narrow nose bridge of less than 16mm which are found amongst Asian fit sunglasses. For a guide on this,

    Bridge width

    Costa Del Mar Anaa Rectangular Sunglasses

    Womens polarized sunglasses for small faces

    Featuring bi-color frames and stylish tinted lenses, Costa Del Mar Anaa Rectangular Sunglasses sure will catch your attention! With the retro-inspired design, these sunglasses is a must-have for those of you wanting to elevate any outfit. Get this pair as your next sunglasses for beach days. Thousands loved these womens sunglasses for small faces, and we are sure you will be too!

    The quality of the frame is unquestionable. With Costas co-injected bio-based nylon frame, these glasses are both tough and durable. As well as being a comfortable fit. TR-90 nylon is a premier material for sports and performance frames as it is resistant to heat and cold. Though it is flexible, it is still durable. Nylon is easily molded into Costas iconic wraparound shape.

    • What We Love:
    • A pair of high-quality sunglasses for small womens faces for those wanting a classic, stylish sunglasses.
  • Pros:
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    Best Quay Sunglasses For Small Face

    Quay Australia is a very popular brand online as well. From what I can see they have great quality sunglasses with a variety of sizes for everyone. Including sunglasses for a small oval face.

    But again, just be careful to watch the width size as quay has a ton of styles that are 60 mm + in size. I didnt know to look at the sizes before and ordered a pair that I saw a girl wearing on instagram and they looked on her. I felt like her head was about the same size as mine. I was wrong, they were HUGE!

    What Brands To Buy At Nordstrom

    Obviously you can find just about anything you want at Nordstrom. So when searching for sunglasses I recommend ordering as many of the options you have to choose from online are not available at the stores.

    Ordering online with Nordstrom is completely stress free because they have free shipping and free returns all the time, no minimum order total required.

    You can buy a pencil and get free shipping! Anyone else hate it when you have to spend $150 to get free shipping?!

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    Great Big Style For Smaller Faces

    Here at Knockaround, we know how important it is to find sunglasses that look made for your face, so we proudly offer a great variety of stylish sunglasses designed to complement those with smaller faces and more petite features. In general, people who have smaller faces tend to gravitate towards classic frame shapes, simply because these silhouettes tend to have a frame size somewhere in the middle, creating better proportion. Of course, smaller faces require a smaller pair of sunglasses, and all of these styles are snug enough that they wont fall off your face.

    Another thing to consider when shopping for sunglasses for small faces is the shape of the frame. Many people find that sticking with a classic, somewhat rectangular frameKnockaround Classics, for example does a good job of complementing smaller faces without making your sunglasses look oversized. While large, round shades arent always the best bet in this department, our Mai Tais and Paso Robles are often a great solution because they bring the big glamour of rounded shades but easily complement more petite faces at the same time.

    Tips For Choosing Glasses For Small Faces

    Best Sunglasses for Small Faces | SportRx

    Of course, you would need a guide when buying eyeglasses for your small face. There are several tips that would help you.

    Firstly, try the ones with semi-rim qualities. They are mostly good for people with small faces.

    Secondly, if you want to buy thin-framed glasses, ensure that you buy the metal frames.

    Thirdly, you can get yourself a thin acetate frame as long as the one you buy has the perfect shape and style for your face.

    Finally, try considering thick frames because they tend to look amazing on small faces. However, there are still people who seem to look better with thinner frames. These are still people with small faces.

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    Do Aviators Look Good On Small Faces

    Yes, aviator sunglasses are a great choice if theyre the right size. Before buying, check the width of any aviator-style frame and the temple length to be sure that the frame will be comfortable and not overwhelm your facial features.

    With the right size, aviator sunglasses can be flattering on almost anyone!

    Is It Time To Get A New Womens Sunglasses For Small Faces

    Youre looking for a new womens sunglasses for small faces. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

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    What Kind Of Sunglasses Suit A Small Face

    Sunglasses with a small lens and bridge widths are best suited for small faces. This looks better, is more comfortable and stops the frame from sliding down your nose. Furthermore, correctly fitting sunglasses will provide better protection from the sun.

    Outside or driving your car, properly fitting sunglasses are crucial for optical performance, keeping your eyes protected from UV light. If your frame keeps sliding down, your eyes are more likely to be exposed to the sun increasing your chances of visual fatigue or even retinal damage.

    How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Small Faces

    Vazrobe Small Face Polarized Sunglasses Women Polaroid Sun Glasses for ...

    It may be hard to find sunglasses for smaller faces, however we’re here to make it easier for you! There are many factors which determine the right sunglasses frames for you. Its safe to say that there is a pair out there for every face shape and size possible. You just have to work through the factors and choose wisely. The best match for your small face, delicate features and style depend on a few things, lets check them out:

  • Face Shape: Every person has a certain face shape with unique facial features. When accessorizing your look with sunglasses for narrow face, make sure to match the frame with your face shape. In other words, don’t only look for small sized sunglasses, consider their shape as well. You can always find a pair to highlight your beautiful features to achieve a flattering look. Certain frame shapes help balance out narrow faces in a very natural way. If you dont know what is your face shape, we got you covered! Check out our face shape guide to find what are the best small sunglasses shapes for you.
  • Skin Tone: There is no denying that there are two different skin tones. In eyewear, soft pastels, cool blues or bold purple will match great with a cooler skin tone. However, for warmer skin tones, you can just skip to earthy colours like brown, gold, orange and even olive green! Add a pop of color to match the edginess with bold red or yellow frames.
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    Carfia Chic Polarized Sunglasses For Women

    A struggle people with petite faces often come across is that stylish wide glasses dont suit them. Well, no more of that. Carfia Chic Polarized Sunglasses for Women is not your usual wide sunglasses. Although they do look wide, their lens width and height are still perfect for those with small faces. These types of glasses are perfect for those with long, narrow faces.

    Their polished frames are handcrafted from flexible Italian acetate. You can adjust the frames to fit your face without fearing that it will break. They also had metals embedded into their sunglasses frame for extra strength. Durable, comfortable, very stylish. No wonder these chic sunglasses are loved by many!

    • What We Love:
    • These sunglasses offer great visual clarity and snug fit while being classically stylish.
  • Pros:
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