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What Are The Best Blue Light Glasses

Best For Transparent Lenses: Priv Revaux Blue Light Blockers

â TOP 5 Best Blue Light Glasses [ 2022 Buyer’s Guide ]
  • Price: starting from $17.95
  • Return policy: 30 days
  • Warranty: no warranty available

Privé Revaux offers blue light lenses with an anti-glare coating that protects against UV light. The lenses are virtually transparent, and many frame options come in various colors and shapes.

Privé Revaux sells over 30 different designs of glasses.

The manufacturer offers individuals a 30-day return policy resulting in a full refund if they are not happy with their glasses during that time. The company does not appear to provide any warranty.

All Privé Revaux blue light glasses are available with nonprescription lenses. However, only some Privé Revaux blue light glasses are available with prescription lenses.

Best Transition Lens: Eye Buy Direct Escape Blue Light Glasses

  • Good for small to medium faces

  • May slide down the nose without adjustment

What the Eye Buy Direct glasses lack in overall fit, they more than make up for in feel and clarity, something thats key when choosing transition lenses. Our testers wore transition lenses in Eye Buy Direct frames and appreciated how clear the lenses were and how smoothly they were able to make the transition between different fields of vision.

In fact, these glasses were tested in a variety of scenarios: outside, looking down at phones and laptops, and at different times of day. In all cases, they performed at or above our expectations, never interfering with our vision and noticeably improving eye strain symptoms. They were made of high-quality materials and didnt cause any pain or sore spots with hours of use. The one place where they could perform a bit better is with fit: our testers thought they would be better for smaller, not larger, faces, and noticed that the arms were a bit too short to prevent slippage.

Price at time of publish: $39

Sizes: one size | Prescription Option: yes | Virtual or Home Try-on: yes | Return Policy: returnable within 14 days

What To Look For In A Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Protection

The primary purpose of blue light blocking glasses is to block blue light. But depending on your needs and preferences, you may not want to choose the most protective pair possible. Why? Glasses that offer more protection tend to come with amber-tinted lenses, which can distort the color of the environment around you. Consider how much you care about blue light protectionand weigh that against how much you care about having clear lenses. Then, opt for a pair that suits your priorities.


If you spend a lot of time in front of screens, youll need a pair of blue light blocking glasses that are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. Unfortunately, comfort can be hard to suss out when shopping online. But dont be afraid to try stuff on at homeand send frames back when they dont suit you. It may take a few tries to find the right pair, but youll be happy when you do.


Blue light blocking glasses are a functional buy. But if youre planning to wear them a lot, you probably want a pair that looks relatively nice. Opt for a set youll feel comfortable wearing to the officeor even to a nearby coffee shop. Blue light blocking glasses are worthless if youre too embarrassed to wear them.

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How Do Blue Light

Artificial blue light from electronics and televisions has the same wavelength as sunlight, and has similar effects on the body. Blue light-blocking glasses reflect blue light away from the eyes and prevent it from reaching the brain. Blue light-blocking glasses create conditions for the eyes that are similar to natural darkness. This allows normal circadian rhythm processes to occur at night, such as reduction in core body temperature and release of melatonin.

When Should I Wear Blue Light Glasses

The Best Blue Light Glasses to Protect Your Eyes in 2022

Blue light generally energizes you, helps you concentrate, boosts your mood — all good things during the day. But when you’re winding down from your day in the evening and want to relax, blue light can interfere. For most people, wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening while watching TV or staring at any screen will be the most beneficial.

Some people also find that blue light blocking glasses can help reduce eye strain, blurry vision and headaches that come from staring at screens while working. You can try both or either to see what works best for you.

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What Is Blue Light And Do You Need To Block It

Imagine light passing through a prism, which fans it out into the colors of the rainbow. Each color you see is part of the visible light spectrum, which is defined by wavelengths. Shorter wavelengths generally become more harmful as they decrease, which is why many people want to block too much blue and violet light from reaching their eyes. However, its not a good idea to banish blue light completely. Its found in every light source, including sunlight, and is known to boost your attention and mood. Long-term effects on eye health are unclear, but some studies have shown that rat retina cells die when exposed to extreme levels of blue light.

Blue light plays a major part in controlling your sleep cycle. Too much of iteven everyday levels, if you spend a lot of time in front of a screenhas proven problematic. Daylight, which contains blue light, helps tell your internal clock when its time to start the day or hit the hay. Stare at a blue-light-emitting device for too long at night, and your body might think its still daytime. Blue light, especially, has been found to suppress melatonin for about twice as long as green light. That could mean the difference between falling asleep in 30 minutes and one hour. During the day, such exposure to blue light can help keep you alert, but in the evening hours it can be potentially problematic .

How We Picked And Tested

To find some stylish pairs of blue-light-blocking glasses, we scoured both prescription and non-prescription online sellers, Instagram influencer feeds, and forums. We also asked our friends, family, and colleagues for their chicest recommendations. We found 22 over-the-counter pairs with plastic or wire frames, ranging in price from $2 to $30. We narrowed down our testing pool by reviewing the frame styles, materials, color choices, brand reputation, third-party reviews, and prices. We also considered frames from brands we recommend in The Best Places to Buy Glasses Online. And we preferred lenses that were described as colorless or nearly colorless, as opposed to dark-orange polarized lenses.

For this guide, we had three people test 13 pairs of glasses while working on our laptops and scrolling through our friends social feeds on our phones. We paid special attention to style, quality, fit, comfort, and lens glare. Some glasses seemed comfortable at first but felt too heavy or tight after a few hours. Some had distracting glares that suddenly became very noticeable during a video call. We steered clear of glasses with easily scratched lenses, twisted arms, and rigid hinges .

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Symptoms That Blue Light Blocking Glasses Can Alleviate

A small study published in January 2018 in the Journal of Psychiatric Research found that wearing blue light blocking glasses with amber lenses for two hours led to improvements in sleep compared with clear lenses in individuals with insomnia symptoms. A study published in Chronobiology International in January 2016 found that sleep quality and the time it took participants to fall asleep were significantly improved by blue light blocking glasses.

As for other symptoms, such as headaches, dry eyes, or blurry vision, the jury is out. Instead of relying on blue light blocking glasses, the AAO recommends following the 20-20-20 rule, encouraging you to take a break every 20 minutes during screen time to focus on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will help give your eyes a break and soothe symptoms commonly associated with blue light exposure.

Can You Wear Them Outside

What you need to know before buying blue-light glasses

Yes, you can wear blue light blocking glasses outside. While the benefits might be minimal or none outdoors, some people prefer to use the eyewear all the time. But this may also be a good time to take a break from wearing them since they will be of little assistance, and you may even notice a glare if its sunny outside. That said, if you plan on wearing them outdoors, make sure the lenses have UV protection.

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Do Blue Light Glasses Help Headaches

Eye experts say the low levels of blue light from your computer screen probably arent the thing giving you a headache, so blocking them wont help by much. Instead, the root cause is more likely that while intensely focusing on your screen, you blink less. This can lead to digital eyestrain, and potentially blurry vision, dry eyes, and headaches. Its similar to how you might feel after periods of intense focus, such as reading a book.

In our testing, our reviewer who suffers from tension headaches and migraines said the blue-light-blocking glasses actually caused more migraines than they prevented, and it had nothing to do with the lenses. Bad glasses with tight frames, pinching nose pads, or acute light reflections may worsen your headache symptoms, rather than relieve them.

Readerscom Computer Reading Glasses Starting At $16

Since many of these blue light glasses all pretty much accomplish the same thing for computer users, the real struggle is finding a style that suits the wearer. has a great selection of multifocal, fully magnified, and progressive lenses to choose from all at a reasonable price. On top of that, each set of reading spectacles has multiple colors and styles to choose from, so you should be able to find exactly what you want. None of these reading options are prescription glasses, of course.

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Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses $18

These yellow-tinted blue light glasses come with everything you need to protect yourself from digital devices. They also feature an ergonomic memory flex frame. You can choose between different levels of lens magnification, depending on what you need to combat blue light specific vision problems and eye fatigue. The yellowish coating on each lens protects the eyes, providing for more comfortable reading on the computer. If youre someone who does a lot of their reading online, aka a computer reader, these reading glasses are a great way to avoid getting too tired.

You can pick up these anti-fatigue over-the-counter blue light glasses for just $18 on Amazon so that it wont strain your wallet too bad. The yellow tint will make you look awesome, dont doubt that for a second.

Can You Get Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses With Progressive Lenses

The Best Blue Light

You can get Transitions® lenses with a progressive prescription at Eyebuydirect. Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses seamlessly change from clear to dark depending on the surrounding brightness, and progressive prescriptions provide complete near and distance vision correction. This combination of lens options is perfect for protecting your eyes from UV light while meeting your multifocal needs.

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The Warby Parker Glasses Are Our Top Pick But Here Is Your Decision Tree

The right blue light glasses will depend on your specific needs. Warby Parker, Gamma Ray, and Felix Grey are all great options if you want something to simply look stylish and feel better about staring at screens all day.

Gamers should opt for the Gunnar blue-blocking glasses since they were made with gaming in mind. And those looking to get a good night’s sleep without giving up their technology should look into the BLUblox Sleep+ glasses.

Blue light glasses

100% of blue and green light from 400nm to 550nm

Light Exposure And Sleep Quality

Light is one of the most important external factors that helps control our sleep-wake cycle.

Before the advent of electricity, humans slept and woke according to the timing of the sunrise and sunset. Sunlight is composed of a wide range of light wavelengths, including the entire visible spectrum from red to violet as well as ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. However, blue light in the range of 446 to 477 nm has the most significant impact on the sleep-wake cycle.

When it comes to natural light from the sun, blue light is very helpful. Exposure to a healthy amount of blue light in the daytime promotes alertness and helps you sleep better at night. However, too much blue light exposure later in the evening makes it harder to fall asleep and may also contribute to poor sleep quality and morning grogginess.

Popular electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, and televisions emit blue light. Blue light blocking glasses are intended to act as a barrier between you and these artificial blue light sources to prevent your late night screen time from disturbing your sleep.

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Last Word From Sleepopolis

The right blue light-blocking glasses can help improve sleep, reduce eye strain and dry eyes, and decrease headaches. Blue blockers may also help lower the risk of light-related eye conditions such as macular degeneration. Blue light-blocking glasses can reduce light exposure when using a computer or other electronics during the day, and can be particularly helpful at night to mimic natural darkness conditions and stimulate normal release of melatonin.

Best For Better Sleep: Gunnar Optiks Intercept Onyx Glasses



Craving heavy-duty protection? The Gunnar Intercept Onyx Glasses have you covered. The glasses boast a BLPF of 98, which means they block 98% of all blue light. This makes them more protective than mostand an excellent pick for winding down before bedtime.

The only potential downside? The glasses come with dark amber lenses. This makes them more conspicuous than options with clear or yellow-tinted lenses. But since they promise more intense protection, they might be worth the tradeoff. Plus, if youre wearing them before bed, do they really need to be all that discreet?

Price at time of publication: $75

If you like your glasses lightweight and durable, you might prefer a wire-frame pair, like Livhos Blue Light Blocking Glasses. The frames are crafted from titanium alloy, and the lenses offer UV400 protection. Since the lenses are clear, you wont have to worry about color distortion. And since theyre also scratch-resistant and anti-flare, you can rest assured knowing theyll withstand a little wear and tearand they wont distract you with irritating reflections.

Price at time of publication: $30

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Best For Price: Peepers

  • No prescription lens service
  • Free shipping minimum exceeds price of glasses

Budget-conscious shoppers will appreciate the quality, style, and features that come with Peepers blue light filtering glasses. For starters, you have two choices for lenses: no correction or reading magnification ranging from +1.00 to +3.00. Youll also get seven layers of anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and reflection, dual anti-scratch coating, and UV 400 protection. And you get all this with a price tag of $27 per pair. That makes Peepers the most cost-effective option on this list. Plus, the frame styles range from stylish and hip to traditional and neutral. Peepers also sell blue light filtering glasses for kids starting at $22 per pair.

More Blue Light Glasses To Consider

We also tested these blue light glasses, but they didnt make our top picks based on issues with fit and clarity.

  • LIVHO glasses: We found that while these glasses definitely help to reduce glare, they dont have the most flattering fit.
  • : The glasses have lightweight, stylish frames, but the light yellow tint makes the lenses feel less clear.
  • Felix Gray Turing Glasses at Their clear lenses helped to reduce eye strain, but our tester felt that they may be better for children based on their tight fit.

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Prospek Premium Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses


  • No obvious yellow tint. As a blue blocking glasses wearer, Ive seen my fair share of dingy yellow lenses. Not so with the Prospek computer glasses. These glasses have clearer lenses than many models I tried, which is a plus both for vision and aesthetic appeal
  • Lightweight. These glasses felt comfortable on my face even after a few hours of wear. No sore red marks or headaches here, which is important after a long day of screen time
  • Effective. I felt less eye strain at the end of the day and fell asleep faster than I usually do after before-bed electronics time. This could be a big benefit for those who use electronics in the evening or need to work late


  • Price. There are less expensive options than the Prospek computer glasses, so keep that in mind if cost is an issue. For me, their quality is worth the price
  • Small. The regular size of these glasses felt a bit more like drugstore readers than standard-size glasses. Pay attention to the measurements of these glasses before purchasing

My choice for editors pick is the Prospek Premium Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses. These slim, plastic-framed glasses come in an attractive black and red option or a simple classic gray. Theyre available with or without magnification up to +3.00.

Delaware Round Matte Black Eyeglasses

The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

These glasses in matte black are both stylish and sturdy.

These round-framed glasses offer a high-quality blue-light blocking lens and they can be purchased with or without a prescription.

The Delaware Blue-light-blocking glasses use Slight Relax lenses. Besides filtering blue light, they can also enhance your reading, repel water, and resist smudges. These glasses can be purchased with or without a prescription. The frame is a stunning matte black and perfectly rounded.

Runner Up

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