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Types Of Glasses For Beer

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If you plan to start your own home bar in your house or man cave, you do not need to get all of the glasses on our beer glassware guide list.

While having a few of these types of beer glasses will of course impress your friends and help you accentuate the beers you serve, having on hand a set of good pilsner glasses, American pints and mugs will usually be enough for a great party.

And dont forget some of the Red Solo cups if your party is going to head for the outdoors. Let us know in the comments what your favorite beer glass is.

Wheat Beer: Weizen Vase Glass

According to advanced cicerone Brandon Plyler, the weizen vase glass is perfect for highly-carbonated beers because its tall design restricts the surface area of the beer, holding in the bubbles.

And Michael Memsic notes the slight curvature at the top of the wiezen vase supports more foam, which releases more of the beers aroma, enhancing its flavor.

Pint Glasses / Shaker Pints

While there are multiple kinds of pint glasses, the American pint glass is probably the most common glass for beer, in the United States at least. This is the glass that you will likely be served in a bar or restaurant. The American Pint Glass, sometimes called a Shaker glass, has a simple and somewhat skinny cylindrical shape that gets wider as it goes up. This type of pint glass typically holds 16 oz. and is common to use with most type of beers, including lagers and ales, as well as other styles such as IPAs, stouts and porters.

The English pint glass, also commonly referred to as an Imperial or Nonic glass, is shaped much like the American pint, but has a slight lip near the top. The English pint also holds 20 oz. and is usually preferred for drinking English ales and lagers.

This type of glassware is cheap to manufacture, cheap to buy and easy to drink out of. Bars love to stock the pint glass because theyre easy to clean and simple to stack. All of which is probably why its the go-to glassware for most beer enthusiasts.

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Personal Preference And Style

Sometimes it comes down to what you are used to. If you are used to drinking from a huge beer mug, then it will be hard for you to enjoy the same beer in another type of glass right off the bat. The style you have cultivated when it comes to beer consumption will play a big role when you are presented with a choice.

Stoneware Or Ceramic Jug

Types of beer glasses hi

It is perfect for hot days to prevent the beer from getting hot. There is a variety of ceramic jug with a metal lid whose origins are from the fourteenth century in central Europe.

They were used to prevent the entry of flies, since at that time they could contaminate the beer by existing pests .

Today, it is more decorative and is called Stein although it is not used in Germany .

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Set Of Crested Snifters

When hosting craft beer tastings, youll want a set of snifters for everyone to enjoy. One of the more unique and newer types of beer glasses, these snifters have small pewter crests featuring an initial. Whether youre a home brewer yourself or an avid craft beer taster, these handsome snifters will make your event feel official for sure. Snifters are quite small in size, but their design is best for trying strong types of craft beer that are packed with flavor.

Is It *really* Better To Drink Beer Out Of A Glass

Definitely. A glass shape and style can affect the flavour and aroma. Theres even an experiment you can try at home to see so for yourself. However, at the end of the day, whats really going to affect the flavour of your beer the most a clean glass and no matter your choice of glass may bealways pour your beer in a glass rather than drink it directly from a can or bottle. For more information, check out Why you should always drink your beer from a glass

Looking for more information about serving beer?

Check out this post, which includes details like beer temperature and how to make the perfect pour.

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Teku Stemmed Beer Glasses

DetailsWidely recognized as one of the finest craft beer glasses available today, the visually stunning Teku glass was designed by an Italian sensory expert and craft brewer. It features an 11.2- or 14.2-ounce tulip-like bowl, a remarkably thin lip, and an elegant long stem that prevents your hands from transferring warmth to your beer.

Appropriate Beer StylesThe Teku bills itself as appropriate for all styles. That said, the glass does a phenomenal job of concentrating aromatics and accentuating flavor profiles, so very strong beers can be overpowering when served in one. We particularly like the Teku for lambics and other sours, gruit, fruit, and heather beers.

What Are The Different Types Of Beer Glasses A Complete Guide

The 12 EASIEST BEERS TO BREW From Around the World & WHY

For the true beer connoisseur, drinking glasses matter. Red wine should be served in a balloon style glass, white wine should be served in a taller more narrow glass, and whisky should be served in a tumbler. Of course, you can toss any drink into any container and drink it down. You could even drink straight from the bottle, no matter the size.

But there is something about drinking a beverage from the glass intended for it.

When it comes to beer, a variety of glasses are available, and each one has its own beer to be poured into it.

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Why You Should Drink Your Beer From A Glass

The one advantage of beer bottles is that they are very convenient. They are small, which makes them light enough to be held for long. They have shapes designed for a good grip and are securely corked, which means no contaminants get in. All you need to do is to open it and sip your beer. But they are countless things you miss out when you take your beer in that manner. The following are reasons why you should be taking your beer from the glass.

Low Abv Lagers: Mass Mug

When you see a Mass mug, you probably think of Octoberfest or beer gardens. These thick mugs are hugetypically liter-sizedwhich makes them perfect for low-ABV beers like lagers, according to cicerone Collin Zreet. The thick glass keeps the beer cold even in hot outdoor conditions, and because the beer inside isnt too strong drinking an entire liter at a time wont leave you on the floor.

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The Beer Glass Influences The Beer Flavour

The shape of the glass affects how the beer pours into your mouth. Depending on the shape, the beer will go straight to the bottom or to the front of your mouth. Taste sensors are located in different parts of the mouth. For instance, if the beer goes straight to the front of the mouth, the beer drinker can notice the acidity better.

A Brief History Of Beer Glasses

Types of Beer Glasses Explained

As long as theres been beer, theres been a vessel to drink it. The earliest cups made from stone, wood and even leather date back to around 9,000 B.C. Glass beer vessels can be traced back to Roman times, and in the Middle Ages, artisans expanded the beer vessel repertoire to include enameled glass beakers, stoneware tankards and the lidded stein. Pewter ruled the day in the 1800s. As glassmaking and beermaking techniques improved, glass became the preferred material to showcase clearer and more aromatic brews.

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Classic Beer Stein With Lid

This is probably what you were thinking of when you saw the words beer steins right? The classic mug style with a lid is the closest in style to the traditional ones. While this one is made of glass, it still features the ornately decorated pewter lid and decoration on the body of the stein. Today, the lid doesnt really serve a practical purpose, but it looks cool.

German Style Ceramic Beer Stein

Beer steins have been one of the most popular types of beer glasses since the 14th century when the bubonic plague epidemic wiped out a large chunk of Europe. Many people believed that they were more sanitary because they came with lids, which prompted multiple governments to require food and beverage containers to come with lids as well. Traditional beer steins like this one are often made of porcelain, pewter, glass, and stoneware. Most steins have the classic pewter lid like the two below, but non-lidded steins are just as popular. Today, steins are more for decorative and keepsake purposes than to be used as everyday drinkware.

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Types Of Beer Glasses For Different Brews

Any beer connoisseur knows that a great beer is even better out of the right glass. But if youre not 100% sure if your favorite should be served in a stein or snifter, we can guide you through the types of beer glasses ideally suited to each different brew.

For most of us, our first encounter with beer involved drinking straight out of the can or from a red Solo cup. .

However, as your beer palate has grown more sophisticated, you no doubt realized that there are several different types of beer glasses, and theyre not all created equal.

And, while some people just grab a glass from the cupboard without any rhyme or reason, real beer aficionados know that each beer glass is designed to enhance a particular brew.

So, if youre looking to broaden your knowledge and maybe impress your friends, youre going to want to know what those different types of beer glasses are.

This guide tells you all you need to know about the different types of beer glasses for different brews.

Glassware Guide: Which Beer Styles Should Be Served In What Glass

L Shape Shrinkage Wrapping Cuff Type Packer for 500ml Drinking Water PET Bottles Model HYSW-150W

For every great craft beer there is an equally-awesome beer glass to drink it from. In this post, well cover beer glassware including a handy beer-style-to-glassware lookup table, and an overview of each glass and why its the preferred choice for a given type of beer.

By Dustin Miller on Sep. 24, 2020

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different shapes of beer glasses? Beer glassware is intended to improve not only the presentation of your beer but also enhance the overall experience. Choosing the right beer glass is essential to get the full flavour, aroma and more out of your brew. If youve ever asked yourself, What beer glass should I use? this article is your guide to matching the right glassware to each beer style.

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Does beer glassware actually make a difference to flavour?

Yes! From how the glass can aerate and bring forward aromas, to how its thickness can keep your beer colder longer, the many types of glassware are intended to improve your experience of flavour, aroma, and generally just make your beer that much better. Read more on why you should drink your beer out of a glass.

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A Brief History Of Beer: An Introduction To The Best Types Of Beer Glasses

Beer has long been a prominent beverage throughout the world, with various historians dating its conception back to some 12,000 years ago. Many credit beers origins to hunter-gatherer nomads who settled into agrarian civilizations with crops like wheat, barley, rice, and corn. Though there isnt one known genius who can take all the credit for its discovery, its fun to think of the fermentation process as a happy accident these nomads stumbled upon.

Flash forward to present day and beer is more popular than ever. It wasnt all that long ago that the beer scene underwent a renaissance, and, as a millennial, Im happy to share in the credit. Feel free to send me a six-pack as a thank you.

In all seriousness, the 2010s ushered in an explosion of craft beer and microbrews, offering more styles to fit anyones preference. At the end of 2018,more than 7,000 breweries were operating in the United States, and independently owned breweries were producing 5% more than they were in 2017.

Tulip Glass Belgian Glass

This type of glass begins rounded at the base under which there is a small stem. The glass opens wide and elongates at the mouth, while the body is bulbous and has a flared lip. These glasses are designed to capture the white of the beer, making it last longer and retaining the thickness. This promotes the aromas coming from the beers like that of a Belgian ale.

These glasses are good for malty, hoppy beers. The short stem at the base helps in swirling and further enhancing the taste of the beer, like that of a wine glass. The short stem also helps retain some of the heat from the hands, therefore keeping the beer chilled for a longer time.

  • Appropriate beer style: This is best suited for Belgian strong ale, Belgian dark ale, Belgian pale ale, Belgian IPA, Flanders red ale, Saison, American wild ale and the like.

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What To Consider When Selecting A Beer Glass

There is a psychological effect that a beer glass has on the human mind, something that we unconsciously connect to every time we take a sip of our favorite drink. This is something that many brewers take advantage of when marketing their drinks. As far as beer glasses are concerned, here are some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing a beer glass.

Types Of Beer Glasses To Complement Your Beer

Various Types Of Beer In Glasses Photograph by Martin Dyrløv

Every beer geek I know has their own collection of pint glasses sitting at their house. Whether they stole them from bars theyve visited over the years or bought them online, their collection of pint glasses is always growing. But, there are many types of beer glasses besides the pint. And even then, there are a couple different styles of pint glasses. While it may be the most popular beer glass in America today, the pint wasnt always the chosen one.

There is a wide variety of beer glassware available for you to choose from, and they each have their own unique characteristics. In fact, some glassware is designed specifically to help preserve the foam head of your beer, while others are designed to help enhance the colors of your brew. Its important to remember that its more than just a glass that holds your beer its a delivery mechanism that brings out the unique flavors, colors and aroma of your favorite beer. The type of glass you use has the ability to make or break your overall experience.

Lets take a look at the most common types of beer glasses, and what they mean for you and your favorite beer.

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Teku Stemmed Beer Glass

This type of beer glass is recognized by many as one of the premium craft beer glasses on the market today. The Teku stemmed beer glass is visually stunning, designed by an Italian craft brewer and sensory expert. With an angular bowl and gracefully flared lip, the Teku makes the beer-drinking an elegant experience.

Aside from being an attractive glass, it also enhances the flavor of your beer more so than a typical pint does. With a shape that looks similar to a traditional wine glass, Teku glasses contain and funnel aromas to your nose, while the long stem prevents your hands from warming up the liquid as you drink.

The Teku glass advertises itself as being ideal for all styles of beer. With that said, it does a wonderful job at emphasizing flavor profiles and directing aromatics, so strong beers may be overpowering when served in a glass like this.

Any Lager: Willi Becher Glass

While many people think of the Willi Becher glass as a glass specifically for German-style lagers, Cicerone David Nilsen says its ideal for just about any lager or low-strength ale because, the slightly inward-curving rim traps aroma and helps with head retention, and the relatively narrow diameter of the glass shows off the brilliant clarity of a good lager.

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Types Of Beer Glasses

You might think that theres nothing simpler than enjoying a cold beer after a long day. Im sorry to report that you are wrong.No, Beer doesnt have the same mystique as wine or cocktails. While the average beer drinker knows there are many different varieties of beer, this is a matter of taste, and doesnt complicate the business of enjoying a brew: pour it into a glass and enjoy. Right? Most of us dont think too hard about the glass we usebut maybe we should.

There are some things most beet experts can agree on. Just about every cicerone harbors a hatred for frosted glasses, for example . And theres a universal dislike for your standard shaker pint glass . And everyone agrees that your beer glass should be cleanlike really clean.

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Increasingly, however, there is debate over the specific glass youre using to drink your beer. Some beer experts, like Tim Pollard, argue nucleation points keep your beers head healthy while releasing the aroma, while the shape of the glass can help trap that aroma for your nose and/or deliver the beer more widely across your tongue when you drink. On the other hand, beer writer Lew Bryson thinks the idea that you need a specific glass for every kind of beer is mostly marketing. And world-renowned beer writer Stephen Beaumont thinks you can get away with just a few different glasses, like a pint glass for lighter beers and a tulip or snifter for stronger beers.

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