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Sunglasses With Chains Instead Of Arms

White Pearl & Gold Glasses Chain

DIY Eyeglass Chains – I may have a problem

You can get your own glasses chain in white for those who aren’t big fans of black! You know how white is the colour of elegance. We want nothing more than that for you! This white pearl and gold glasses chain will give you the delicate feeling you have longed for. It is 75 cm long, and it includes white faux pearl and gold-plated brass. In addition, you have gold-plated clasps and durable silicone loops. Now that’s luxury!

Directions To Make A Diy Beaded Eyeglass Chain

1. Take your beading wire or cord and cut it to an appropriate length. You can use a wire cutter or toenail clipper to cut the wire. We recommend cutting it at a 45-degree angle as this will make it easier to thread smaller beads on. 2. Add a crimp bead and eyeglass temple holder.3. Get creative and string on your beads in the order of your choice.4. Add the other crimp bead and eyeglass temple holder thread on smaller beads.5. Add the glasses chain ends onto your glasses and enjoy!

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Different Ways To Wear Glasses Chain

Glasses chains have become a jewelry accessory. You get it in various designs, styles, and materials. What suits you best depends on the activity you do. If you are into a sporting activity where you have a lot of movement, a fragile chain will not be a good choice. Likewise, a chain for beach sunglasses would differ from what you would use in an office or an event.

If you are a fan of metal chains, then make sure that you are using them only when you do not have outdoor adventure type of activities. Otherwise, it could lead to a lot of wear and tear, damaging the arms of the glasses. Likewise, metal chains are not suitable for wet climates. Instead, wear a washable material like fabric, leather, or something synthetic.

Some people are allergic to certain materials. Check the material and ensure if it is suitable for you before buying it. Do not pick it just because you liked the style or color or the price.

Most of the glasses chains have a rubber grip or a lobster clip that is used to attach to the glasses. Select what you prefer the most and place the chain ends in the middle of the arms of the glasses. So, both the ends of the chain will be near your temple. That is considered the ideal position, aesthetically and for convenience.

Do I Need A Glasses Chain

COACH Oversized Signature Chain Square Sunglasses in Purple

When you buy a glasses chain, youre investing in a unique style thats unlike anything else in the market. But what material should you choose? And what styles best suit your personality? Does it match with sunglasses too, or with prescription glasses only?

Investing in a pair of stylish glasses chains is a great way to add more style and flair to your glasses wardrobe. You can wear them with formal wear or even just on casual occasions, and theyll make an impressive statement about who you are as a person. Its a great way to add personality to your glasses.

You might have spent considerable time selecting your favorite sunglasses or suitable prescription glasses. That too at a high price, simply because you liked what you selected. Do you think you can afford to lose it because you misplaced it or forgot where you kept it or somebody robbed it?

Glasses chains are the best accessory that can keep your favorite sunglasses from getting lost. So, you can always have them around your neck, close to your heart!

These glasses chain cost little, yet it adds a multitude of panache to your personality. It enhances the power of your appearance be it a business suit or casual wear this accessory uplifts your style statement.

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What Are Sunglasses Chains

Sunglasses chains are designed to keep your eyewear attached to you at all times with little loops that thread onto the arms of your shades so you can wear your sunnies around your neck – doubling up beautifully as jewellery too à la Luca.

Instead of sticking them on top of your head like a hairband , hooking them on your top or chucking them in your bag to ultimately get scratched or lost, theyre attached to you, meaning you can never lose, or sit on, them. Game-changer!

Here’s our pick of the best sunglasses chains available to buy in the UK.

Sports Bands Tubes And Straps

These really functional accessories are made from neoprene, silicone, elastic or nylon. Above all these fantastic accessories are made for all types of sports so you will never loose your glasses. IE 44 neoprene sports bands will indeed make your glasses float in water. Our IE08 silicone tube sports band can also be cut to the correct length. Therefore your glasses will never move while you play your favourite sport. Likewise our IE32 elastic sports bands also have an adjustable length so that they will fit perfectly to prevent your glasses from falling off. We truly do have a design for all sports.

This only represents a small proportion of our extensive range.

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Chunky Linked Sunglass Chain

Chunky-linked glass chains are the perfect accessory for your favorite pair of sunglasses. These chunky, linked chains add a bold and trendy touch to any traditional style. With a delicate yet bold design, this chain adds a touch of opulence and fanciness to your favorite pair of glasses. Lightweight and made of acetate, it comes in various colors to suit your shades.

How To Style Your Glasses Chain

Assos Zehgo Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses or eyeglasses chains are the easiest way to guarantee your eyewear will stay in one place. With the last glasses chains trend in 2021, you can find the optical chains ranging from 100$ to even a thousand dollars. But, of course, this depends on how big and fancy you wish to go.

Rubber grip or lobster clip? Not familiar with these terms? Here’s where it can get a little tricky: There are two types of glasses holders. Starting with the rubber grip, it is a fan favourite and the easiest of them all. Then, you have the lobster clip. They are a little different but still wanted. However, in both cases, the eyewear does have a chance of falling off. So, you better adjust them now and then.

With a wide range of shapes, colours and styles, it can be a little confusing to pick the perfect strap to go with your outfit. Eager to check how you can style your glasses chain? Just follow our lead:

  • If you’re going for a casual lunch, you can straighten your hair and add stylish barrettes that go well with your outfit. For an extra layer of sparkle, wear the giant earrings you may have. That’s what you call drama.
  • In case you’re wondering how you can wear them, well, you can put them behind your neck as a classic style or just dangling in front.
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    Add A Crimp Bead And Eyeglass Temple Holder

    First, thread one end of the wire or cord through one of the crimp beads and rubber eyeglass holder. Then, thread the wire or cord back through the crimp bead to create a loop. Pull the wire or cord through so the eyeglass holder and crimp bead are adjacent and the loop tightens. Close the crimp bead with your pliers.

    Cuban Link Glasses Chain

    You’d be surprised by how expensive Cuban links are. Do you know why? Cuban chain makers create most of them from solid gold. Few of the chains contain diamonds as well! If you want to feel like a million bucks, go for the Gold Cuban glasses chain. This trendy gold glasses chain is designed with bold curb links featuring a flat finish. In addition, it includes gold-plated brass and clasps along with durable silicone loops. Are you feeling the Cuban heat like us?

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    Diy Chain Arm Sunglass

    TikTok video from MadisonIsAMermaid : “I made the chain sunglasses that keep showing up on my FYP. #sunglasses #vintagefashion #diyfashion”. original sound.


    10.4K Likes, 51 Comments. TikTok video from Søstrene Grene : “Join us in making creative chain straps for sunglasses. Share your project with #grenediy and lets inspire one another #sostrenegrene #diy #chainstrap #summercrafts”. DIY PROJECT | Chain strap for sunglasses. Beethoven / Spring Sonata.


    620 Likes, 11 Comments. TikTok video from Loo Loo Bell : “Made my own chain sunglasses out of a pair I barely wore. Now they’re my faves #diy #sunglasses #chains #chainglasses #crystals”. country roads vitamin string quartet.


    TikTok video from wearsunloops : “#ShowYourGlow #goodsoup #whatdoesitmean #sunloops”. When people ask me if I can make my chain arm sunglasses with normal arms instead of chains. Twinkle Song.


    TikTok video from taylor : “Heres how I style the pearl sunglasses chain eeep #mercurialgb #sunglasseschain #etsy #diyceafts #smallbusiness #handmade #closeyourrings #fyp”. ummm hello.




    Required Supplies To Craft A Beaded Eyeglass Chain

    Stella McCartney Square Falabella Sunglasses in Brown

    You can find all materials needed for eyeglass chains at your local crafting store. You will most likely have leftover supplies and will be able to make multiple holders.

    To craft your own eyeglass chain holder, you will need the following supplies:

    • Beading Wire: You can use any beading wire of your choice.
    • Needle-Nose Pliers: Any flat-nose or needle-nose pliers will work.
    • Scissors: You will want to source a sharp pair of scissors for cutting your wire to size.
    • Assorted Beads of Your Choice: Get creative and use different colors, shapes, and styles to express your personality.
    • 2 Crimp Beads: These are used to hold the beads in place.
    • 2 Rubber Eyeglass Temple Holders: These attach to the ends of your temples to hold your glasses in place. You can find great options on Etsy or Amazon.
    • Eyeglasses: You will need a pair of glasses to test out your new eyewear chain holder.
    • Ruler or Measuring Tape: This will help with cutting your wire to the appropriate length.

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    Trending Glasses Chain Styles 2022

    If youre reading this, youve probably decided to invest in a stylish pair of glasses chains. Maybe youre looking for something unique to wear on special occasions, or youve been dreaming of the chain your favorite celebrity wears.

    No matter what your reason is, were here to help you find the perfect glasses chain for you! Here are some of the trending glasses chains of this year.

    Glasses With Chains For Arms

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    How Can Glasses Chain Be Used

    Now that we covered the general information, it is time to get to the juicy stuff. How can glasses chains be used? Believe it or not, there are so many different uses for this one. Did you ever wonder how these chains suddenly became so popular? Are they for older people? Are they strictly for eyeglasses? The good news is that cool glasses chains are for sunglasses too!

    Just take a look at Gigi Hadid back in April, the supermodel captured by paparazzi wore a pearl eyeglass chain with her white shades and a tie-dye sweatshirt. You may see it, at first, as a bit of grandma-ish look, but if Gigi is rocking the trend, we want in! So, you might ask: can the chains work on wooden sunglasses too? The glasses’ cords are not tied down to any material. So, they work on any frame you like.

    Moreover, people might associate granny glasses chains back to when their grandmother would wear them around the house to hold onto their little pair of readers. Let us tell you that you can style them with any pair of eyewear, even with your prescription eyeglasses that you wear on the daily. If you have simple wooden frames, they’ll add a little pop of colour and make heads turn as soon as you enter a room. If you have simple metal frames, your glasses chain will break the simplicity and add texture to an ordinary design.

    Bead Chains Spectacle Accessories

    Sunglasses made in the shade of the Pacific Northwest – KING 5 Evening

    Really beautiful chains made from Pearls, wood, plastic, pearls with metal beads or wood with metal beads. With such a huge range of stunning styles and colours there certainly is a chain to match every pair of spectacles or sunglasses. As well as some pretty chains for fashionable young girls.

    This only represents a small proportion of our extensive range.

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    Whats The Buzz About Glasses Chain

    Glasses chain, an age-old accessory that was functionally attached to keep the eyewear within reach when not in use and to avoid getting it misplaced. Worn around the neck, both ends of the beautiful chain are aesthetically tied to the arms of the spectacles.

    Earlier it was used by elderly people only on prescription glasses, thanks to the celebrities and models for popularizing it, is now tied to sunglasses too. It has now become fashionable and a style statement. While youngsters love it for its informal look, adults use it for its formal and bold appearance.

    Lets analyze the significance of the glasses chain and understand how to pick the right one.

    What Are Glasses Chains

    You might want to dig up your grandmother’s old glasses chains from the attic because they might come in handy. Nowadays, chains for glasses are the new must-have accessories. But, did you know they are also called granny glasses chains?

    We once questioned our grandmother’s taste in accessories, thinking they were just a one-time thing. Who knew, years later, we’d actually go back in time and use these accessories again, including glasses chains. In case you haven’t heard, the item consists of a chord that you add to the end of the glasses and wear around your neck. Think of them as a tribute to the vintage era. They are fashionable, functional and ready to be styled by you!

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    How To Attach Your Glasses Chain

    What is the sole purpose of using glasses chains? First, they’re a great way to keep your eyewear close at hand if they are not on your face. Second, your parents can benefit from them if you attach them to their reading glasses. Back to the main issue, how do you slide them on, you ask? Simple, follow these instructions:

  • Place your eyeglasses on a flat surface. Make sure the earpieces are resting down on the same surface.
  • Open the loops on the eyeglasses chain. Place a loop in each earpiece.
  • Slide it to where it fits comfortably on your face.
  • Push the small plastic or metal slide beneath the loop or ring to tighten it to the earpiece.
  • Create a snug fit to prevent your glasses from slipping.
  • Wear your glasses around your neck. Check the snug every now and then to make sure everything is still in place.
  • Ombraz: Sunglasses With A Strap

    Stella McCartney Square Falabella Sunglasses in Brown

    Wearing these in public, I couldnt tell if they seemed strange or not. So I asked the first person I saw, a cashier at my favorite breakfast burrito joint.

    I didnt even notice, she said. Hmm.

    So then I showed them to a buddy. His reaction was the same as almost everyone Ive shared them with since. It goes like this:

    What the heck? Thats ridiculous!

    *puts them on*

    Oh, OK, these are awesome!

    Its worth noting that Ombraz launches next week on Kickstarter. While they carry a fairly high retail price of $140, the Kickstarter will launch them at $75.

    But these models are nice, with Carl Zeiss polarized nylon lenses and comfortable waxed cotton strap with easy-to-adjust sliding knots.

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    Review: Ombraz Put To Test

    I committed to wearing them for three days of backcountry ski touring near Colorados Broome Hut. The weather was clear, warm, and bright perfect sunglass testing conditions.

    Skinning in, I noticed the glasses sat snugly on my face. Id run in them before, with similar comfort, so I wasnt surprised that they felt good.

    On a couple runs, the cords hugged my head. The shades did not bounce at all. The same thing happened while skinning: There was no movement.

    With bright sun and temps in the 40s, I was quickly sweating while climbing the 800 feet of vertical gain to the cabin. I noticed some fogging on the inside of the lenses, particularly at the tops.

    This also happens with standard sunglasses. But because the strap keeps these tight to the face, it was harder to slide them away to create a larger gap for venting.

    The fogging was minimal and not very troubling given the perfect storm of conditions for condensation. But its worth noting they did seem to fog a little easier than most sunglasses.

    The glasses also occasionally sat at a slightly odd angle on your nose and required readjustment.

    Beyond those issues, they performed beautifully over the weekend. I wore them for two long days in the backcountry, and my eyes were comfortable throughout.

    The Carl Zeiss polarized nylon lenses give great clear vision in bright sun. And, personally, I think the frames look pretty good.

    A few notes about the performance:

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