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Uv Protection Glasses Vs Blue Light

The Difference In Purpose

GoVision UV Blue Light Eye Protection Glasses with Carry…

Sunglasses are not only stylish accessories but also one way to protect your eyes while youre outdoors. The essential benefit of wearing it is protection against UV rays directly from the sun and other human-made UV lights. Prolonged exposure to these elements can affect the eyelid, cornea, lens, and retina of your eye. Hence, you can see many people wear sunglasses whenever they go out during the day or even on construction sites where welding activities are every day.

Sunglasses should provide 100% UV protection to filter all harmful UV rays that can damage your sight. It is the essential thing that you should look for in every pair of sunglasses you would buy. Polarization is an optional feature to reduce glare to make your eyes more comfortable, while tinting depends on your preference. In other words, the purpose of quality

sunglasses is to absorb both Ultraviolet A-Rays and Ultraviolet B-Rays .

What are the differences between the two most common UV lights on the earths surface?

Well discuss it in a while. For now, lets continue with the Blue Light Glasses primary purpose.

What Does Blue Light Do

High-energy visible blue light penetrates the eye deeper than UV light does, but like UVR, cumulative exposure can damage our retinas, the part of the eye that houses the sensitive cells responsible for vision. Unfortunately, almost all the sources of blue light emit this harmful wavelength, increasing our chances of accumulating damage. Visual cues impacted by blue light include:

Blue Light Gets A Bad Rap These Days Many People Are Turning To Special Glasses To Protect Their Eyes From Digital Screens But Do They Really Work

You probably thought screens were a big part of life before. Then, the pandemic hit. The endless Zoom calls, video meetings and Netflix binges can leave some with tired or dry eyes. Blue-light-blocking glasses are marketed as a solution to that very problem particularly now that we’re immersed in screens more than ever. The product claims to minimize how much “blue light” wearers are exposed to. It’s one part of the visible light spectrum emitting from digital screens, and it’s the supposed culprit behind your ocular woes.

When they came out, there wasnt much evidence whether they were actually effective or not, says Mark Rosenfield, a vision researcher at the SUNY College of Optometry. Now I think theres pretty strong evidence that theyre not effective.

The alleged relationship between blue light and tired eyes lacks a scientific explanation. Beyond that, many studies have found that blue-light-blocking glasses dont actually alleviate the symptoms of too much screen time. But there are still other tried-and-true solutions out there.

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Best Budget: Readerest Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Not much variety in frame shape

  • Not as high-quality as other lenses

These lenses from Readerest filter up to 40% of harmful blue light rays and don’t use any colored filters that would distort screen color, making them great for reading. These readers also offer protection from UVA and UVB rays and have anti-reflective lenses that eliminate glare and help you see more clearly. Not only do these highly-rated glasses help to reduce eye strain, they also protect against ultraviolet radiation and UV 400. If you can’t put that e-book down, make sure you grab a pair of these first.

Frame Material: Not specified | Blue Light Absorption: 40% | Lens Color: Clear

Uv Protection Glasses Vs Blue Light Must Know Info

Free Shipping: Computer Glasses Gaming Blue Light Filter UV Blocking ...

If youre experiencing digital eye strain, disrupted sleep, or computer vision syndrome as an outcome of blue light exposure, then it may be time for you to buy some blue light blocking glasses. Uv Protection Glasses Vs Blue Light

However do they truly work, and which brand is the very best?

In this short article I answer all our blue light questions, and expose the most trusted brand on the market for blue light blocking glass.

Lets get to it!

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Myth#: Wearing Tinted Blue Light Blocking Glasses Can Be Dangerous Because Of The Colour Change

Night-time blue light blocking glasses that block 100% of blue light have a slight orange or red tint to them.

The colour change due to these glasses can be harmful only in the following cases:

  • Wearing amber or red-tinted glasses while driving at night:

The red/orange tint on these glasses may make it difficult to see pedestrians who are dressed in orange or red while driving at night. So if you want to block blue light while driving at night, we recommend you buy clear blue light computer glasses, which filter 50% of the blue light coming from headlights and streetlamps and reduce glare.

  • Wearing night-time tinted glasses if you are a designer

Wearing tinted glasses may also be a hitch if you are a designer or creative professional because of the slight colour change. In this case, we also recommend that you buy clear lenses day time computer glasses so the colour perception isn’t changed but you still get blue light protection.

Aside from these 2 concerns, most people get used to the colour change and have not reported it to be a significant problem. Only reports we seem to get is how amazing they now sleep and how much energy during the day they now have!

Are Sunglasses The Best Way For Blue Light Protection

Sunglasses do offer some protection from harmful blue light. How much protection? That depends on the tint of your sunglass lenses.

Would blue-light glasses or computer glasses offer better protection?

Another option for blue-light protection? help you adjust to light indoors and outdoors, protect you from the suns damaging UV rays and also shield you from blue light from all those screens.

So what should you do?

When youre outside working on your laptop on the patio or a balcony, your sunglasses can safeguard your eyes from blue light rays.

But when youre inside playing Fortnite, looking for jobs online, reading a favorite book or spending hours working on a big presentation for work, blue-light glasses or computer glasses will offer better protection from the blue light rays from digital devices.

And if you want three-in-one protection all in one pair of glasses , photochromic lenses are worth a look.

WHAT IS THE BEST BLUE-LIGHT PROTECTION FOR YOU? Research your options and shop for eyewear at an optical shop near you or at an online eyewear retailer.

Page published on Friday, March 27, 2020

Page updated on Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Uv Protection Are Suitable For People Who Are Often Exposed To Sunlight

Three major user profiles that require UV protection include:

  • Workers in the construction and outdoor industries. Employees who work outside are susceptible to ten to twenty percent more UV light than those who work indoors.

UV radiation would be most powerful from 10 am to 4 pm. This period corresponds to the average hours of a dayshift or weekday. So it’s easy to see why outside laborers should prioritize protection from the sun.

  • Enthusiasts: Many people love playing outside even if they do not work outside. UV protection is particularly necessary for outdoorsy types who spend countless hours outdoors after work and on weekends.
  • Children: Every parent understands the significance of sunscreen for their kid’s skin, yet, how about the eyes? Children, who stay longer than adults, are another target group requiring UV-blocking glasses.

Difference Between Blue Light Glasses And Uv Protection Lens

Anti-Reflective VS. Blue Light Coating | SportRx

Light is generally seen as something pleasant. It is commonly used in literature and art to represent the good side versus the bad. However, the possible risks associated with light that we are constantly exposed to are essential to consider.

Blue light glasses for those working in front of a computer screen are generally created. The skin and eyes and the most common form of hazardous light are ultraviolet , and blue light is the only two sections of the body that may be damaged by little.

Ultraviolet rays , particularly the effects of extended and unprotected UV exposure on skin damage, remain unrecognized. This is why when we are in the sun for long durations, we wear sunscreen.

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Main Differences Between Blue Light Glasses And Uv Protection Lens

  • Blue light glasses have been particularly designed to prevent lead sources of blue light, whereas UV protection lenses are specifically designed lenses that are anti-reflective on the lenses.
  • Blue Light Glasses make your eye calm and aid in sleep time, whereas UV protection lenses make the eye pleasant and visible.
  • For the persons who operate in led light sources, Blue Light Glasses are advised, whereas UV protection lenses are indicated for the sunlight.
  • Blue light inhibits the passage of blue light through the lenses, whereas UV protection lenses restrict the passage of glasses by additional luminosity.
  • There are anti-blinding qualities to Blue Light Glasses, whereas UV protection lenses, on the other hand, do not impede the blocking of blue light.
  • Light Exposure And Sleep Quality

    Light is one of the most important external factors that helps control our sleep-wake cycle.

    Before the advent of electricity, humans slept and woke according to the timing of the sunrise and sunset. Sunlight is composed of a wide range of light wavelengths, including the entire visible spectrum from red to violet as well as ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. However, blue light in the range of 446 to 477 nm has the most significant impact on the sleep-wake cycle.

    When it comes to natural light from the sun, blue light is very helpful. Exposure to a healthy amount of blue light in the daytime promotes alertness and helps you sleep better at night. However, too much blue light exposure later in the evening makes it harder to fall asleep and may also contribute to poor sleep quality and morning grogginess.

    Popular electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, and televisions emit blue light. Blue light blocking glasses are intended to act as a barrier between you and these artificial blue light sources to prevent your late night screen time from disturbing your sleep.

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    Other Products Provided By Bon Charge

    BON CHARGE also provides other blue light blocking items, consisting of:.

    • Blackout sleep masks
    • Red light therapy devices such as night lamps, lights, and makers
    • Blue light blocking bulbs, lamps, and torches
    • EMF radiation-blocking headphones, earphones, phone pouches, laptop computer mats, baseball hats, and beanie hats
    • Cold and heat therapy massage guns

    Is Blue Light Bad For You

    GAMMA RAY Computer Readers UV Protection Anti Glare

    Blue light is bad for you since your eyes are not very good at blocking blue light naturally. Practically all visible blue light goes through the cornea and lens before reaching the retina.

    Excessive blue light exposure can damage light-sensitive cells in your retina. This leads to modifications similar to those of macular degeneration, which can eventually lead to permanent vision loss.

    In a nutshell, studies reveal that blue light exposure can lead to:

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    Harmful Vs Healthful Uv Light

    When talking about UV light, its important to understand that UV offers both harmful and healthful effects. In the case of certain products, harmful UV rays can speed up the rate of oxidation and degradation and greatly compromise the integrity of products. On the other hand, healthful UV light can act as a natural preservative. This type of UV light can fight microbial growth and keep products fresh even after days, months, or even years in storage.

    This microbe-fighting quality is especially useful for products that are consumed slowly. Although the products container will be opened every once in a while, there will be lower risks of contamination as the permitted UV light can take care of most contaminants.

    What Is Uv Protection Lens

    A UV layer prevents ultraviolet radiation efficiently on your clear lenses. While ordinary plastic lenses filter most UV radiation, you will be 100 percent protected by adding this visible UV blocking dye to your lenses.

    As the biggest ophthalmic lens maker in the world, we have defended the notion of protecting our eyes with the same concentration and zeal as we do our skins. The Eye-Sun protection factor is developed by Essilor.

    UV light consists of short wavelengths of light which give it greater energy than most other light kinds. The sun is the major UV light, and tanning beds are a source developed to imitate the tanning qualities of sunlight in record time.

    This index verifies that your lenses provide worldwide UV protection and that your skin is sensitive. The bigger the value, the larger the protection, like the sunscreen. For instance, E-SPFTM 50+ provides excellent UV protection outside.

    UV protection lenses for sunglasses are often mistaken by individuals. Although they have many commonalities, their advantages and usefulness vary widely. Excessive UV exposure may irritate your cornea over a short amount of time.

    The symptoms include red eyes, rubble in the eye, discomfort, light sensitivity, and increased wear, but are mercilessly transitory, although they have no symptoms.

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    Bon Charge Computer Glasses

    BON CHARGE computer glasses are an excellent treatment for decreasing glare and digital eye strain brought on by blue light discharged by digital gadgets, home lighting, and office lighting.

    BON CHARGE computer glasses, which feature clear lenses, are created to shut out blue light over the whole blue spectrum. The clear lenses assist to decrease color distortion. The computer glasses are different from those that simply filter a specific frequency of blue light.

    They likewise feature an anti-glare finishing to decrease glare from screens. You can find lens reports on each item page.

    BON CHARGE computer glasses are science-supported, FDA authorized in the USA and categorized as a medical device in Australia.

    What Is A Uv Protection Lens

    How to know if your glasses have UV protection or not

    As one of the largest ophthalmic manufacturers in the whole world and who has been committed for generations securing our eyesight with every new technology, we have developed Eye-Sun Protection Factor by Essilor which is based on their research into protecting human vision through sun protection and reducing eye health risk factors related to premature aging caused by long-term exposure at skin level.

    Short-wavelength light like UV provides energy greater than other kinds of light. This is because the sun, as a major source of short-wave ultraviolet radiation, gives off this kind of light at a high rate and in large quantities. A lens with an index close to 50 will provide adequate protection against harmful UV rays outside and your skin sensitivity may be reduced by wearing it too.

    There are many commonalities between the sunglasses and the UV protection lens, but there are also many differences. The symptoms of excessive exposure to UV may include a cloudy or wet eye, red eyes, light sensitivity, increased ear, and discomfort. These symptoms can be transitory if they dont last long with no signs of irritation for the first few days after wearing them over your clear cornea.

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    What Are My Choices In Styles

    We have a variety of styles that include polarized lenses including sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and specialty glasses. For instance, the Wiley X Tide Sunglasses offer polarization with a gold mirror lens that is attractive and trendy. These sunglasses for men are a nice look that youll enjoy wearing.

    For women, the popular Carrera 155/S combine style, comfort, and of course polarized lenses so youre protected.

    No matter what style you are looking for of whether you need eyeglasses or sunglasses polarized lenses ensure that you are protected from this harmful UV light and can still enjoy being out and doing the things you love. Youll find many choices to pick from and ones that you love to wear no matter where you find yourself enjoying life.

    If you want to learn more about polarized lenses and how they can help your eyes remain protected from harmful ultraviolet blue light, simply contact us so we can help.

  • tatti

    Can you have both prism and blue light filter lenses?Also. what is the difference between blue light protection and UV light protection?

  • What Is Uv Light

    Ultraviolet light is part of the non-visible light spectrum, meaning we cant see it with our eyes alone. UV light is made up of short wavelengths of light, giving it a higher amount of energy than most other types of light. The main source of UV light is the sun, and tanning beds are a manmade source to mimic sunlights tanning quality in record time. Though many people think that UV exposure is always the same when the sun is up, it actually varies based on season and time of day. During the summer, 10 am and 2 pm has the highest exposure, while 8-10 am and 2-4 pm has the highest exposure during winter.

    There are three kinds of UV light:

    • UVA is the least damaging of the types of UV light.
    • UVB is the more energetic and damaging type of UV light were exposed to on a day-to-day basis. It can cause sunburns, skin thickening, wrinkling, and possibly destroy Vitamin A and damage DNA, leading to several skin-related health concerns.
    • UVC is mostly absorbed by the atmosphere, but it can cause permanent tissue damage with brief exposure.

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    Brief History Of Glass & Glass Containers

    Lets start with a little bit of history. Humans have used naturally occurring glass, particularly obsidian or volcanic glass, since the Early Stone Age. Historical accounts say that people used glassy rocks to make sharp cutting and scraping tools. Around 2500 BC, people started using small pieces of obsidian as beads, bangles, or jewelry. It wasnt until centuries later when people discovered that glass could be made and molded into useful things like tableware and vessels or containers.

    Some historians say that human-made glass was first discovered in Syria when a group of natron merchants got shipwrecked. Natron is a naturally occurring material that results from the combination of sodium carbonate decahydrate, sodium bicarbonate, and little amounts of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate. Natron has been used as a cleaning product for thousands of years, which is why it was a profitable product back in the day.

    As stories tell it, the shipwrecked merchants used lumps of natron to mount their pots and cook food. As they cooked, the fire and the combination of natron and the sand below it produced molten glass, leading to the discovery of human-made glass.

    However, glass blowing was still inefficient, especially in the face of an increasing demand for bottles and glass apothecary jars. This led inventors to come up with better ways to make glass–ways that will improve both the process and the output of glassmaking.

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