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The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

How To Know The Face Shape

The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Glasses depends on the shape of your face. Its crucial to remember that your face shape is unique to you as nearly no ones face is shaped like a precise heart, circle, square, or other shape.

Most faces are a mix of several different shapes: rounded chins and lofty foreheads, angular features and tapering jaws which is excellent news since it means there will be plenty of eyewear styles that look wonderful on all face shapes. Here is how to know that what kind of frame would suit the multiple types of faces.

The Best Glasses Will Balance Your Face Shape

Balance and proportion are the two things to think about when looking for flattering glasses. A frame should complement your facial contours without overpowering it. Generally speaking, the best glasses will bring harmony to your face by providing a contrasting shape. For example, if you have very round features, you will want to add angles using your frames. If you have an angular jaw, you can soften this with curved glasses frames.

How To Determine Face Shape

Face shape is most commonly broken down into seven categories:

Fashion experts recommend that you find their face shape by looking in the mirror and pulling your hair back. Performing this check with wet hair can make it easier, as the water helps pad your hair down, so you can focus solely on your face.

Take note of several key features of your face to help determine its shape. Experts recommend noting the widest part of your face, the shape of your jaw, and the length of your face.

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The Peripheral Areas Are Blurry

Your frames might be too far away from your eyes. Move your frames closer to sit higher on your nose by adjusting the height of your frames.

Avoid moving your eyes to look left or right. Instead, move your head or use your nose like a camera and point at what you want to look at. Learn how to adapt to wearing progressive glasses.

The Best Glasses For Heart

How to Choose the Right Frames For Your Face Shape

If you have a heart-shaped face, your forehead is wider while your chin in narrow and pointed. You have high cheekbones and a defined jawline. When it comes to your glasses, youll want to choose frames thatll balance out your face shape. Round, oval, and rectangular shapes will be most flattering, though be sure to choose frames that are wider than your forehead! Picking a pair that is equal in width will only highlight the difference between your forehead and chin. Youll also want to search for a pair of frames that are bottom heavy. This means looking for glasses that are slightly wider at the bottom, longer than they are wide, or have a slightly thicker frame at the bottom. Just keep your goal in mind and youll find your perfect pair in no time.

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Glasses For Triangular Face Shapes

A triangular or trapezoidal face is narrower at the top, with a broader chin. Add width to the narrowest part of your face by choosing frames with a strong brow-line. Full-rim or half-rim frames, especially cat-eye shapes are a perfect choice for adding definition to your face shape.

We recommend: Infinity View 1594. Its subtle, cat-eye style flatters trapezoidal face shapes like no other. The Smoky Amethyst color, combined with the black silky matte of the bridge, creates a darker, defined top line.

You see: Infinity View, model 1594, in color 9040 Smoky Amethyst

You Must Make Sure That Your Eyewear Fits Your Face Properly To Avoid Long

Vision problems are very common, especially for older people. The CDC reports that about 12 million Americans over the age of 40 have vision impairment. They often need to wear corrective lenses.

Choosing the right eyewear for your face shape is important to ensure you look your best. The wrong glasses can make your face look disproportional and off-balance, while the right type can bring out your features and enhance your look. Therefore, it is important to replace eyewear right away if it doesnt work. This article will explore the different eyewear options and how you can find the best eyewear for your face shape.

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What Face Shape Are You

The first step when choosing frames for prescription glasses is to identify the shape of your face. This is not a precise and accurate science, and largely its down to your own judgement.

Use your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line as a basic guide. If these are more angular and equal, you probably have a square face. If your face is longer than it is wide, you may have an oval face shape. Softer, wider lines could indicate a round face, and so on.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are no actual rules about glasses for your face shape. In the end, its all about personal preference and individual taste.

How To Work Out Your Face Shape

How To Choose The Best Glasses And Frames For Your Face Shape

When figuring out your face shape, look for the shape that is the most like yours its likely your chin is a little more pointed than the typical oval, or your forehead a little wider than the usual triangle.

  • Look at your jawline in the mirror is it curved or angular?
  • Now look at your forehead is it wide or narrow?
  • Finally, time for your cheekbones are they soft or prominent?
  • Once you have these answers, you should have a general idea of what shape your beautiful face is.

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    Glasses To Try On A Triangle Face Shape

    The best glasses for a triangle face will help to balance out the proportions of your face. For a regular triangle face, youll want to try frames that add width to your forehead. These will help balance your stronger jawline. Try

    You might want to avoid narrow circular frames, unless youre a reverse triangle in which case these may be perfect!

    For more tips, check our expert guide to the triangle face shape.

    Best Frame Shapes For Round Faces

    Since round faces are free of harsh angles, itâs best to add dimension with a pair of rectangular glasses. Uniquely-angled frames like cat eyes and retro square glasses also add dimension to soft features. Make sure to avoid round styles, which will only add extra width and curviness to a circular shape.

    Shop All Readers for Round Faces âº

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    How To Pick The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

    When it comes to your beauty look, its no secret that your face shape plays a huge role in what works for you and what may be better suited for someone else. Weve covered makeup techniques like the right way to contour and the perfect eyebrow shape and hairstyling options including how to find the best part and the best bangs for youall based on your face shape. But what about your glasses? If you have less than 20/20 vision, or simply want to rock a pair of spectacles to make a fashion statement, your face shape should play a role in finding your most flattering pair. Lucky for you, were sharing how to pick the best glasses for round faces, square faces, oval faces, and heart-shaped faces. Click through to find your perfect specs!

    How To Choose The Best Frames For Progressive Lenses

    The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

    Optometrists say that you need to find a frame shape that can accommodate a lens height to fit your entire range of vision within your progressive lenses. Does that mean certain frame styles wont work? More on that later.

    The ideal lens height or frame depth thats required to experience clear and comfortable vision is at least 28mm, Chua says. Heres, how to find frames with the ideal lens height for your progressive lenses:

    • Shop our selection of progressive eligible frames
    • If youre faithful to a specific brand or frame shape, select Prescription Eligible using the filter for features on our website menu to narrow down your frame choices

    Wondering whichglasseslook beston your face shape? Check out our face shape guide for glasses. The best frame shapes for progressive lenses are:

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    Choosing The Perfect Full

    Your eyewear is your most important accessory. Its the first thing people notice about you and it shows off your personality even before you say hello. But getting that first impression right and picking the right style can feel like a difficult task. Where do you begin?

    Especially when choosing full-rim glasses, you should always start by thinking about your face shape. Take a good look in the mirror. Is your face more oval-shaped? Or is it round, square, heart-shaped or triangular?

    The new Infinity View and Lite Spirit collections give you the classic, bold look of full-rim frames along with the signature lightness of Silhouettes rimless models. Silhouette is loved around the world for the ultra-light look and feel of its rimless eyewear. Now, it is bringing full-rim eyewear to the next level with its thinnest and lightest designs ever. With this designer eyewear, youre sure to create a lasting impression. The lenses are fully enclosed by delicate SPX®+ frames in a wide range of vibrant colors. Best of all: theres a perfect design for any face shape.

    Wait But Which Face Shape Am I

    Psst want to know a secret? Practically nobody just belongs to just ONE of the above categories. Most of us are a combination of a few different face shapes. After all, were fleshy human beings, not cartoon characters. For example, you may have a heart-shaped forehead but a squarish jaw. Dont worry if you dont fit cleanly into one face shape category. The trick is to look at the face shape that sounds the most like yours, and to use the corresponding tips to guide you along the path to your perfect pair of glasses. Lets go through the structure of each of these face shapes, and see which glasses classically look best on each type.

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    Best Glasses Styles For Men’s Face Shape

    Looking for some guidance on what shape of glasses frame you should choose? Taking your face shape into account is a smart way to narrow down your options and find a mens glasses style that complements your natural features. Our glasses frames for mens face shapes cover a huge range of styles, so youll still have plenty of options available after you figure out your face shape.

    How To Choose The Best Eyeglass Frames For Your Face

    Find The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape |

    Choosing the right frames enhances your facial features. Here’s the scoop on eyeglass frame trends for each face shape.

    Sean Jackson

    Sean Jackson is a creative copywriter living in Florida. He’s had work published with, theScore, ESPN, and the San Francisco Chronicle. In his free time, Sean likes to play drums, fail miserably at improv and spend time at the beach.

    Seinfeld was right: Choosing new eyeglass frames is like selecting a new face. As such, you’ll want to consider factors like your face shape, skin tone, lifestyle and personality to ensure your new glasses enhance your look. Luckily for you, our guide tackles how face shapes and other traits influence styles.

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    Glasses For Triangle Face Shapes

    A triangle face shape benefits from frames that emphasize the top more than the bottom, thereby creating harmony with the faces broad jawline. Wide frames can help add dimension to the narrow upper portion of the face.

    Dont be afraid of playful details on the brows of your glasses, whether theyre cat-eye swoops or decorated hinges.

    We recommend: Rectangle glasses, browline glasses, cat-eye glasses

    Styles That Might Not Jive As Well With Oval Faces

    While youre ultimately the boss of your style, there are a couple of frame types that might not mesh with your oval face shape as well as the above options.

    • Oversized frames: In some cases, oversized frames can drown out your facial features or cause them to look a bit too unbalanced. Again, this isnt a hard rule. If you see a pair of oversized glasses that you like, try them out! You might be pleasantly surprised.
    • Frames that are much wider than your face: If your glasses extend far beyond the sides of your face, it can throw off your balanced proportions. The same is true for glasses that are far less wide than your face.

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    Check Out These Timeless Glasses Styles For Round Faces

    Transparent frames

    Transparent frames were 2017’s biggest hit, and they aren’t going anywhere soon. These playful modern frames add an instant element of chic to any outfit and can give you an aura of intelligence.


    Full-rimmed frames

    Adding strong, angular lines to your face is a big part of finding the best glasses for round faces. A dark-colored and full-rimmed pair of glasses will do the trick and more.


    Wooden frames

    Experiment with one of the latest and greatest trends in eyewear. Our wooden frames exude chill vibes like no other, and pair perfectly with round faces.


    Square glasses

    This glasses style for round faces is an American classic. Hollywood stars from every era wear them from the concert hall to the movie set. Their characteristic angles can give contrast to any round face, so dont hesitate to try them out for yourself.


    Progressive Glasses Frame Styles That You Want To Avoid

    How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape: A Visual Guide

    According to Dr. Asgarpour, Day, Walsh, and Chua, the most common frame shapes and styles that arent recommended are:

    • Extreme cat-eyes and aviators, because the design can cut off some of the reading portion of the lens
    • Oversized or really narrow and shallow frames, because they can change the way that distance, intermediate, and near vision correction are fitted into the lens
    • Wraparound frames like sports glasses: because the design is stretched, it can interfere with the dynamic of a progressive lens

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    Do You Need Them For Everyday Wear Or Are They Just For Special Occasions

    When shopping for sunglasses, the first thing to consider is the purpose you will use them for.

    If you are looking for something to wear daily, its important to choose sunglasses that are practical and comfortable.

    • Look for features such as adjustable nose pads and scratch-resistant lenses.

    If your goal is to have a pair of stylish shades just for special events or occasions or to wear in your social media branding! Well, if so, theres more room to be daring with your choices!

    • Maybe you want a pair with intricate metal detailing or graduated tinted lenses.

    Whatever look you go for, just make sure they offer adequate UV protection. After all, your eyes should always be taken care of!

    Ultimately, when deciding on the right pair of sunglasses, consider their purpose and pick ones that suit both your style and needs. From there, youll be all set to show off your new eyewear no matter what the occasion may be!

    What Glasses Will Suit My Face

    Choosing glasses to suit your face shape

    When searching for frames, do you ever wonder, What glasses suit me best? With so many different styles to choose from , we understand that finding the right pair can be tricky, but did you know that one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to finding your perfect fit is your face shape? In fact, there are seven common face shapes that are better suited to certain types of glasses frame.

    How Can I Identify My Face Shape?

    A good way to discover your face shape is to stand in front of a mirror with your hair out of your face and compare it to the shapes listed in our guide. Alternatively, you could even draw the outline of your face onto the mirror using lipstick. It sounds unconventional, but it works!

    Check out our Face Shape Guide below, compare your own face shape to the ones listed, and discover your ideal style.

    Round face shape

    A round face is fairly short with a wide forehead, often with full cheeks and a rounded chin. If you have this face shape, you should consider the following:

    Prefer to watch a video?

    Prefer to watch a video?

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    Not Sure If You’ve Got A Round Face Shape

    Step in front of the mirror and take a look for yourself. People with round faces have a fuller shape to their cheeks, which often gives them a more youthful appearance. Following that, they also have foreheads that are wider at the top rather than narrow. Another tell-tale feature is that, nearing the bottom of the face, people with round faces usually have rounder chins than other face shapes. In some cases a more subtle jawline is also a good sign. If this sounds like it describes you, get ready EyeBuyDirect has hundreds of excellent glasses for round faces just for your face shape.

    Trendy glasses for round faces come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Looking for a cute and fun aesthetic? Try adding a pop of color to a frame that catches your eye. Aiming for something more cool than quirky? You might find yourself in love with a sleek pair of transparent frames. Just remember that before you buy, be sure that you’re selecting your frames in the right size. When it comes to round faces, it’s important that your frames aren’t too small. A small pair of glasses won’t provide enough contrast to the rest of your facial features, and in some cases will even be uncomfortable to wear. Measuring your preferred temple width and pupillary distance can make a big impact in getting the perfect fit. If you need help, try checking out our measuring guide here.

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