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Top Of The Line Sunglasses

Chopard De Rigo Vision $408000

Top 5 Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses WITH Readers | SportRx

Number one on our list of sunglasses comes from the Swiss luxury watch maker and jeweler Chopard. What makes it number one? Well, 60 grams of 24 carat gold for the frame, plus dotted gold for the arms. And if that wasnt enough, the companys signature is surrounded by 51 full-cut River diamonds.

They inspire awe, they scream out lavishness and indulgence, and for sure theyre not a pair of sunglasses you would want to lose, with their astonishing price of $408,000.

Clic Gold 18 Carat Gold Sport $75000

With a history that spans over more than 3 decades, CliC Gold is a popular brand in the industry. Theyre known for the most expensive reading glasses in the world and now they partnered with Hugh Power to create the most expensive sport sunglasses in the world.

The result? The 18 Carat Gold Sport. Besides the lenses, which have the Carl Zeiss Super ET Anti-Reflective coating on the back, everything else is made out of 18k gold. The frame has a unique design, with a magnetic front connection system on the bridge, thats a little impractical if you ask us, and the price will simply take your breath away: $75,000.

How Do I Keep My Sunglasses From Fogging Up When I Run

Fogged up sunglasses may be simply too close to your face. That said, glasses are more prone to fogging up in cold, wet weather conditions and even more when your face generates a lot of heat. Suppose youve found that you struggle with glasses fogging up. In that case, its worth looking into glasses that not only fit your face comfortably with a bit of space for airflow between your face and the lenses but also ones with anti-fogging coatings and even cutouts in the lenses to increase airflow. Note that the better the coatings, the more expensive the sunglasses will likely be.

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How Important Is It To Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just about looking cool. They’re critical to protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause eye damage in a similar way that they can burn your skin. Excessive UV radiation in your eyes can lead to an increased risk of developing cataract and macular degeneration.

It doesn’t matter the season. It’s always important to wear sunglasses. In the summer, UV radiation is present at higher levels than during winter, for example, but it’s still important to protect your eyes year-round.

Top 10 Sunglasses Brands

Carrera Sunglasses 127S I48 Grey Ruthenium Square Men

By Autumn Sprabary

Sunglasses arent just a way to protect your eyes from the sun they can be a personal fashion statement and a fun accessory that completes your outfit.

The best sunglasses brands on the market are ones that combine quality and style. Think: Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples and Prada, just to name a few.

Each of these top sunglasses brands produces first-rate sunglasses that highlight hallmark design, impeccable craftsmanship, durable materials and high-quality lenses that offer you 100% protection from the suns ultraviolet rays.

So, whether you’re looking for a unique statement piece or a more classic look, youre sure to find the perfect pair for your personality from one of the sunglasses brands below.

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Make Sure They’re Comfortable And Fit Well

Similar to some other accessories we wear, especially running shoes, any initial discomfort you feel when you put them on is more likely to worsen than go away. Some manufacturers make their sunglasses sizing a one-size-fits-all, though we know that some runners, especially those with large or small heads, will deem it a one-size-fits-most. Other makers will provide a sizing chart, which can involve measuring all kinds of places on your face.

Finding a pair that doesnt feel like its arms are pinching your head’s sides is a good start. From there, ensure the glasses arent falling off your face, you dont have to press them up to your eyelashes, and the bridge doesnt pinch your nose. Online-only platforms can complicate the fitting process however, many companies understand this and offer free returns on sunglasses. Roka, an online-only company, sends their glasses with three different nose pads to help dial in the fit and get it right the first try.

Lastly, if youre looking to use your glasses for other activities or with other accessories, including wearing hats or helmets, you might ensure that the side arms dont interfere with them. Long, wraparound-style sunglasses can especially pose this problem. Ombraz has tackled this issue by eliminating the side arms altogether!

How Should I Store My Running Sunglasses

When not running, a hard case is best. A soft sleeve usually does the trick when running but not wearing your sunglasses. Try not to leave them in extreme climates, like your hot car in the summer, as your glasses may warp in the heat or start degrading sooner than youd like.

If you decide to hike up sand dunes and run down them at Great Sand Dunes National Park, rinse them after!

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Huckberry: Durable And Designed For Adventure

Best Bajío Sunglasses of 2022: Top Women’s Picks! | SportRx


Why its great: San-Francisco-based Huckberry makes sunglasses with durable materials and quality lenses that arent super expensive, which makes them great to take on the road when traveling. The Weekenders have a lightweight, sturdy construction wont snap easily. And in case you need a spare Huckberry offers a discountyou can buy two pairs for $60. Key criticism: These glasses dont come with a carrying case so make sure theyre protected when in your bag. Other options: These shades come in 10 colors but if none of those work for you, consider the Cruisers.

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What To Consider When Shopping For Mens Sunglasses

  • Online Versus In Person: Shopping online gives you the widest selection the downside is that it can be hard to judge how each pair will fit on you. If youre unsure, rely on brands that offer virtual try-on technology thats easy to navigate, such as Raen and Warby Parker. Los-Angeles-based fashion stylist Vanessa Powell also recommends measuring your face, just to be sure. Many people make the mistake of wearing sunglasses that are too big or too small for their face. It doesnt look natural and feels uncomfortable, almost like wearing a pair of shoes that dont fit well. Another option: Measure a pair of glasses you already own and like and use that as a guide when shopping.
  • Materials And Hardware: Beyond style, always pay attention to construction details, says celebrity stylist and creative curator Avon Dorsey. High-quality pairs are often made of acetate, which is lightweight and considered more rugged than plastic, and polarized lenses to minimize the suns glare and reduce eye strain. The hardware on the glasses is also a key component to design and durability, adds Dorsey. Look for barrel hinges, for example, that allow your glasses to flex at the temple easily. As Dorsey notes, better hardware means higher resistance to wear and tear.

Keep Your Cash Safe And Sound In These Stylish Wallets For Men In 2022

Oh, these? Theyre just a pair of effortlessly luxe sunglasses. And by our standards, theres no such thing as too many sunnies.

Thats why were bringing you the best places to shop designer sunglasses in 2022 for both men and women.

From top retailers such as Sunglass Hut, Saks Fifth Avenue, GlassesUSA and more, you can find gorgeous frames.

Better yet, luxury brands such as DIOR, Ray-Ban, Gucci and Prada are just waiting to be discovered.

The listed retailers dont only house exquisite eyewear, but they also offer top-of-the-line glasses frames.

So go ahead and keep reading to discover the 20 best retailers to shop luxury sunglasses for both men and women.

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Why You Should Trust Us

GearJunkie editors have spent years learning about outdoor products, including sunglasses. We meet with brands to learn about the latest technology. Then, we research and test the best products on the market to ensure they perform in their intended environment.

Our goal is to help you find the best products for your outdoor pursuits. And well do our best to find them within your budget, too.

The lead author of this article, Sean McCoy, has worked in the outdoor gear testing industry for nearly 15 years. He began his career serving customers as a rock climbing specialist at Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis. He then worked at newspapers to hone his reporting and research skills.

As the former Editor in Chief of GearJunkie, he tested hundreds of pairs of sunglasses over his 10 years at the helm of the brand. Today, he oversees editorial production across multiple websites. And he still loves testing gear.

also contributed to this article. The Managing Editor at GearJunkie, Murphy puts optics to the test as an avid hiker, paddleboarder, and skier.

Top 20 Best Sunglasses Brands In The World

Polarized No Line Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

Sunglasses are arguably a mans best friend. It is a staple accessory in a males wardrobe. Since it was invented, a pair of shades has been used as a fashion statement to look sharp and bold.

The sunglasses have the power to transform a mans overall look in a snap. Lets say from a striking debonair, cool rock star, or a la Tom Cruises Maverick in Top Gun.

A set of eyewear can as well be a significant element in establishing a mans identity. For example, the legendary Beatles member John Lennon was identified with his famous round shades, which are Ray-Ban RB3447s.


  • Banton Frameworks
  • The Main Purpose Of Sunglasses

    No matter what look you dig, however, sunglasses were invented for a much greater purpose. That is to shield your eyes from the suns harmful UV rays.

    You must stay away from sporting cheap dapper that is made with plastic lenses, though. More or less, you are damaging your retinas instead of protecting them.

    So, how would you know you are not using shades that will roast your retinas? Simply, look for the CE or ANSI mark on one of the temples. It means that the lenses meet the quality standards, thereby shielding 95 percent of UV rays below 380 nanometers. Harmful UVB rays are about 320 to 390 nanometers.

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    Ensure That It Blocks Light

    If you buy sunglasses to be worn in bright light, make sure they block at least 75%-90% visible light to shield your eyes.

    The ideal way to determine that the sunglasses are dark enough is to wear them in front of a mirror and check if your eyes are visible through the lens. If they are, the sunglasses are not dark enough.

    Make Sure They’ll Stay In Place When You Run

    Bounce is annoying and can also mean your glasses flying off your face as you bound down a hill, leading to dirt on the frame, a scratched lens, or a full lens or frame break. Or, like our reviewer, you can simply leave your sunglasses loosely on top of your hat while bending over a gushing stream to fill up on water while backpacking and say goodbye as the current takes them into the next watershed. Sunglasses should facilitate the experience youre after, like any gear, rather than detract from it. If they need constant adjusting, you wont want to wear them.

    Tifosi Rails disassembled to swap the lenses from dark, polarized shades to clear lenses.

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    Tools For Anglersframes Designed To Work For You

    Fin-Nor lenses are designed to be the best in the world so our frames need to follow suit. Every frame has been custom-designed and built for all day comfort and long-term durability. Many frames also boast industry-leading features including low-profile, integrated spring hinges, integrated side shields and adjustable nose pads. But every frame was built to keep you fishing comfortably all day long.

    • High-performance, bio-based grilamid
    • EN 1811 conforming, corrosion-resistant alloy
    • Low-profile, integrated spring hinges

    Oakley: Stays Put During Sweaty Workouts

    How to Choose the Best Fishing Polarized Glasses


    Why its great: A bestselling from the brand known for performance sunglasses, Oakleys Gascan frames have been tested and retested under extreme conditions to ensure they stay put on the bridge of your nose and temples without pressing too hard. You can customize the lenses, including adding polarization and prescription features. Key criticism: These glasses tend to run on the small side. Other options: Our top picks include the Half Jacket 2.0 and the Straightlink.

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    Warby Parker: Customized Lenses

    Why its great: Warby Parker simplifies the process of getting stylish prescription sunglasses, with their free Home Try-On option. The brand also gives backfor every pair purchased, it distributes a pair to someone in need. These frames have clean lines and a flat brow for modern look. Key criticism: Theprice increases with the more customization you add on . Other options: We also like the Haskell and Raider frames.

    Do You Need Interchangeable Lenses

    Interchangeable lenses can be a helpful tool if you plan to wear your glasses in a wide range of situations, like for safety at work, driving, and trail running, among other applications. Rather than buying multiple versions of the same glasses because theyre the most comfortable shades youve ever put on, and you dont ever want to part with them, you can simply seek that comfort in interchangeable-lens-friendly glasses.

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    Raen: Well Crafted And California Made


    Why its great: Raens sunglasses are handmade from zyl acetate and built to last with five barrel hinges, a wire core embedded in each temple for strength and polarized lenses that give you 100% UVA/UVB protection. Theyre stylish at a reasonable price and you can experiment with bolder options with the virtual try-on feature that works remarkably well. Key criticism: These glasses have a slightly narrow fit so keep that in mind when ordering. Other options: For more stylish pairs, consider the Adin or the Myles.

    The Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses In The World

    Oakley® Crankcase® Polarized Sunglasses

    First invented as a form of protective eyewear, sunglasses became one of the most prominent items in ones possession. Rocked with fabulous white pearl chokers in true Breakfast at Tiffanys fashion or paired with boho sundresses, shades are a fashionistas must-have regardless of the occasion.

    Worn on the street or in the car, while going to the office or to the beach, sporty or fancy, cycling sunglasses are basically everywhere right now. Sometimes even in night clubs, after midnight. Why? I have no idea. But I wont be the one to stumble on my way to the bar, trying to look cool.

    From the inuit snow goggles made out of ivory to todays best eyegear, sunglasses have been serving our eyes for a very long time. In the 1920s, they became widespread, especially among celebrities and movie stars, the common reason being privacy. Later on, they were worn at the beach as the ultimate fashion accessory.

    While their primary role was to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun like UV or blue light, sunglasses have evolved into something more. Today they combine fashion and functionality. They assert status and demand privacy.

    For some individuals, status is everything, so the sunglasses must be up to the task. Lavish, crafted by luxury designers from high-end materials, such as gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds or other precious gemstones, these super expensive shades are available for the richest clientele in the world.


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    Lens Optics And Filters

    Beyond finding a pair of sunglasses that feel comfortable on your face, youll also want to consider the lens technology. Polarized sunglasses have film either on the outside or in the middle of the lens. The difference is that the outer film is more prone to scratching and wear. Some people like the aesthetic of mirrored lenses, functioning visually like a one-way mirror to the outside observer, but mirrored lenses also further aid in dealing with glare. Most sunglasses today have UV400 protection built-in, or a 100 UV protection built into the lens, so unlike some polarization films, it cant wear off.

    A view through the Oakley Sutros.

    Shiels Jewellers Emerald $200000

    Shiels Jewellers is another renowned name in the jewelry industry. The Australian company was founded back in 1945 by Jack Shiels, and one of their most interesting products to date is this pair of Emerald sunglasses. Theyre actually inspired by the Roman Emperor Nero, who used emeralds to watch gladiator fights.

    It took 5 years for the company to find, shape, cut and polish the emeralds into lenses. The frame is pure gold with embedded diamonds and the price is pure madness, especially since theres only a low quality photo of these sunnies out there. Youll have to pay $200,000 for this unique pair of sunglasses.

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