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What Are The Best Sunglasses

Maui Jim: Highest Quality Lenses

Top 7 Best Driving Sunglasses for Men 2021 | SportRx

Maui Jim

Why its great: A lot of brands offer polarized sunglasseswhich get rid of glare that washes out colors and fatigues your eyesbut Maui Jims are among the best for its specific technology. Theyre lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, including horizontal glare that reflects from any flat, smooth or shiny surface. Theres also a bi-gradient mirror applied to the top and bottom of the lens, which squints for you to reduce the brightest light from above and below, allowing your eyes to relax. Key criticism: The high quality lenses drive up the price. Other options: These sunglasses are available in four different frames and lens colors. We also like the Relaxation Mode and Kiawe styles.

What Type Of Sunglasses Lens Is Best

If you see a pair of sunglasses with anything less than 100% UV protection, run. Your lenses should have full UV protection. Another common option in lenses is polarization, which helps you see clearer and can alleviate eye strain that you may experience with non-polarized sunglasses. Polarization prevents glare that can be dangerous while driving, for example.

Always look for 100% UV protective glasses. We think polarized glasses are usually better, but they’re not a must-have for everyone.

Knockaround: Great Value For The Price

Why its great: If you tend to lose your sunglasses and dont want to invest in an expensive polarized pair, Knockarounds are a good alternative. They include basic amber polarized lenses, which provides full UV400 protection, and are molded out of high quality materials, so they can handle wear and tear. Key criticism: These frames are on the larger side so they might be difficult to fit in a pocket. Other options: Check out the Torrey Pines frames for a bold look or the Premiums for something more practical.

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Best For Cycling: Roka Matador Air With Gold Mirror Lens

This new, streamlined version of the Matador ditches the bottom frame, which boosts ventilation and makes it easier to swap lenses. One tester who rides approximately 7,000 miles per year experienced very little fog during cold weather rides and excellent airflow on hot ones. The Roka lenses used in our testing–gold mirror and dark glacier–led the pack in blocking glare and providing top-tier acuity and contrast across a wide range of lighting conditions. In the weeks following a winter storm that dumped two feet of snow in Toronto, testers praised the Matador Air’s grippy arms, which stayed put on sweaty faces during fast-paced road rides and slow, bumpy long-haul gravel tours. The arms of the Matador Air provide a level of unobtrusive snugness across the temple thanks to an uber-light, 25-gram titanium core wire frame and tightly wrapped fit. Bonus: you can customize your colors for everything from the temple grips to the nosepiece for major style points.

Bottom Line: Weightless, super-customizable frames for any cycling conditions.

Understand What Kind Of Style Youre Going For

10 Best Sunglasses Brands For Eye Protection

One of the most important tips for choosing the best sunglasses in Singapore for both men and women is to consider your own personal style. If youre going for a Top Gun-inspired look, aviators will be your best bet. Channelling your inner James Dean? Square-framed wayfarers will definitely lend a mid-century movie star vibe to your look. Meanwhile, vintage-looking coloured lenses will no doubt be the sunglasses of choice for fashion-forward trendsetters. As long as the frame covers your sweet spot and is proportionate to your head size, the skys the limit!

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Perfect For Wider Faces

My round face is just wide enough to make most sunglasses look slightly awkward, and I don’t always want to wear oversized frames to make up for it. Thankfully, I found Tomahawk. These Wreckler Class frames in the clear Casspir option are my favorite. They fit my face without looking huge, and they feel well-made for a reasonable-as-far-as-sunglass-goes $75.

A Metal Alternative:Tomahawk’s Marksman glasses fit the same but have a thin metal frame instead of plastic. They look similar to the Le Specs Neptune Deux we recommend in the honorable mentions section, but theyre $29 cheaper.

How Do You Protect Your Eyes From Uv Rays

Cataracts, corneal sunburn, and a range of other eye problems can all be caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. Nobody wants that.

Still, protecting your eyes from the UV rays of the sun can feel like a daunting task. We know, it seems like there are about 756 different types of lenses that claim they protect you from the sun the best. We are here to help you get the different types of lenses straight, so you can protect your eyes well.

Whats the secret to keeping your eyes safe from UVs? Choose lenses that have 100% UV protection. These types of lenses are also sometimes called UV400 lenses. These are hands-down the best way to protect your eyes.

Now, some of you might be wondering about the other types of lenses that claim the best eye protection. Lets clear up some misconceptions.

Polarised lenses do not protect your eyes from UV rays. They do minimize the glare of the sun off of reflective surfaces, and this can be helpful. However, these are not the answer if you are trying to avoid eye damage caused by UV rays.

Getting darker lenses does not mean you are better protected from UV rays. The only way these lenses help you is by making it easier to see in bright light. Go with UV-protected lenses for the best protection.

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Warby Parker: Customized Lenses

Why its great: Warby Parker simplifies the process of getting stylish prescription sunglasses, with their free Home Try-On option. The brand also gives backfor every pair purchased, it distributes a pair to someone in need. These frames have clean lines and a flat brow for modern look. Key criticism: Theprice increases with the more customization you add on . Other options: We also like the Haskell and Raider frames.

How To Make Sure They Fit Right

Top 7 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men of 2021 | SportRx

When shopping online, finding the right fit can feel mission impossible, but its not as complicated as it may seem. There are a few key things to consider that will help you find a perfect pair.

What size is your face?

Knowing the size of your face can be a big help in choosing the best sunglasses. Sunglasses companies usually list the frame width with each pair. By measuring the distance between your temples, you can determine a good frame width for your face.

If your face is between 10cm and 12cm wide, go for a frame width of up to 50mm. For a face that measures between 12cm and 14cm wide, choose a frame width that is between 51mm and 55mm. If your measurement is any higher than 14cm wide, choose frames that have a width of 56mm or above.

Adjustable features

High-quality sunglasses often have features that are adjustable or can be made custom to you. Take advantage of these features, especially when ordering online.

Options such as adjustable nose bridges or arms that fit your face perfectly are great ways to make sure that your frames will fit you well. These features can help you adjust your shades well once you receive them.

Another option when ordering online is to go visit a professional adjusting service once you receive them. Most optical providers will adjust any glasses or sunglasses to your face for free or for a small fee. You may even be able to go into a store of the company you purchased your sunglasses from to have them adjusted.

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Best All Around: 100% Hypercraft With Hiper Silver Mirror Lens

In dirt, mud, wind, and water, testers kept returning to the Hypercraft as their go-to shades for tackling the elements. These ultralight multisport sunglasses have a distinct, angular style that provides great coverage for almost any activity. The tall, wide frameless lenses span the entire brow line, extending down just short of your cheeks. Translation: they offer maximal protection against dust, bugs, and falling snow without digging into your face. A water- and dust-resistant lens treatment meant one tester didn’t have to stop to wipe them down while kayaking and running in Ontario’s North Beach Provincial Park. During a zero-degree winter run in Toronto, the Hypercraft vented moisture from one tester’s balaclava-covered face with ease, allowing for a relaxed, fog-free jaunt.

Bottom Line: Multi-sport protection against the elements without a weight penalty.

Cyxus Polarised Oversized Sunglasses

Nothings classier than a pair of square-framed sunglasses. Oversized yet lightweight, these Polarised Oversized Sunglasses are definitely one of the best sunglasses in Singapore for women. The trendy, angular design is reminiscent of the most popular Gentle Monster sunglasses and timeless Wayfarers. We love how they add an edgy vibe to any outfit without overwhelming your features or causing too much strain! These oversized Cyxus sunglasses also block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays, making these one of the most affordable sunglasses with UV protection in Singapore.

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How Do I Find The Right Sunglasses For My Face

Contrary to popular belief, finding the best sunglasses for you should not be based on your face shape. While face shape can provide pointers on which frame style to go with, your search for the best sunglasses in Singapore should primarily be based on your head size. This relates to the width and length of your face. Here are some tips on finding the best sunglasses in Singapore for your face!

How Do I Find The Most Flattering Sunglasses For My Face Shape

Sunglasses Winter 2012: Best Sunglasses for Men

Powell recommends finding frames that balance your face. The general guideline is to choose a pair of sunglasses that contrasts with your face shape and extends to just outside the cheekbone area, says Powell. Keeping this advice in mind makes it easier to shop online when you cant try on pairs in person. Generally, if you have a round face, try something more angular or square. If you have a strong jawline, contrast that with a round style and vice versa. But remember, fashion rules are meant to be broken. Dorsey recommends using your instincts. If you feel most confident in a certain style of shades, go with your gut.

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Why You Should Trust Us

GearJunkie editors have spent years learning about outdoor products, including sunglasses. We meet with brands to learn about the latest technology. Then, we research and test the best products on the market to ensure they perform in their intended environment.

Our goal is to help you find the best products for your outdoor pursuits. And well do our best to find them within your budget, too.

The lead author of this article, Sean McCoy, has worked in the outdoor gear testing industry for nearly 15 years. He began his career serving customers as a rock climbing specialist at Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis. He then worked at newspapers to hone his reporting and research skills.

As the former Editor in Chief of GearJunkie, he tested hundreds of pairs of sunglasses over his 10 years at the helm of the brand. Today, he oversees editorial production across multiple websites. And he still loves testing gear.

also contributed to this article. The Managing Editor at GearJunkie, Murphy puts optics to the test as an avid hiker, paddleboarder, and skier.

What Are The Best Sunglasses For Women

Below, weve broken down by type the best sunglasses for women weve found that are under $100 . Find tortoiseshell, acetate sunglasses with gorgeous gradients and saucy shapes to wire-rimmed shades from best-selling sunglasses brands and high-quality retailers such as Ray-Ban, Warby Parker, Quay Australia, Le Specs, Tkees, Madewell, Zenni, and Target . If you need prescription lenses, many retailers let you customize your eyewear for an additional fee as well.

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Tula Skincare Launches Their First Brand Campaign To Fight Negative Self


The O.R. sunglasses, with mesh metal sidepieces referencing the steampunk silhouette, underline … Akoni and Balmains determination to rely on tradition and classic design to fashion bold, sophisticated and modern pieces for those who never pass by unnoticed.


BALMAINRejecting todays fast-fashion formula, Akoni sets itself apart with an unwavering commitment to the highest-level of Japanese craftsmanship, as well as a reliance on nothing but the finest of materials. This singular engagement to the most rigorous of quality controls is reflected in the collections exceptional design, engineering and perfect fit. The O.R frame differentiates itself for the eye rim and bold side shields, unique eye-catchers. A detailed frame whose luxurious components are a callback to the Balmain logo. $1,100


BERLUTISunglasses Name: Meteor Acetate Sunglasses. Sunglasses Price: 500 USD

Bottega Veneta:

Bottega Veneta Wraparound Sunglasses

Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Bottega VenetaBottega Veneta Wraparound Sunglasses. The latest style from Bottega Veneta emulates the houses tension between tradition and modernity. The bold color, mirrored lenses, and wraparound style are perfect for those seeking a bold look. $525



Courtesy of Brioni


Santos de Cartier Sunglasses

Courtesy of Cartier Sunglasses

Dior Men:

Crystal Pantos Dior Disappear1 Sunglasses

Courtesy of Dior

Dolce& Gabbana:

“Courtesy of Dolce& Gabbana”



Cyxus Polarised Aviator Sunglasses

Get the Right Size with the Best Sunglasses for Big Heads! | SportRx

Looking for aviators that will go easier on your wallet? Cyxus Polarised Aviator Sunglasses is a solid pick. Apart from being known as one of the best affordable sunglasses brands in Singapore, you can definitely count on Cyxus sunglasses to be stylish! Functionality-wise, these Cyxus aviators not only come with the highest level of UV protection, but also anti-glare polarisation filters. Worried about durability? The Cyxus polarised aviator sunglasses have undergone drop tests, and have even received both FDA and CE certifications!

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Do Cheap Sunglasses Work As Well As Expensive Ones

You can find plenty of sunglasses for under $50 that give you just as much sun protection as more expensive pairs. Make sure the lenses offer full UV protection and polarizationlook for 99% or 100% UV protection or UV400 labeling. Dont skip this step. Dr. Ravi D. Goel told us that lenses without UV protection can actually allow more damaging UV rays to enter your eyes than wearing no sunglasses at all. All the glasses we recommend are also polarized or offer that option. Polarized lenses eliminate glare and increase contrast, and thus decrease eyestrain.

How To Pick The Best Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses arent an optional summertime accessory, theyre an essential prescription for eye health. Long-term exposure to the sun without proper protection can increase the risk of eye disease, including cataract, growths on the eye, and eye cancer. As summer gets underway, Pittsburgh Eye Associates and the American Academy of Ophthalmology share seven essential tips for buying the best sunglasses to protect your eyes.

  • Choose sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB radiation. Labels can sometimes be confusing. Some indicate sunglasses offer 100 percent protection from UVA/UVB radiation, others offer 100 percent UV 400 protection. Rest assured, both will block 100 percent of the suns harmful radiation.
  • Doubt the UV protection label? Take your sunglasses to an optical shop or an ophthalmologists office. Most have a UV light meter that can test the UV-blocking ability of sunglasses.
  • Buy oversized. The more coverage from sunglasses, the less sun damage inflicted on the eyes. Consider buying oversized glasses or wraparound-style glasses, which help cut down on UV entering the eye from the side.
  • Dont be fooled by color. While dark lenses may look cool, they do not block more UV rays.
  • You dont need to pass on cheap sunglasses. Sunglasses dont have to cost a lot of money to provide adequate eye protection. Less expensive pairs marked as 100 percent UV-blocking can be just as effective as pricier options.

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What Sunglasses Look Best On My Face Shape

Different face shapes look better with specific frames, so choose a frame that looks good on your face:

  • Round face angular, square, or rectangular sunglasses.
  • Heart-shaped face oval, cat-eye, or round sunglasses.
  • Oval-shaped face almost all types of sunglasses.
  • Square-shaped face oval and round sunglasses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mens Sunglasses

Worldâs Best Sunglasses Brands for Men

What mens sunglasses are in style in 2022?

Mens sunglasses that are in style in 2022 include everything from classic aviators to retro frames. Other popular styles include tortoiseshell and black sunglasses, metal frames, oversized silhouettes, and mirror coatings. Check our list of the best sunglasses for men for the latest fashion sunglasses and forever classics you need in 2022.

What is the most popular style of sunglasses for men?

Some of the most popular sunglasses for men include the Aviators and Wayfarers from brands such as Ray-Ban, Persol, and Randolph. Check our list of the shades for men for all the latest types of sunglasses.

Which brand is best for sunglasses?

The best sunglass brands include classics such as Persol, Ray-Ban, and Randolph Engineering. Check our list of the best mens sunglasses for more designer shades and luxury sunglasses.

What is the best UV protection for sunglasses?

The best UV protection for sunglasses are sunglasses that have 100% UV protection. Additionally, sunglasses with frames that wrap around the side of the eye offer the best protection because they even protect UV rays from getting in the side of your eye.

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