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Trendy Glasses For Women 2022

Clear And Pastel Colored Acetate Frames

Ray-Ban Most Stylish Women’s Sunglasses of 2022 | SportRx

Alyah Chanelle Scott and Elise Perry look stylish in acetate eyeglasses

The eyeglasses trend for invisible frames has been gathering pace as a fashionable alternative for several years. Frames in clear acetate and soft pastels are particularly on-trend right now. Luthra explains the progression of this look has it roots in another trend:

“2022 is an evolution on dainty eyewear but in oversize shapes, as seen at Prada, but whats a little surprising is the transparent theme, Arnette, Emporio Armani, Oliver Peoples and Tiffany & Co have really added a refreshing take to opticals “.

Simon Jablon, Creative Director of luxury glasses brand Linda Farrow, adds that they expect soft hues to be the most popular this year, ‘for 2022 we focussed on a soft pastel trend for our hero acetate styles leading with a lavender, peach and sky blue colour palette’.

Style tipWilkinson advises that for truly on-trend frames, opt for ice blue, pink and Granny chic. Deeper transparents like warm Rhubarb and cool aviator blue and colors that fade like the honey burst fade and grey fade are popular.

Lighter frames are ideal for summer occasions, so whether you’re looking for an update to team with the best mother of the groom dresses or some stylish frames to pair with the best mother of the bride outfits, a pastel or clear acetate offers a dressy but modern finish.

Our fashion expert recommends

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Not all glasses frames are a one-size-fits-all buy finding a pair of eyeglasses frames that suits your face shape can be quite the task.

The most stylish glasses frames for women in 2022 have several things in common: a contemporary design, features, and frame elements that complement you best.

In this article, Ive curated the 20 most stylish prescription glasses frames for women in 2022.

Each frame was hand-picked for its signature aesthetics, affordable price, and ability to improve your style.

Time to discover the most stylish and splurge-worthy glasses frames for women in 2022.

The 2022 Top Seller: Metal Frame Glasses

How about a combination of hard-working uni student and artsy entrepreneur?Whatever your style, metal framed glasses continue to be all the rage in 2022. Metal frames are never boring and come in a wide variety of colours and shapes. Want a classic retro wire pair? Then choose the round metal frame from Vogue. What about something a little more edgy? Try an over-sized stunner from Levi’s or ametal aviator-style specs from Ray-Ban.

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Top 10 Stylish Eye Glasses For 2022

Now that the year is in full swing, you may be wondering what eyeglasses are in style in 2022. And honestly, this years lineup is so good that theres something for every budget and face shape. Much like sunglasses, optical eyeglasses also have trends that vary, and as the demand for designer frames grows, so does the emphasis on stylish eyeglasses.

Perhaps you attempted to find some nice frames last year but were underwhelmed by the style choices. You should know that in 2022, eyeglass trends have changed, and the fashion world no longer just cares about sunglasses. Prescription frames are quite trendy at the moment, which allows for an easy way to switch up your everyday style.

The best part is that eyeglasses trends 2022 are all about accentuating the wearers face. They act more as a finishing detail than a practical accessory, serving as an extension of your personality and individual style. In fact, many stylists and designers recommend you build whats known as a capsule wardrobe of eyeglasses for various occasions. Thus, eyeglasses are just as much of a must-have accessory as the best jewelry pieces.

Trend Alert: Thick Rim Glasses

32 Eyeglasses Trends For Women 2022

Chunky black frames are trending this season, so be sure to have a look at these thick frame beauties. In contrast to thinner metal frames, these bold glasses draw attention to your features in another way. No matter what face shape you have or what type of clothes you wear this year, chunky frames from Vogue, Polaroid or Oakley will complement your proportions perfectly and complete any outfit.

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Retro Square Shaped Frames

Retro and vintage styles are very in as eyewear styles often look back at the best of previous decades to match face shapes to the styles of today. The previous two years have shaken up general fashion trends, bringing individuals back to their roots of personal fashion. Retro square frames are an old-school 70s style that predates the hipster style. These frames are often thick, very square, and considered an intelligent but playful style.

What Sunglasses Look Best On My Face Shape

Look for frames that are proportional to your face, says Dianne Vavra, founder of the lifestyle shop Vavra New York in Huntington, NY, and a collector of vintage sunglasses. The most important thing when choosing a new pair is your shape face, she says. Once you determine this, the rest is easy. Her tips:

If you have a round face , Vavra recommends rectangular or square frames to balance your oval shape. Square face shapes, with a strong jawline and broad forehead, do best with round, cat-eye or Aviator-style sunglasses to soften the angular lines. If you have a heart-shaped face, with a wider forehead and narrow chin, go for round, Aviator-styles or pairs that are wider at the top than bottom. Oval faces, that are long and narrow, look great with a classic Wayfarer style , in addition to cat eye and oversized shapes, so as theyre not too wide than your face.

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Prescription Eyeglass Trends 2022

You are likely to be visiting an opticians office regularly for a checkup or changing the lenses. Always settle for friendly experts, so that you can make enquires without fear. Willingness to answer your questions promptly is indicative that they are trying to establish a long-term relationship with you.

All in all, you will find perfect glasses in 2022 after doing an extensive search on the trends and qualified professionals. Belson opticians as one of the best opticians in Essex offers family eye care and a wide range of optical services. The family-owned business has been in operation for over 50 years and caters for all budgets.

Rounded Cat Eye Frame Shapes

Best Glasses 2022: An Expert Guide To Key Trends And How To Wear Them

Some eyewear stylists like to call this trendy style of frame kitten glasses. Cat eye shaped frames are marked by exaggerated top corners of the frame. A rounded cat eye style, or kitten glasses style, has a similar upwardly turned shape but without sharp angles, offering a softer take on this very popular and legendary feminine eyewear style. This frame shape is similar to D-frame glasses but with a clearly round style and exaggerated upper corner.

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Most Stylish Glasses Frame

from $284


Dreamed in Berlin and handmade in Italy, Kuboraums glasses frames have characteristic ultra-thick frames, straight arms, and curved tips, making them the focal point of any outfit, from casual to clubbing and streetwear.

For women that want to find the most statement-making frames online without veering into the too-the-nose territory Kuboraum is the brand you need.

With ultra-thick frames, pencil-like arms, and curved tips, KUboraums Square Acetate design is suitable for the most extravagant occasions you have in mind.

The brands 2022 edition of acetates for women come in more than five colors, so there are plenty of shades to match your fashion style.

Which Glasses Are Right For Me

Are you ready to explore our collection of trending eyeglasses? Whatever style or color you are looking for, we have the perfect pair of reading glasses, blue light glasses, or sunglasses for you!

Use our virtual try-on to try on the glasses, and use our style guide to find out which glasses will suit you best. You can also read.

Glasses are a personal accessory. You now know of the latest eyewear trends, and how spectacles give the impression of you and your style. You know what you can wear, do not set boundaries. You do not have to choose only one pair of glasses, you can find many smart glasses at Luxreaders.

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Eyeglasses Trends : Latest Eyewear Styles

2021 is a big year for eyewear. Were seeing some fashion staples staying at the forefront of style, and some daring new additions taking center stage. For the eyeglass trends of 2021, bold is the watchword, so take the leap and express your individuality through your frames!

Weve put together a selection of frames that capture the spirit of 2021s eyeglass trends for both men and women. Take a look and see if anything catches your eye!

Chanel: Handstitched Details And High

Eyewear Trends For Women 2022


It doesnt get any chicer than Chanel. Beyond the fashion appeal, the high-quality sunglasses are impeccable made. Many pairs are crafted in Italy, feature a hand-stitched CC logo on temples and have lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and can be customized with prescriptions at an eyewear store.

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The Eyecatchers: Oversized Geometric And Tortoiseshell

Oversized glasses – often called statement glasses – are typically offered in trendy cat-eye shapes, wild colours and with large frames. Check out the must-have model from Polaroid. Popular geometric shapes this year are hexagonal or octagonalwhich are especially dramatic in gold, silver and black. Fashionable brands like Prada offer all kinds of geometric spectacles.

We don’t need to say much about the tortoiseshell pattern, which is a hit in every colour, not only in its original brown. How about a black tortoiseshell frame, neutral colours like white or nude, or tortoiseshell as a print? Here are our recommendations:

Fit And Colour Are Important

When it comes to any of the major accessories trends, be it shoe trends 2022 or handbag trends 2022, it’s all about cherry-picking the looks and styles that work for you. When considering new frames, pick a shape and color that will work for your face. Marie Wilkinson, Style Director Cutler & Gross advises:

“If the frame you have set your heart on seems too large, then choose a color that matches your skin tone or hair color so the edges of the frame blend in more so making the frame seem less wide.”

Finding well-fitting eyeglasses can be difficult, as Kimeze co-founder Clare Kimeze found. With Ugandan heritage, the former asset management analyst found that most eyeglasses didnt fit the bridge of her nose correctly so alongside her sister Christina, an artist, the duo founded the brand Kimeze in 2021 to fill the gap in the market for black and brown glasses wearers.

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Ditch Your Contacts For Tiny And Transitional Frames

Micro frames had their moment in the ’90s and early 2000s, and they’re having another moment once again in 2022. According to Elle Australia, these tiny glasses deliver major style. One look the magazine editors love has gold detailing on the sides for a pop of metallic.

A particular type of micro frame that was popular in the early 2000s is the ever-functional transitional frame, which morph from regular glasses when indoors to protect your eyes from the sun when outdoors. Refinery29 notes that transitions are sometimes thought of as “dad” glasses, with comedian Larry David being a regular wearer. But don’t let that scare you off!

According to a review from Refinery29, transitional frames quickly adjust to protect your eyes the moment you step outside. However, the reviewer points out that they won’t exactly eliminate your need for actual sunglasses, as they don’t darken quite to the same level. Additionally, transitional lenses will increase the price of the frames by approximately $80 to $130, depending on whether it’s a newer or older version of the technology.

Best Red Glasses Frame

Summer Sunglasses Haul 2022 : Amazon Designer Dupes


Guccis 2022 most stylish glasses frames for women come in a bold cat-eye design with a chunky front and an oversized logo. And, to top it up, the superb orange-red shade works wonders with extravagant hairstyles and outfits.

As one of the most prestigious fashion houses right now, Cuccis glasses frames are sure to bestow you with 2022s trendiest shapes and colors.

Synonymous with luxury, Guccis designer glasses frames for women are drenched in look-at-me-now bright red and deep orange tones.

With a subtle touch of vintage and elegant brand detailing, Guccis Red Cat Eye glasses frames for women have an ICONIC all-over feel.

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Trend : Retro Square Lenses

Most people associate classic glasses with higher levels of intelligence. As we return to the office and start working closely with our colleagues, we all want to look smart. Square lenses can help.

Modern square glasses come in various colors and sizes, so you arent stuck with glasses that look just like your neighbors. You can vary the width of the frames too to suit your facial features.

Where And How To Buy Your Eyeglasses

Have you decided which styles work best for you? Now all you need is to order your frames online !

You can buy glasses online from Vint & York, complete with prescription lenses. All you need to do is go on the womens optical glasses page, choose the pair you like, and enter your prescription details before you check out.

For the ladies who want to emulate these popular styles on a budget, you can check our eyeglasses deals page with cheap glasses for women.

Eyeglasses change the way you see the world and the way the world sees you. We have shown you 2022s future best eyeglasses styles for women, so if you are planning to make a wardrobe change, know that you have chosen wisely!

Visit Vint & York for your vintage-inspired eyewear.

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Geometric Wire Frame Glasses

Wire frames have always been loved for their sleek and minimalist appearance. Even better they come in a wide variety of silhouettes for wearers of all face shapes to choose from. This season in particular, geometric styles with fashion-forward elements are taking center stage, presenting a contemporary take on the timeless classic. These lightweight glasses are great for those with lower prescriptions or those who only need blue light protection. But, if you simply want to get yourself some trendy frames, weve got non-prescription glasses available too. Stand out in this offbeat pair:

For those looking for a distinctive frame thats still low-key, then maybe this years transparent acetate trend floats your boat. With just a soft wash of color, these frames elevate any outfit and give off an effortless, laid-back aura. Crystal clear frames are still going strong for 2023, while soft neutrals and pastels have been steadily growing in demand. To make this trend your own, be sure to select a color that complements your individual features. Liven up your wardrobe with these chic frames:

Glasses Trends For Women In 2022

Short Hairstyles 2022

Do you remember when people with glasses were teased with names like ‘four-eyes’ or ‘nerd’? Fortunately, those times are long gone.

Nowadays, no accessory can better emphasise your personality, fashion sense and facial features than a pair of glasses.

But there are countless trendsetting spectacles. So let’s take a look at the glasses trends that are sure to catch your eye.

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What Are The Best Eyeglasses For Women In 2022

What better way to express your style than with a fashionable and trendy pair of women’s eyeglasses? Let your outfit speak for itself. Following the latest trends is great, however, not all trends can be ideal. When it comes to eyeglasses, you also need to choose a style, shape and colour that suits your face anything else. Going on a glasses shopping spree can be confusing with so many choices in front of you. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you out. We’re going over the best eyeglasses for women of 2022 while listing the best face shapes for each style!

Best Designer Glasses Frame


Armanis cat-eye-shaped designer glasses frames in royal purple are a rare combination of style and versatility, making them ideal for business meetings, social events, and even dinner dates.

Always at the forefront of modern eyewear styles, Armanis latest glasses frame for women impresses through excellent design and color choice.

Armanis choice of cat-eye-shaped frames delivers a fresh twist to the classic style we all know and love.

Given that Armani Exchange is the companys most accessible and affordable line of glasses frames, scoring these beauties for under $120 is an absolute bargain.

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Square And Rectangular Frames Keep You Looking Sharp

If you think that because round frames are hot for 2022 that this means square is not, think again. In fact, square and rectangular frames are all over the place this year. Rectangular glasses make for a simple but modern look. Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Elizabeth Banks are just a few of the celebs taking on the look, as Woman & Home noted.

The hottest square glasses are oversized, with thick frames, giving off a retro, nerdy vibe. In addition to true square and rectangular frames, those with slightly rounded edges are just as fashionable, per Vint & York. One of our favorites comes recommended from Elle Australia: the boxy Hindsight sunglasses with black frames and green gradient lenses from Quay that are flattering on just about everyone.

Another reason for the rise in “geek chic” glasses? We can blame the pandemic and all those Zoom meetings for focusing more on how our profiles look. As Marie Wilkinson, style director for Cutler & Gross, said to Woman & Home, “Some crave more angular frames as they can sharpen profiles that have become a little softer over lockdown.”

Slight differences in design, size, thickness, and color ensure that no two pairs are exactly the same. Whether your personality screams bright colors or bold prints, go with whatever look speaks to you, and you’re good to go.

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