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What Does Add Mean For Glasses

How To Read Your Glasses Rx

Understanding Your Prescription – What is ADD? | SportRx

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You just wrapped up your annual eye exam and you have your new prescription to pick out a pair of eyeglasses. Have you ever been curious to know what the numbers & letters mean for your eyesight? Well, were here to help decode your eyeglass prescription in order for you to have a better understanding of what is happening with your vision. Knowing what is going on with your vision can help tell the full story of your overall health.

Lets start by going over what O.D. and O.S. mean. They are abbreviations for oculus dexter and oculus sinister, which are Latin terms for the right eye and left eye, respectively. You can find these abbreviations on the left side of the script! Note that the information for your right eye is listed above your left eye as this is the order that your Optometrist evaluates your vision.

At the top of your prescription, you will see additional abbreviations for SPH, CYL, AXIS, ADD, Prism, and Base. This language represents the measurements of detailed aspects of your prescription. Lets break out each abbreviation to gain more of an insight.

SPH designates the amount of lens power that is needed in order to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness. You will also notice that there is a plus or minus sign in front of the numbers indicating if you are nearsighted or farsighted .

What Sunglasses Are Best For Driving

The best sunglasses for driving are ones with polarized lenses, which can be added to any pair. Polarized lens coatings block annoying glare from the sun and help you see better in direct sunlight with less squinting, so theyre ideal for when youre behind the wheel. Polarized lens coatings can be added to any pair of sunnies.

Abbreviations For Contact Lens Prescriptions

Contact lens prescriptions provide the same information as eyeglass prescriptions, with the addition of some extra numbers.

The size of the lens, for example, is included for contact lenses. Because contact lenses sit directly on your eye rather than a few centimeters away, the power of a contact lens will also likely be different than an eyeglass prescription for the same person.

Additional information provided on a contact lens prescription includes:

  • BC, which is the base curvature of the lens.
  • DIA, which is the diameter of the lens.
  • An expiration date.
  • Different parameters for each eye.
  • The brand of contact lens.

The base curve value of a contact lens typically ranges from 8.0 to 10.0. Base curves vary by brand, so your prescription may change depending on what brand of lenses you are using.

Diameter values range between 13 and 15. It is possible to use a different brand of contact lens in each eye based on the unique needs of each eye.

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Which Strength Reading Glasses Do I Need

Someone who needs strong vision correction will likely need reading glasses with a strength around +3.00, while someone who needs only minor vision correction would likely wear reading glasses with a label of +1.25. For most people new to needing readers, its highly unlikely that theyll need a high powered lens.

What Does Add Mean

What is the difference between non

Add indicates the magnifying power applied to the bottom part of bifocal, multifocal, or progressive lenses used to correct presbyopia .

This number is always positive, even if it doesnt have a plus sign in front of it. These numbers typically are the same for both eyes and range from +0.75 to +3.00.

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Do Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses Go Completely Clear

Transitions Signature lenses are completely clear indoors, away from UV light. Transitions XTRActive lenses have a slight tint indoors to provide additional light protection. Transitions lenses provide light protection inside and outside, with new technology that helps them fadeback to clear faster than ever.

Od Vs Os: One For Each Eye

Eye doctors use the abbreviations OD and OS to denote your right and left eyes.

Your eye doctor may give you a paper prescription that looks something like this.

  • OD is your right eye. OD is short for oculus dexter, the Latin phrase for right eye.

  • OS is your left eye. OS is short for oculus sinister, Latin for left eye.

Your vision prescription may also have a column labeled “OU.” This is the abbreviation for oculus uterque, which means “both eyes” in Latin.

These abbreviated terms are common on prescriptions for glasses, contact lenses and eye medicines, but some doctors and clinics have opted to modernize their eye prescriptions by using RE and LE instead of OD and OS.

The information for your right eye always comes before the information for your left eye . Eye doctors write prescriptions this way because, when they face you, they see your right eye on their left and your left eye on their right .

Trouble translating your glasses prescription?
Reading your eyeglass prescription can feel like reading a foreign language written in math!If you’re trying to order new glasses online and struggling to translate your prescription correctly, ask your eye doctor or optician to help. today!

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Different Ways A Prescription Can Be Displayed

A glasses prescription can be displayed in a number of ways. The images below show the same prescription information in two different formats.

As you can see in the first example the optician has listed the patient’s complete distance prescription on the top row and the complete near prescription in the bottom row.

The second prescription shows the patients complete distance prescription for the right and left eye followed by a reading addition value of +2.25. This value is the amount to add on to the distance SPH values to ascertain what the full Near prescription should be. For example: + = . You’ll notice the CYL and AXIS values are the same for both distance and near.

What Does Prism Mean

Your Glasses Prescription Explained | Specsavers

Prism refers to the amount of prismatic power needed to correct eye alignment problems, measured in prism diopters. This number is followed by the base direction, or thickest edge, of the prism.

This is only present if your eyes do not focus well together as a pair, such as in strabismus .

This number will appear as a decimal or fraction , followed by two letters indicating the base direction:

  • BU stands for “base up.”
  • BD stands for “base down.”
  • BI stands for “base in.”
  • BO stands for “base out.”

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What Is Normal Eye Sph

Sphere means the spherical correction where the meridians of the human eye are equal. It does not matter whether the correction is of farsightedness or nearsightedness it is always in spherical form. The lens power amount is, therefore, measured in D for farsightedness or nearsightedness. When the person has no astigmatism, the perfect eye shows 0 diopters. Those individuals having 1.5 or more diopters will definitely need to use eyeglasses in order to correct the vision.

Remember: You Have A Right To Your Eye Prescription

According to the Federal Trade Commission, you are legally entitled to a copy of your eye prescription. Your eye doctor should provide you with one after your exam, or whenever you request it.

You dont have to purchase eyewear from their office to get your eye prescription, and you should never have to pay a fee solely to access it. We recommend holding on to a copy so that its extra-easy to shop for glasses and contacts online.

Now that you understand your eye prescription perfectly, all thats left is to find frames that make you feel fab!

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How To Read A Glasses Prescription The Numbers Demystified

After an eye exam, the optometrist writes a prescription containing the information needed to correct your vision. By reading this article, you will notice that it contains many numbers and abbreviations. Are you curious to know what they mean? Here is some information to help you better understand your prescription.

First and foremost, your prescription is divided in two parts: one for each eye. On the first line you will find the letters O.D., this is an abbreviation from the Latin words Oculus Dexter, which means, right eye. On the second line, we will find the letters O.S., which stems from the Latin words Oculus Sinister, referring to the left eye.

Now, let’s take a look at what is in each section of your prescription.

What Is A Diopter Count

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Diopter is the measurement used for the strength of eyeglass lenses. The number under the OD and OS measurement in your prescription is measured in diopters.

Now that you understand those mysterious letters and numbers, you know how to read a glasses prescription! Knowing what they mean will also help you more easily discuss your prescription with your eye care professional.

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What Does Balance Mean

This is a simple one. Balance means you have the same prescription in both eyes, and is usually the result of one eye having no vision. Putting a prescription lens in front of an eye without vision is primarily for cosmetic purposes and making your eyes appear the same size. A + prescription makes your eyes look bigger, while a – prescription makes them look smaller. As the prescription gets stronger, the size difference is more noticeable.

Another reason for both lenses having the same prescription has to do with lens thickness and weight. Both lenses will weigh the same and make your glasses fit more comfortably on your face.

Polarized Lenses For Sunglasses

Adding a polarized coating to your sunglasses makes it easier to see by reducing the amount of polarized light that reaches your eyes. Polarized light causes annoying, vision-obscuring glare and frequently occurs around reflective surfaces like water, roads, or snow. Polarized sunglasses will help you see much better in these environments.

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How Much Do Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses Glasses Cost

Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses traditionally add hundreds of dollars to the cost of prescription eyeglasses, but at Eyebuydirect, lenses can cost as little as $100. Combine that with our affordable frames, and youve got a great deal! We even carry special frame packages that automatically include Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses for a lower price.

So What Are Sphere Cylinder And Axis

What is Axis in an Eyewear Prescription? With

Lets look at each part individually.

Sphere Written as SPH often, this is the lens power required and prescribed to correct either long-sightedness or nearsightedness. It is measured in the unit known as diopters . You know you are nearsighted if the number that is listed for the Sphere heading in the prescription has a minus sign next to it. Whereas, you are farsighted if there is a plus sign next to it.

The term sphere is used because the correction of either the farsightedness or nearsightedness is equal across all the meridians of your eye, or spherical.

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Prescription Glasses At Sportrx

We’ve made it to the end! Hopefully this series was helpful in explaining the different components of an eye prescription so that you know how to read your own prescription. Ready to shop some glasses at SportRx? When you shop with us, youâll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, feel free to reach out. Weâll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Ditch risky online shopping with the See Better Guarantee. Try your glasses for 45 days. If youâre not satisfied, send them back. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? Covered. Get your pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses at SportRx today!

What Is Axis In Glasses

In the third part, we will show you what the Axis in glasses is. The Axis means the angle between the two meridians of an astigmatic eye. The Axis in your prescription is usually measured from 1 to 180. The number 90 means the vertical meridian of the eye and the number 180 means the horizontal meridian.

Whats more, if an eyeglass prescription includes cylinder power, it also must include an Axis value, which follows the CYL power. In the following picture, you can see an eye prescription.

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What Does Dia Mean

DIA is short for “Diameter” and, like BC, is something found on contact lens prescriptions. It refers to the diameter in millimeters of the contact lens that will best suit your eye. As Tyler points out, your doctor writes a contact lens prescription for a specific brand, so as long as you stick to the prescribed brand you shouldn’t have issues.

How Often Should You See Your Eye Doctor

Women Memory Plastic Frame Clear TR90 Prescription Glasses Full Rim ...

The American Optometric Association recommends that you have an eye exam at least every 2 years if youre under 60 and every year if youre over 60.

Its important to have your vision and eye health checked regularly because some serious eye conditions, such as glaucoma, dont have noticeable early symptoms.

An eye doctor can test your eyes and detect changes early, which may prevent vision loss. The tests are quick and painless, and can also help detect the following eye conditions:

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What Does Axis Mean

Axis refers to the lens meridian with no cylindrical power to correct astigmatism. The axis is labeled as a number from 1 to 180.

If a prescription includes cylinder power, it must be followed by an axis. The axis value is often preceded by an x when written in freehand.

The axis is always exactly 90 degrees away from the meridian, which contains all of the correcting lens power for astigmatism.

Can You Get Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses Coating On Existing Glasses

No, Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses change color due to the molecular composition of the lens itself, so there is no coating that can transform normal glasses into them. Youd have to have the lenses in the frames swapped out to make your glasses into a pair with Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses. We offer some great deals on photochromic lenses that you might as well keep your daily drivers and add a new pair of Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses glasses to your collection.

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How To Readmy Prescription

When you leave your eye doctor’s office and look at your prescription, it may seem like an unrecognizable series of numbers and abbreviations. It makes ordering prescription glasses online challenging and overwhelming. Let’s take a moment to decipher and understand whats on your prescription. Let’s get started.

Can You Get Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses With Progressive Lenses

How to Read your Eye Prescription

You can get Transitions® lenses with a progressive prescription at Eyebuydirect. Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses seamlessly change from clear to dark depending on the surrounding brightness, and progressive prescriptions provide complete near and distance vision correction. This combination of lens options is perfect for protecting your eyes from UV light while meeting your multifocal needs.

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Should Sunglasses Be Bigger Than Regular Glasses

That depends on your personal style! If you like your sunglasses big and bold for a look that stands out, see our selection of large frames. You can also turn any pair of glasses into sunglasses, which means theres even more choice for your next bright-eyed style! But, sunglasses dont have to be bigger than regular glasses. You should choose your shades in the size and style that feels right for you.

What About The Numbers

Many of the abbreviations on your prescription will be followed by numbers.

If the numbers are marked with a plus sign or no sign, youre farsighted. If the numbers are marked with a minus sign , youre nearsighted.

Some of the numbers in your prescription tell the eyeglass manufacturer how much correction your vision needs. Eyeglass strength is measured in diopters.

If your prescription reads -1.00, that means your eyeglasses need 1 diopter of strength to correct nearsightedness.

If your prescription reads +2.50, your eyeglasses need 2.5 diopters of strength to correct farsightedness. The higher the number, the more correction your vision needs.

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Additional Eye Prescription Information

There may be additional information written by your optometrist or ophthalmologist regarding your eye health.

These will usually be specific types of corrective lens recommendations such as multifocal lenses,progressives, anti-reflective coating, photochromatic, or transition lenses.

Some eyeglass prescriptions may require a PD measurement.

Remember, eyeglasses prescriptions are different than prescriptions for contact lenses. A contact lens prescription can only be obtained from a contact lens consultation and fitting.

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