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Sunglasses From The 80’s

What Is The Number One Sunglasses Brand

Cazal Legends | Iconic 80s Frames | 663, 664 Sunglasses & 163 Optical Glasses

Ray-Ban 1. Ray-Ban. It comes as no surprise that Ray-Ban is the greatest sunglasses brand in the world. After all, this legacy powerhouse has been producing high-quality, fashionable sunglasses for for 80 yearsits Aviator-style shades were initially meant for military usage but became “public” in 1937. Today, Ray-Ban is known for its classic aviator style with trendy modifications. And although other brands have attempted to replicate its success , none can match the original’s quality or longevity.

Aviation-style sunglasses first appeared in 1937 and are still popular today.

They quickly gained popularity with pilots because of their protective qualities before they were available for purchase by the public, most aviation lenses were made by hand. Ray-Ban was the first company to develop a semi-automatic lens grinding machine called the “RB3” that could make nearly 100 different styles of lenses within an hour. The RB3 still operates today at its headquarters in Venice, California!

Since then, Ray-Ban has remained popular with fashion-forward people who want stylish yet functional sunglasses. Its designs have changed over time but always include some type of metal frame, plastic lenses, rubberized arms, and black leather straps. In 2001, Ray-Ban introduced its famous “iBall” lens technology which uses miniaturized electronic displays inside the glasses themselves.

Popular Futuristic Sunglasses Styles

Aside from Devo sunglasses, otherwise known as cyclops sunglasses, other futuristic specs were also popular during the decade. In terms of lenses, Revos mirrored lens coating was very much sought-after. Used in visor sunglasses and goggle-style cyberpunk frames, the lenses were derived from the NASA space program, which Revo called the NASA LMS .

These lenses werent just functional in blocking out bad light, but they also came in a spectrum of rainbow colors, such as red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, and red. With the 80s being a decade of bright and bold colors, the lenses provided the wearer with endless fashion possibilities.

These mirrored lenses created a futuristic fashion statement that matched the fashion zeitgeist of forward-thinking fashionistas of the decade.

Old Glasses Awaken Memories And Spark Emotions

“The Cazal 607 was the first pair of glasses I bought for myself back then.””I bought the Ray-Ban Shooter in New York in 1986.””I always used to ride my motorbike wearing my Ray-Ban Easy Riders.””My husband gave me the Dior 2056 sunglasses back then in Paris.”

This is how the stories begin that we hear again and again from our customers. In the process, they sometimes lose themselves in their memories and reminisce about the âgood old daysâ.

Linked to this is the desire for a very specific model of glasses from the â80s to preserve the beauty of that time.

Besides the celebrity role models and the quality features, it is these very personal stories that explain the demand for â80s glasses and turn them from old glasses into vintage glasses.

We have made it our mission to fill our assortment with glasses from the â80s that truly are “vintage”.

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Vintage 80s Sunglasses And Glasses Frames

Hunting for original 1980s vintage sunglasses? You are in the right place! Shop the UK’s largest collection of authentic eighties vintage frames right here at Ed & Sarna Vintage Eyewear.

All our 80s glasses have never been worn and are looking for a new home. From totally tubular sporty shades to radical round specs, we have an 80s vintage frame for you. You can even customise all of our original 80s eyewear with modern UV lenses to create one of a kind sunglasses that are most triumphant…

The Origins Of Sunglasses

80s Neon Sunglasses

We all love sunglasses, but do you really know how and when they were invented? Understanding their story and their initial purpose could be another good way to investigate all the secrets and potential of your sunglasses!

Allegedly, the idea for dark lenses which could protect our eyes from sunlight dates back to Ancient Rome. Emperor Nero would enjoy taking part in outdoor events, especially to watch gladiators fighting in the arena. However, he didnt like the sunlight to block his view, and consequently he asked all his best experts to find a solution.

He soon started using an emerald to protect his eyes. Of course, this tool wasnt shaped in what we know today as sunglasses. This accessory was only invented in the 20th, with the rise of the film industry. Actors needed a way to protect their eyes against the sun when filming outside the studios.

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The Choicest 80s Sunglasses Reviewed For 2021

Vintage 80s sunglasses are back with a vengeance. While it takes a certain type of guy to sell some of the more flamboyant models, with the right attitude youll be turning heads for all the right reasons.

So whether youre looking for the classic Wayfarer frames or something more tubular, weve got your damage down below.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is as much of an American classic now as it has ever been. From Rick Astley to Johnny Marr to Madonna and Michael Jackson, the iconic 80s Ray Bans are possibly the most beloved frames everand for good reason.

There are several reasons why the iconic Wayfarers never go out of fashion. First, Wayfarer sunglasses are loved for their frames that go well with myriad face types. Whats more, theyre made from extremely durable material that makes them wear hard as your daily drivers. And perhaps most fundamentally, they remain the go-to brand for a the enduring stylistic legacy of the 1980s.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are also highly protective against harmful UV light and are effective at reducing eye strain. Whether youre looking for polarized or non-polarized sunglasses, this brand has both options.

However, the genuine article dont come cheapbe ready to pony up and take care of them, and these bitchin 80s sunglasses will last you for life. These are by far the most expensive 80s shades on our list, but we couldnt pass them by in good faith.

Retro Vintage & Neon Sunglasses By Shinesty

They want to sit on your face. Let them. Shinesty sunglasses have sun blocking range beyond your wildest, wettest dreams. Retro sunglasses, 90s sunglasses, and vintage-inspired shades so you can hide your sinning eyes from your mother, who despite your best efforts definitely knows exactly what you’…ve been up to. Granny gold sunglasses to paint your back porch red and visor sunglasses for blocking out the haters. What more could you ask for? You could ask for American flag sunglasses, or ski sunglasses and weve got those too damnit. All to say, what you want is what we’ve got, 90’s, 80’s, and 70’s sunglasses keeping it shady through the decades. Mirrored, reflective, and tinted sunglasses, that would not be street legal on my ’96 Camry. Or possibly you want some colorful sunglasses? Well this has gone on pretty long at this point but you probably know that we have those too. Read More

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S Glasses Are Quality Products Of The Highest Perfection

The unique quality of the old â80s glasses is another reason for today’s persistent demand for frames that are more than 30 years old.

Eyewear like the Cartier Lunettes Collection features a standard of workmanship that would be priceless today. These vintage Cartier frames are made of monel and plated with 22-carat gold alloy. Monel is extremely resistant to corrosion and the gold plating ensures that the monel core is additionally protected.

So in the â80s, eyewear was produced to last a lifetime. All models in our range of â80s vintage glasses and sunglasses are examples of this. We very often receive inquiries from spectacle wearers who have been wearing a particular model of spectacles for decades, asking what makes this model “their glasses”.

“These glasses belong to me and are part of my personality. People don’t know me any other way.” are phrases we hear frequently. You can imagine how great the longing for this exact model would be if a beloved pair glasses from the â80s were to be damaged or lost at some point.

However, the joy is then all the greater if we manage to procure such 30-year-old favorite glasses again. We too are also equally amazed when we are shown old â80s original glasses after more than 30 years of wearing them. They are often â80s glasses from Bugatti, because these sturdy frames really are made for eternity and can be glazed with lenses of any prescription.

This explains why the old â80s frames are still so popular today.

What Kind Of Sunglasses Are The Ray Bans

Testing 90s As Seen on TV Sunglasses!

Our famous Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are the most recognizable style in eyewear history. The Original Wayfarer and Folding Wayfarer models are available. Soon to come…

The Classic model is still offered but they are no longer made from stainless steel. They are now made from titanium for a lighter weight, more comfortable experience.

Also coming in spring 2013 will be two new models: the RB2 and the RB4. The RB2 will be a smaller version of the classic with dark lenses while the RB4 will have larger lenses than its predecessor.

And finally, our legendary Aviator series will return in summer 2013!

These lightweight, stylish glasses were originally designed for pilots but have since become popular with sports fans and musicians alike.

They feature thick, tempered glass that protects your eyes from harmful UV rays while also allowing you to see clearly.

Many people think that all Ray Ban sunglasses look the same. This is not true! There are many different styles available including wraparounds, rectangulars, square shapes, and even cat’s eyes. If you know what style you like then search for the name of that style followed by “Ray Ban” in our store. We should have what you’re looking for.

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Blenders Eyewear Eclipse 80s Mirror Sunglasses

View in gallery

Eclipse by Blenders Eyewear are oversized 80s glasses frames that excellently showcase the unmistakable funky vibe of the decade. With a single-mirrored lens, they make a fantastic pair of sunglasses for the the beach, bar, or boardwalk.

They come in four distinct colors and a rubber frame thats comfortable and sturdy on the head. These sunglasses are perfect for vigorous water sports or skating as theyre tightly secured on the head.

Not only do Eclipse sunglasses look great on you, but they also offer complete UV protection and polarization. Polarized sunglasses are superior to ordinary sunglasses as they completely filter out harmful UV rays, filter glare, and enhance clarity especially when outdoors, hence lowering eye fatigue.

Blenders could improve these sunglasses by employing a wider variety of colors to cater to varied preferences. That said, they still earn their place in the list of the best retro 80s sunglasses.

The Flawless Eyewear Zigzag Sunglasses are an inexpensive way to pull off a distinctive retro look. Theyre the go-to cheap sunglasses if you have a mustache, mullet, and penchant for PBR in a can.

These fly retro shades come in an unbelievable spectrum of color combinationsthe louder the better we say. And with the oversized lens that covers not only the front of your eyes but also the sides, you can effectively cast shade in any direction while keeping your peepers free from the suns glare.

Best 80s Sunglasses In 202: Pure Neon Retro Goodness

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Blenders Eyewear and contains affiliate links. Learn more.

So you want a pair of 80s-looking sunglasses, but you dont want to get stuck with a cheap piece of junk. We get it. Its happened to us far too many times, too.

Thats why we put together a list of our favorite 80s sunglasses, so we can celebrate the decade that invented the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Polarized lenses for added protection
  • Available in five different colors
  • Comes with EVA case and microfiber pouch
  • Timeless look, just in case the 80s goes out of style
  • Two sizing options available for different face shapes
  • 100% UV protection
  • Zany 80s style under $20
  • Huge variety of color options
  • Cool mirror coating
  • Rubberized frames stay in place and feel great
  • 100% UV protection and polarization to reduce glare
  • Full visor, single mirrored lens looks cool
  • Looks straight out of RoboCop
  • Massive variety of colors

Ah, the 80s. I remember them like they were yesterday.

Except I wasnt born yet.

Like all good 90s kids, Im dissatisfied with the decades Ive seen, and yearn deeply for a time when things were quaint and simple: you know, the 80s.

Back then, folks used to wear gigantic suits, synthesizer was the national pastime, and they had sick sunglasses .

So how can you get your hands on a pair of those sweet, sweet shades? Dont worry, Ive got you covered.

Here are the best 80s sunglasses on the market right now.

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Blenders Eyewear Full Speed

View in gallery

Blenders Eyewear Full Speed have the hallmarks of the throwback 80s sunglasses. Theyre bold, bright, sleek, and beautiful.

They offer full protection from UV rays and are also polarized mitigating glare from bright sunlight. Youll find these shades awesome for an active life outdoors. The rubbery frames make them plenty comfortable.

Alright, godawful branding and the fact that no one actually wore light-up shutter shades in the 1980s ENTIRELY aside, the TURNMEON 20-pack is kind of a steal. Think about it, where do you wear these things? To raves, parties, and other levities. Youre not going to want something you have to worry about. If theres a cute girl who wants to steal your 80s specs, youre gonna let her have them. And if you need to trade a spare pair for a beer, these allow you to do that.

And most importantly, they light up! Yeah, we can be sold on novelty alone. Theyre cheap, theyre plastic, youll forget them in the backseat of your car after wearing them once. And, they are in stark contrast to the quality of the true classic 80s sunglasses, the legendary Ray Ban Wayfarers at the top of this list. But guess what, its a wide world of experiences and theres room for these in your budget and on your face. Guaranteed to garner a smile at festivals and block parties!

Just, please dont rely on them for protection from the sun, they dont even have lenses.

Whats The Best Sunglasses Lens Color

prideoutlet accessories unisex 80s retro style lgbt rainbow sunglasses Accessories > Unisex 80″ s retro style lgbt rainbow sunglasses alt=”PrideOutlet > Accessories > Unisex 80″ s retro style lgbt rainbow sunglasses>

The color of your lenses doesnt determine its ability to protect you from harmful UV light. The lens color is largely a matter of personal preference. Many people go for sunglass colors that have the slightest distortion on your field of view. That explains why brown and grey are common shade colors.

Sportspeople, for instance, fancy sunglass lenses that help contrast different items in the environment.

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Futuristic Sunglasses In The 80s

An obsession with cyberpunk, sci-fi movies and flashy fashions paved the way for futuristic sunglasses to become one of the hottest trends in fashion accessories in the 80s. These glasses came in many different shapes, colors, and materials, with the most popular ones being the cyclops glasses, also known as the Devo glasses, Robot glasses, and Oakleys O-Frame goggles that were released in 1980.

These sunglasses had a flashy appeal, where they evoked styles that seemed to be ahead of their time. The designs also werent for the faint-hearted. They were bold, in-your-face, and demanded attention. Wearing them surely drew the attention of any crowd.

One of the most famous personalities of the 80s that put a spotlight on futuristic sunglasses was the band, Devo. They were one of the hottest stars on MTV, garnering significant airplay for their music, but also their fashionable ensembles. They were often seen wearing matching outfits, and of course, their iconic Devo sunglasses.

The Devo sunglasses featured a mono lens, also sometimes known as cyclops glasses. They came in an acetate frame that wrapped around the face and side of the head, featuring a single panel of lens that made them look like cyclops. These futuristic glasses were so popular that they were featured in the opening scene of the 1980s blockbuster movie, Sixteen Candles, released in 1984.

Our Favourite 80s Sunglasses

The 80s are known for extreme fashions, with every item larger than life. Think: big hair, shoulder pads, parachute pants, and oversized sweatshirts on top of colourful spandex leggings. So its no surprise, really, that sunglasses from this era were just as big and loud as everything else. In this vintage sunglasses guide were going to break down the sunglasses styles that defined the decade so you can choose the best accessory for your look if you love the 80s as much as we do.

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Wrapping Up: Affordable 80s Sunglasses

Sunglasses from the 80s are timeless accessories that defined a period and left an indelible mark on the fashion scene. The eighties were famed for extreme fashion when everything came in oversize. The bold-colored sunglasses that were a thing then are making an incredible comeback.

What are your favorite kinds of 80s sunglasses? Who is the most iconic wearer of retro shades that you associate with that glamorous decade? Got any other recommendations for great-value 1980s style sunglasses? Leave us a comment below.

Awesome Eighties Vintage Eyewear

Advertisement for Polaroid sunglasses in the 80s

The 1980s is considered by many in the eyewear industry as a golden age. Manufacturers were producing high-quality frames with a massive choice of styles available. Classic round spectacles, tortoiseshell wayfarer sunglasses, oversized aviators, beautiful butterfly frames, 1980s eyewear has it all.

Shop our huge collection of 1000s of authentic vintage eighties sunglasses and glasses frames today. We dont stock retro or reproductions just true vintage eyewear from the best eighties brands like Alpina, Gucci, Anglo American, Vuarnet, Versace and more.

Eighties style is all about going big, think big hair, big shoulder pads and big sunglasses. The bolder the better. There is no need to be subtle when you wear a pair of 80s glasses frames. All of our vintage 80s eyewear can be custom fitted with your prescription or modern UV lenses to take them to a whole nother level.

One thing’s certain, 80s eyewear is never gonna give you up and never gonna let you down. So pump out the Rick Astley, put on your double denim and start your vintage 80s shades habit today!

Free UK Delivery

Enjoy free UK shipping when you order a pair of our designer frames, and free worldwide shipping on orders over £100!

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